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January 2014




The story behind the “The Same Old Shirt Collection” and the team.

A fully animated mascot for Ndafuna TV

Europe Tour for...

Female House DJ?

Party at the Vic Falls?

The all female group Nobuntu from Bulawayo.

TKP a female house music DJ has an epic launch at Horizon.

The Jameson Vic Falls Carnival an party to end the





Issue 2014 : Enjoy an

issue packed with arts of all disciplines, creativity, innovation, and just pure genius.

Editorial Note

PG : 28


PG : 4 PG : 24

THE NINEVITES The Ninevites Gang packed bags and missioned to Semonkong, Lesotho - a place of roots and inspiration for designer Nkuli Mlangeni.

FRESH ON DA.. PG : 20 2    Magazine    February 2012

TKP a fresh DJ who just had an amazing launch in the City Of Kings who is promising big things in House music.


PG : 24

Europe and Back, an amazing story of the all female group..

CREATIVITY & INNOVATION Hello thank you for an amazing 2013 in 2014 we look forward to a even bigger year where we will explore the arts, discover the talents and share the amazing moments of creativity and innovation from all over Africa and the world. Our January issue has the Jameson Vic Falls Carnival as one of the biggest end of year parties that is attracting visitors from all over the world. We also see the fresh TKP a female DJ jumping on the house music stage with an epic launch at horizon. We also celebrate the European tour of Nobuntu as they are making huge steps in the development of African music. We also morn the loss of all our most cherished artists in 2013 from Chinua Achebe, Chiwoniso Maraire and the nationalist Nelson Mandela. A small review of 2013 and its moments. We as the kwantuthu Arts Team are looking forward to a very memorable 2014.


PG : 9

r a e Y w e N y p p Ha

February 2012    Magazine   


Inspiration : For those not


in the know, Navy Seal has been putting out hard hitting tracks for some time now. His last single managed to catch a radio buzz in the country and helped Elevate (pun intended) him to the next level in the Zimbabwean Hip Hop scene. We are proud to fill you in on his latest effort which happens to be a tribute to Nelson Mandela who passed on this 5th of December at age 95. We managed to get in touch with Navy Seal and this is what he had to say about how this song came about…?

Navy Seal : “I was getting ready for work, when I saw the breaking news on eNCA. It only hit me when I was in route to work, to do a tribute to him (Nelson Mandela). I wanted a production from home, so I gave the First Class a call-the number 1 producers in Kingsville-and told them my idea.40 minutes later they (First Class) emailed me 2 instrumentals to choose from. I linked up with

Trae Yung,and Karma on Whatsapp, and they both liked the idea. We arranged for studio time later that day. We had a vibrant session at Trae Yung’s TMG Studio, and everything went well.”

What does this song mean to you? : This song means a great contribution to the Zimbabwe Hip Hop community, and the world at large, as we mourn the loss of a world leader, father and mentor. Nelson Mandela fought systems in the most “diplomatic” ways, and his death shall not be a death of his legacy, but he shall live through how we conduct business, and how we relate to other people. Henceforth came about the concept and title of the song Diplomatic (A Tribute To Nelson Mandela).May his soul rest in eternal peace

Download link : The new Navy Seal ft Karma n Trae Yung - #Diplomatic (A Tribute To Nelson Mandela) 4    Magazine    February 2012

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela : was a South African antiapartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. Born: July 18, 1918, Mvezo, South Africa – 5 December 2013 May his soul Rest in Peace. February 2012    Magazine   


ANIMATION “NWABU” A fully animated mascot for Ndafuna TV, planned to be ready early this year 2014...

Nwabu Animation Nwabu was built and textured in Zbrush and rigged, animated, lit and rendered in cinema 4D. Nwabu is built as a high subdivision character with heavy displacements to generate the detail in the skin.

WHO IS NQO? Enqore, one of Zimbabwe’s A-list music video directors and digital animation artists.

THE WORK BEHIND THE ANIMATIION One of our studio machines has been rendering Nwabu for the past 180 hours! Additional scenes are being rendered across the Nafuna network and rendering should be done by the weekend. The plan is to have the animation ready for the New Year. I spoke to Dj Philo, who just released his new trap track, “pasta lavista”. We’re aiming to get the track included on the viral animation. Hopefully soon I will be releasing yet another new Nafuna character. This one is a 2D project aimed as content for the web show but also as a viral production, stay tuned!


Over the past few weeks I have been generating branding graphics for our studio, nafuna. part of this effort is animating and rendering Nwabu, our fully animated mascot.

6    Magazine    February 2012

February 2012    Magazine   



TECH spotlight

STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10, Lenovo is back in the Android tablet market with two new slates: the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 and the Yoga Tablet 8. Hardware : The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 hardware is actually not bad for its price, and the faux-metal finish makes it feel even nicer. The glass display and body give it a halfway decent feel.

