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I look back to the summer of 2008 and remember, quite vividly, where I hoped to be by mid-2009: climbing the editorial ladder, walking the glamorous halls of a mega-publishing house, and finally having a salary for guilt-free shopping. Well, I may as well have asked to find myself living in a luxury villa in Maui, because I photo by Jesse Winter could have never seen the changes that hit the media industry as I embarked upon that path. Luckily, I’m only at the start of my career, and these changes are ones that I’m steadily adjusting to and learning from. Others have had it worse. But for media newbies and old vets alike, the new face of journalism needn’t be a kiss of death. It’s a new era for sure, but it brings new possibilities and gives us a greater scope of tools with which to do the same jobs we love—if we use those tools correctly, we can do our jobs even better and have more fun doing it. Not convinced? The stories here might help. On page 30, social media expert Mark Drapeau gives us his take on how citizen journalists aren’t replacing our jobs but diversifying our sources, while Julie Andrews shows how the advent of new media has made journalists more like celebrities than ever before (page 20). Christopher Dawes, a laid-off banker turned journalism intern, offers optimism for those embarking on new paths—even if it’s late in life (page 34). And for those who know they need to refresh their skills but aren’t sure where to start, Jessica Jones has tips on where to find the most cost-effective media classes that’ll help even the most skeptical to adapt (page 46). The changing face of journalism is a call for us to better ourselves and our profession — not to kill it, as many seem to believe. This issue of byline is a starting point, and though the road might be long and curvy, we’ll all find our way along.






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Byline is the annual magazine published by the New York Press Club


Byline is the annual magazine published by the New York Press Club