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Bruges, Belgium A popular event in Europe, this snow and ice festival called “Ice Magic” has drawn approximately two million visitors over the span of two decades. With such a history under its belt, it is no wonder that this festival is highly anticipated, and some of the best sculptors come to work their magic on expansive, detailed exhibits. With family-friendly themes like Frozen and The Lord of the Rings, the show can be enjoyed by everyone. ▶▶

Perm, Russia Few people might think that traveling to Russia in the winter is a good idea, but for temporary art enthusiasts, the Russian Cup in Snow and Ice Sculpture is worth braving the cold. This competition brings some of the best ice and snow sculptors from around the world, and each piece, usually large and imposing, is also exquisitely carved. Because the focus in this competition is more on artistry than on size, visitors can appreciate the artists’ attention to detail. ▶▶

From top: photos by かがみ~, Ram Kumar, Rincewind42, and Ram Kumar

Harbin, China Somewhat ironically, Harbin hosts its international ice and snow sculpting competitions on Sun Island. Rather than a collection of random art pieces, Sun Island transforms into a city made entirely of ice. During the day, the beauty and intricacy of the sculpted ice and snow takes tourists’ breath away; at night, the entire ice city comes alive with brilliant neon colors. The island is an incredible sight for those who love Christmas lights. ▶▶

Sapporo, Japan In its forty-third year, the Sapporo International Snow Sculpture Contest is one that encourages friendships and cultural exchange among its competitors. Many of the large and elaborate sculptures reflect the competitors’ native countries. There are three different locations to enjoy the art and spend time sledding, snow rafting, and enjoying other winter activities with your loved ones. ▶▶

—Sam Lund ◀ 7

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