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GRANDMAS SHEETS & SQUARES Sweet contrasts and soft fabrics. YOU NEED: cotton yarn x 3 scissors & needles

If you know how to crochet granny squares, you can make this dress. Again, be based on a dress you already have.


Width around the chest is equal to the width of the first row

2 buttons

of squares. You choose the size of the boxes out from her

sewing machine

dress size. In this example there are 12 squares on the first row, then 4 (front and back) and finally 3 (front and rear). A total of 26 squares. Having attached threads and crochet the squares together, crochet a border around the entire piece. End it all with a wave edge and straps. A tip; team straps a bit long so that the button can be moved and the dress lasts a bit longer. The fabric should be about 20 -30 cm wider one the top. Sew the skirt along the side before attaching it to the top and make folds evenly around. Sew together the two parts. Welcome summer!



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