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Good air quality is a basic, but often neglected, human need. Pilots and flight attendants, who spend 14 to 17 hours per work session in a desert dry cabin, know what we mean. With hours like theirs they deserve all the rest and relief they can get. The solution is spelled Crew humidifier. What it does is to provide humidified fresh air to the flight deck and the bunks where the crew rests. In plain language what you get is a more satisfied crew, more likely to stay healthy and alert, and offer good service to the passengers. As in-flight studies show they also recover more quickly between flights. And all it takes is treating them with a little bit of cair‌

Dry facts. In theory the human body tolerates great variations in humidity. But there are limits. Conditions onboard an aircraft rapidly gets extreme. After less than one hour’s flight the air resembles that of a desert climate. As a result, skin, eyes and linings of the mouth and nose dry out. Long flights amplify the effects. Pilots and flight attendants who are subjected to these conditions day in and day out our extra exposed.

Dry air causes: • Cold and allergy symptoms • Sleeping difficulties • Dry skin and eyes • General fatigue and discomfort • Increased jetlag impact

Feel the difference!


With balanced humidity:

• You feel better • You sleep better • Food and drink taste better • You arrive more rested • You suffer less impact from jetlag

A healthier working climate. With humidifiers installed in crucial areas, pilots and flight attendants experience fewer problems with dry skin, allergies and dry eyes. There is less risk of catching a cold, fatigue is less of a problem, and recovery between flights is quicker. Those who wear contact lenses most remarkably appreciate the change. In brief this is what Crew humidifiers provide. Direct benefits: • Better working climate • Quicker recovery between flights • Less likelihood of catching colds • Less fatigue • Better sleep

Supported by Health studies and Medical experts: �Even a slight increase of relative air humidity is beneficial from a health point of view.�

Experience speaks. Aaah! Feeling better Humidifying the air on board reduces tiredness and alleviates dehydration of the eyes, skin and linings of the mouth and nose. As in-flight studies show, it also relieves the strain on the immune system. Simply put – pilots and cabin attendants stay healthier. And recover faster from jetlag.

Zzzzz! Sleeping better It is scientifically proven that humidified air helps body and mind come to rest. And good rest helps in coping with hard work. The longer the flights the more essential – and the more balanced the humidity the better the sleep.

”Increased relative air humidity increases tear film stability and nasal patency. It also reduces headaches and ocular, nasal and dermal dryness symptoms.”

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Trim air

How it works. Our crew humidifier is dimensioned for flight deck and crew rest areas in most major aircraft. The typical installation for an A380 or Boeing 787 consists of a humidifier with a control unit and advanced water valves. The system can easily be adjusted to different kinds of installations in flight deck and crew rest compartments. The humidifier uses the technology of evaporative humidification and has been developed in cooperation with Munters. The main component is a fibreglass pad with specially designed air channels moistened via a spreader system. When dry air passes the moist surface, the water evaporates and the air is humidified while being cooled. By dimensioning the pad according to the airflow to be humidified, the capacity of the humidifier is set and no further regulation is required.

CTT Humidifier

The CTT humidification system can easily be adapted to different kinds of cabin crew rest compartments to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for the crew.

Track record. Our Crew humidifiers are identical to those of CairTM and can be installed in most of today’s major aircraft, as proven with Airbus A380 and Boeing’s 787. Since year 2000 CTT Systems serve airlines and aircraft manufacturers around the world, as well as most major completion centres.

• Boeing offers our humidifiers as options in crew rest compartments and on flight deck for 787 (where our Zonal Drying™ System is basic equipment). • In effect, the flight deck option has been chosen by a large number of 787 operators, and humidification of crew rest areas often follow suit.

• Lufthansa has chosen Cair™ for 1st class sections of their A380s. • Moreover, our Cair™ system is market leader in cabin humidification for large VIP aircraft and has been installed by most major completion centres.

• Crew humidifiers and Cair™ are also available as stand-alone systems for retrofit installations. A good occasion to • Airbus offers our humidification technology do this is in association with retrofit of as option in the crew rest areas on the A380. cabin crew bunks. • On the A350, Crew humidification in combination with Zonal Drying™ is an option for the passenger cabin, as well.

The full range. The CTT mission is to balance the humidity on board long-haul aircraft. Our Crew humidifiers are part of a larger picture, involving the removal of excess humidity in the crown area, as well as the addition of humidified fresh air in dry cabin sections of the aircraft. The product line svart = 85% includes the following systems: PMS 7545 turkos C 93 M 0 Y 24 K 0 PMS 313

Zonal Drying™ System prevents condensation in aircraft by combating the root cause. Less condensation means less weight, reducing fuel consumption, emissions and corrosion etc. In the long term, reduced condensation ljus-blå, 40% av: C means 100 longer lifetime for aircraft components and M 28 Y insulation. 24 K 0 PMS 277

Cair™ increases humidity and provides humidified air to the cabin, improving passenger comfort. Crew humidifiers helps increase humidity in the flight deck and crew rest compartments, creating a more pleasant working climate and improving the well-being of the crew. svart 85 %

™ PMS 7545 (=mörkgrå) Cair VIP is a humidification system adapted for the strict requirements of large private jets. It can also be retrofitted Röd Turkos C VIP 0 aircraft. 93 to


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PMS 313

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Enjoy a complete change of air! Second to passengers, the crew is one of the airline’s most valuable assets. For them Crew humidifiers provide a better working environment on high altitudes. So help your pilots and flight attendants focus on the right thing. Invest in humidified fresh air!

Humidity in balance. Our mission is to create a better climate inside the aircraft, thereby providing economic benefits to the airline. The key is to balance humidity levels on board. Our concept increases passenger wellbeing, contributes to a better environment and improves airline economy, simultaneously. We call it ”humidity in balance”.

For additional information, please contact: Peter Landquist VP Sales, Marketing & Customer Support Phone: +46 (0)155 20 59 02 | Mobile: +46 (0)70 665 2445 | E-mail: peter.landquist@ctt.se Anton Nöffke Director Sales, Marketing & Customer Support - Asia Pacific & Middle East Representative Phone: +60 (0) 12 525 28 64 | E-mail: anton.noffke@ctt.se Per Gustafsson Sales, Marketing & Customer Support Phone: +46 (0)155 20 59 03 | Mobile: +46 (0) 70 214 89 05 | E-mail: per.gustafsson@ctt.se

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