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In spite of what these photos show, our first day at Sai Nuan was actually super rainy and overcast. That was fine with us. We’d brought in both lunch and dinner takeaway from I Love Salad in Mae Haad (yes, that is the actual name of the establishment and they have my full and unwavering support in that decision) as well as several bottles of the most mediocre wine Koh Tao has to offer, and we were perfectly content to sit on our porch and watch the storm pass by. With no internet and barely any phone reception, we were truly off the grid. It might have been just for one night, but wow, did it feel good.

After breakfast at the onsite restaurant with free entertainment provided by the little ragamuffin above, it was all about beach time. I believe paper-book-loving Ian may have uttered the words, “Burn that photo of me reading a Kindle and never let it see the light of day,” but I’m pretty sure by that he meant please post it on the internets for literally any human on planet earth to see. Right? Right.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of water and thought, oh no! It’s rained all night and we’ll never be able to get out of here. Then I realized it was just the waves crashing on the rocks right below us. A peek through the slats of the wall revealed a perfect blue sky day.

Lomprayah in Magazine Issue 44 (03/2015)  

In this season, it is the best time to go to trek in Ne- pal, a beautiful country and has a wonderful nature. So, we provide you lot of info...

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