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Artist Statement I am intrigued by skies. There are days when I could do nothing else but watch the sky above me. I am fascinated by the vague abstractness of what I see and of course by the multitude of colors. I never tire of skies. They are never the same. There is no rationality, only feeling. At best, they make me forget about every day hassles and leave me with a feeling of inner peace and calm. I love to place my prints beneath thick acrylic glass, adding depth and brilliancy to the image, bringing the sky back to life. Lately I have also begun printing some of my photographs directly on aluminum, allowing the skies’ colors to shine and shimmer. I am also experimenting with printing on canvas when I want to accentuate softness and atmosphere. I hope the viewer is as fascinated at what they see in my photographs as I am, and that my work will give reason to look at and be inspired by the sky more often!

Perfect Sky. A deep blue summer sky over the Pacific Northwest with puffy white clouds, remnants of the previous day's rainy weather, 2015 (open edition).

Artist Information Most conversions take place in churches or temples, but Gabriele Golissa found new purpose in the plush seat of an Airbus A380. Born in Dusseldorf, Germany, she had earned degrees in both business administration and disease prevention and health management. In 2014, on a trip from Frankfurt to Beijing, Golissa was overcome by a sunset. As her fellow passengers focused on the inflight movie, she took out her camera and began clicking away. It was the start of something new.

“Above all those clouds, freedom must be endless, I think. All our fears and our sorrows, they say, remain hidden beneath and then may All that seemed important and tall, become just trivial and small.” Reinhard Mey, Above the Clouds, 1974 (Author’s translation of the German original “Über den Wolken”)

Golissa has since relocated to Montana, a state whose nickname, she points out, is “Big Sky Country.” Photographing from both ground and air, Golissa insists on depicting the sky as she sees it, experimenting with aperture and shutter speed as well as image composition while declining to alter her work after the fact. She often places her prints beneath a thick acrylic glass, adding depth and brilliancy to the image, bringing the sky back to life. She has lately begun printing on aluminum and canvas, surfaces that allow her to play, respectively, with color and softness. Her portfolio contains various collections of a multitude of skies. “I never tire of skies,” Golissa says. “They are never the same. No rationality, only feeling.”

Over Russia (2). Summer evening sky over Russia, 2014 (9 + 1 AP).

Rosy Clouds. The setting sun illuuminates o clouds on a summer eveninng, 2015 a set of (9 + 1 AP).

Prints With the exception of my signature piece, Perfect Sky, all Skies by Gabriele Golissa™-Photo prints are limited editions, each print hand signed and numbered. As soon as all prints of a limited edition are sold, all print sales for that photograph are discontinued. For every limited edition photograph, I offer different printing options depending on the nature of the photograph. All Skies by Gabriele Golissa™-Photographs are available as original photo prints under a thick acrylic glass and mounted on an aluminum dibond backing. Some are also available as direct prints on aluminum. Both of these printing options include metals rails on the back as a hanging system that is invisible from the font, but keeps the print approximately 0.39'' (1 cm) off the wall. Some photographs I also offer as canvas prints on a solid wood stretcher frame. No matter what kind of print you choose, it always counts against the total of available prints per limited edition. As the skies are limitless, they need print sizes taking this into consideration. I therefore offer prints of 16'' x 12'' (40 x 30 cm), 24'' x 18'' (80 x 60 cm), and 48'' x 36'' (120 x 90 cm) for all Skies by Gabriele Golissa™-Photographs. Again, no matter what print size you choose, it always counts against the total of available prints per limited edition. To prove the genuineness of a limited edition print, I not only hand sign and number every print, I also issue a certificate of authenticity that I hand sign as well. Each certificate of authenticity also contains information about the photograph and the print, like the name of the photograph, medium and dimensions of the print, or details about the edition. All certificates of authenticity are printed on Hahnemühle premium deckle edged paper with watermark and fluorescent security fibers. Both the artwork and the certificate of authenticity have an identical serialized numbered hologram ensuring that each certificate belongs to one particular photo print only. ”Light rays will tell you the story. There is another alphabet Whispering from every leaf, Singing from every river, Shimmering from every sky.” Dejan Stojanović, Forgotten home

Rusty Skies (2). Rare evening sky over the Pacific Northwest, 2015 (9 + 1 AP).


The artist and her artwork

Emerging Visions Opening Reception

The Possibilities of “Emerging Visions”, Agora Gallery, NYC January 21, 2017 – February 10, 2017

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Emerging Visions is a lively group exhibition that offers fresh takes on small details and technical practices. The exhibition includes seven exceedingly thoughtful artists who work with a variety of media in innovative ways. There is the artist who assembles his pieces from recovered panels painted by other people. Is he a sculptor or a painter? There is the artist who mixes traditional flat media with found objects. Is she a collagist, sculptor, painter, or something else? These artists are interdisciplinary chameleons dedicated to their craft and loath to adhere to any rules. Among the work on display are four approaches to landscape: an exploration of the countryside with attention to texture, a creation of water using strips of color and wide perspectives, a selection of photographs that present the sky as a living thing, and an architect's vision of real-world buildings with a dreamy flair. There is abstraction created from minimalist layering of color as well as a wildly eclectic marriage of objects and lines. Rounding out the exhibition's impressive range is an acrylic portraitist who conjures faces out of undulating, free-form lines. Featured Artists: Jian Jun An | Ellen Burnett | Roger DiCamillo | Robert Ellison | David Gista | Andrew Glass | Gabriele Golissa

Darko's Fire. Takken after a w wonderful ng with the Missoula Syymphony evenin Orcheestra, 2015 (9 + 1 AP). Theyy set even the skky on fire, largeely due to theirr musical directtor and inspirring conductorr Darko Butorrac.

Where W caan you ffind my art? On O my website at www.bbyGabrieleG When W you visit, v do noot miss the slideshows cooming with the wonderrful music oof folk rock siinger/songwrriter Aaronn Howard, originally frrom Bozemaan, Montanaa. Big Sky Coountry. Rosy Hour H (2), 2015 5 (9 + 1 AP)

Runnin ng, 2015 (24 + 1 AP)

Tatank ka, 2015 (24 + 1 AP)

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Over th he Pacific Norrthwest, 2015 (9+1 AP)

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