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The Issue That Will Help You Overcome Dating Self-Sabotage

Find Out Why I Have a 98% Success Rate Hey Shay,


Thanks for all of your help. It has

Thank you for the great program you offered last year, "10-day Love Magnet Challenge," it was a great program and I learned a lot.

helped me tremendously. I don't know if he knows I’m on to his game or not, but whatever. Because now I think I will be able to move on and find the love I’ve

Danielle A.

been wanting...


Thanks. Lots of love, Crystal P. 2-20-2012

“Thank you so much Shay. I read your books, and

“Shay in 10 minutes you diagnosed my situation better than anyone I’ve ever talked to! I took your tips and am dating again. But this time, the men I’m saying “yes” to are different than before. Thanks!

watched the videos, and





realized he is really taking me for granted and I allowed him to. I thank you from my heart for changing my life. Now I feel I have the power.” Get a Copy of Overcome Dating Self-Sabotage* ($67 Value) by explaining how my tips, advice, or program have helped you in some way. Simply email or call 1-888-574-9399 ext 582 and tell me about it. *While supplies last



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Shay’s Mail Bag ―What do I do if my fiancé is ignoring me?‖


How to Pick Up the Pieces After You Man Cheats Eva Longoria shows how she picked up the pieces after Tony Parker.

Sex 5

Shake Your Booty to Have Better Sex? Recent study shows the best way to exercise to increase sex appeal.

Dating 6

Did You Know Facts Commitment phobic men, emotional infidelity, and happiness during a marriage are discussed this month

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I Want-A-Man-Now Activities Discover the 10 most overlooked man finding activities.

1-2-3 Flirt The importance of flirting no matter what stage of dating.


Shay’s Mail Bag Every day, my email inbox is FULL of questions, concerns, and complaints from readers. I don’t get to answer all of them, but I try to get to most of them. Here’s this month’s question. Hey I read your column and I loved it. I really need your advice. I'm getting married in one month to the man I love so much , but he suddenly changed and he is not replying my texts or picking up my phone calls! We are in a long distant relationship , we live countries far from each other I don't know what to do , he seemed cold with me then stopped talking to me , I see him on Facebook writing and chatting with his friends , but he won't even talk to me, please help, what can I do? Thanks, Lonely Fiancé

Hey Lonely Fiancé, My heart goes out to you because I know what you’re going through. This situation makes you want to commit homicide (but don’t do it, girl!). Here’s my take on this situation. A man that is about to marry you should not ignore you. In fact, he should be so far up your butt that you’re begging for Me-Time. If anything, your fiancé is showing you a HUGE red flag. What most women don’t realize is this: how men are before the wedding is only a small picture of how they are after the wedding. He’s already ignoring you and you’re not even married yet. Can you imagine what will happen once you say ―I Do‖? It’s a long lonely road and for what? To say you have a husband? If I were in your shoes, I would do 2 things: 1. Get in touch with my intuition and let it guide me. 2. Push back the wedding date until #1 gave me the okay to proceed with this marriage. This is my outside-in observation, so please take these words in combination with your own gut feelings. At the end of the day, you need to determine what will make you happy. Best of luck to ya girlie! Tell me how things turn out. xo, Shay Need love advice? Send you questions and concerns to or call 1-888-574-9399 ext 582


How to Pick Up the Pieces After Your Man Cheats

Shake Your Booty to Have Better Sex?

After her split from Exercise boosts your sex appeal and body confidence. Recent studies show that women who exercise are more likely to initiate sex with their partner AND are more sought after by men because of their confidence.

Tony Parker, Eva Longoria, starlet of Desperate Housewives, found love again. ―The truth is, I

Cruz’s brother, Eduardo Cruz, who is

If you’re thinking of doing cardio—think again. Mix it up a bit and go lift some heavy weights. Besides burning more calories and feeling stronger, it tightens your physique so you’re more likely to see results sooner.

a Spanish singer.

Source: Courtesy of Fitness Magazine

should be angry, resentful and disillusioned about relationships. But I'm not.‖ She found love again with Penelope

And she revealed that despite her divorce, she's refused to become cynical about love.

1-2-3 Flirt It’s VITAL to never lose your flirting skills whether single or committed. It keeps things fresh and exciting. Forgot how to flirt or your nervousness takes over your flirt muscles? No worries, just try this:

She said: ―There's a reason I fell in love and got married. I believed in it.‖ But Eva said that Parker's infidelity made her stronger and insisted: ―Love did not work with that person. But it can work with another.‖

Eye Contact for 2-3 seconds Why does this work? It shows confidence and selfassurance, which men find hella sexy! Notice how strippers always make eye contact with ―their guy‖. This simple trick is their money maker for a reason!

How’s that for picking up the pieces after someone cheats? 5

Did You Know... One of the biggest secrets that most women don't understand is that a man who has difficulty with commitment is also a man that is afraid of being abandoned. Source: Bob Grant, L.P.C. In one German study, the results suggested that, across cultures, women find emotional infidelity more upsetting than sexual infidelity. Source:

A 15-year-long study found that a person’s happiness level before marriage was the best predictor of happiness after marriage. In other words, marriage won’t automatically make one happy. Source: Julie Schwartz Gottman The attachment, or commitment, stage is love for the duration. You’ve passed fantasy love and are entering into real love. This stage of love has to be strong enough to withstand many problems and distractions. Studies by University of Minnesota researcher Ellen Berscheid and others have shown that the more we idealize the one we love, the stronger the relationship during the attachment stage. Source: Once you make the decision you’re ready for love, all the help you need magically lines up. From books to coaching to blog to a friend who introduces you to your future partner, everything seems to fall in place. The Universe is invested in you having the exact life and love you want. Source: Shay Banks

I-Want-A-Man-Now Activities ―I go out all the time and never meet anyone!‖

4. Go salsa dancing (LOTS of cuties) or line

That’s what all of my clients say to me. I always call them on their crap by simply listing 10 most

dancing 5. Watch a MMA fight in a public venue

overlooked I want-a-man-now activities. Check them out.

6. Shoot pool on a Saturday night

1. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

7. Go indoor rock climbing

2. Join a co-ed sports league (check you local rec

8. Go shopping at a sporting goods store

centers) 3. Join a Toastmasters group

9. Attend a computer technologies conference 10. Go to a gun show


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