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Top: The Vilnius Cathedral is a mixture of old and new. Bottom: Old Riga’s Dome Cathedral is the largest medieval cathedral in the Baltic States.

40 â–ś winter 2016

From top: photography by Heroix. and Tobias Gaulke

Dome Cathedral was built following the Livonian Crusade, when German and Danish soldiers invaded medieval Livonia (which makes up parts of modern Latvia and Estonia) to convert the pagan Livonians to Christianity. The crusade was an effort to secure the safety of German trade and commerce. Holdaway said he and his friend love the gold rooster on top of the building. The rooster is supposed to defend against evil. The cathedral is considered one of the most recognizable landmarks in the country and is featured in most aerial shots of the city. Another feature in many Riga aerial shots is the central office for Hansa Bank (now Swedbank) on the west side of the Daugava River. Finished in 2004, the building is made of steel and has a glass façade, giving it a sleek appearance. At night, the building is lit up with color-changing lights, which reflect off the side of the building. Also known as Saules akmens (sun stone), the building was the first high-rise to be built in Latvia following the fall of the Soviet Union and was the tallest building in the country when it was completed.

Stowaway Winter 2016  

Winter is here, but adventure awaits! Strike up a conversation, spark a new interest, or slip into something familiar in this issue of Stowa...

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