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OR AT LEAST TRY NOT TO STAND OUT If you are trying to blend in with locals – or at least stand out less – then on your first day in a place, notice how the locals dress and dress accordingly. Dead giveaways include: • Wearing sandals with white socks • Wearing trainers/sneakers • Wearing a bum-bag/fanny pack (unless you’re in the US perhaps) • Carrying a camera around your neck • Having a tourist map sticking out of your pocket • Wearing shorts & t-shirts when everyone else is dressed for business

AVOID BROADCASTING YOUR LACK OF LOCAL KNOWLEDGE Unless you’re in a touristy area where everyone else is doing the same, the be careful about getting your map out and trying to figure out where you are. The same goes for standing in the middle of the road and pointing vigorously to specific points of interest in the distance – another dead giveaway that you’re less than a local.

Lomprayah in Magazine Issue 44 (03/2015)  

In this season, it is the best time to go to trek in Ne- pal, a beautiful country and has a wonderful nature. So, we provide you lot of info...

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