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You don’t have to travel far to try new and unique foods. tastes like beef, but because it has extra fat and gelatin, the stewed meat often has a better texture than beef.

Fried Green Tomatoes

This side dish is a staple in many Southern restaurants. It’s made with unripe (green) tomatoes, sliced, seasoned in pepper and salt, covered in cornmeal, and fried in bacon fat. The taste has been described as tart with a unique texture. Fried green tomatoes are used in a variety of ways including in sandwiches, as a side dish, or just by themselves.

Fried Rabbit Livers

They may sound a little unappetizing, but fried rabbit livers are a big deal in the South. There are many ways to prepare them, from cooking them with pepper jelly to simply sautéing the livers in butter and serving them on toast. They taste similar to chicken liver, and are very nutrient-rich.

Thanks to the South, you don’t have to travel far to try new and unique foods. The next time you are traveling through the beautiful southern states, be sure to stop by local restaurants and sample some Southern cuisine.

—Heather Moon

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