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If you are going to tour a mosque, try to plan your tour for just shortly before the call to prayer. You may be invitied to listen as the muezzin perfeorms the call or even allowed to go up in the tower with the muezzin! While visiting a muslim country, women should stay covered, even if it’s hot. Sleeves that cover to the elbows, no cleavage, and a head scarf are generally appreciated and will improve how those women are received by the mosque goers and the imam, or spiritual leader of that Islamic community.

governments—and others with large or particularly concentrated Islamic communities—it may be called out into the street over a loudspeaker attached to the mosques’s tower. The call generally lasts two to three minutes. It is performed by a single male with no accompaniment. An interesting thing about the call is that there is no fixed melody. Each muezzin sings the adhan differently, in the way to make it most beautiful in his own voice. There are several popular traditions, but there is no wrong way to sing the adhan. Even if one’s voice is thought to be unattractive, it is still acceptable before God. Islam reverences the color green as a holy color, explaining the green lights that often accompany the evening adhan in cities like Jerusalem. It casts an incredible coloring throughout the city, changing its whole character in

Every day, worshippers set time aside to pray, whether they are at a mosque, at work, or at home.

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Prayers are preceded by ritual washing for orthodox Muslim traditions and generally take five to ten minutes to be said. The call to prayer is sung by a muezzin, or mu’adhdin, most often from the minaret of a mosque. The words of the adhan are a recitation of the basic beliefs of Islam. In a way, the adhan is a Muslim form of missionary work. They broadcast their basic beliefs to all within earshot in this trilling, unearthly melody. It begins with a statement about the greatness of Allah, then proclaims that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammad is his prophet. After that hearers are invited to prayer and salvation, followed by repeating phrases about the greatness and singleness of God. In most places, the call to prayer is played within a mosque, but in countries with Islamic

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