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BRAVING the winter chill

Snow is falling, midwinter blues have set in; time to make haste to sunny beaches, right? Guess again! You don’t need to head south in the winter to have a vacation. Be courageous and camp in the snow! There are plenty of fun activities to do in a white winter. All you need is the right equipment to keep you safe and cozy. Here is a list of the five essentials that many forget to bring on a winter vacation.

Snow shovel

While it may seem annoying to carry a shovel around while you are camping; this gadget is something no winter adventurer should go without. Snow shovels can dig your buddy out of a lifethreatening avalanche, help you collect snow to melt for drinking water, or help you set up a camp area. Many companies make compact snow shovels so having your snow shovel close at hand won’t be a hassle.

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Security cord

Also known as a “dummy cord,” these clip-on cords will help you keep track of your gear. Attach mittens, hats, or almost any valuable with your security cord. You’ll never lose track of your small camping items with this gadget.

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