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NEWS FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011





FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011



Oslo’s finest takes off her Rockettothesky mask to reveal an artist of breathtaking vision … Text: WYNDHAM WALLACE Photo: HELGE BREKKE


here are times when you stumble upon a talent so singular, so unique, that words are simply not enough. Oslo’s Jenny Hval – musician, poet, newspaper columnist and novelist – has recorded two albums under the name Rockettothesky, slowly defying the standard pattern of artists who start out experimentally only to ease slowly but surely towards the mainstream and, in so doing, winning a small but devoted audience that welcomed the opportunity to immerse themselves in art of genuine profundity. To begin with her charm seemed unsettlingly kooky, songs like ‘I Stepped On A Toothbrush’ cute and quirky, ‘Barrie For Billie Mackenzie’ saccharine sweet with a bitter aftertaste. But ‘They Are Bastards (We Are Better Than Them)’ revealed a woman not afraid to address the darker corners of her soul, and it was clear that she was exploring musical and intellectual concepts that were fresh and invigorating. She pursued these on the infinitely more complex Medea, the follow-up to that debut To Sing You Apple Trees. Here she seemed to find a voice unlike anyone’s, and though it was related to others – ‘Oh, Anna’ in particular showed a fondness for Cocteau Twins – she made it clear that she was an artist who was far from likely to compromise. She also proved herself to be one of the most interesting and imaginative lyricists around, using English in a fashion that, frankly, could earn her comparisons with Seamus Heaney, and you only had to hear ’Grizzly Man’ and ‘Song Of Pearl’ to know that she was journeying through unexplored, enormously exciting and unusually intimate territory.

VISCERAL PLEASURES But Viscera, Jenny Hval’s debut under her own name - also her debut for the esteemed Rune Grammofon label - is even more remarkable, the moment when this softly spoken intellectual realises her ambitions and finds a space entirely her own. Tonight, to her credit, she not only pulls off the incredible complexity of the album, she almost eclipses it live, her equal parts chilling and magical performance further enhanced by the spectacular setting of the Kulturkirken Jakob. It’s not always an easy listen: Hval pulls no punches nowadays, a supreme confidence in the direction she’s taken her music evident in her ability to switch

from whispers to wails in the swoop of a note, in the extraordinary lyrical content of her songs, and in the intricately arranged, experimentally textured backing. But it’s also absolutely captivating, mining buried memories, deepseated trauma and mysterious, even mythical worlds of instinctive joy and passion, not only her own, but those of her audience. Hval’s style is unconventional, to say the least, her sirenesque delivery manipulating language and melody to suit her purposes, her two companions showing a deft ability to fill the air around her with sparse but spectacular sounds. Her songs take sudden left turns, sure, but they never lose their way. Acoustic and electric guitars are bowed, but it’s never just for show. And somehow the twelve notes of the Western musical scale are just never quite enough, Hval uncovering tones we’ve never heard, twisting songs into shapes that are dramatically unfamiliar but yet deeply affecting, rooted in her heart, rooting into our souls.

A HEART AS BIG AS A WHALE Her lyrics, too, are the work of a woman who knows exactly what she’s trying to express. Defiantly feminine, with graphic references to menstruation, the clitoris, breast milk and even golden showers, they’re still far from titillating, instead laying claim to a female’s right to discuss herself in a non-sexual context. They’re also startling, but it’s sobering to realise that this is because it’s so rare: almost no one has had the courage to do what she’s doing. In fact, Hval is close to curating a new musical language, as affecting and original as other iconic and untouchable icons as Björk, PJ Harvey and Kate Bush. Challenging though she may be, the contradiction between the mediaeval maiden and the terrifying Gorgon that she finds within herself and pours out - her voice sometimes tickling the roof, at other times tearing it off - makes her one of the most exciting talents Norway has to offer. Make no mistake: Jenny Hval is a national treasure, and it’s time her riches were shared internationally. Who needs words when you’ve got music like this…


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011




FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011



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FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


Elin Kåven Nokia-teltet, scene 1, 10:00 PM

anana Kulturkirken Jakob, 09:30 PM If there is a heaven, Anana would be the angel greeting you with her shivering echoes. Anniken Jess Iversen, Anana, is the voice of Florence, a drop of Tori, and plays the occasional beat of Bjørk. Her powerful Nordic vocal, along with her fingers on the keys, is sure to chill your spine. With studies in music technolgy from NTNU, her music is mysterious and intensely beautiful, like the rise of fog on a misty morning that turns into

to warmth of a sun-filled day. Look for more to come from this gifted young lady, her almighty talent is sure to spread it’s wings and fly high.

A tribal experience with smooth backup musicians at the Nokia tent. Elin Kåven makes the most out of her Sámi influences, and gives us a show that is both ambitious and true to her roots. Growing up in Karasjok, she truly knows how to show us that she masters her inherited music genre, complete with Joik and Sámi lyrics. Backed up by a steady and secure band, we’re all invited into a mysterious world that feels refreshing. The sound seems to dwell, with long and heavy tunes accompanied by a modern and eccentric dance. The audience is not even close to the stage. This mystical world is not exactly making people dance. The bass player has his back to us most of the time, and suddenly it’s not so inviting any more. This music is not easy listening and I end up observing it rather than feeling it. The good music should never be hidden behind a stereotypical Sámi costumes-and-Joik show.


By: Fanny Brekke Vaage Photo: Hans Petter Sørensen


Chili Vanilla

Retro Stefson (ICL)

Stratos, 10:30 PM

Herr Nilsen / Østkanten Bluesklubb,

Revolver, 09:30 PM

There is more to Finland than vodka and saunas. After receiving great reviews from big newspapers and magazines like NME and The Guardian, LCMDF did show that those reviews were justifiable. Energy from beginning to end and even technical problems during the show did not stop them from performing and showing great energy and anticipation on stage. LCMDF are two sisters, Emma and Mia from Helsinki in Finland, 2 of 3 in their former band, Le Corps Mince De Francoise that swept Europe and were hailed as 2008’s Electroambassadors. Having recently signed to the well acclaimed label Heavenly Records, their debut album “Love & Nature” is produced by Dave “Switch” Taylor, known for his work with artists like M.I.A. and Christina Aguilera, and is set to be released on the 21st of February. The show started off a bit slow, but their singles “Ghandi” and “Future Sound” got the audience dancing and moving in front of the stage. By: Ole Hesselberg PHOTO: ADRIAN BUGGE

08:00 PM Herr Nilsen was packed with beautiful people when the trio Chili Vanilla entered stage. Their style of music is quite complex with a combo of tuba, drums and vocal. It’s easy to start a play on words with this band’s name, but actually the name is describing the band really well with experimental jazz grooves combined with a strong, but smooth vocal. Half way trough the set the highlight came in the song “Get Me” where suddenly the song turned into a tuba-disco inferno. The band still has a lot of work to do with songwriting, but it’s certain that these skillful musicians will evolve. The songs are maybe still a bit too complex for a bigger crowd, but the singer Synne Sanden is a huge talent, that we certainly will hear from in the year to come. By: Rune Danielsen Photo: Brian Cliff Olguin

Some bands are so charming and fun that you just want to be with them forever and ever. Icelandic worldpoppers Retro Stefson are SO much fun that it’s easy to forget that the music is great too. They’ve even got a song that in a perfect world would have been a smash hit all over the world – “Kimba” is brilliant, and a tune that Vampire Weekend and El Guincho probably would give their souls to have as their own. Acts like these tend to put all the focus on the antics, and just forget to sound good. Retro Stefson play the way they move and dance the way they feel - even when it’s epic synth bits that could have been taken out of any cheesy 80’s action film, and even when it’s tropic feelgood that makes the snow and ice seem much further away than on the other side of the wall. The fact that they made almost the entire crowd at Revolver do their silly dance is proof enough. Retro Stefson is a safe bet in any setting. You’ll feel cheap at times, but just give in, OK? By: Øyvind Rones Photo: Fredrik Klingenberg



FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

Jonas Alaska Ingensteds, 08:00 PM Take the top down on your ‘55 Chevy and head west to California on Route 66. The 22 year old, from nowhere Norway (Åmli), will take you to another time, of pompadours and 4-part harmonies. This gent, who resides in Liverpool and attended LIPA, will give you both laughter and tears (from songs like ‘Oktober’) with his story-telling lyrics, playful guitar riffs, and harmonica talents. His sound reflects the influences of Bob Dylan and Neil Young with Norwegian musicians, Thom Hell (guitar) and Even Ormstad (Jaga Jazzist - drums) at his side. Look for his upcoming album, out in late spring 2011. After just one listen, you will find yourself whistling right along, or having the urge to take your girl and swing her ‘round and ‘round.

Sassybeat Gamla, 09:00 PM Arriving at the fully crowded Gamla, seeing a band that showed confidence and had a great connection with the audience, gave more than value for the money. Sassybeat consists of two girls of a relatively young age joined by a drummer from Asker, outside of Oslo. They’ve already made their mark on the musical scene; impressing on Ungdommenskulturmønstring (a Norwegian artists’ competition for youth) and having a song recommended by Urørt. Recently they’ve been signed to Universal Music, are establishing a relationship with former A-ha manager

PHOTO: adrian bugge


Thelma and Clyde

Team Me

Mono, 08:00 PM

Internasjonalen: Urørt-scenen (NRK P3),

Sentrum Scene, 09:00 PM

A singer/song-writer together with a DJ. In the 90´s we called it Trip-Hop. Has it become something else in 2011? Yes, indeed! During the first tune in Kinee’s live set,the audience can clearly hear the influence the duo has from the sadly forgotten genre of the last decade. In song no.2 it shows that the duo, combining DJ’ing and clear female vocal, has evolved. On top of the deep basslines, the DJ throws in beats from many genres. House, disco and samba beats send memories of warm summers together with some show-off scratching sessions. It could work from a boom-box on a beach party in the summer months but it’s difficult to grab the audience when performing this kind of music live. Thursday’s performance shows that Kinee still has some work to do with their live sets. The sporadic dance segments from the singer aren’t continuous enough to let the audience catch the difference between it being a live show, and a DJ playing a record.

Harald Wiik and are touted by Dagbladet as one of their 4 favourite bands to impress during by:Larm. Tonight the band played their hit single “The Bear and the Mouse” which they performed relatively well. Their last song, “Dream On” displayed an impressive vocal harmony between the two girls and the crowd really seemed to enjoy their performance, giving them a great round of well-deserved applause.

By: Kristina Dunn Photo: Helge Brekke

By: Ole Hesselberg

08:30 PM Pop music can be pretty much anything you want it to be. One thing that Thelma and Clyde know about pop music is that it can be sexy. Dead sexy. Deep bass grooves and quirky vocal lines are a huge part of their repertoire and just when you think it’s about to get a little too intense, singer Hanne Kolstø strikes a pose that doesn’t even try to hide that she’s flirting with us. All of us. And there’s more... during the half hour at Internasjonalen there were slow, beautiful electronic trip-hop gems, upbeat pure pop pleasure. All of these sounds were of course covered in the same mirrorball hoodies the entire band wore. Norway has never been dirty enough to get away with the trip-hop thing but Thelma and Clyde have got it all figured out. They aren’t promising, they’re a true treasure for anyone who likes their pop music dark and hot. If you thought their debut, White Line, was the shit, you’ve got something to look forward to. One of this year’s definitive musts.

Team Me recently released their debut EP. They have had quite a bit of success in the past year. Originally Team Me was the solo project of Marius D. Hagen. But when his project qualified for the Urørt finals last year, his solo project turned into a six-piece band for their first live gig. Often associated with acts like Sufjan Stevens, Jónsi and Animal Collective, the band thoroughly moves around the woods of indie/dream/ noisepop. A sonic excursion into ancient fairytale woods where the notes and tunes are painted in a vast range of psychedelic and mind-blowing colours. At Sentrum Scene this was the essence of the performance. Kicking it off with indiepop at it’s best: Animal Collective-esqe happy chanting that makes even the slowest person dance. The concert’s high note was without doubt the tuned down mid-part. The soft and longing melancholy of the radio hit “Fool” was totally mesmerizing - no wonder they are already confirmed to this year’s Øya Festival. By: Isabella Greffel

By: Øystein Rasmussen Photo: Anniken C. Moh

By: Øyvind Rones Photo: Fredrik Klingenberg

Photo: Kristian Sivertsen




FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

Lev, opplev, del! Nokia smarttelefoner. Smartere p책 mange m책ter.

Nokias nye smarttelefoner: Raskere, mer kraftfulle og innholdsrike. Skreddersy med dine apps fra Ovi Butikk.

