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PRAYER by Kate Zeller

30 ▶ winter 2016

destinations, from Israel to Indonesia. Learning about the beautiful symbolism involved as well as learning what to expect and how to respectfully participate can be an amazing cultural experience and the highlight of any trip. The call to prayer involves the adhan, or azan, an ancient chant sung in the Muslim culture to invite all to come and worship. It is comparable to the ringing of a Christian church bell. In countries with significant Islamic populations, this call is often broadcast throughout the entire city, and sometimes it is broadcast only in predominately Muslim neighborhoods. Here are some important aspects you need to understand to appreciate this ancient custom. “The Muslim call to prayer is a reminder to all Muslims, five times a

Photo by Jorge Láscar

Call to

As twilight covers the warm stone walls, an otherworldy green light appears on a minaret amidst the rooftops. Soon another light appears. And another. Before long the cityscape is dotted with green, and the Islamic call to prayer begins to echo through the streets, inviting all to remember the ancient prophet Mohammed and the law that God sent him to declare. Learning about and appreciating the Islamic call to prayer can enrich travel experiences in many

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