The Resolution. The first thing you’ll notice about the Yoga Tablet 10 is that it’s a 16:10 ratio display tablet, and that it’s not completely flat, either. The round, bulky edge gives the tablet a stand to prop itself up, which is nice to have if you’re watching videos or reading content while at a desk or table. While it’s a beautiful tablet, we’re going to cut right to the chase with what we don’t like here: the user interface and the display. If you didn’t work out the math, a 1280 x 800 display across 10 inches gives you density of roughly 151 PPI. That’s 151 pixels per inch. By comparison, the iPad Air has 264 PPI and the LG G Pad 8 has 278 PPI.

8    Magazine    February 2012

At the bottom end, where the tablet is curved for the kickstand, there is the power button and headset jack opposite each other. The power button is actually really nice, and has a good feel to it when pressed. It may be odd to mention this, but when compared to other tablets, it seems really cushy.The opposite side of the power button is the 3.5mm headset jack, and above that is the volume button and a small microphone. When the device is facing you in landscape orientation, you’ll also notice there are two front-facing speakers. If you purchase the tablet, you will have already noticed the Dolby logo on the box. The speakers will offer Dolby Digital Plus enhancement, which should mean that its sound would be superior to what you’d normally find on tablets. We’ll get more into that later.

Open up that kickstand and you’ll reveal the microSD card slot. The Yoga Tablet 10 will support up to 64GB microSD cards, so if you have tons of media and documents you need to take around with you, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of storage options here.

Software : The Yoga Tablet 10 runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, so you aren’t going to find the latest and greatest here. However, it will support most Android apps, and for what you might use a tablet, we don’t expect any real shortcomings because of this Android version. Dolby Digial Plus sound : Considering the addition of Dolby technology to promote this tablet’s sound, we weren’t all that impress with what came through on the speakers.At maximum volume, music still sounded a little weak and metallic. It’s almost as if the sound is being cupped, amplifying the sound of speakers that aren’t of the best quality

Flip the tablet over to reveal its backside, and you’ll see a nicely textured back with a smooth panel at the bottom where the kickstand flips out. February 2012    Magazine   


The Yoga Tablet 10 will support up to 64GB microSD cards, runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. a 1280 x 800 display across 10 inches gives you density of roughly 151 PPI.

10    Magazine    February 2012

February 2012    Magazine   


TRENDZ FASHION Litso is a clothing brand that aims to bring out you. Dressing up is an expression of art

PHOTOGRAPH : Fugitest Agfhelo lpoot 12    Magazine    February 2012


Description Authentic Afrikan!! Fashion Forward!! Poshly Passionate

February 2012    Magazine   


From Africa to Europe


Who is Nobuntu? A cappella group of five talented, professional young women from Zimbabwe. Traditional Zimbabwean rooted music, Traditional Gospel, Afro-Jazz and Crossover. Biography Nobuntu was officially formed in 2011. Performed a number of local events and festivals in Zimbabwe. Released their first album THINA in September 2013. European Tour in November 2013


Nobuntu has graced many stages through out 2013 from Europe, Bulawayo Comes Alive, World Music Day and this weekend at Drums Of Peace at the Bulawayo Theatre Bulawayo Comes Alive, World Music Day and the Drums Of Peace at the Bulawayo Theatre.



What are the Bands interests? Sharing our Music on Stage and on CD to the whole world. Meeting with other Musicians sharing ideas and Jamming.

14    Magazine    February 2012

The Eropean Tour

The all female Zimbabwean group Nobuntu, inspired by the Mahotella Queens really has their unique flair, their voices resonated taking the audience on a journey through Africa. February 2012    Magazine   


MOMENTS IN 2013 Samantha Tshuma: in 2013 the former Miss Tourism Zimbabwe winner got to be a finalist in the first ever Miss Grand International.

Mokoomba: in 2013 had toured 20 European countries and won 3 awards. Zimbabwe Music and Arts Awards UK (ZIMAA) for the UK 2013 Touring Music Artist of the year, Songliness Awards in the UK for the best newcomer and National Arts Merit Awards.

Carl Joshua Ncube:

in 2013 won an award at the National Merit Awards, hosted the first ever Zimbabwean comedy festival and also embarked on a national tour.


The professionally a Video & Audio Producer,

Chinua Achebe

NOBUNTU 16    Magazine    February 2012

passed away in 2013, (1930-2013) is the internationally acclaimed writer, and the author of THINGS February 2012    Magazine   


ByolifeStreets R



passed away in 2013, a mbira songstress whose strong voice and powerful mbira rhythms will long remain in the country’s psyche. At 15 was part of Afro-fusion hip-hop trio A Peace of Ebony. 1996 was part of The Storm, later she fronted Chiwoniso and Vibe Culture which went on to record three albums.

Whats Your Destination?

Jamal Nyika Mataure passed away in 2013, a Mutare-based urban grooves musician of the ‘kurwizi’ hit song with Betty Makhaya.

Byolife Streets is a simple but yet comprehensive guide that makes it a breeze to book and manage activities. Find hotels, restaurants, tours and attractions, event listing info including photos about that area right from your smart phone. Each business entry describes the attraction with pictures, opening times and full contact details. The app is integrated with maps showing directions to users about their current location.