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FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


Dennis Jr

Your Headlights Are On

Rockefeller, 08:30 PM

Fisk & Vilt, 11:00 PM

Mono, 09:00 PM

If you’re in a destructive mood, Blodhemn, the one man project of Invisus, might be the right cure. Earlier this year Blodhemns mini-album, “Brenn Alle Bruer” was released. As the title of the album suggests, this is misanthropic, nihilistic black metal. On stage, Invisus is joined by three other musicians, and offers catchy, cool riffs, which at times, despite the dark messages, also tends to offer melodic parts. In terms of this, it might be on its place to draw comparisons to a fellow Norwegian band like Enslaved. Especially towards the end of the concert, when Blodhemn are mixing more of the powerful riffs with accellerating progressive elements, the band are producing an extra dimension and drive, which definitely should appeal to the audience. As examples of this energetic and guitar driven black metal, both the title track, “Brenn Alle Bruer”, and “Aske” stand out as great songs.

The crowd wasn’t exactly rushing to see Dennis Jr´s performance. But those who showed up at the venue got a show filled with groovy jazzy funk, a dash of disco and bloodwarming beats in the cold Oslo night. But the thing about live performing DJs is, it isn’t exactly audience friendly. When there is no communication with the crowd, not even eye contact, the audience quickly loose their interest and return to their drinks. Dennis Jr’s small dancemoves looks like they are more for himself to enjoy, than to please the crowd. The music is groovy for a few, but it would be much more appreciated in dripping underground club with sweaty dancing people. By: Øystein Rasmussen PHOTO: Anniken C. MohR


Your Headlights Are On is a five-piece band that contains of members of various Norwegian bands, and as they started the show at Mono it was clear that this band is no joke. The sound was immaculate, thanks to a fantastic sound engineer, and the progressive and poppy songs really worked out well on stage. It was almost like Mono was a bit small for this band, and they probably deserve a bigger venue to get full exposure of their massive sound. To compare this band with others is really hard, as it is a quite unique sound, but Arcade Fire would be one definite inspiration. Hopefully the band will release an album soon, because this music needs a big audience. A bit of work in the studio and the band will be ready for bigger scenes around Norway and hopefully abroad as well. If you missed the band at Mono, make sure to check them out the next time around. You won’t be disappointed.

By: Robin Sande

By: Rune Danielsen

Photo: Håkon Bjørndalen

Photo: Brian Cliff Olguin

FORZA Gamla, 10:00 PM

Golden Dawn Blå, 10:30 PM It is tempting to guess that the four guys in Golden Dawn were silenced a lot as kids, or that they simply share a fear of awkward silence. These theories however, are probably like claiming that Picasso had an eye condition that made him see people and objects with twisted perspectives and proportions. What is certain is that the noisy free jazz gig Golden Dawn delivered at Blå tonight was not suited for mellow souls. Bashed out like there were no tomorrow, their twenty minute improvised suite left no room for applause. But there probably is going to be a tomorrow, and with that comes a new Golden

Dawn gig at Mono. If you’re going, I suggest you bring earplugs and an open mind.

After a delay of technical problems and a couple of jokes about menstruation the crowd finally got what they came for. The members of Forza met at a sanctuary for asylum seekers in Norway. With background from both north and south of the Equator, the mixed gang steal the best from almost every genre. With a mix of hip-hop, pop, rock and world music the band delivered a show that warmed the freezing crowd from the ice and cold. Their strong part is the massive percussion line with drumset and congas to raise the heat, and the melodies flow from the accordion and violin. Put it together with a rapping vocal, a funk/hard rock bass and you´ve got yourself a party. The seven man strong ensemble enables a wall of sound from every part of the world. Middle-Eastern, Eastern Europe and western pop music all got mixed in into one big soup of fun and happiness. By: Øystein Rasmussen

By: Kine Jeanette Solberg Photo: Karl Bugge

PHOTO: Anniken C. MohR


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


Hvis det bare hadde handlet om 책 kaste terninger, kunne musikksidene p책 tirsdager like godt handlet om Yatzy.


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


LETTER OF RESIGNATION Bodø indie rock hopefuls employ all the right ingredients, but Wyndham Wallace finds the resulting dish a little bland …



e’ve all had the experience: you go to visit your partner’s parents for the first time ever, eager to make an impression. You know they expect certain things of you, and those aren’t necessarily qualities at which you excel, but you’re also keen to be yourself. So you try hard to show them you’re a good person: polite, charming, witty at times, but far from superficial. You smile sweetly, join in conversations but never lead them, and try to present yourself in a way that you imagine they will approve.

MAIL BONDING It’s that familiar sensation that comes to mind when watching Cold Mailman tonight. It’s hard not to feel that they’re

straining to please everyone in the room, throwing in little gestures that might endear them to fans of a variety of indie rock styles in the hope that they’ll leave a good impression. You can’t fail, one would think, if you throw in enough quality ingredients, and tonight Cold Mailman offer echoes of Wilco, Stereolab, Television (albeit without Tom Verlaine), Red House Painters (thanks largely to singer Ivar Bowitz’s understated, slightly dispassionate vocal delivery) and Ride (sadly on that slightly underwhelming second album), even dropping in a cheeky lyrical reference to Thurston Moore. But the result, rather than being a gold-plated amalgam of all of these constituents, sees them – as a live band, anyway – drift between them as marker points, unable to anchor themselves to a sound that they can really call their own.

They’re not without charm, for sure: such well-exercised restraint allows their songs to take the spotlight, which – given the band’s relative lack of charisma – is something to be praised. And amongst them there are some fine tunes: the rather wonderfully titled, Stereogum-approved ‘Pull Yourself Together And Fall In Love With Me’ is as refreshing and adhesive as chewing gum, and there are a number of occasions when their three guitars intertwine pleasingly like vapour trails in the sky.

CHILL OUT But it’s still hard not to feel that they’re holding back from showing their true musical personalities, instead tentatively hinting at those acts that inspired them in an attempt to draw people in their direction. It’s a shame: on the evidence of

their debut album, the equally playfully titled Relax: The Mountain Will Come To You, Cold Mailman excel at the kind of understated tunes that take a little way to creep beneath your skin. There’s a melancholic sigh at the heart of much of what they do, but it’s not quite powerful enough to win you over upon first listen. That’s far from a criticism, despite our contemporary, permanent fast forward culture, but a little less time spent trying to win us over might actually allow us to see who they are.



FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


COMFORT HOTEL XPRESS NYTT & UNIKT LAVPRISKONSEPT I OSLO SENTRUM Velkommen til et hotell satt sammen av musikk, betong, teknologi, sosiale medier, mennesker og graffiti. Et hotell hvor lave priser møter kvalitet og urbant design. Med beliggenhet midt i gryta av konsertscener, restauranter, barer og nattklubber er mulighetene endeløse for et opplevelsesrikt opphold i hovedstaden.

Velkommen til Comfort Hotel Xpress - hovedstadens førstevalg for den mobile, urbane og prisbevisste gjest.




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FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

Adam Tensta



Tilt, 10:30 PM

Nokia-teltet, scene 1, 11:00 PM

Ingensteds, 11:00 PM

Adam Tensta is one of the finest rap artists in Sweden. He’s allready had a huge hit with “My Cool” in 2007, that was hyped all over the planet, even by blog master Perez Hilton. And now it was time to see if Tensta could pull another rabbit out of the hat at Tilt. He started of with “Monkey Say, Monkey do”, and he really had the crowd from the first beat. His sound is electro combined with rap, and he was quite early to have this sound. But things have not moved along to the next level. It felt like he is stuck in this sound, even if the crowd was more than ready to party. I guess this is modern party rap, like Justice or any other Ed Banger artist with some rap on top. I’m sure that his new album will go down well, but the songs should have been a bit more eclectic in the productions. The crowd should be able to actually hear what he’s rapping about, but the vocals were a bit to low unfortunately. Hopefully Adam will come back stronger on the next occation.

With a song like “Bridges” on the setlist you’re allowed to expect greatness from Danish pop, bundle of joy Fallulah. It would be an overstatement to say that she met the expectations, even though there were little moments all the way through that made us think that this is the turning point where she would go from being just any other pop songstress to the quirky, class artist that she obviously knows how to be. Sometimes it’s a fine line, a cruel fine line. The gorgeous and whimsical details on her album are drowning in the much too dull sounds of her band. It’s not a horrible trap to fall into as long as she’s got some ace tunes to lean on - which she does occasionally. This all just boils down to the fact that she, as a recording artist is way, way more exciting than as a live artist at the moment. Maybe it will make sense next time - in the meantime we can enjoy the originality and playfulness of “Bridges”. By all means, there’s still hope for Fallulah and us.


No-one in hiphop in Norway, besides maybe Jaa9 & OnklP, and now, Equicez can deliver live like the scene from Bergen, reminiscing back to Lars Vaulars infamous show at last year’s by:Larm, who blew the tent off at Youngstorvet. This year it’s Verk from Vaulars entrourage who’s the new promised one. With a pretty souled-out, oldschool set, live guitar, bass on top, tight beats and samples which make me think of East Coast hiphop pioneers, Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. Two tables and a michophone is all you need when you deliver ill rhymes like Verk. Wack spitting & impeccable flow. Hazy, smokey beats, luscious vibes from homeboy Verk on his most recognisable banger “D`la gå”. Seems like the Bergen MCs taking over this vast cold country. Verk guest-rhymed on three songs on Lars Vaular’s radio-banging hit album “Helt om naten, helt om dagen” and I predict a whole lot a benjamins & dead presidents to represent Verk when this outfit hit bigger venues.

By: Øyvind Rones By: Rune Danielsen

Photo: Fredrik Klingenberg

Photo: Brian Cliff Olguin

By: Øistein Lornge Meyer Photo: Atle Schie

Niki & The Dove Stratos, 11:30 PM

Torgny Ingensteds, 10:00 PM When Torgny enter stage these days, he serves music totally different than during his time as vocalist in the respected hardcorepunk band, Amulet. After their last concert in 2007, he´s been going solo with his eccentric, avantegarde popelectronica. His debut album ”Chameleon Days”, released spring 2010, was described as original, beautiful and versatile by reviewers. His energy on stage at Ingensteds was remarkable, strong and passionate. With peculiar dancing, characteristic vocal, accompanied with intense drumplay and tight playing from the rest of the band, it all summed

up to a vigorous performance. When Maria Due in addition accompanied Torgny in the melodious duets in his well known songs, ”Big Day” and ”The Only Game”, the audience immediately got dragged along. His intriguing songs could remind you of the british Zero 7. At the same time the songs also inhabits your body in a mysterious, a bit noisy, but delicious way. By: Line Elvsåshagen Photo: Karl Bugge

It’s been a trend for quite a few years now that some of the most vibrant pop artists are Swedish, and first and foremost female artist such as Karin Dreijer, Robyn and Lykke Li. Niki & The Dove is the new rising star on the Swedish stage, and she’s applying to inherit the throne as Sweden’s pop queen. NME has already concluded that Niki & The Dove should give Robyn sleepless nights, but neither Zola Jesus nor Bat For Lashes should sleep too tight. With vocal echoes, a tight bass line and drumming, Niki & The Dove takes its listener on an admirable journey through a vibrant and pulsating field of enjoyable and frightening emotions. And with warpaint in her face and mystic clothes, the resemblance to Karin Dreijer is striking. The sound from war drums vibrating in our clothes, Nikis pinching voice and the dim lights set the mood to a slow and mysterious one. In the end, the beat pitched up a notch and ended with their monster hit “Dj Ease My Mind”. By: Isabella Greffel Photo: Kristian Sivertsen



FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

Djerv Rockefeller, 09:30 PM

Ólöf Arnalds (ICL) Samfunnsalen, 09:30 PM Somehow it’s hard not being charmed by Icelandic artists and with musicians like Ólöf Arnalds this statement might not be very surprising. As a classically educated multi-instrumentalist, Arnalds is of course an exciting musician. Interestingly enough, when seeing her in concert it’s her voice, and the strange mixture of English and her very own Icelandic accent which makes her a profound artist. At the same time the blend of her deep, emotional voice, and the weird, poetic texts about Icelandic everyday is like an emotional rollercoaster. At times it’s funny and charming, the next second it’s sad, but still

nice and amusing. As an artist, it’s impossible not to compare Arnalds with iconic artists like Kate Bush, Bjørk, and perhaps also the Norwegian artist, Jenny Hval. Watching Arnalds singing songs about her Icelandic realtives, and performing songs like Innundir Skinne is truly a beautiful and sobering experience.

Djerv consists of well groomed musicians from semi-big bands like Animal Alpha and Stonegard. A band full of keyplayers in the harder outposts of commercial Norwegian hardrock, already booked for this summer’s Øyafestival. Agnete is a strong frontal figure and shows up with a catwoman-suit worthy of Lisbeth Salander. Tight, professional delivery, especially from the visual Agnete. Some intricate, interesting guitar details here and there, and my ear focused on the gritty dissonant riffing from the guitars which had a flare of grandeur. I thought that there would be more people in the crowd, but still a tight gig from this new band. Ton of bricks riffing meddled with straightforward hardrock riffing and a semi-crazed wailing from Agnete. They can’t hide their pop sensibilities. They finished their set with the catchy still-to-see breakthrough hit, Headstone. Huge in Germany? But where was the infamous Symphony of Destruction cover I heard so much about?

