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Stuff 2.0

Value study (14”x17”) Graphite pencil and Charcoal on Paper.

Poster Construct/Study (22”x28”) Charcoal (fusain rouget) + Conte Crayon on Paper I wanted to create a poster indicating the essence of my tie line. I got this far on the idea and blanked. I’m still working on an interesting finish.

Illustrative Self-Portrait Construct 1 (14”x17”) Ink on Paper

Illustrative Self-Portrait Construct 2 (8.5”x11”) Pencil on Paper

Illustrative Self-Portrait Construct 3 (8.5”x11”) Pencil on Paper accepted form

Illustrative Self-Portrait Digital Ink

Portrait of Schroedinger (5�x7�) Acrylic on Canvas My first complete painting since grade school. I attempted to make an astigmatic effect. I want the small painting to make the most sense when standing away.

(Exploded view)

Color Study (8.5”x11”) Oil on Canvas Paper + Digital Media There is an old practice of capturing one’s natural color palette: draw a grid of 24 spaces, freely fill in the spaces without external encouragement using whatever colors one naturally and subconsciously would mix. The only rules are: make them relate but force nothing. I did this exercise in 3-Dimensions and then analyzed my tendency for color usage on various levels and representd the outcome in visual metrics.

Typographic Pine - Purge of Humanity Digital Media One of my students at NCSSM once posted a comment, “purge of humanity.” I’ve always liked it. I’ve never forgotten the phrase and have since let it bounce around my head. I’ve tried visualizing the phrase several times. I never like what I come up with. This one wasn’t as bad as some; I still don’t like it that much but the concept between the phrase and the form it produces is somewhat interesting considering modern practices.

Untitled-Purge of Humanity (not complete) Digital Media I like this approach a bit better on visualizing the phrase. The words constitute my right thumb print.

Cafe in Arle Sunrise in Nice Les Beaux

Clock in Musee D’ Orsay

Matisse House

Chess in Linz

Statue in Prague


Buglove Incidentally caught two bugs seemingly having sex.

A display of several of my ties. I’m not taken with it. I recently had a much better idea for presenting some of them but I’ll need a model. So, that will have to happen later. Hopefully sooner.

Monroe bag Construct 1 (8.5”x11”) Pencil on Paper Concept origination sketch

Monroe Bag Construct 2 (8.5”x11”) refinement

Monroe bag Construct 3 (8.5”x11”) Charcoal (pencil) + Conte Crayon + Pigment on Paper color construct

M onroe Bag Considering the recent increase in the cost of fuel, it is 16" incumbent that every person travelling take seriously not only their method of travel but also their baggage. Having one piece 18" of luggage that satisfies a majority of traveler needs within specifc parameters is now essential. This bag maximizes space and style 24" with great consideration given to longevity. The dimensions are in line with all major air travel carry-on specs and ideal for automobile travel. The method of enclosure makes the bag collapsable and therefore capable of assuming the volume needed for varying travel instances. The most important hallmark of the bag is the material. 100% of the bag will be made from bridle leather to make the bag resilient, stylish and capable of changing over time with a natural patina.

Monroe bag Digital Media schematic render


untitled table thought organization

Elegant Universe

How Things Work

D iscourse on M ethod

E.O. Wilson


Finding Darwin's God

Mies Van Der Rohe

Materials The table emerges from 3 layers of materials suchlike the human form: Ectoderm (wood), Mesoderm (metal) Endoderm (leather)



shell cordovan

Form Based on the rectilinear Greek Key, the design of the table achieves a great degree of practicality within a common volume of space while remaining simple and aesthetically present.

untitled table Digital Media Concept board

18" 20.75"

The form assembles in a method that mirrors early organismal development. In 3 layers: skin, skeleton and gut a minimal but useful table is created.






untitled table Digital Media concept refinement + explode


2. 5"

The endcap attaches to the terminal end of the lower surface as a bookend or simple document frame. Inside is a magnet that allows a secure fit along the chromed surface.


Antonio Portfolio I was asked to design a representative portfolio for a chef/friend. He wanted a presentation of some of his skills and dishes. He was COMPLETELY vague about what it should accomplish and had TERRIBLE photos. But, I formulated my view of what he could get done considering the very little bit of information I had. What follows is what I put together for him. Ultimately, he was very pleased and felt as though the project represented who he is perfectly.


part 1 for case