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CONVERSATION tips for travelers

Get out of your Comfort Zone

“Approach people and ask about local places to go. People won’t bite; they are nicer than you think.” —Taylor Ottesen (India and Europe) “If someone looks lost or confused, offer assistance. It can lead you both on a fun adventure.” —Kate Herrod (Italy, Austria, and Spain) “Be bold. There’s not much to lose, so initiate conversation! I felt lucky to speak English while traveling because

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most other travelers I met knew English to some workable degree.” —Carly Landgrave (India) “Don’t let language barriers prevent you from interacting with others. It’s amazing how much you can communicate with charades.” —Gene Tessier (Europe and Jerusalem) “Strike up a conversation [with others] in line, on a train, or even at a tourist attraction. People are people no matter where you are.” —Jessie Comoletti (Dominican Republic)

“Most people are pretty friendly but wouldn’t take the initiative on their own. . . . Most people I’ve encountered in traveling (especially if they’re traveling too) are very open to conversation.” —Taylor Madsen (Senegal, England, Belgium, Luxembourg, Fiji, France, and New Caledonia)

Start Basic

“Weather, family, and local history are usually pretty safe [topics]. Try to be sensitive to politics,

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Traveling can sometimes feel uncomfortable and lonely. But using these firsthand conversation tips from experienced travelers can help you feel comfortable talking to almost anyone.

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