By: Robin Sande Photo: Håkon Bjørndalen

By: Øistein Lornge Meyer Photo: Atle Schie

Earlybird Stringband

Guro von Germeten

Samling (S)

Nokia-teltet, scene 2, 09:30 PM

Nokia-teltet, scene 2, 10:30 PM

Nokia-teltet, scene 2, 11:30 PM

Presenting lively bluegrass-inspired music, the Norwegian sextet is known for their lively and steady performances, leading our thoughts to Neil Young and Beatles. They recently got nominated for a Spellemann, the Norwegian Grammy Awards. With an energetic part-singing opening the band got a round of applause within the first 20 seconds.They are going to studio with their second album next week, and they gave the audience a taste of it with the two songs “Time of the year” and “Roof Leaks”. With “When it rains” from the first album, the floor was rocking from stamping audience singing along on the refrain. With Sebastian Haugen on the double bass and Audun Skjølberg on the guitar holding the catchy tunes, and Erlend Viken, Olav Christer Rossebø, Hans Martin Austestad and Christian Skaugen excelleling with impressive solos featuring fiddle, mandolin, banjo and dobro respectively, you couldn’t help it but smile and get carried away.

Once described as Kaizer Orchestras creepy little sister, Guro Von Germeten stands out with a universe of cabaret, balkanrythms and klezmermelodies and a red accordion. She is intense and passionate, a big fairytale filled with gunpowder. The Norwegian/German singer/songwriter received excellent reviews on her debut album “Bad Dreams and Good Nightmares”, released in October 2010. And her concert at by:LARM was ever so good; intense, humorous and extremely enjoyable. Her vocals was strong and versatile, the band accompanied her in an outstanding way. The audience immidiatly started dancing when they fired away, especially at the last song “Riddle, Riddle” (maybe to be released on her next album in 2012), the floor was thumping. An electric, powerful and dramatic performance we want to see more of.

Swedish band Samling looks like the group of friends you always wanted to hang with: quirky and calm guys with cozy beards. They entered the stage with confidence, and filled the Nokia tent with mellow songs in Swedish, topped of with soothing harmonies. Even the rougher parts felt controlled and safe, and despite the fact that the lead singer procaimed “nu kör vi” (here we go), several times, the concert never got lifted. The band is described as experimental and progressive, but that did not surface as it should have. It sometimes felt like a pale version of also Swedish, Dungen, only with Samling you miss the bits where everything is just perfect and you can enjoy. To be fair, Samling is relatively newly formed, and still have a lot of time to find what should make them stand out. Let’s hope they do, because this time it felt like an average gig from a friendly but slightly anonymous band.

By: Naja Søtje Photo: Lars Olav Dybvig

By: Naja Søtje

By: Fanny Brekke Vaage

Photo: Lars Olav Dybvig

Photo: Hans Petter Sørensen


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

Daniel Adams-Ray

Murder (DK)

Anders Danielsen Lie

Sentrum Scene, 10:00 PM

Samfunnsalen, 11:30 PM

Samfunnsalen, 10:30 PM

Daniel Adams Ray is no longer a man in a box or as small as bacteria as to his own description. With only headlights on a dark stage the concert starts with an excelling heart rate bursting out into loads of energy. The audience still has their jackets on and the cool air in the room slowly fills with the warm embrace from the man of the evening giving us a taste of summer. For half an hour we get to follow this 27-year old former Snook member on his journey from black to white and all in between, which also is the name of his debut album released in 2010. The half-acoustic song, Voyage gives Daniel Adams Ray an opportunity to show his full potential as a singer and he guides us through loss of love and finding new ways in life. Listening to his eight man band can sometimes battle out his soft singing, but you can see from the glow in their eyes that they’re having loads of fun and he wants you to join in. We want more of him a thousand times around. By: Emilia Hådén Photo: Lars Harald Kristiansen

Danish Murder might not be the easiest band name to Google, nor is their first album Stockholm Syndrome, which is a term used to describe a paradoxical psychological phenomenon and also a song by both Muse and Blink 182. Their following album “Gospel of a man” came out in 2010 and is one of the most exciting albums from Denmark right now. The harsh Norwegian winter is right outside Samfunnsalen when this two plus one man band bring us warmth to our cold hearts. Their gentle tunes could make anyone fall asleep in this late hour but the singer Jacob Bellens has an almost eccentric contact with the audience. After 14 years of playing neo-folk together guitarist Anders Mathiasen their tight set amaze and applauding from the audience floods throughout the room after each song. Murder may occur if this great band doesn’t come to Norway. By: Emilia Hådén


The term “One Man Band” is a perfect description of Anders Danielsen Lie. On stage he frenetically plays drums, organ, triangle, guitar, and a bunch of other instruments, while experimenting and taping sounds and rhythms. But Danielsen Lie doesn’t only switch between instruments, he also varies between genres. At one moment he is performing a soaring and beautiful pop melody. The next minute he is pounding out jazz-rythms from his drums, and eventually building up a funky disco-oriented song, reminding of the groovy 70’s. If it’s possible to sum up Danielsen Lie’s music and his live shows, it’s tempting to place him in the genre “sophisticated pop”. Like Turns, another norwegian pop band who have recently had success with jazz influenced pop, Danielsen Lie has found a good match between experimentation and classically catchy pop tunes. It is, to say the least, both amusing, inspiring and, of course, tiring, to watch Danielsen Lie on stage.

Photo: Lars Harald Kristiansen By: Robin Sande Photo: Håkon Bjørndalen

Babyjaws Dattera til Hagen, 11:00 PM In Norway Babyjaws is predestined to always be the band of actress Viktoria Winge. This is probably fine with the rest of the band as the she is the focal point of the trio’s live performance. As one would expect her charisma makes her a good lead singer and she has a voice that fits well with Babyjaws electro soundscape. Although founded in electronic music, the addition of Dag Arne Abrahamsen on guitar makes their output quite varied. The guitar adds a touch of rock, or funk to the electro-pop. This combination is very interesting but especially the more rock-oriented songs left something to be desired, suggesting that the band might still be searching for their sound. This did however not seem to bother anyone at Dattera til hagen yesterday. Babyjaw’s music and lyrics suggest that Babyjaws is about giving people a good time. And with the help of Winge’s humorous antics they left a cheerful crowd shouting for encores, suggesting a job well done.

By: Anders Lunder Photo: Carina Musk-Andersen


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011



FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

Pow Pow Sub Scene, 09:00 PM With their latest LP, the critically acclaimed “Last Days on Earth”, Pow Pow moved from their post-rock roots towards a much more synth-driven sound. This has earned them comparisons to the likes of greats Jean-Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk and their fellow Oslo based space-disco colleagues Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas. Pow Pow’s live approach reveals their background as a more conventional rock group, which is one of the things that have given them their reputation as a great live act. One could easily expect their instrumental synth-pop sound to become a bit rigid and monotonous in a live setting but at Sub-scene, Pow Pow gives their material a rougher edge while maintaining the tightness that serves up justice for their fine album. The crowd at Sub-scene was treated to an energetic, tight performance. If you’re looking for a short musical trip into space, catch Pow Pow over the next few days at By:Larm. By: Anders Lunder Photo: Carina Musk-Andersen



O N S 16. FEB: J O H N D EE TOR 17. FEB KL 22 . 0 0 : NOKIA - TELTET S C E N E 1 FRE 18. FEB KL 21 . 0 0 : G A MLA



FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


Foto: Lena Johnsen


Låtskriverpengene jeg får fra konsertene jeg spiller, er en viktig del av lønna mi som artist.

Ida Jenshus logger seg på TONOs webtjenester etter by:Larm-konserten for å rapportere hva hun har spilt.

TONO sørger for at alle norske konsertarrangører og festivaler betaler vederlag for musikken de bruker. Vederlaget betales videre til de som har skrevet låtene. Dermed gir TONO komponister og tekstforfattere noe å leve av.


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


IT’S YAPPY HOUR! Growing anticipation for the next three days is for a lot of people an itching problem. YAP Records Pre-by:larm Party (WEDNESDAY) Text: OLE HESSEBERG Photo: HELGE BREKKE The opportunity to ease the waiting time participating in YAP-Records (Young Aspiring Professionals) pre-by:larm party at Blå on Wednesday was a rescue for the many impatient souls waiting for three days of musical mayhem.

DOOMY AND GLOOMY For the people at YAP-Records showing their great talents at signing bands from a broad

range of different genres, this was the perfect night for exactly that. With a wide range of musical styles, from the doomy and gloomy sounds of Altaar, to Syntax TerrOrkesters indie, progressive and psychedelia sound to the hard rocking noise sounds of Noxagt. The night ended with something completely different with Baertur and a Datarock DJ Set, ensured that people got more than just a three dinner course.

First out this evening was Sten Ove Toft (Ryfylke) and Andreas Tylden’s (JR Ewing) Altaar, showing their noisy, hard and doom inspired music to a fully crowded Blå. Following up was Syntax TerrOrkester leading the audience into a more atmospheric, grungy and space-like sound.

Noxagt delivered a show to be remembered and the audience really seemed to enjoy their extravaganza on stage, and confirmed that the band has a lot of fans around the country waiting for new material. And rumours of a new album is long awaited good news for the audience, since their last release the self-titled album “Noxagt” was released in 2006.

A PERFECT DESSERT And what could be better to have Noxagt reemerging from hibernation, showing their hard rocking noise sound with new songs and rumors of a new album to be released sometime during the forthcoming year.

The end of a perfect night, Datarock’s Frederik Saroea and Kjetil Møster turned to the turntables delivering a show lightening things up, becoming a fast moving and perfect dessert for the audience.

Få en smakebit av årets demoartister! Last ned gratis album med 47 av årets demoartister fra Nokia sin musikkbutikk; Ovi Musikk.

Last ned via QR-koden eller send MUSIKK til 2012


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


To celebrate great nordic music, hundreds of people have been engaged to select and vote for the best Nordic album of 2010. Friday 20.00, Kulturkirken Jakob by:Larm News talked to NMP jury head leader Andres Lokko - he refers to the prize as an “antinationalist music prize” What is the idea behind the Nordic Music Prize? When Joakim Haugland initially contacted me with the idea I immediately knew this was gonna be a rather different and serious award. Just because of the love, knowledge of music and attention to detail he always puts into his Smalltown Supersound label. The Nordic Music Prize couldn’t really fail it as feels like it was in very capable hands from the word go.

How does an album get nominated? You should really ask the individual jury members in each country how they reasoned it as I guess its been a very personal process for each and every one of them. But really, the albums are nominated by an expert jury on the simple basis of being fantastic records, whether the general public or media ever got behind them or not. With some notable exceptions, in most cases they didn’t. Why do we need an award like the Nordic Music Prize? Well, we don’t really need yet another

music prize. But having said that, this is one of the very few ones that really do feel necessary. It showcases so much unknown or at least underrated talent and does so between neighboring countries that seldom listen to each others’ music. It’s kind of an anti-nationalist music prize which has to be applauded don’t you think? How important will this prize be for future Nordic music cooperation? It’s too early to say what side-effects a prize like this my have on anything really. But just opening our eyes and ears to music from other countries than our own, that are even very close by, can only be a brilliant thing. Only good can come out of a transScando collaboration like this.

The prize have generated a lot of press, will the prize live up to the good rumours? We certainly intend to try our best. Andres Lokko


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

the nominees are:


Susanne Sundfør


Ólöf Arnalds



Serena Maneesh


Skit i allt

The Brothel

Helsinki – Shangri-La

Frisk Frugt

Dansktoppen møder Burkina Faso i det himmelblå rum hvor solen bor, suite

Body talk

Jónsi Go

Magic Chairs

Innundir skinni

S-M 2: Abyss in B Minor


The Radio Dept.

First Aid Kit

Clinging to a scheme

The big black & the blue

FACTS ABOUT THE NEW Nordic Music Prize The Nordic Music Prize is an award for the best Nordic album of 2010, inspired by the British Mercury Music Prize. The prize is an initiative of the by:Larm conference in Norway, which is the biggest, most important conference and showcase event for the wider Nordic music industry. In setting up The Nordic Music Prize, by:Larm has several aims: firstly to create even stronger unity across the

region’s industry, secondly to further increase international interest and awareness of what the region has to offer musically, and last but not least refocus on the full length album as an art form. 12 Nordic albums are nominated; each country lead by national juries, forwarded their own nominees for the award. After an exhaustive selection process involving

each country’s domestic recording industry, the representatives of each nation, Ralf Christensen (Denmark), Jan Gradvall (Sweden), Ilkka Mattila (Finland), Audun Vinger (Norge) and Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen (Iceland) met in Oslo with ten albums each and whittled down to the final 12 nominations. This Thursday and Friday, the jury consisting of Rob Young, Andres Lokko, Lauence Bell, Jeannette

Lee, Matthes Schnipper and Mike Pickering meet and decide the first winner of the best Nordic Album and a prize of 20,000. (Source:



FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011




Norwegian photografer born in 1946. Bry has won a number of photographic awards, among them Photographer of the Yer in USA in 1986 and in Norway in 1989. He has published and contributed to several books, and has permanent exhibits at places like Henie-Onstad art Centre and The Preus Museum.


