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material May 2014 Issue V

#GIRLBOSS: exclusive

interview with

S ophia A moruso

Leandra Medine

The Man Repeller redefines the role of fashion bloggers THE MOST UNIQUE ONLINE STORES FOR SUMMER SHOPPING

$4.99 US

The Social Media Issue

Paying homage to the individuals who revolutionized the world of fashion through social media

table of cĂŠline boutiques



03 Social Media in Fashion Today: meet the faces behind your


the riskiest shoes for summer 2014 & the components of the minimalist look

favorite blogs and YouTube channels

05 Interview with Leandra Medine: get a glimpse into that crazy, creative head of hers

10 #GIRLBOSS: meet Sophia Amoruso the masterwww.cĂŠ

mind behind the NastyGal empire

12 The coveted Fendi fur monster up close and personal

09 Six of the coolest online stores to check out for summer shopping


the internship controversy: All work and no payoff? What is your take?

material may

written by Michaela Del Viscovo

GIRL CRUSHING ON VLOGERS We have heard of bloggers, but, vloggers? Bloggers and vloggers (video- bloggers) have taken over the fashion world by storm. Meet the most popular faces in the budding social media world.You know you have major girl crushes on all of them.



study fashion, a dream that only seems realistic on television, but we’re confident Kailee will achieve it. Her channel features fashion videos such as Fashion Staples, Thrifting Tips, and Outfits of the Week. Half the walked out of an Urban Outfitters catalog, her bohemian. You will fall in love with her down to cool-girl attitude and style.

Kailee of KaileeMckenzie


chunky sandals

This next shoe trend is the epitome of 90’s reinvented. If you are a self-proclaimed “soft grunge” tumblr-addict then you more than

Jen Im of Clothes Encounters Meet Jen Im, otherwise known as ClothesEncounters from A t only 17 her ever so popular YouTube channel that saves that years old “what do I wear” dilemma in countless and a junior in girls’ lives. ClothesEncounters features clothesencounters high school Kailee How to Style, Monthly Favorite, Must Mann of KaileeMckenzie has most definitely Have and Haul videos. This UC Davis graduate has some envious style, but established a path for herself she makes sure to spread her knowledge to her 850,000 subscribers on in the fashion world thus far. her YouTube channel. That number did not come right away but between What makes Kailee so adored is her lively personality and killer style it is hard not to like this girl. the “girl next door” vibe that she posJen describes her style as “mixing and matching.” She sesses. Kailee is from a loves to pair high-end pieces with something found /kaileemckenzie small town at a thrift store. But, beware! Jen’s wardrobe in West Virginia is to-die-for, prepare but really belongs yourself before you in New York City, the city she says is “her favorwatch her videos ite place in the whole entire and adopt major world.” She plans to move to wardrobe envy. New York City after high school to

who/what’s trending

likely are familiar with the chunky soled sandal that is all over your tumblr feed. These sandals come in a closed toe strapped style, tassel style and even Velcro. Overall they evoke a universal sense of cool. They give just the right amount of height all of us long for also! Australian brand Windsor Smith is an expert at this style but lately other companies have been adopting this style sandal.

Remember those shoes that your grandpa most likely wore with socks when you were little? Or worse, the shoes that your parents made you wear as a toddler? Yep, you’re thinking right, those cork soled, buckled sandals are Birkenstocks. And, guess what, they’re back! Lately, Birkenstocks in updated styles have been sent down Birkenstock Sandal $120 Celine and Marc Jacobs, making them inevitable for popularity. Topshop, Zara, NastyGal and others have created updated versions of Birkenstocks. When paired right they can surprisingly come across as chic. Give them a chance, even the Olsen duo adopted this weary trend!

Windsor Smith Lily Sandal $89

Components of the Minimalist’s Summer Wardrobe Minimalism seems to be the go-to look for bloggers lately. The style is simple yet still manages to make a huge statemnt.

running shoes New Balance, Nike, and Adidas sneakers are not just for morning runs and the gym anymore. Running sneakers have established a reputation associated with high fashion. Who would have thought? Bloggers such as Leandra Medine have contributed to making the “running sneaker” trend noteworthy. When paired with a cool dress or leather joggers these sneakers can go a long way put together. New Balance Classics Sneaker $69

back detail

time it looks like Kailee style is indie and slightly earth personality and Rag & Bone Division Dress, $595

Bring sexy back— literally. Cut-out shapes and strap detailing adds interest to otherwise timeless pieces. Pair sexier shapes with flats for balance and that ‘California cool’.

