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Dating Before Marriage is Must Dating before marriage is must. Before you decide to get committed and tie knot for years and years, dating your other half is not at all a wrong decision. Marriage is a binding that two souls must adhere to. Once you get married it’s the responsibility of both partners to keep their married life happy and cherishing. What if after few months you find yourself incompatible with each other and realize that what you had done is just a mistake which will get worst with the moving time? What if you broke off and then find it extremely difficult to find someone else who matches your expectations? The better suggestion would be to judge each other at least for a year before you decide to get married. Dating before marriage actually helps you to understand each other likes and dislikes. Once you start interacting, you really get to know each other, behaviors and their priorities. Never compromise when you hold your priorities. Better be late than make a rush, which will only lead you to disaster. Dating before marriage helps you to know each other in a better way. Sooner, you will realize that you both understand each other and can grow old in each other companion.

Dating before marriage Tip Never rush. Have patience. At times people are pressurized for getting married or are being married within 6 months or less. What if things and thoughts do not match and go on the similar lines? Making haste will only ruin the things. It’s only after few months you can actually see the true colors for your partner which will help you to take a better decision. Of course with apprehensions you can’t leave your life, and you need a strong partner to sustain rather than the one who leaves you in difficulties. Irrespective of caste, creed and religion, seek for the one who will truly stand by you and be your better half.

Dating Before Marriage is Must