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011



FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011






any foreigners visiting Norway comment on how honest its citizens are. Video cameras, jackets and any other things which are commonly forgotten or lost, have a habit of making their way back to the owner. The one exception is beer, which must never, ever, be left unattended. But while Norwegians can generally be regarded as more honest than other nationalities, it seems that this just makes some individuals more suspicious of foreigners, as yesterday’s keynote guest Gavin Bain, found out. Before he appeared on a nationwide music TV show on Wednesday, the production team decided that his account of conning Sony out of a substantial advance by pretending to be American, might in itself be a con. Consequently, the Scottish musician and author, had to provide evidence to verify his story. Off Diary has no doubt that he is telling the truth. However, it seems fair to warn anyone leaving a beer in Gavin’s vicinity, that he has been known to engage in a spot of minesweeping [or in legal parlance, appropriation of unattended drinks], so clearly he has adapted quickly to some local customs.

There’s no wave of metal bands from Stavanger, it’s a goddamn rockslide! Friday 18th 22:00, Ingensteds



here is no doubt that there’s a bunch of really good metal bands from Stavanger these days. For us it’s been important and inspiring to develop in the same scene as more established acts such as Purified In Blood and Kvelertak,” says the members of the metal band Overthrow. They are ready to take on the by:Larm chaos, as one of two new metal bands representing the city during by:Larm – in addition to Kvelertak being one of the biggest names on the Norwegian metal scene lately.

NORWEGIAN, HELL NO Gaard is confident and seems extremely ready to travel to Oslo to expand the band’s horizons during by:Larm. The way the Norwegian music scene has developed the last few years it’s almost become exotic that people are singing in English again. Language was never an issue for these boys however, and they went unaffected by the wave of bands using their mother tongue in music. “English was just the most natural language for us to use in our music. And we’re definitely not changing at this stage.” Why fix it when it isn’t broken English, I guess. Or what was it again?

NOISE AND HELL It takes balls to jump into the Norwegian metal scene like that, and it takes balls to create the desperate growls Gaard does. And this has lead to a ballsy sound for Overthrow.

“Our sound is very much based on heavy riffs, intense energy and pure enthusiasm”, says vocalist/guitarist Ole Gaard.

It’s hard to imagine a group of young boys getting a chance like this, and the nerves could be playing tricks on each and every one of us. Overthrow seems to be ready for this though, and they have two gigs to show what they’ve got.

And that’s just what it is. The result is a sound somewhere between Mastodon and Pantera. Even though the band is using a traditional setup the youngsters are aiming to avoid the clichés that are becoming more and more obvious in the metal scene,

“We’ve waited for long enough now, we’re ready to make noise and absolute hell.”


“We are definitely trying as good as we can to distance ourselves from the very formula-based, extinct type of metal.”

There’s the Bergen wave, and then there’s the Stavanger rockslide. Not to be confused. READ TOMORROW: Get strangled by Kvelertak

It transpires that Mr Bain is not the only one to have come under suspicion during the past week. Speculation is mounting about exactly what type of “conference” Bylarm boss, Erlend Fahrrad Larsen, was attending in Germany just days before he his own event was due to begin. A clue might lie in Bylarm 2011’s delegate bags. Rather than the fetching models of previous years, this time they are simply made of black plastic. According to one well-placed source within the organisation, who is in a position to know, these are the receptacle of choice for purchases made in Oslo’s sex shops. Could it be that the German’s penchant for what they call an Erotik Messe, Fahrrad’s mysterious visit to the Reich and the dodgy delegate bags, are in some way related? While many people in Norway seriously frown upon smoking the odd reefer, trafficking moonshine with an alcohol content of over 90%, tends to be regarded as just a little bit naughty. A popular cocktail is known as karsk, which blends a coffee with some locally [and illegally] produced spirit. Unfortunately, even such long-standing traditions can fall prey to modern fads, as can be seen in this photograph. Not only has the perfectly decent filter coffee, been replaced by a Starbucks Seattle Latte, but for some people the old fashioned moonshine is no longer good enough. No, these days it has to be some kind of up-market, alcohol-based handwash. Whatever is the world coming to? While many people outside the Nordic region tend to think of the area as being rather homogenous, when it comes to music it is anything but. Despite being very popular in their own countries, some acts never manage to appeal to music fans in neighboring nations. So in order to redress the balance, The Not The Nordic Music Prize [16001700] panel will be inviting a panel of illustrious industry guests to comment on a selection of local heroes and their chances of international success. Expect exotic clips, fart whistles and a fresh insight into the region’s talent.


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


120 Days / 1990s / 2 DepresseD 2 Get DresseD / 65 Days Of static / a Day tO remember / akala / a-laGet alexisOnfire / all that remains / amy WinehOuse / anDre hOlstaD / animal alpha / animal cOllective / the antlers / arcaDe fire / architects as i lay DyinG / atreyu / auDrey hOrne / avenGeD sevenfOlD / baD reliGiOn / banD Of hOrses / barOness / beach hOuse / beck / behemOth benea reach / biffy clyrO / billy talent / bitch bOys / bite / the black Dahlia murDer / black kiDs / black lips / black mOuntain / black tiDe / blOOD cOmmanD / blOODy beetrOOts / bOys nOize / brian JOnestOWn massacre / briGht eyes / briGhtblack mOrninG liGht / brinG me the hOrizOn brODinski / brOkesteaDy / brOmstaD billiOnaires / brOthermanDuDe / bullet fOr my valentine / casiOkiDs / cavalera cOnspiracy / chamilliOnaire chimaira / chrOme hOOf / clipse / cOheeD & cambria / cOlD mailman / cOnverGe / the cOOl kiDs / the cOunt & sinDen / crOOkers / css cynic / Damien rice / DanGer / Daniel WanG / DarksiDe Of the fOrce / Deerhunter / Delphic / DevastatiOns / DimensiOn f3h / Dimmu bOrGir Dipset ft. Juelz santana & Jim JOnes / DiskJOkke & vinny villbass / DisturbeD / Dizzee rascal / DJ mehDi / DJ nuhhh & DJ sOulshOck / DOn Juan Dracula / the Drums / Duffy / eaGles Of Death metal / el cacO / ellie GOulDinG / empire Of the sun / enslaveD / esser / every time i Die / faith nO mOre / familJen / fat JOe / fJOrDen baby / flaks/uflaks / fleet fOxes / flOGGinG mOlly / flOrence + the machine / flyinG crap / fOals / fOrza franz ferDinanD / fuck buttOns / fuJia & miyaGi / Galleri GODteri / GallOWs / the GasliGht anthem / G-ha & Olanskii / GhOstlanD ObservatOry GOJira / GOlDen silvers / GOlDfrapp / GOODshit raDiO / the GOssip / hatebreeD / haust / heaven shall burn / hella saucy / hellacOpters hercules anD lOve affair / herOes & zerOs / hip hOp-pOlitiet meD DJ herkules & tOmmy tee / hOckey / hOetell / the hOlD steaDy / hOnninGbarna the hOrrOrs / hOWlin rain / hypertext / i Was a kinG / i see hOrses / in flaGranti / in flames / incubus / inGriD Olava / interpOl / iskalD Jabaman / Jack beats / JaDakiss / JaGuar lOve / Jah ark manifest / Jane helen / JapanDrOiDs / JayWalkers / Jay-z / JJ / JOb fOr cOWbOy / JOe lean anD the JinG JanG JOnG / Juicy / Julian casablancas / JuniOr bOys / kaiser chiefs / kakkmaDDafakka / karpe Diem / kate havnevik / keep Of kalessin / the killers / killsWitch enGaGe / kim hOrthøy / kinG miDas / klaxOns / the kOOks / kråkesølv / kvelertak / laDyhaWke / lamb Of GOD / lars vaular / leif & the future / les savy fav / linDstrøm & christabelle / the liOnheart brOthers / little bOOts / the lOnG blOnDes / lukestar lykke li / m. WarD / m83 / maGne f / maJOr parkinsOn / maribel / martina tOpley-birD / massive attack / mastODOn / matias tellez / me first anD the Gimme Gimmes / memOry tapes / mercury / metrOnOmy / mGmt / micachu anD the shapes / miDniGht JuGGernauts / mixhell / mODDi mODest mOuse / mOntée / mOvinG OOs / mstrkrft / munn-til-munn-metODen / muse / my chemical rOmance / my miDniGht creeps / n.i.c. nabOvarsel / name / nas & Damian ”Jr. GOnG” marley / the natiOnal bank / naviGatOrs / necrO / nellie mckay / neOn inDian / neOn neOn neurOsis / neW viOlatOrs / the neW Wine / nicO D & aDmiral p / the nOisettes / Oh nO OnO / Omar / Opeth / pale kiDs / panic! at the DiscO papOOse / paramOre / parkWay Drive / pase rOck / patrick WOlf / penDulum / the piGeOn Detectives / the pink rObOts / pirate lOve / pleasure pOny the pirate / pOW pOW / the presets / primOrDial / the prODiGy / prOviant auDiO / Q-tip / Queens Of the stOne aGe / the racOnteurs ratatat / remy ma / rival schOOls / rOb Da bank / rOckebanDet ÆnDal / rOckettOthesky / ruskO / rye rye / satyricOn / the scaramanGa six serena maneesh / seventh / shape Of brOaD minDs / she saiD DestrOy / shOt at DaWn / siGh & explODe / silJe nes / simian mObile DiscO / sivert høyem / skatebårD / skurk / slaGsmålklubben / slayer / slipknOt / sOcial suiciDe / st vincent / stars / stephen marley / sunkisseD / surkin susanne sunDfør / taken by trees / teDDy tOuch / the teenaGers / the temper trap / thelma & clyDe / them crOOkeD vultures / thOm hell three times DOpe / the tinG tinGs / tObii / tODD terJe / tOkyO pOlice club / tOmmy tOkyO & starvinG fOr my Gravy / tre små tøser / truls anD the trees / turDus musicus / tv On the raDiO / the tWanG / tWO DOOr cinema club unearth / unGDOmskulen / u-n-i / untz untz / the useD vampire WeekenD / velferD / venOm / the vieW / vinnie WhO / the virGins the viOlent years / We / White lies / White rabbits yeasayer / yelaWOlf / yuksek / zerOzOnic//// WilD beasts / William hut / the WOmbats / x-Queen Of the astrOnauts








FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


French Films - Formed in 2010 by five fellows called Johannes, Antti, Mikael, Joni and Santtu - The lead track off their Golden Sea EP has been attracting a lot of attention in the blogosphere, being compared from everyone from Joy Division, Wavves, The Drums to the Cure. - Working on their debut album - Record company: GAEA Records - ”I’m loving! My spider senses tell me these guys will be going a long way.” – Off The Radar Friday 18th 22.30 at Revolver Saturday 19th 21.30 at Tilt

Oh Finland, I wanna LCDMF - Sisters Emma and Mia Kemppainen, formerly known as a trio called Le Corpse Mince de Francoise - Their first single “Something Golden” was proclaimed single of the month by both The NME and The Guardian. - A five-star record of the month in Artrocker Magazine - Album ”Love & Nature” is out on February 21 - Record companies: Heavenly Recordings/CoOperative Music/Sony Music Finland - “Gandhi – Best track in the world right now” – Rob da Bank, BBC Radio 1 Thursday 17th 22.30 at Stratos Friday 18th 02.00 at Teltet 1


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


Shine 2009 - A duo project formed by Mikko Pykäri and Sami Suova from Finnish electro pop group Regina. - Came out last year with their 4-track debut “Associates EP” and single on Cascine, the LA-based sibling of Swedish record label Service. - Debut Full-Length “Realism” Out April 12, collaborating with Paula Abdul on the song ”So Free” - Record Company: EXPO / Cascine - “Shine 2009 embrace the easy, midtempo shake of clubby 1990s pop, evoking the atmosphere of dark discotheques rather than the beaches of Ibiza.” – Pitchfork Thursday 17th 21.30 at Stratos Friday 18th 22.30 at Internasjonalen

wanna go surfing! This year’s by:Larm appearances from Finland prove that there’s not only something bubbling under when it comes to new Finnish music. Text: LEENA OLLIKAINEN These bands have managed to gain the positive attention of music media like NME, Artrocker, Vice UK, Uncut, Pitchfork, The Line Of Best Fit, Clash, The Guardian, The Filter Magazine.. oh well, the list goes on, but you get the picture. Suddenly Finnish music seems to be on everybody’s lips and in everybody’s ears. What the heck has happened? It seemed for a while that Iceland was the Nordic country to end up to all the weather forecasts as a motherland of the next big tsunami of new music. But no. The winds have turned and the grounds are shaking on another shore. Beware you surfers of music, there’s a new wave coming and it’s coming from Finland! The last past years cultural export has been one of the main trends in current Finnish cultural politics. The Finnish government and institutions such as Music Export Finland (Musex) and the Finnish Music Information Centre (Fimic) have crucially supported the international invasion of Finnish music - especially popular music - during the last decade or two. Surveys have shown that the companies engaged in exporting

music see the Nordic region as their most important market. Flagship project MOI! Sounds From Suomi of Musex, that is also present at by:Larm, focuses on the Nordic territory this year, beside all the other campaigns and actions all over the world. The results are starting to show and the export of Finnish music is on the rise.