white Raquel Allegra Jumpsuit, $395

White is a forever classic and the foundation for this season’s palette. Proportion and structure define this trend so try a cropped top or oversized maxi dress with serious volume.

jumpsuits We’re having serious nostalgia for the '90s and jumpsuits have found their way back into our rotation in every fabrication. They're easy, androgynous, and subtly sexy. Current/Elliott Ranchhand Overall, $345



ver since she exploded onto the fashion-blog scene in May 2010 with The Man Repeller—a seamless blend of style reporting, personal reflections, and social commentary, all infused with the writer’s idiosyncratic wit—Leandra Medine has made a name for herself as the quirkiest critic on the front row. (“The Man Repeller” refers to the fashion-loving woman who gravitates toward outré clothing, even if it makes its wearer unattractive to the opposite sex.) Gearing up for the publication of her first book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls (Grand Central), today, the 24-yearold New York City native sat down with us to discuss writing, Fashion Week, and finding her voice—more Kanye West than Drake, as it turns out—as a blogger.

r e l l e ep

R n a M e h T

Fashion Blogger Leandra Medine on The Man Repeller, Her New Memoir, and Why Blog Posts Are Like One-Night Stands

MATERIAL: Congratulations on finishing your first book. After blogging daily for the last three years, what was it like to write a full-length memoir? LEANDRA MEDINE: Thank you. I’m so nervous about the reception. When you’re writing a blog post, you can take solace in knowing that you will immediately know how people will respond to it, and if the criticism is bad, then that’s fine because you can work on that and fix it, and if it’s good, then that’s great because you know what to do in the future. It gets pushed down so quickly. With a book, it’s just out there forever. People can love it or they can hate it, but either way there’s a lot more attachment to it. I feel married to my book, whereas I’m in these perpetual one-nightstands with my blog posts. MATERIAL: What inspired you to start the project? LEANDRA MEDINE: I always grew up with the idea that in order to be a successful writer, I should have a book published. Sloane Crosley and David Sedaris are two of my favorite writers; they’re the kind of writers who

feature story

make you feel like “I can do this. I want to do this.” And so that was my inspiration. My first foray into writing had a lot to do with Joan Didion. My “burning bush” moment was when I saw her uptown once. Slouching Towards Bethlehem is the sort of writing I always wanted to do. MATERIAL: You reveal a lot of personal details in the book—perhaps even more so than on The Man Repeller. LEANDRA MEDINE: People always ask me how I muster the strength to be so open about things, and I explain to them that I took the Myers-Briggs test, like, four times, and every single time, I ranked an 87 percent extrovert, so it would probably take more strength for me to shut up. MATERIAL: Your blog has evolved to include more about its author as opposed to just pure fashion reporting and commentary, though. Has that been intentional? LEANDRA MEDINE: When I started Man Repeller, I never intended for it to be a personal style blog about me. I thought I was pinpointing or locating a preexisting social condition and just giving it a name— not necessarily dubbing myself the name. That just happened naturally. In the early days of the blog, I noticed that every time I would post even an image of my feet in different shoes, or a picture of myself on the site, those stories gained so much more traction and page views. I realized if I wanted T.M.R. to be something, I’d probably have to include a little bit more of myself.

MATERIAL: Whom do you envision as your target reader? LEANDRA MEDINE: I would hope that I’m speaking to girls who are like me— girls who are interested in and care about fashion but are also obsessed with becoming smarter. Even though people will look at several of my blog posts and be like, “Why are we talking about this current event instead of hem lengths?” I’ll be like, “You’re going to go on a date tonight and have something to say about one of the Tsarnaev brothers, and then you’re going to wake up tomorrow morning and say, ‘Thanks, Man Repeller.’”

material may MATERIAL: You’re obviously passionate and knowledgeable about the designers you cover, but at the same time your blog doesn’t seem to take it all too seriously. LEANDRA MEDINE: Man Repeller is a humorous Web site for serious fashion. That’s what we call it. I would also hope that on a grander scale, it’s a testament to life in New York. That’s where the cronut stuff and “Rat in the Hat” [an advice column] and all those very New York–centric posts come in. MATERIAL: What is a typical day in your life? It’s so uninteresting. MATERIAL: I don’t believe that. LEANDRA MEDINE: No, it is. I wake up around 7:30, make myself a coffee. Actually, I’ve started going out for coffee— I’ve realized it’s very good for my mental health to get out. And then I’ll get to my computer around 8 or 8:30, set live the first blog post, and then from 9 until 1:30 I’m either working on the second blog post or the next day’s blog post or doing market research for whatever it is. I’m really lucky because scouring Net-a-Porter is “market research.” It’s really fun. Sometimes it’s expensive, but it’s really fun. Sale sites, Yoox, the OutNet. It’s really fun that that is my market work. So I’m essentially doing that until around 2 p.m., and then I set live the second post. It’s always two a day. That’s a new thing; it’s been that way for about two months, ever since the Man Repeller assistant came on full-time. And then it’s the same thing from, like, 3 until 6:30 or 7. I’m either working on the next day’s post or the following day’s post or the editorial calendar. And then I usually go out for dinner and have so much wine.

