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my adventures. And I hope it does the same for you. Without further ado, below are some tips to help you succeed on the platform.

How I’ve shared it

Though I’ve enjoyed all my destinations, perhaps my favorite part of travel is still the very act of traveling—the journey. I’m particularly fond of using different modes of transportation to do so— from airplanes, boats, and trains to segways, cable cars, aerial trams, and subways. And most of my photos reflect this fondness. Inevitably, the more adventures I went on and the more lessons I learned, the more I wanted to share my photos with the world. That’s when I started using Instagram. It has helped me document and share



3. 4. 5.

Post only your best photos. Quality trumps quantity every time. Always keep lighting and composition in mind. (Rule of thirds, anyone?) Post only two or three times a day. With travel comes a whole lot of excitement, and it’s tempting to post every single photo you take. But try your hardest to fight that feeling and post only a few times a day. You can even use an app called latergramme to queue your posts. Be consistent—in how often you post and in what you post. Use relevant hashtags. Engage by liking and leaving comments on other people’s



profiles. After all, Instagram is a social media platform. Participate in a photo challenge or two—or a few! This is a great way to get creative and also gain exposure. Most importantly, learn to see ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

No matter what your reasons for travel are and no matter what you’ve learned, I sure hope that you share it all with the world.

—Rachel Rubio ◀ 89

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