But what kind of music is Finland exporting exactly? For a long time, the mantle of Finnish music export success has laid on the shoulders of metal heroes, such as HIM, Amorphis, Nightwish and Sonata Arctica. But now there is a new generation of totally different style kickin’ in and taking part in the challenge of conquering the music world. It’s not about a certain genre or the type of music, but a totally new approach. Common thing for the new wave of Finnish bands is the independent ways of making things happen – good contacts, networking and word-of-mouth are more highly rated than ever. Thinking big is not always the best way to get noticed. Instead of trying to get signed by the major record labels, many of the Finnish upcoming bands have chosen another tactic. The ideology is to make music for the fun of making music,

not for the money or the fame. Because of this the bands end up working with smaller labels and being able to steer the wheel more freely. More freedom gives more possibilities and in the long run, better results. And by working like this the bands end up attracting the big labels as well. Using the new channels for making yourself seen and heard is a fact the Finns have realised and adopted to. New music spreads around digitally and is easily available worldwide. Everything is becoming more instant and the traditional way of marketing is now supported or totally replaced by the alternative jungle drums. Bands give away singles for free downloads and whole records can be streamed online long before they can be found in the digital music shops or traditional record stores. For example Soundcloud is widely and actively used both by big record companies as well as unsigned bands, making the music equally available for everyone who just bothers to listen. Collaborations with other bands, projects and labels have also become popular way of gaining the attention of the media. DJ’s are picking up the new tunes uickly and making their own remixes of the songs, taking part in spreading them. Music bloggers have their


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


With help from producers from all over Europe, young bands from the Northern Area develop, record and perform new music, in August every year! - GIGANT The unique musical environment in Alta, Finnmark is the basis of this amazing project, that gathers more than 100 musicians. For more information on how be apart of this, please contact

Gigant is in collaboration with the Liverpool Insititute for Performing Artis

Gigant 2011 will take place from August 8th to August 20th


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


influence either through a daily job or hobby based hyping of the songs and bands for many music followers around the world. So it’s all about finding the right contacts and keeping happy and hungry for more. Sometimes being on the top of the wave requires lots of patience and trials after trials. Luckily there’s one thing that Finnish people are world widely known for. It’s their “sisu”, stubborn guts that is said to be inherited in mother’s milk. We don’t give up easily. And when it comes to Finnish music, this hopefully means that the waves won’t stop splashing but only get bigger. It’s about time that Finland has been recognised on the map of music internationally. When talking about the recent success of Finnish bands, it’s impossible not to mention one man and his crew. Jonas Verwijnen produces music and manages bands through Berlin based Kaiku Studios with his team that is ¾ Finnish. Music has been the biggest passion of Verwijnen since his childhood in Helsinki and playing in several bands and becoming a highly popular DJ, he got more and more tempted about the idea of producing music and doing everything by himself from scratch. The DIY mentality has resulted in starting his own studio in Berlin. Kaiku has been opening doors for Finnish bands abroad – but also in Finland – by offering them production, contacts, tours and consulting. Alongside the Finnish names as Joensuu 1685, K-X-P, Zebra and Snake and LCMDF, their clients include Norwegians Whitest Boy Alive, Kings Of Convenience, Annie and Kakk Madda Fakka to mention a few.

So now it’s time for Jonas to reveal and share some secrets: Hey hey Jonas! What do you think of the state of Finnish music export at the moment? I think its getting better, as the new generation is pushing through. In my perfect world I would like that the kids would get inspired with this and make even more music! More bands! There are several fresh Finnish bands, especially from the electro-pop scene, that are suddenly gaining a lot of attention outside the borders of Finland. What’s happening? Well, I would not say electro-pop, I would say that it’s interesting alternative pop. I really hate genres and I think that it’s killing music. The reason is that we have been pushing these bands more and more internationally is to make a statement to the press that Finland is not only metal. I have nothing against metal (genres again!!!), actually I love it. But there is a huge bunch of very talented musicians that have not been even recognised by local media and I think they need be heard, especially internationally. We at Kaiku Studios have been working on a network in EU and US for couple of years and now we have this platform for interesting alternative pop music. And I hope its going to get better. I’m such a genre bitch! Hahhahaah!

Zebra and Snake - Band formed by two friends Tapio and Matti accompanied by drummer Markus - Caught the attention of music blogs around the world with their 2009 debut single ”The Colours” - Have done remixes for the likes of Phoenix - Have just finished recording their debut album - Went touring worldwide in late 2010, having Cat Power on one of their guest lists - Management: Kaiku Studios (unsigned) - “There’s no other part of the world that I can think of which is making such deeply pleasing music, with such an absence of self-importance, and having such a good time doing it.” – A New Band A Day Friday 18th 00.30 at Teltet 2 Saturday 19th 23.00 at Fisk og Vilt

First we take Berlin, then we take Finland.

What does it take a build ”a next big thing”? Talent, press and timing. And a lot of touring! A bit of luck and a good infrastructure on government funding! :) Looking into your crystal ball, what will happen with the Finnish music internationally during the five next years? I would like to believe that there will be more bands on different statuses to come out. I really hope the kids would step up and make more music without borders! Many of the Kaiku Studios bands have managed to succeed internationally. Can you reveal your secret recipe? Hahahah... There is one recipe, that’s lots and lots of WORK! :) Networking and following the press. facebook/

Uusi Fantasia - Consists of the producers DJ Street Kobra, Kroko-Roc and Ercola - 2nd record ”Heimo” out now and taking Finland by underground storm - First single ”Liian myöhään” and its You Tube video became a major viral hit with over 700 000 views. The single also did brisk business on the iTunes and national download charts. - Record company: Celebrities Records, distributed by Playground Music Finland - “YouTube video for “Liian myöhään”- for an idea how genuinely eccentric Finland’s answer to the Super Furry Animals are, but bear in mind that that kind of behaviour passes for normal out there.” – Vice UK Friday 18th 21.30 at Samfunnsalen Saturday 19th 02.00 at Teltet 2


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

Q&A with Simon Napier-Bell



Vaughan Oliver, the visual genius behind the Pixies, the Cocteau Twins, Ultra Vivid Scene, The Breeders and more...

16:00-17:00 Ragnarock (Royal Christiania Hotel) about three months to think about stuff – while I was working on other projects. When I talked to contemporaries working in record sleeve design they’d say, “You lucky bastard. We’ll get the call on a Friday afternoon and we’ll have to have the sleeve finished by Monday morning. How can we hope to get inside the music?” I didn’t take it for granted, but that was the situation.



Simon Napier Bell started out as a musician in the 1960s, before managing numerous acts including the Yarbirds, Marc Bolan and Japan. By the mid-1980s he was looking forward to moving to the South East Asia, when he was talked into co-managing Wham! Over two years he worked on making them the biggest pop act in the world, ostensibly by wining and dining anyone who could assist in their rise. You have been able to observe the music business over five decades, what do you feel are the most positive and negative developments in the past couple of years? “Positive: The demise of record companies, the end of their stranglehold on the music industry, the opening up of the business to anyone who can come up with some new methodology. Negative: The same thing. Without record companies who will choose and bring focus to new artists, pay for their development and marketing, and push them to compromise with their audience in order to extend and enlarge it?” What particular memories do you have of your past visits to Norway? “In my late-twenties I came to Norway for four consecutive summers with my brother and his girlfriend. She was Norwegian and her parents had a summer house by a lake that they let us use. My brother liked me to come along because his girlfriend got bored while he was out fishing on the lake all day. He thought I was a safe choice because I was gay. What he didn’t know was that while he was out fishing I was thoroughly enjoying being straight for two weeks a year.” Your book, I’ve Come To Take You For Lunch, has you tucking into some rather unusual dishes as you work towards getting Wham into China. Can you describe your best and worst meals? “The best meals are the ones eaten with the best people. Meals eaten with people you don’t like can never taste good. If it’s just down to food, China can provide some of the best and the worst. There’s a restaurant in Beijing which serves only penis - 83 different types, all of them gungey, chewy, rubbery, flavourless gristle. Yet the best Chinese restaurants are amongst the best in the world. For restaurants I love to eat at, check the “eating out” page on my website - Do you still keep in touch with any of the artists you have worked with? “No. It’s strange – you can eat out with an artist you manage every day for a year and enjoy it every time. But that’s because there’s a focus on his career. Take that away and you probably have a rather ordinary person with rather ordinary views on everything. Once you stop managing them, you’ll find there’s not much left to say. A bit like a doctor. “ What is the most valuable advice you have been given in your music career? “I’m not keen on advice. Don’t like being given it and never take it. I like to find out for myself.” Apart from don’t do it, what would your advice be to anybody thinking about starting out in music management? “People ask - “How do you become a top manager?” And the only honest answer is - “By having a top act.” You’ll only ever be as important or unimportant as your act is. Never waste time working with an act that you don’t truly believe have the potential to happen in a big way. It’s just a waste of time. And if you really believe they can happen, be totally patient and persistent with them.”


ow did you meet and get involved with Ivo Watts-Russell, founder of 4AD? It was 1980. I came down to London in pursuit of a career as an illustrator. I sidestepped into a graphic design studio. There were two guys in the studio and they’d helped establish the name of 4AD and worked on the first few sleeves. Then they weren’t available to do the next few so they said to me, “Go and meet Ivo”. After that I used to bump into him at gigs. Pere Ubu. Rip, Rig & Panic. I ended up saying to him that he needed some consistency, a logo, label designs and he said, “Fabulous”. He at that time, and for a long time afterwards, was truly philanthropic. He just wanted to put out music that he liked. He wanted other people to share in this. He had no commercial aspirations if you like. He just wanted to put stuff out and to put it out in a nice sleeve that people would want. He had really old-fashioned ethics about care and quality and stuff like that. It was about three years before he got a studio that he invited me in to and said, “Work with me”. I was his first employee. And I think he expected me to do more than just sleeves so there was warehouse work and stuff like that and we went from there really. He was feeding me stuff like the Birthday Party and The Cocteau Twins. I guess we shared a natural interest in the same area of music, so it wasn’t like working for a record company because everything that he fed me, I was inspired by. You can’t want more than that can you? He didn’t tell people that they had to work with me. He just said they could if they wanted. So it wasn’t like we set out to establish a label identity. That just happened with time. It evolved organically. But I guess because most of the sleeves came from me, there is a thread there. The idea was always to focus on the music, read the lyrics, talk to the band. In those days, I’d hear the demos, and go down to the studio when they were recording, and I still do that now if there’s time. I’d have

We had the creative freedom. Remember back in 1980, he [Watts] didn’t do contracts. If the band was happy, they’d come back to do the next album. He didn’t tie anyone in. That was the independent way. I think it was the same at Rough Trade and the same at Factory. You’ve talked about values like care and paying attention to lyrics and stuff like that but above and beyond all this, do you have a philosophy that you follow in regards to the artwork? I guess our philosophy has always been to reflect the music, try to create and get into the atmosphere or mood of the music. The art should be an indication of what the music is about. At the same time you’re not trying to define the music, rather you’re trying to make a suggestion about it so anyone else coming to it can make up their own mind. How you do that - or how we’ve done it at least – is to be ambiguous; to create an air of mystery about it. There has to be enough there to pull you in. To pull you in across a room I think. For it to be worthwhile when you get it in your hands. And then really, you have to be able to come back to it time and time again. I suppose that’s why we employ the idea of ambiguity and mystery. I suppose in terms of time, that’s been rewarded when we’ve had exhibitions and people from all over the world have said, ‘Is this about this or is it about that?’ And they talk about stuff that I’ve never seen in it. They talk about other stuff. And I think that’s what a good sleeve should do: leave room for a personal interpretation and still have an immediate impact. Do you know what I mean? Not willfully abstract and to still have a connection to the music. [Peter] Saville at Factory for example, is the antithesis of what we do. His sleeves have nothing to do with the music. He’s doing something that’s about him and about popular culture at the time. It’s not about the music. I think that if you do a package for anything, it should somehow connect to the content. Then it has substance. I’d love to think our stuff has substance. That would give it longevity. Reprinted with kind permission of AUTHOR JOHN DORAN and, where a full version of this interview can be read.

