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Daigo-Ji Temple

From top: photography by Yevgen Pogoryelov and Kimon Berlin

Blooming Season: Early April

Daigo-Ji Temple is a Japanese Buddhist temple located in Kyoto. The temple was designated as a World Heritage site and the pagoda at the temple, built in AD 951, is the oldest building in Kyoto. The temple is located at the base of a mountain, and there are hiking trails that lead to more buildings on the summit. The Reihokan Museum houses artifacts and historic documents. The gardens of the museum house many of the site’s cherry trees. While known as a beautiful place to view cherry blossoms, the spot is also famous for its changing leaves in the fall.

Mount Yoshino Blooming Season: Late March–early April

People have been viewing cherry blossoms at Mount Yoshino for centuries, making it one of Japan’s most famous hanami spots. Visitors can enjoy the view of the cherry

Top: Beautiful temples and castles like the Nagoya Castle are not uncommon among cherry blossom trees. Bottom: Mount Yoshino allows visitors to explore the entire mountainside and view thousands of cherry blossom trees.

blossoms as they hike up the side of the mountain or ride the Yoshino Ropeway aerial tram through the trees. The change in elevation causes the trees to bloom at different points in the season. Visitors can expect the

trees at the top of the mountain to bloom later in the season than the trees at the base.

—Sara Bitterman ◀ 17

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