feature story LEANDRA MEDINE: In the last month, there are probably three stories I’ve been super passionate about and really loved: cronuts; a tribute to Michael Jackson. But I don’t know how well they resonated with readers. That said, I think my readership has evolved with me, maybe in the way Miley Cyrus’s fans are growing up with her. Stacy London [the fashion consultant and a co-host of TLC’s What Not to Wear] actually said something really interesting to me. She’s a fan of the Web site, which is really cool to me. I ran into her on the street once, and [she] said she was so impressed by the headier and smarter thought pieces I’d been doing, and I said I appreciated that, that I felt like my readers wanted me to shut up and just show them pictures. She was like, “Don’t dumb down for them. You are setting the trends. You need them to rise to your level.” But then again, it’s, like, the difference between Kanye West and Drake. Drake is a low-common-denominator rapper, and Kanye West is a little bit more esoteric. Or the difference between kale and chocolate. If you’re hungry, you’re going for the chocolate, even though you know the kale is better for you.

I wear blush and mascara, and that is pretty much it. There's not much of a regimen to it.

[If my shoes could talk they would say...] “Learn how to walk, girl.”



L eandra ’ s


MATERIAL: How long do you think you’ll keep up the site? LEANDRA MEDINE: I hope forever. I hope that it keeps evolving with me and takes on a different identity every time I want it to. And every time the readers want it to. The people who are running blogs now that are of note—Into the Gloss, SousStyle—they’re not just going to fall off. This is going to become the norm; we’re not going to be on the outskirts of fashion 10 years from now.

My most loved pair of shoes is my white Céline heeled loafers. I mostly regret buying the 4th pair of Isabel Marant Bekket sneakers. I should have stopped at three.

MATERIAL: Do you see yourself expanding the brand beyond this book? LEANDRA MEDINE: I would love to write more books. You learn so much from working on a book that the second one would be so fundamentally different from the first. Because I’m married now, and the trials and tribulations of getting married at 23 are behind me, and now it’s just “O.K., the overalls are found. What have I lost?” MATERIAL: Do you ever find that the posts you are less proud of become a huge success and the ones you love fall flat?


My favorite rapper is a toss up between Kanye, Drake and myself.

My philosophy on jewelry is “I’ll buy it if I don’t have to take it off.”


six online shops to keep an eye out for this summer


This UK retailer is more of a well -known one. Asos's pric es range from $2 0 up to hundreds, so they cater to just ab out anyone's needs. You can find all the coolest UK brands here fr om Motel to Rive r Island. (They offer real ly great discount s too!)

om c . s e i o h c . w w w

Free shipping, extremely affordable, clothing you cannot find anywhere else. What can be better? Choies is located in China, so only order if you are willing to wait for shipping. But, it is totally worth it!

c h o i e s






14 2 5 36 Everyone will be asking where you got your shoes with this awesome aussie brand on your feet. Windsor Smith offers sandals that are strappy, chunky, tasseled, you name it. The average sandals ranges from $80-$120.

written by Michaela Del Viscovo

ShopJeen is definitely the winner for the most random yet funkiest accessories. Sweatshirts with Kim K's crying face, James Franco underwear, yep, this store is pretty cool.

Every girl needs a good bikini. Triangl offers neoprene bikinis that hug your body in all the right places. For $80 you get a full bikini set with a top, bottom, and the best part, a drawstring bag for you swimsuit. Check out triangl's website for all the color combos, it will be hard to choose one.

Triangl Swimwear


Row Shop

Talk about fashion forward for a good price. This retailer also originates in China and will make you look like you just stepped off a Wang runway show.


material may

# G I R L B O S S

Sophia Amoruso of NastyGal We were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Nasty Gal founder, CEO, and now author, Sophia Amoruso to pick her brain about heroes, husband hunting, and how she stays grounded through her growing success. Consider this a little teaser to the wisdom that every aspiring boss bitch looks forward to reading in Amoruso’s forthcoming life bible, #GIRLBOSS, which is now available for preorder.