I guess our philosophy has always been to reflect the music, try to create and get into the atmosphere or mood of the music.


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011



Andy McCluskey is one of the founders, alongside Paul Humphries, of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, one of the most influential synth-pop bands of the 1980s. Their evergreen third album, ‘Architecture & Morality’, went on to sell over 3 million copies and is considered one of the greatest in its genre. FRIDAY 17:30-18:30 Nokia-teltet (Youngstorget - Nokia-teltet)


hen Humphries left in 1989, McCluskey continued under the name, leading the band in an arguably more commercial direction until 1996. Then in 2005 they reformed the classic ‘80s line up releasing their first new album in late 2010, ‘History Of Modern’, and returning to the charts once again. Andy McCluskey is in Oslo to discuss his career with John Doran, and by:Larm News welcomes him to the city with an excerpt from Julian Marszalek’s recent interview for The Quietus… How aware are you of your legacy, and how does that affect what you do now? The simple answer is, we are very aware. We are completely and overwhelmingly aware of the whole question of whether we should be doing this; why we are doing this thirty years on after we started. The music industry is finished. However, people are still interested in music because there’s no ’what’s in fashion’, there’s no ’out of fashion’. People just look at things and say, ’Oh, it’s this style and they’re good at it’ or ’Oh, it’s that style and they’re good at it’ because we’re now just seen as this iconographic sample of a genre. So we’ve

decided we wanted to say things, and it’s cool to say them in the style of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and that’s what we’ve done. We’re fully aware of why we’re doing this. Given that back in the late 70s music still had something to say by way of protest and was still grounded in rebellion – and I’m thinking of ’Enola Gay’ as much as ’Anarchy In The UK’ – do you think that the consumerist appropriation of pop carries less cultural worth? No, it just that kids choose not to express themselves through pop in the same way that we did. But I do think that that does reflect the fact that kids these days are not as frightened as we were living under the shadow of the ‘Iron Curtain’ or the threat of nuclear war. The Cold War was fucking terrifying but then again, do we really miss the musical tribalism of those days? Your motivation for initially making music was driven by changes in musical technology where guitars were rejected for synthesizers. What’s driving you now? It wasn’t just a love of technology or a desire to be a sci-fi pop band, we chose to

play those instruments really because they were new. But we were influenced by the technology as we got our hands on different pieces of technology. We were entirely confident that what we were doing was legitimate; that it had heart, soul, energy and feeling. We wanted to go beyond people’s perceptions of ’Oh, they play synths and there’s no energy there’ or the idea that synths somehow wrote songs for you. You know, in the ‘70s the Musician’s Union used to have those round orange stickers that said, “Keep Music Live!” which we put on the spools of our tape recorders! And the irony was that we then got a drummer into the band in 1980! Did you feel at the time that you were part of a scene or did you feel any kinship with other bands? There was no electronic scene back then! There seems to be a slight misconception about electronic music and the ‘80s now that it’s all fashionable again. You see all these documentaries with the same people talking about that period, but there was no scene. We thought we were the only people doing this and listening to German music and we were around Liverpool and Human League were in Sheffield and Daniel Miller in London and we were horrified when we found out about them!

Are there any contemporary bands that you feel are pushing the envelope in the way that you did? Personally, I don’t think that there’s anywhere new for music to go. There are new voices and there are new people coming along who have something that they want to say and they will sing it in what they think is in an original way. I’m thinking of Brandon Flowers and that new fucking single of his and I thought, ’Oh, it’s a solo record! It sounds like the fucking Killers to me!’ Which, I suppose, makes you realize that he is The Killers. I do think that Robyn has a remarkable handle on doing something that’s very electro and very now but she’s got her own voice and it’s quite a wonderful and perhaps typically Swedish depression thing going on with a thumping techno beat. That single of hers, ’Dancing On My Own’, is the most aggressive piece of dance I’ve ever fucking heard. All those Swedish pop writers and producers are all ex-heavy metal rockers! They get themselves Pro Tools and go pop. Reprinted with kind permission of the author and, where a full version of this interview can be read.


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011



FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

14.-16. JULI 2011






DAGSPASS: 699,- HELGEPASS:1369,18 års aldersgrense








FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

Shooting for the Moon Friday 18:30 - Nokia teltet Text: DARYL HINE Photo: Antje Taiga Jandrig


THE SWEDE SMELL OF SUCCESS When multitalented Oslo-girl Samsaya played at By:Larm Wednesday giving the audience a sneak peak of her upcoming album, it had been a long wait.

In August 2010 the visionary French filmmaker Vincent Moon and Danish band, Efterklang got together on an island in the Danish countryside, their childhood home. The goal was to shoot a movie. A film of the same length as an album and a movie full of music, experimentation and collaboration. Over an intense period of 4 days and with more than 200 local musicians, parents and children, Efterklang created new versions and interpretations of songs from their 2010 ”Magic Chairs” album. The whole thing was filmed by Vincent Moon, who also conducted several cinematic and musical experiments with Efterklang as playmates. Rasmus from the band took some time to tell us more about the project. You’ve always been a visual band, how did this lead to idea for the film? ”Vincent Moon asked us if we wanted to do a longer film with him and we jumped at the chance. We had worked with him previously and we really enjoy his creativity and energy. He brings out the best of our band when he is around with his camera.” You have known Vincent Moon for several years, how did your relationship change during the making of the film? ”You develop a great understanding for each other when you do a project like this. As friends and as artists. You also clearly see how we work differently. Filming, we were mostly concerned that our performances succeeded. That they sounded good, were interesting and that all the collaborators had a good time being part of this. Vincent Moon was more focused of the flow and story of the film. And when you combine these two interests I think you get a really good music film. The performance we liked the most had to be cut out as it did not match the story in the film. We understood why, but it took us a while to accept that haha.” What kind of experience do you think the audience at by:Larm festival with come away with when the credits roll? ”We hope they will have a warm feeling inside and maybe some inspired thoughts about how music can united people across generations and borders.”



Seven years had passed since the release of her last album, a time she spent searching feverishly for her own sound. It turned out that two Swedes were what she needed to finally make things come together. “When I met Swedish producers Astma and Rocwell, things started happening straight away. Michelle Flygare began jamming on the guitar, and bam – the refrain of Jaywalking was there. It’s the sort of thing you hear people talking about, but I never thought it would happen to me.”

STAYING FOCUSED Perhaps surprising to those who have followed Samsaya through the years, her new album Summer of Sam has, according to herself, nothing to do with hip hop or R’n’B. “I always loved singing and listening to pop music. It’s funny, because after the concert on Wednesday people told me that they had heard a lot of Madonna and Michael Jackson in my music. And those are exactly who I’ve been listening to! I love that people can sense the references.” According to Samsaya, the best thing about performing at by:Larm is that people are focused on the music. “In other arenas you might get the typical feedback that everything’s ok, whereas here you get a more honest reaction. It’s a good place to test out new stuff.”


BEYOND NORWAY Now that the album is ready, all she needs is a record company to take care of the less creative parts. And she wouldn’t mind it being an international one. “I’ve always written my lyrics in English, so I guess it’s natural that my ambitions reach a bit beyond Norway.” But geography set aside, the most important thing to Samsaya is being able to meet her audience. “I want to play live! I want to go to festivals and play my guts out. It’s what I’ve worked so hard for.” You the international participants, are our guests and your interest in the Nordic music is of great importance to us. More and more people from abroad are coming

FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

to by:Larm each year and it seems that more and more Nordic artists are now getting their music out in the big wide world. We want by:Larm to be a springboard, to help launch the international careers of Nordic artists. And not only for the artists themselves, but also for the wider Nordic industry. We are very proud of the program this year which we feel is the very best in music the Nordic countries have to offer. On the club side of things we have once again teamed up with Sunkissed - the biggest and longest running dance night in Scandinavia and they will present the very best in new Scandinavian club music. New to by:Larm this year is a collaboration with our friends from Roskilde who will host their own venue throughout

the event at Jaeger. We are also continuing what we started last year with even more label specific showcases. Imprints such as these are still the creative vanguard of the music world, despite today’s industry climate. They discover, develop and push music further. We have picked three labels this year that have put out some great music the last couple of years: Hype City, Spoon Train Audio and Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp label. We are also happy to welcome Fader Magazine from USA, The Quietus from UK and Gaffa from Denmark to host their own nights. Enough said, now enjoy!



FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


Roskilde Festival presents free concerts during by:Larm. At the venue Jaeger – formerly known as Garage – by:Larm delegates and the Oslo music lovers alike are treated with a line-up picked from some of today's strong Danish and Norwegian music acts. We have selected two Norwegian and seven Danish bands and four DJs with the same care for variety and quality that has characterised Roskilde Festival for more than 40 years. We hope you will drop by and share the feeling. If you want to experience the real thing in 2011, you can participate in the competition for Roskilde Festival tickets including free transportation from your home to Roskilde and back. Check in with Facebook places at RF@BY:LARM when you are at the venue Jaeger to participate.

17 FEBRUARY KASPER BJØRKE(DK) & BAERTUR(N) 17:00-17:45 DATAROCK(N) 18:45-19:30 LUCY LOVE(DK) 20:15-21:00 HELHORSE(DK) Resident DJ

18 FEBRUARY CASIOKIDS(N) 17:00-17:45 FIGURINES(DK) 18:45-19:30 KAKKMADDAFAKKA(N) 20:15-21:00 VETO(DK) Resident DJ

19 FEBRUARY ERLEND ØYE(N) 17:00-17:45 THE RUMOUR SAID FIRE(DK) 18:45-19:30 VINNIE WHO(DK) 20:15-21:00 TURBOWEEKEND(DK) Resident DJ

SMS “SCAN” til 2140


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


THE VIOLENCE OF THE RATS Thursday 22:00, Rockefeller Annex, Friday 18th - 21:30, Sub Scene

Hardcore will never die, but you will. Text: ØYVIND RONES Like Rats From A Sinking Ship are getting ready to release their debut album, We Get Along Like A House On Fire on April 1, and they sure like to give us a mouthful by the sound of it. You’re not men of few words exactly, are you? “No…” “Ha! I should have seen that one coming I guess. The three boys from the northern

parts of Norway, Remi Semshaug Langseth, Tony Gonzalez Fredriksen and Timo Silvola, are in the band van on their way from their current home, Trondheim, to Oslo when we have a chat with them.”

CALM BEFORE THE SHITSTORM They just finished recording their debut album with superstar producer Alex Newport. Yes, he of At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Death Cab For Cutie and T he Locust fame. The result is hardcore with extreme and extremely different approaches. “Every song is different. There’s no real recipe to it. What seems to work for us in

general though is to not try to write a hardcore song at all. Those influences always seem to seep into the process anyway. Most important of all – play with your fucking hearts!.” No matter how cliché it sounds, you got to give it to them; they are speaking the truth. And in the studio there were room for all of this. The idea that someone behind so many noisy recordings as Newport provides placidity in any setting is interesting, but makes sense when you see Like Rats From A Sinking Ship onstage.

SHITLOADS OF FACEMELTING It sure sounds promising, and the band’s live reputation is out of this world. But from a totally objective point of view, what can people expect from this collaboration?

“It’s kind of like being hit in the back of the head with an electric sledgehammer. Making an album instead of a collection of songs has been really important to us. The fact that Alex managed to capture our sound on tape didn’t hurt.” And as by:Larm is taking over the capital city of Norway with hundreds of gigs at once, how do you approach the utter mayhem? “Keep playing shitloads of facemelting shows and release an album that we are extremely proud of.” We Get Along Like A House On Fire is out April 1 via The Perfect Hoax/Indie Distribution. April 1? The Perfect Hoax? Oh, I just know this is going to be the shit!


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011






FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011

foto: Erik Jørgensen


foto: Stian Andersen

GramArt er den viktigste interesseorganisasjonen for norske artister.


foto: Paal Audestad


by:Larm tilbud!

BIGBANG foto: Jørn Veberg

foto: Cato Rusten


foto: Martha Lewicka

Nå koster det bare 495 kroner å forsikre deg selv og ditt musikkutstyr opptil en verdi av 80 000 kroner i hele verden, et helt år! Forsikringen gjelder også for bærbart datautstyr og har blitt omtalt som bransjens beste. Medlemskap i GramArt koster 450 kroner i åretSKAMBANKT og gir også en rekke andre fordeler! 1349 Les mer på eller ring 22 00 56 50 for mer info.

