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ON THURSDAY THE SUN IN ARIES UNITES with Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer. Here is a great opportunity to soothe or heal any wound about feeling disadvantaged or not good enough. Lady Venus has big plans this weekend while she trines the fusion of Jupiter and Pluto. As much as this may be a social and pleasurable time, it can also get very intense! This transit also harbours great insights into the quality of your relationships and there is a great potential for spiritual growth, transformation and transcendence. It affects the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn most, all of which usually resist and resent change. This whole year is under the influence of the powerful Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, but right now we are edging very close to their first exact union (5th of April). Jupiter stands for insight, goodwill and expansion, whereas Pluto represents power, the underworld, money and sexuality. The pair unites in Capricorn, the most ambitious sign in the zodiac! This is big; huge changes, revelations, obsessions or fanatical fundamentalism may be occurring on a global scale. On Tuesday Mars moves into innovative and future-oriented Aquarius and instantly unites with Saturn. This is the perfect time for brainstorming new ideas, especially concerning business, social media and networking. The way we connect and interact often defines personal and professional success or failure. Therefore it pays to be aware of personal subtleties which are broadcasted while communicating. For the bigger picture read your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. A Tarot card is drawn for each astrological sign.

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g ARIES The Sun Tarot card shines a favourable light onto all your actions and endeavours. You are naturally full of beans, but this week you also inspire others to align with your expansive point of view. This is the time for innovative, new beginnings that promise great productive results.

h TAURUS The Temperance Tarot card highlights the need for leaving all either/or decisions behind and concentrating on finely crafted, balanced blending of seeming polarities. As you unify oppositions within yourself, e.g. the need for security and freedom, you find new ways of integrating your visions and dreams.

i GEMINI The Prince of Disks asks you to avoid impulsive action. He prefers to move slowly and steadily and to rely on tried and true methods to achieve modest, but secure outcomes. With him by your side you may learn to be more patient, thorough and steady. It may seem a bit boring, but by painstakingly taking care of details you avoid trouble later…

j CANCER The 10 of Cups represents heart-fulfilment and for you this usually means being close to your nearest and dearest. This week holds wonderful opportunities for a family gathering, entertaining friends and sharing the delight of togetherness. The love you generate in a gathering ripples out into the wider community in many surprising ways.

k LEO The 2 of Disks symbolises change, and to be able to flow with that you need great flexibility. You might have to juggle more things than you feel comfortable with, but resentment does not help. Find a way to say ‘yes’ to what is right in front of you and enjoy the ride.

l VIRGO When the Tower card appears all your efforts to stay well organised and secure are in vain. Sudden upheaval and strange things that are beyond your control may disrupt your best laid-out plans and the sooner you accept the wake-up call, the more effective you are in remediating the fallout.

a LIBRA With the 5 of Disks drawn you may feel more insecure and worried than usual. When your equilibrium is disrupted you feel it very acutely. No matter what your concerns are, may it be relationships, health or finance, reach out, connect with friends or advisers; don’t get bogged down in soul-destroying ‘what-if’ scenarios.

b SCORPIO The Prince of Wands is an open book, he shares his motivations, intentions and desires freely. With him by your side you reveal your feelings easily and won’t hold back your opinions. Never mind what reactions others have; at least they know where you stand!

c SAGITTARIUS The 9 of Cups is often called the ‘wish card’. Imagine that the universe has aligned itself to fulfil your biggest dream or longing. With that feeling of expansion and anticipation in your heart you amp up your magnetic attraction, plus you feel more satisfaction and pleasure than before!

d CAPRICORN The Ace of Cups emphasises matters of the heart. Planning your next move and fulfilling your ambitions will only bring you real gratifications if you are in touch with your true innermost longings. Otherwise victories and success are hollow and you might be wondering why you feel so empty.

e AQUARIUS The 4 of Wands indicates a big week of endings and new beginnings. In your excitement about what is coming, you easily forget to acknowledge and celebrate the well-deserved rewards of completing things you set in motion a while ago. Don’t rush through the experience, take some time to reflect and give thanks.

f PISCES The Prince of Cups is very aware of his deep internal life and he appreciates his sensitivity to the environment and people close to him. With him by your side you are getting in touch with you own needs, not only those of others. This way you make sure you don’t lose yourself while relating.