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ABOUT US At byTHERS it is our biggest wish, to provide you with high quality products worth every cent of your money. It needs to be a piece of eye candy to have our products placed in your couch, laying on your bed or as an unique accesorie in your favorite chair. No matter what you are looking for, we can most likely provide it. We care deeply for our handmade design pillows, that can be designed just like you like them. The core value about our concept is that YOU can be a part of the design process. Since day one at a local fair, where we still wanted you to be able to design your own pillows, we packed the suitcase with thread, needle and buttons, to give you the possibility to craft the pillows just like you like them. This way the bottuns would be assembled on the market. We got plenty feedback regarding our pillows, costumers even said “ How genius this is, now i get to design the bottun colours, just as i like it” and “This is brilliant, i get to design my own pillows!” This motivated us to further develop our pillows and today the concept is so well crafted, that now YOU even can switch the bottuns easily, to give your pillows the look you desire, simply by replacing the bottuns.

DESIGN IT YOURSELF Design it yourself have gotten easier We have developed our concept, so it have gotten easier to design your own pillows. Extra bottuns can be bought seperatly, that way you can fast and easy switch the uniqueness of your own pillows, simply by changing the bottuns. The possibilities are endless Both pillows and bottuns are available in a huge selection of colours, so the combinations are countless, it is about letting your creativity run loose! As of now, there are more then 5.800 different combinations of our buttoned pillows - So we can provide something for every house. Pillows are washable In a busy day with kids with greasy fingers, it is necessary to have a functionel house. At byTHERS you dont have to compromise when talking about a stunning design for your home, the pillows are easily washed just remember to uninstall the bottun. byTHERS - Be your own designer!

Pink - 1101

Rose - 1102

Coral - 1103

Red - 1111

Curry Yellow - 1104

Green - 1105

Dark Green - 1112

Pale Mint - 1106

Pale Blue - 1113

Turquoise - 1107

Blue - 1108

Purple - 1114

Natural - 1116

Light Grey - 1115

Grey - 1109

Black - 1110


Off White - 1117

Pale Yellow - 1118

Size: 45x45 cm Material: Polyester Fill: Fiber fill Buttons: Felt (30% wool, 70% viscose) Details: Zipper at the bottom

Red - 5001

Orange - 5002

Golden Yellow - 5003

Yellow - 5004

Green - 5005

Dark Green - 5006

Dark Blue - 5007

Turquoise - 5008

Purple - 5009

Plum - 5010

Pale Purple - 5011

Nude - 5012

Brown - 5013

Grey - 5014

Black - 5015

White - 5016

BUTTONS Rose - 5017

Pink - 5018

Size: Ă˜28 mm Material: Aluminium Upholstery: Felt (30% wool, 70% viscose)

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ini edition

Pink - 1601

Rose - 1602

Coral - 1603

Red - 1611

Curry Yellow - 1604

Green - 1605

Dark Green - 1612

Pale Mint - 1606

Pale Blue - 1613

Turquoise - 1607

Blue - 1608

Purple - 1614

Natural - 1616

Light Grey - 1615

Grey - 1609

Black - 1610


Off White - 1617

Pale Yellow - 1618

Size: 30x30 cm Material: Polyester Fill: Fiber fill Buttons: Felt (30% wool, 70% viscose) Details: Zipper at the bottom

DESIGN IT YOURSELF PILLOW CASE Size: 45x45 cm Material: Polyester Details: Zipper at the bottom

Pink - 01

Green - 05

Pale blue - 13

Rose - 02

Coral - 03

Dark Green - 12 Pale Mint - 06

Natural - 16

Light Grey - 15

Red - 11

Curry Yellow - 04 Pale Yellow - 18

Purple - 14

Blue - 08

Turquoise - 07

Grey - 09

Black - 10

Off White - 17

You dont like our buttoned pillows? We ofcourse also have a solution to that! With pillowcases from byTHERS, you still have the possibility to design your very own pillowcases. You get to chose the colour on the front and on the back, which provides you with 324 different combination! The pillows are created in the same luxurious quality, as our popular pillows with bottuns, so you get to mix and match, just the way you like it - All pillows match each other.

CONTRAST Size: 45x45 cm Material: Wool (100%) Fill: Feather Contrast: Polyester Details: Zipper at the bottom

Light grey 1503

Grey 1502

Black 1501

Chose your ground colour With the CONTRAST serie, you have the possibility to design your very own pillow, firstly you choose one of the three ground-colours in our delicious woolen fabric. Choose your contrast colour After chosing the colour of your wool, you are presented with 18 different contrast colours, which offers your pillow its very own unique design, contrast colours are available in all the colours of the rainbow, so there is something for every taste! In total this gives you 54 different colour combinations!

Pink 01

Rose 02

Coral 03

Red 04

Curry Yellow 05

Green 06

Dark Green Pale Mint 07 08

Pale Blue 09

ROUND BUTTONED CUSHION Size: Ă˜40 cm Material: Polyester Fill: Fiber fill Buttons: Felt (30% wool, 70% viscose) Details: Zipper at the bottom

Black 4001

Grey 4002

Light grey 4003

Natural 4004

Off White 4005

Choose your ground colour With our round pillows with button, you get the possibility of designing your very own unique and colorful pillow. Firstly you chose one of the five ground colours. Choose your contrast After chosing your ground colour, you get to chose between the 18 different contrast colours for the 4 slices. Choose your button colour Lastly you get to chose which colour your want the buttons to be, to fit perfectly into your home. In total this gives you 1620 different ways to design your very own pillow!

Turquoise 10

Blue 11

Purple 12

Natural 13

Light Grey 14

Grey 15

Black 16

Off White Pale Yellow 17 18

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Bythers catalogue - english version