GramArt er Tilbudet gjelder i perioden 15. februar til 15. mars 2011 og kun for nye forsikringskunder. hovedsamarbeidspartner for

by:Larm 2011

DJERV foto:Mirjam Orman Vikingstad


“Etter min mening er GramArts instrumentforsikring det beste og suverent rimeligste alternativetENSLAVED for norske musikere. ”Vi signerer ikke lenger så mye som et mine instrumenter er julekort uten å Alle konsultere GramArt først” ENSLAVED forsikret gjennom GramArt.”


– vi sees på by:Larm! – vi sees på by:Larm!

Best for Norges artister!



FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


TWEETS supergmm Gisle Martens Meyer Do not like the plastic festival wristbands, old skool totalitarian, it’s 2011, why not use finger prints or iris scan or RFID pills #bylarm samsaya Samsaya Lol woke up with this in my bra!!last night was amazing! Thanx Oslo #bylarm

malinkaos Malin Kulseth Er det gøy på @bylarm? :( arnte Arnt Maasø Jeg tror de spiller høyt når det drysser fjær av dunjakka mi i takt med basstromma.. men in a good way! #bylarm #Montée #ørepropperimårra TheaGRaknes Thea Glenton Raknes hvor ble det av fish n’ chips’n i år? #bylarm FORZAonline FORZA Bilkortesje over fjellet til #bylarm med guttene i Social Suicide bak!! God stemning!! thatqualitytime Qualitytime Du vet at det er @byLarm når frekvensen av Cheap Mondays og små, oppbretta luer på folk med Haugesundsdialekt stiger med 34 prosent i Oslo. jonoyvind Jon Øyvind Tøsdal Kveldens mest random bilde, finn @ThomasLarssen: http://twitpic. com/40kpr0 Ultrafet intimkonsert med @Kvelertak kickstartet @byLarm! BYLARM!

prinsesseingrid Ingrid E Hva, er det #bylarm? En og annen twittermelding gir inntrykk av at noe er på gang. hakonmos Håkon Moslet Anine Stang. En dagjobb bør vurderes #bylarm cecilieasker Cecilie Asker Registrerer at publikum klappet med på en og tre på Sassybeat på #bylarm. Det sikreste tegnet på at man kan bli et folkekjært band!




FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


For Deathcrush the barbecue has just begun. Friday 23:00, LAST TRAIN Text: LEENA OLLIKAINEN Photo: INGRID POP


It would’nt be fair not mentioning the Norwegian legendary black metal band Mayhem when talking about Deathcrush. Until now, Deathcrush has been known as the name of the EP and the lead-song from these maniacs from 1987. Basically the lyrics of the song became a prophecy come true for Varg Vigernes killing his band fellow, Euronymous. Metal and death. Oh yes. Welcome to Norway. The wild stories of Mayhem are many, but let’s get back on the blood track - we’re not really here to talk about them this time. LOOK OUT Deathcrush is also the name a 3-piece band formed by Åse, Linn & Andreas. They have experienced a leap in their popularity within a half a year and gone from local small festivals to playing at by:Larm and being booked South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. National Norwegian music show Lydverket stamped them as one of the ten bands that you really should look out for in 2011. Now it’s the time for this No Wave/Noise Rock trio to show what they’re made of. So Deathcrush, what’s in it for you when it comes to by:Larm? It’s all about being at the right place at the right time, so hopefully we’ll end up colliding with the right type of people. Well, not physically. Or ... maybe. We tend to get up close and personal with our audience. Things have really been speeding up around Deathcrush lately. How do you prepare yourselves for the roller coaster ride if the things start going even faster? “We are struggling already to keep up being honest. So many opportunities are presenting themselves at the same time, it’s hard to decide which ones to go for. There’s almost no time to rehearse, make new songs, to do what a band is meant to be doing. “Sleep when you’re dead” is becoming a mantra. We are all used to working hard, and all have experience in other fields than the actual music making. But luckily, in the last couple of weeks some highly skilled, great people have been lending us a helping hand, which we are more than grateful for, and know is a necessity if we want this to last. And of course we do. Playing out live, recording, just playing together in a crappy rehearsal room – it’s what it is all about.” What’s cooking and grilling otherwise right now? “Just had a blast touring the Netherlands and Belgium with Sleigh Bells! Playing places like Vera is crazy for a band that just stepped out of the rehearsal room. And Sleigh Bells and their crew inviting us aboard their freakin’ nightliner for sold out

shows in Europe is crazy in itself, but shit, they’re probably the best people we’ve met in ages. And as a live act they’re crazy too. We were as sweaty after their show as ours. Coming up, we’re looking forwards to releasing our first 7”, a split with experimental Brooklyn act Paranoid Critical Revolution, and doing some dates in New York. If everything goes according to plan we’ll travel with Altaar to the American east coast to spread some northern doom, gloom and violent dancing.” “Closer to home, spring will take us way up north to Tromsø and way down south to Kristiansand. And we can never stay away from Bergen, Bergen! Although healthwise we probably should ...” “We’re also continuing our remix series available on Soundcloud. Our favorite Norwegian musicians and producers from bands like Ungdomskulen, 120 Days/ Bygdin, Masselys, Next Life, Fjorden Baby!, Munn til Munn Metoden, Telephones and Anand Chetty are all remixing “Lesson #1 (for Snoop Dogg)” and the results so far are insane.” Can you describe a typical Deathcrush fan? “We have faaans now? So that’s who those people are. Dunno really. According to bookers, it seems we go as good together with aggro-popsters Sleigh Bells as Japanese noise acts Melt-Banana or Nisennenmondai, ambient doomster Svarte Greiner or Indie rockers Screaming Females as we do white trash attack Lydia Laska and True Norwegian Noise Rockers Årabrot. So a typical fan..? Dunno, Linn’s grandmother loves us.” Looking at the line-up of this years by:Larm, who should we get a crush on if not Deathcrush? “Members of 120 Days and Bygdin, Fjorden Baby! and Telephones are all doing remixes for us and are obvious favorites of ours. And of course we are excited to be playing before Obliteration on Friday at Last Train. Svarte Greiner opened for us when we played Death Jazz before yuletide, and that was a more than memorable experience for all involved. We might have lost all our t-shirts, but Erik forgot his guitar, so we have one up on him. Ha! Also, Pow Pow are probably one of Oslo’s most solid acts, Lionheart Brothers have troubled hearts of gold, and Ulver might not be good at cleaning fish tanks – hope Wanda still alive – but do take you down deep. In a good way.


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011



FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


Team Me taking on by:larm and the world.

ME AGAINST THE WORLD Friday 23:30 - Blå

Text: SIRI BROCKMEIER With their rich and smoothly orchestrated acoustic sound, Team Me became one of the finalists for the Urørt-competition in 2010. Unlike the other bands with more experience, Team Me made their live debut at Urørt, creating great interest among the audience and in the business at large. In the spring of 2010, the single “Fool Me” got constant airtime on the national radio station P3, while the band created buzz with an international audience through the blogosphere and from radio play abroad. This February the buzz stretches from Oslo to

London and beyond. Team Me’s alternative pop music has an acoustic base, but cover it with so many layers, that fact is easily missed. They have often been compared to artists like Sufjan Stevens, Animal Collective, Jonsi and Arcade Fire, something the band takes as a huge compliment. That’s the thing about fanboy bands, if you can call it that, their music is carefully constructed to the point of utter amazement. When their second single, “Weathervanes and Chemicals” dropped last summer, Team Me did the summer festival circuit, playing eight domestic festivals, including the Øyafestival, where the international music press were exposed to the band, yielding high

praise from several sources. Lisa Wright from NME said: “‘Weathervanes and Chemicals’, is really, really rather wonderful. Pitched somewhere in between Jonsi and Arcade Fire, it’s about as heart-warmingly lush as it gets.” Last fall they also did a tour of England, and are following up this month with two London shows along with Lucy Swann, Fiction and Not Squares at XOYO Feb. 24th and 25th. An opportunity Marius Hagen and the rest of the band are excited about.

over there. We played a little set at a festival in Manchester in October, I think, and we got a lot of great feedback from the people there. Hopefully we can do the same thing in London. We’ve heard that English audiences can be hard to convince, but we felt that the audience in Manchester actually were quite welcoming and nice. I guess we’ll have to see if we were lucky or if the rumours are exaggerated. We’ll just do our thing anyway, as we always do, and hope that people like it.”

“It’s a great opportunity to spread our music to other countries. The UK is a big music country and very influential on European music scenes. It’ll be exciting to see if we can make an impression on the music lovers

Øya and Rough Trade have even teamed up to release a limitied 7” single with a double a-side featuring Team Me and Lucy Swann. But before all this, they’re playing by:larm. Team me should meet team you!

THE MUSEUM OF BELLE MUSIC The first thing that attracts with Museum Of Bella Artes is what a great name they’ve got. Friday 23:30 - Stratos Text: HÅVARD RINGEN Naming a band is an art that is seldom talked about, but MoBA really nailed it. The way the name corresponds with their sound and their aesthetic outlook is really impressive. And it’s very in touch with the reigning sensibility in the indie-pop world, you know, hazy lomo-like pictures, intellectual but grounded, that stuff. Their hype started with a subtle, quiet, revolution of a cover song. The song was “Who Do You Love”, originally by the 60’s girl group The Sapphires. The original is a longing, doo-woop popsong,

it’s sort of carefree and, just really pleasant. But MoBA’s version is something different. It’s the prime example of how to do a really good cover version, it takes all the longing and heartbreak of the original and intensifies it by a thousand. Every bit of heartbreak out of the original just sounds so much more devastating in the cover. And on top of that, it’s a totally different type of song. While The Sapphires was a laid-back, Sunday afternoon type of song, MoBA have made it into a haunting, Friday night banger. Now you can’t judge a band based on one song, and that one being a cover version, and a taste for great aesthetics. Luckily, MoBA have more to them. Their second single,

marked the introduction of the panpipe in modern day disco. The gorgeous “Days Ahead” shares little with peruvian folk orchestras, but nevertheless utilises the panpipe in extraordinary fashion. The fact is that “Days Ahead” is a brilliant disco-pop offering. MoBA are signed, fittingly, to Force Majeur Records. This fits as the band describes how they got together as a Darwinistic process, more than a band that actually “formed”, in the traditional sense. For MoBA it’s all about the idea. The idea around the greatness of pop music, and the idea that people from different musical backgrounds can create it together.

FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


Š Martin Kann / Bob Hund

25 Ă…R 1986 . 2011 Onsdag 30. mars:

Š Martin Kann / Bob Hund

Fredag 18. mars:

Š Martin Kann / Bob Hund

Onsdag 9. mars:

Søndag 27. februar:

Š Martin Kann / Bob Hund Š Martin Kann / Bob Hund

Lørdag 5. mars:


“Ritualâ€? ute nĂĽ!


Bill. kr. 250,-. 18 ĂĽr leg. Bill. kr. 320,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Torsdag 10. mars:

Torsdag 3. mars:


TÔG NORMA SASS CHARLOTTE & THE CO-STARS Bill. kr. 175,-. 18 ür leg. Fredag 11. mars:

Bill. kr. 250,-. 18 ĂĽr leg. Fredag 4. mars:


Bill. kr. 270,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Bill. kr. 350,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Š Martin Kann / Bob Hund

LILLEBJĂ˜RN NILSEN & SERESTA Bill. kr. 300,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Š Martin Kann / Bob Hund


Lørdag 19. mars:



Bill. kr. 300,-. 18 ĂĽr leg. Bill. kr. 300,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Søndag 13. mars:

Lørdag 5. mars:

Ons. 2.3:


Bill. kr. 270,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.


Lør. 5.3:

Unummererte sitteplasser.

Bill. kr. 300,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Bill. kr. 270,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Tirsdag 15. mars:



Bill. kr. 320,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Kari Bremnes med band

Bill. kr. 270,-. 18 ĂĽr leg. Tirsdag 5. april:

Bill. kr. 600,-. 18 ĂĽr leg. ! SOLGT

Søndag 20. mars: UT

The Ugly World Tour 2011:

Mandag 7. mars:

30-ĂĽrs jubileumsturne:

Ons. 16.3: Bill. kr. 125,Forsalg:, Posten, Releasekonsert: Narvesen, 7-Eleven, tlf. 815 33 133. NB! Bill.avg. 18 ĂĽr leg.

I SEE HORSES Tor. 17.3:


Bill. kr. 290,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Søndag 27. mars:




Bill. kr. 225,-


Tor. 24.3:

Bill. kr. 150,-

Fre. 25.3:

Bill. kr. 200,-


Forsalg:, Posten, Narvesen, 7-Eleven, tlf. 815 33 133. NB! Bill.avg. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Lørdag 16. april:


Ons. 23.3: Bill. kr. 200,-


Bill. kr. 200,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Bill. kr. 270,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Tirsdag 8. mars:

Bill. kr. 175,-


Supp.: TEAM ME

Bill. kr. 270,-.