18    Magazine    February 2012

Skeem Sami


Not all 3rd part applications make use of data connectivity. Some 3rd party applications might make use of the carrier's WAP service which could be chargeable. ©2012 Webloxion. All rights reserved. Byolife,Byolife Streets and related trademarks,names and logos are the property of Webloxion. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. E&OE

A New Flavour in House Music Industry Horizon Bar sees the launch of first female house DJ

“TKP” The Kasi Princess (TKP) born Sandisiwe Dube has entered the house music industry as possibly the first female house DJ’s in Zimbabwe.

At age 22 TKP has a vision to develop and improve the house music industry taking the music to another level.

“Most artists in Bulawayo venture into rap music and I decided to be different and do something that is unique” she said. TKP said there is a readily available market for listeners of house music in Bulawayo and her music was getting airplay on local radio stations.

A talented individual who has managed to get acting parts in television productions 20    Magazine    February 2012

such as Stitsha and Nyaminyami. TKP a strong individual who has Christian background and is not swayed by the criticism of female DJ’s signed to Afro Platinum Media.

“Most artists in Bulawayo venture into rap music and I decided to be different...”

finalising the deal.

ETo get a taste of TKP’s music download it of Sound Cloud where it currently is available, work on an album is also in the pipeline. Look out for a princess from the City of Kings working on dropping a house musical hit album soon.

TKP has released a EP which will be available on iTunes soon as her record company is February 2012    Magazine   


22    Magazine    February 2012

February 2012    Magazine   


Fashion Feature

24    Magazine    February 2012

February 2012    Magazine   



Fashion Feature In November 2012, The Ninevites Gang packed bags and missioned to Semonkong, Lesotho - a place of roots and inspiration for designer Nkuli Mlangeni. Thus was born “The Same Old Shirt Collection” clothes inspired by Basotho culture and street style.

called Mzuzephi Mathebula, alias ‘Nongoloza.’ At a young age, Nongoloza was falsely accused of a crime and faced years of indentured servitude. With nowhere to turn, he joined up with other like-minded, young South Africans and The Ninevites were born

1. 2. 3. 4.


The Gang. Nkuli Mlangeni Uma Ramiah Leila Khalifa

1. Andre ‘ZoOm’ Anderson

The Inspiration. The Ninevites Gang formed in the late 19th century when a group of South Africans longed to break away from injustice and establish a new era and way of living. They were led by a young Zulu man from Natal

The Ninevites

They took their name from the biblical Ninevites. In both contexts, the groups are portrayed as anti-establishment, revolutionary and misunderstood. .



1. Kent Andreasen 2. Jonathan Mellish 3. Uma Ramiah

1. Roxanne Wentworth



Semonkong, Lesotho - a place of roots and inspiration for designer Nkuli Mlangeni. Thus was born “The Same Old Shirt Collection” .

26    Magazine    February 2012

February 2012    Magazine   


s r a e Y w e N e m i t e f i L A Once in . . . n o i t a r b Cele LIKE OWN D T N U O C S R A E Y WITH A NEW H T R A E N O E S L E NOWHERE

The Jameson Victoria Falls Carnival hosted in Zimbabwe’s tourist primer city, visitors from all over the globe and Zimbos descend upon the mighty Victoria Falls for a once in a lifetime New Years Celebration.

Combine Southern Africa’s biggest artists, the world’s greatest adventures and activities, with a New Years countdown like nowhere else on earth and you have arrived at Vic Falls Carnival!

28    Magazine    February 2012

About 8000 visitors attended the outdoor festival which had live performances from acts from South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, New Zealand and Britain. A bush party at Jafuta, a few kilometres out of the resort town, party goers enjoyed a special trip on the steam train to the party location. DJ Francis and others rocked the stage till the early hours of Monday morning.

A bush party at Jafuta, a few kilometres out...

The carnival moved from the first venue Jafuta to Victoria Falls Farm School. A Hot line up of groups such as Mokoomba, Chikwata 263, Shortstraw, Jeremy Loops, Mampi, Flash Republic, Jason Le Roux, Judgment Yard, DJ Cmbavill and DJ Ace DaBass thrilled the crowds with exciting and amazing performances.

From DJ’s mixing up world number ones, groups performing sing-along’s a well oiled machine.

All who attended enjoyed the 2013 carnival which hosted visitors from as far as the USA, an all amazing 2014 welcome.

On New Year’s Day with close to 8,000 people attending the three-day musical extravaganza. Live performances by top southern African musicians, attracted tourists from all over.



Take a moment and explore your creative nature, making your mark, individuality in all you do creativity is a key component. Remember to share it with all and have FUN.

30    Magazine    February 2012

February 2012    Magazine   


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Kwantuthu Arts Magazine January 2014  

Hello thank you for an amazing 2013 in 2014 we look forward to a even bigger year where we will explore the arts, discover the talents and s...

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