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Håholmen Island

Along the Atlantic Ocean Road sits Håholmen Island, a restored fishing village that gives visitors a glimpse into Viking history. With a hotel, pub, and fish restaurant, guests of the island are well tended. Aside from its simple tourist accommodations, the island village also boasts rebuilt Viking ships that allow tourists to travel back in time. Along the rough sea spray, tourists feel as if they have truly become Vikings themselves.

The fearsome drive of the Atlantic Ocean Road lies waiting for the adventurer in us all. Offering a variety of activities and sites to explore, the road provides an arterial route for discovering the mysteries of Norway. Visit the Atlantic Ocean Road and enjoy a magnificent driving, exploring, and traveling experience at the edge of the ocean, at the top of the world.

—Adam McLain

Top: Though the scenery is peaceful here, this solitary road has been punished by no less than twelve hurricanes. Bottom: Architectural wonder Storseisundet Bridge is a cantilever bridge, one that is supported only on one end, earning it the nickname “The Bridge to Nowhere.”

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Photosgraphy by Jumborois

Derinngarden farm. Most famous for its cheese, the farm also provides organic dairy products for purchase. In the upper rooms of the main farm building, visitors can eat at an authentic restaurant that provides food made right at the farm. If you’re travelling for a while in this area of Norway, you can camp at the farm for a modest price. Lose yourself in the serenity of the landscape as you eat cheese and camp in one of the most comfortable camping spots in Norway.

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