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The month favours travel,contacts,communication,correspondence and contracts.Go ahead with what must be done in the short term and you could expect the much awaited success in the coming months.


You are happiest when you have good partners to collaborate with. The stars indicate that the way forward is through new social contacts. You are advised to accept unusual invitations.


You are in no mood to compromise.However you are advised to keep keep those in power in good humour or you may be denied a financial opportunity.


This is a good time to expand your work.There is progress on all fronts and balance and equilibrium in your life.This is a month of glory too and you could expect appreciation from all quarters


You spend time with the family and realise that you have received unconditional love from many which you have been taking for granted or been unable to reciprocate..This realisation is taking you on the path to become a better human being.


This month,together with fun times,there is hard work too.Guard against arrogance,emotional flare ups and dominance.This is also a time to sign important documents.


You are zooming ahead of the opposition and on the way to becoming an asset to your organization with all your hard work,reliability and amiability. Beware of ego drives which may lead you to brook no opposition.

Lomprayah in Magazine Issue 44 (03/2015)  

In this season, it is the best time to go to trek in Ne- pal, a beautiful country and has a wonderful nature. So, we provide you lot of info...