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A Frenchman in London By Morven Cann

A Frenchman in London Gaspard was bored. His mundane life was killing him. He craved change. He had dreams; he wanted to live…to see the world, so he did. And he relished every moment until he reached London. He was in love. It began when he helped Jenny with her shopping. Three days later, they met at a local bistro. This meeting multiplied to several outings a day. These outings led to a kiss; a kiss led to sex; sex to love. Her over-protective father questioned Jenny about their relationship, he wanted to know everything. Gaspard was only in London for five weeks, it had been four. Time was flying by. He planned a night of intense passion for their last night, but it was not to be. She was being watched by a pair of her father’s employees. Her father was Vincent Jones; a distant, bitter, cold-blooded killer. Gaspard was tied up and severely beaten for hours. Jenny argued with her father, and blurted out that she knew he brutally murdered her mother. The gunshot rippled from Jenny’s head to Gaspard’s ear drum. He heard them dragging her body out of the room. He picked up a shard of broken glass from the floor, and slashed Vincent’s face. He didn’t last long, Gaspard died after the third hit. They were killed by love.

A Frenchman in London by Morven Cann