Lør. 26.3:

Bill. kr. 175,-


18 ĂĽr leg. i hovedsalen. A Joy Division Bill. kr. 270,-. 18 ĂĽr leg. Fri aldersgrense pĂĽ galleriet. Forsalg pĂĽ Posten,Forsalg tlf. 815pĂĽ 33Posten, 133, Forsalg tlf. 815 pĂĽ 33 Posten, 133, tlf. OBS! 815 Bill.avg. 33 133, kr 25,-. OBS! Bill.avg. kr 25,-. OBS! Tir. 29.3: Celebration From Torsdag 17. mars: Torsdag 28. april: Torsdag 31. mars: Peter Hook & The Light

Bill. kr. 300,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Bill. kr. 175,-

Søndag 27. mars:

Bill. kr. 150,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Fri ĂŠntre

Lør. 19.3:

MACHINAE SUPREMACY Bill. kr. 320,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.


Lør. 12.3:

Supp.: FUGO

Bill. kr. 300,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Oslo Jazzfestival 25 ĂĽr presenterer:

Bill. kr. 175,-


GT! Lørdag 26. mars: UTSOL

Onsdag 16. mars:

Fre. 11.3:


Fredag 8. april:

Bill. kr. 225,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Bill. kr. 200,-



Bill. kr. 250,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.


Tor. 10.3:

Fre. 18.3:

Unummererte sitte/stĂĽplasser.

Lørdag 26. mars:

Bill. kr. 125,-


Torsdag 24. mars:

Bill. kr. 300,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Søndag 6. mars:

Ons. 9.3:




Bill. kr. 150,-



Lørdag 2. april:


Bill. kr. 250,-

W I R E (UK)


Bill. kr. 250,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.


Bill. kr. 175,-

Tor. 3.3:

Fredag 1. april:





Lørdag 19. mars:

Tirsdag 22. mars:

Bill. kr. 125,-


Søndag 6. mars:

Bill. kr. 225,-. 20 ĂĽr leg.



Lør. 26.2:

Bill. kr. 350,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Bill. kr. 350,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.


Bill. kr. 200,-

Søn. 27.2: Bill. kr. 320,-



Fre. 25.2:


Torsdag 31. mars:

Søndag 20. mars:

Bill.avg. kr 25,-. Bill. kr. 200,(US)

aka Dead Moon

Ons. 30.3: Bill. kr. 200,-

Tirsdag 29. mars:


Forsalg pĂĽ Posten, tlf. 815 33 133, Forsalg pĂĽ OBS! Posten, Bill.avg. kr 25,-. tlf. 815 33 133, www.billettse


Takk - Berre BRA AS / Ă…ge Aleksandersen. Foto: Torill Aleksandersen.

Takk - Berre BRA AS / Ă…ge Aleksandersen. Foto: Torill Aleksandersen.



Bill. kr. 250,-. 18 ĂĽr leg.

Tor. 31.3:

Bill. kr. 250,-



Bill. kr. 200,-

25.2: BERNHOFT UTSOLGT! 2.3: SKUNK ANANSIE UTSOLGT! Sentrum Scene - Oslo18 (v/Rockefeller) Bill. kr. 300,-. ĂĽr leg. OLGT! Bill. kr. 270,-. 18 ĂĽr leg. Bill. kr. 300,-. 18 ĂĽr leg. Bill. kr. 300,-. 18 ĂĽr leg. Forsalg:, Posten, Narvesen, 12.3: Forsalg pĂĽ Posten,Forsalg tlf. 815pĂĽ 33Posten, 133, Forsalg tlf. 815pĂĽ 33Posten, 133, tlf.KYUSS OBS! 815LIVES! Bill.avg. 33 UTS 133, kr 25,-. OBS! Bill.avg. kr 25,-.


OBS! Bill.avg. kr 25,-. pĂĽ tlf. 33 133, OBS! Bill.av Forsalg pĂĽForsalg Posten,Forsalg tlf.Posten, 815 pĂĽ 33 Posten, 133,815 OBS! Bill.avg. kr 25,-. tlf. 815 33 133. NB! Bill.avg. tlf.7-Eleven, 815 33 133, Forsalg:, Posten, Forsalg pĂĽ Posten, tlf. 815 33 133, OBS! Bill.avg. kr 25,-. Forsalg:, Posten, Narvesen, 7-Eleven, tlf. 815 33 133. Gruppe- og bedriftssalg: kontakt / tlf. 22Narvesen, 20 32 7-Eleven, 32. NB!tlf.Bill.avg. 815 33 133. NB! Bill.avg. 18 ĂĽr leg.Bill.avg. orsalg pĂĽ Posten, Forsalg tlf. pĂĽ Posten, 815 Forsalg 33 133, tlf. pĂĽ Forsalg 815 Posten, 33 133, pĂĽ tlf. Forsalg Posten, 815 33 pĂĽ 133, tlf. Forsalg Posten, 815 OBS!33 Bill.avg. pĂĽ 133, tlf. Forsalg Posten, kr815 25,-. OBS! 33 Bill.avg. pĂĽ Forsalg 133, tlf. Posten, kr 815 25,-. Forsalg OBS! 33 pĂĽ tlf. Bill.avg. 133, Posten, 815 pĂĽ kr www.billettservic Posten, 25,-. OBS! 33 tlf. 815 tlf. kr33 25,-. 815 OBS! 133 B Fullstendig program og info: 133,

Forsalg pĂĽ Posten, tlf. 815 33 133, Forsalg pĂĽ OBS! Posten, Bill.avg. kr 25,-. tlf. 815 33 133, www.billettse


FRIDAY FEB. 18th 2011


I disse dager blir musikkbinge nummer 100 utplassert i Norge. Akkurat som Marshall-hjelpen bidro til å få fart på økonomien i Europa, har Norsk Tippings støtte til musikkbinger og utstyr fått fart på musikklivet i Norge. Disse bingene gir barn og unge i hele landet muligheten til å øve og finne sine egne musikalske uttrykk. For å feire musikkbinge nummer 100, har Norsk Tipping satt opp en musikkbinge på Youngs-torget under by:Larm. Band kommer til å spille fra morgen til kveld – omtrent slik alle slags band spiller fra morgen til kveld i alle de 100 musikkbingene. Hør den nye lyden på Youngstorget under by:Larm.

Rom for ekte opplevelser










:30 Gaffa Showcase Night: Tôg

:30 Frisk Frugt (DK)

:30 The Concretes (S)

:30 Team Me

:30 Sleep Party People (DK)

:00 Tenderleaves

Dattera til Hagen Fisk & Vilt

*Presented by Samspill International Music Network and Du store verden :00 Elin Kåven*



:00 Kristine Marie Aasvang

:00 Norma Sass

:00 Ludwig Bell (S)

:00 Mathias Stubø

:00 Thelma and Clyde

:00 Ivan Mazuze Group*

:00 Mammút (ICL)*

:00 Sheldon Blackman & the Soul Rebels*

:00 The Topangas*

:30 Treefight for Sunlight (DK) :30 Departure

:30 Lovecult

:00 Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children(GRL)

:00 Murder (DK)

:00 Jonas Alaska

:00 Stina Stenerud

:00 Pristine (Union Blues Band 2011)

:00 Tantara

:00 Deathfare

:00 Overthrow

:00 Blodhemn

:00 Tombstones

:30 Rancho Relaxo

:30 Pascal Pinon (ICL)

:30 Shine 2009 (FIN)

John Dee

:00 Agnes Obel

:00 Frida Ånnevik

:00 Eline Thorp

:00 AcACc (Jan Martin Smørdal)

:00 Svarte Greiner

Kulturkirken Jakob

:00 Ólöf Arnalds (ICL) :30 Nordic Music Prize

:45 Susanne Sundfør

:00 Deathcrush

:00 Obliteration

:00 Spoon Train labelnight: Honeytraps

:00 Spoon Train labelnight: Lama

:00 Spoon Train labelnight: Einar Stray

:00 Spoon Train labelnight: mylittlepony

:00 Spoon Train labelnight: Casa Murilo

:00 Dina Misund

:00 Silje Nes

:00 Margaret Berger

:00 Figurines (DK)

:00 120 Days

:00 Fjorden Baby! 02:00 LCMDF (FIN)

:30 Who Knew (ICL)

:30 Poporn Radio

:30 Me And My Army (S)

:30 Niki & The Dove (S)

:30 Zebra and Snake (FIN)

01:30 Chris Holm 02:30 Hjálmar

Gloria Flames Herr Nilsen / Østkanten Bluesklubb

18:00 Østkanten vorspiel: Dig Deeper

:00 Østkanten vorspiel: Westby Band

Urørt-scenen (NRK P3): 17:00 Envy 18:00: Machine Birds

Urørt-scenen (NRK P3): :19:00 Forza

Ingensteds Internasjonalen

:00 Dungen

Last Train Mono

18:00 Golden Dawn

Nokia-teltet, scene 1

17:30 A Q&A with OMD

Nokia-teltet, scene 2

18:30 Movie: An Island (Efterklang)

:30 Nokia presents – video highlights from yesterday


:30 Myrull

:30 Surfers Lingo

:30 French Films (FIN)

:30 Black City (DK)

:30 Your Headlights Are On


:30 Turns

:30 Brighton

:30 Urørtvinner 2010: Honningbarna

:30 Forza

:30 Harrys Gym

Rockefeller Annex

:00 Johnny Hancocks

:00 Retro Stefson (ICL)

:00 Alexander von Mehren

:00 Jeroan Drive

:00 Little Marbles (S)


:30 Young Dreams

:30 Uusi Fantasia (FIN)

:30 Samling (S)

:30 Ida Jenshus

:30 Kommode

:00 Britta Persson (S)

:00 Mary Me Young

:00 Bloody Beach

:00 Lars Håvard Haugen

:30 Dennis Jr

:30 Burning God Little

:30 Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo

:30 Museum of Bellas Artes (S)

:30 Kenton Slash Demon (DK)

:30 Dråpe

:30 Like Rats From A Sinking Ship

:30 To the Lions

:30 Bungalow Ranchstyle

:30 Fallulah (DK)

:30 Verk

:30 Misty Range

:30 Oskar Musikk

Sentrum Scene Stratos :30 Dyst

Sub Scene Tilt

:00 Ulver

:30 Friska Viljor (S)

Seminar schedule FRIDAY 18th Ragnarock

Safety Pin








10.00 – 14.00 Gramart presenterer: Juridisk drop-in

10.15 10.30 10.45 11.00 11.15

Hva kan Kulturrådet gjøre for deg v/Norsk kulturråd

11.30 11.45 12.00 12.15 12.30

Streaming – a new era for the music industry With Spotify

Norsk Rockforbund presenterer: Temadykk i ny norsk veileder for sikkerhet ved store arrangement - del 1

Gramart presents: Ralph Murphy - Murphy’s Law to Song Writing - part 2 (Closed workshop, registration with Gramart in advance)

Are we loosing the music The curse of D.I.Y. Moderator: Wyndham Wallace


True Norwegian Black Metal tour Guide: Anders Odden The bus leaves from Royal Christiania hotel at 10.00 sharp Pre-register for the tour by emailing

Musicity A presentation by Nick Luscombe and Simon Jordan

12.45 13.00 13.15 13.30 13.45

A conversation with Simon Napier-Bell Interviewer: Olaf Furniss

Norsk Rockforbund presenter: Temadykk i ny norsk veileder for sikkerhet ved store arrangement - del 2


Crowd Funding Finance your project by engaging your fanbase With Martin J. Thörnkvist

by:Larm og Canon presenterer: Lær å lage musikkvideo uten budsjett!

14.15 14.30 14.45 15.00 15.15

Bella Union & DFA labels – Survival of the fittest? Interviewer: Wyndham Wallace

Skoot ™ – take control of your festival or event Presentation by Skoot ™ Norsk Rockforbund internmøte

15.30 15.45 16.00 16.15 16.30 16.45

TWO ZERO ONE ONE – Digital and Music Moderator: Trond Tornes

Mer enn bare Rock Vaughan Oliver – Design, identity and 4AD

GramArt presents: Engaging fans through Social media With Nancy Baym

Rob Young – Electric Eden Interviewer: Luke Turner

TONO – låtskrivernes sikreste inntektskilde ved TONO

Not the Nordic Music Prize! – listening panel Moderator: Olaf

17.00 17.15 17.30 18.00 18.15 18.30 18.45

Reception at Popsenteret. Presentation of Popsenteret, Riksscenen and the Rehersal hotel. The bus leaves from Royal Christiania hotel at 17.15

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the dark – Talking loud and clear with Andy McCluskey. Interviewer: John Doran Movie “An Island”

19.00 19.30

K Workshop K Debatt/panel K Foredrag/presentasjon K Musikkprofilen/intervju K Annet

Nokia presents – video highlights from yesterday Med forbehold om endringer. For oppdatert program, sjekk

By:Larm News Friday February 18th 2011  

festival paper

By:Larm News Friday February 18th 2011  

festival paper