MATERIAL: In our modern world, where we are seeing the rise of the “boss” style and attitude, do you now find it archaic, or simply a societal norm, that women are still conditioned to center their life around husband hunting?

Teen Vogue, The New Yorker, Glamour, Vogue… the list goes on. You are familiar with those magazines, correct? Well, how would you feel if someone told you that the internship program for those companies were terminated; in October of last year that is exactly what happened. writte

n by M ichael a Del

Former intern Jenny Achiam, with Lucky’s Editor-In-Chief Eva Chen, is upset the program is ending.

SOPHIA: I think it’s probably neither—likely just human in many respects. However,

you can husband hunt while being a “boss”—that’s what’s new. Myself, and many of my friends, are strong, willful, and opinionated women, who, for the most part, would like to be in a relationship but know that we have things to offer and a diversity of experience that will (hopefully) make us better wives and/or mothers.

MATERIAL: Did you feel like you had any business mentors or heroes to look up to as

you were building Nasty Gal, or do you feel you mostly had to forge your own path? What are the positives and negatives of the latter?

Ex Vogue intern Lisa Denmark found her position “belittling.”

SOPHIA: I really haven’t had any heroes. I don’t believe in heroes. I admire and respect my friends who make art or jewelry on the side as much as I admire and respect people who are more conventionally “successful.” Forging my own path has been rewarding but lonely at times. It’s a little late to have a cofounder, but I sometimes wish I at least had a body double!

MATERIAL: Was there a specific life event or situation that inspired the course of action that propelled you to your current success? SOPHIA: Probably growing up with a supercritical Italian dad. I’d say that taught me to be self-critical, almost to the point of self-abuse. It keeps me honest, never spending too much time celebrating myself, and focused on evolving as a human, a girlfriend, and a leader.

Former Harper’s Bazaar intern Diana Wang is suing Hearst, claiming she was forced to work grueling hours for free.

The Inte Co rnsh ntro ip ver sey

Viscov o

Last October Conde Nast terminated their internship programs after two former interns claimed they were being paid below minimum wage during their internships at W magazine and The New Yorker. Think about all of the incredible opportunities available at those companies, now gone. The idea behind internships is a shaky one. Some are in full support of them while others see them as wrong for a multitude of reasons. Though my stance was already made clear, I am in complete support for internships. I views internships as a ticket into the job of someone’s dreams, an opportunity for experience that would otherwise be hard to find. However, the opposing side to this controversy seems to hold a strong argument. Many people on the side against internships claim that “nobody hires interns” and interns are part of a “revolving class of people” who find it hard to “break free of the intern cycle.” Once out of college many people say that they hop around from internship to internship in hopes of eventually finding that long-awaited and well earned job. Consider the notable film The Devil Wears Prada, as a comparison. In The Devil Wears Prada Andy was forced to do menial work that did not add up to the effort and time required for that same work. In one lawsuit, Lauren Ballinger, who interned at W magazine for about $1 an hour (once broken down), said she was constantly assigned menial tasks such as organizing jewelry for 12 hours straight. From what I have gathered, internships, have turned into an opportunity that leaves the decision to succeed completely up to the intern. Whether you willingly are assigned your favorite writing task or reluctantly grabbing your boss Starbucks, demonstrating a dedicated work ethic will do wonders for your reputation at a company. And the pay should not matter, by the way. My advice? Get that internship, and do whatever it takes to make your boss impressed. Sure, sometimes you may question why you are doing this work for no pay, but, once your dream position gets handed to you, be sure to thank yourself.

material may the

Fendi Fur Frenzy


it wr

la ae h ic M y b

vo si co lV De

Who would have ever thought than an $800 item would be mistaken as a stuffed toy by children? Fendi, widely known for their fur, decided to take the concept of fur to a whole other level on the Fall ‘13 runway. Handbags, wallets and keychains were reinvented to appear as over-priced stuff animals by Fendi to bring out the inner child in all of us. On the streets, the keychains, commonly known as “buggies” are the most the popular and appear on celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner. The best part about the keychains is that there is such a wide variety to choose from based on their expressions and eyebrow thickness. I have to say, some of these monster’s eyebrow game’s are strong. Though this just may be a phase, the fur monsters add just the right amount of personality to other bland outfits.



Michaela Del Viscovo

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