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“Never cut someone off early. You may miss the opportunity to learn about the coolest touristy tips ever.” “Learn basic phrases in the native language—the locals love it, even if you butcher the pronunciation. . . . My favorite question to ask is, ‘What do you love about this country/city/ place?’” —Elise Berrett (Ghana)

Show Interest

“A smile and genuine curiosity in another’s life experiences do not only create opportunities for scintillating conversation, they plant seeds of mutual understanding, respect, and friendship.” —Matt Kirkpatrick (Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and Iceland) “Never cut someone off early. You may miss the opportunity to learn

about the coolest touristy tips ever.” —Madeleine Lewis (Egypt, England, Greece, Italy, France, and Spain) “People are always very proud of their culture, so it is helpful to start conversations by humbly giving a sincere compliment specific to their culture, like admiration of an artist from their country. Then they will immediately love you for it and have an open, positive attitude toward talking with you.” —Ashley LeBaron (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, and Wales)

—Kaleigh Niemela

Photo by Sergio Pani

religion, finances, or anything too controversial. . . . Unless that’s the local norm, they are people, not your travel entertainment.” —Kristina Southam (Europe and South America) “Asking questions is a great way to spur a conversation—whether it be about something cultural, like what a particular symbol or gesture means, or how to get from place to place.”—Haleigh Cole (South America and Europe) “I notice what people are wearing and give them a compliment or ask where they got it from. Usually this leads into other conversations.” —Marilee Ashby (Canada, Ukraine, and Dominican Republic) “People might be less inclined to talk about themselves, but happy to talk about their family. These conversations can lead you to deeper things like values, regrets, and aspirations.”—Vance Bryce (China, Mexico, Ukraine, Canada, Iceland, Scotland, England, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Israel) ◀ 83

Stowaway Winter 2016  

Winter is here, but adventure awaits! Strike up a conversation, spark a new interest, or slip into something familiar in this issue of Stowa...

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