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Issue 24 July 2013

New High Speed Catamaran

MAEHAAD The biggest Catamaran in the gulf of Thailand


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Editor’s Talk Life is journey!!

Hello July. Have you live your life with the happiness? This issue, Lomprayah magazine still has many interesting columns for you. Start with highlight, we will let you know more about Lomprayah, since our history until now, and something new, which we’ve just got it. In the special column, because this month has the Ramadan Festival, so we would like to give you some information about this festival, the beginning of this festival, its aim, and so on. For those who love travelling, we provide you many interesting information. You can find them in Destination Guide, Place Guide and also Real Story, and for the backpacking, you shouldn’t miss the Tips to Trip. Well, it’s time to leave. I’ll be glad if you enjoy your time with our magazine and see you next issue.

Photjanard Kantiwong

Lomprayah Team Editor in Chief Photjanard Kantiwong

Executive Editor

Wanitcha Sukchet Tinn Chacalanuwattanapong

Editorial Staff

Vorapong Vongvarothai Juntiya Laoniyomthai Areeya Pichittanabordeekul Jiraporn Boonta Saksid Boonrawang Likhit Junsawang

Art Director

Methakritsada Wanngoen

Graphic Designer Seattakit Meunnak Pannachet Khwanphrom



LOMPRAYAH High Speed Catamaran


omprayah was established since 1996, and registered as a company in 1999. Lomprayah provide a transfer service for the passengers around the Gulf of Thailand; from Koh Samui to Koh Pha-ngan, Koh Tao, Koh Nangyuan and Chumphon pier. Lomprayah also has a transfer service from Chumphon to Bangkok.


Nowadays, Lomprayah opens many routes from Bangkok, Chumphon, Surat Thani, Krabi and Phuket for servicing the passenger. And also have the routes which connect with the Airport and Train Station at Surat Thani, Chumphon and Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Catamarans which Lomprayah choose for servicing the passenger are high quality, safe and fastest. Now, Lomprayah has five catamarans which named “Pralarn”, “Namuang”, “Maenam”, “Koh Prarb” and “Thongslah”

PRALARN Length : Capacity :





NAMUANG Length : 26


Capacity : 260


MAENAM Length : Capacity :





KOH PRARB Length : 29


Capacity : 350


THONGSLAH Length : Capacity :






At the present, LOMPRAYAH has a new Catamaran that is

MAEHAAD Quality of Type: Length: Width: Draft: Depth: Capacity:

MAEHAAD Catamaran 32 Meters 9 Meters 1.44 Meters 3.2 Meters 461 People


Maehaad is designed by Incat Crowther Company, Australia and was built at the dock of B.P.Marine Engineer Co., Ltd. The objective of it is for using as a high speed ferry which transfers the passenger among the Gulf of Thailand. It has a level 5 in seawater resistance and can carry the passenger about 461 people. It’s made from aluminum which lightweight. The procedure was started since 27 April 2012 by the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineer and specialists about 80 people. There was a keel laying on 25 August 2012. There was a ship launch on 6th July 2013. The event was organized at the dock of B.P.Marine Engineer Co., Ltd., Rayong province. The event starts with the religious rite at 4p.m., then the Maehaad was launch at 6.19 p.m. Then, from the first step of the procedure until the ship launch, it can say that the procedure of this catamaran takes about 14 months.

MAEHAAD is the 6th catamaran of Lomprayah and now, it is the biggest one.

Destination Guide

Separated Sea (Thale Waek)


ne of Thailand’s unseen highlights, Thale Waek (Separated sea), the amazing phenomenon happens when there is a low tide and water level is down till, is situated along Koh (island or islets) Dam Hok and Koh Dam Kwan. These two, each of which offers one spectacular beach, are surrounded by about ten smaller, all-rock islands that have no real beaches. As for the magic of the Miracle Beach, Koh Dam Kwan, in only a moment while you are watching strange-shaped Dam Khwan Islet and other small islets nearby, the tide can go out unnoticeably, a line of raised sand eventually appears forming a bridge between the islets, allowing visitors to walk between them. An old sea man mentioned that there was an emerald sea hiding next to the blue one and that only those knowing the rhythm of the tide would see a strip of white powdery sand connecting two islands amidst the sea. This seems to point out that in one

beauty, there hides another beauty, which can be

seen only at a specific moment. The secrets of nature will solely reveal themselves to those who are in the right place and at the right Separated seat time. The best time to visit Thale Waek is 5 days before and after the full moon from December to beginning of May. To visit Thale Waek, you should proceed on Highway No. 4034 from the city of Krabi, then turn left and follow Highway No. 4202 to Ao Nang.

Place Guide

Suan Nai Dum


uan Nai Dum or Nai Dum’s Fruit Orchard is situated on Hwy 41, 54 km from the town of Amphoe Thung Tako, the orchard produces good quality fruits such as tangerine, papaya, dragon fruit, and Mayong Chit (marrian plum). The orchard is a perfect highway stop, ideal for taking a break from a long drive. A restaurant, coffee shop and souvenir shop are located in a beautiful lush green area. Remarkably, the orchard offers a unique toilet. The toilet at Nai Dum’s Fruit Orchard won the award from the Nation’s annual toilet competition in 2006. In addition, it had been proclaimed by the Ministry of Public Health to be a Thai public toilet learning centre, which is regularly visited by students and organizations. Mr Dum, the orchard owner, had the intention to develop this public toilet to be a pleasant place for visitors. Therefore, his idyllic and hygienic toilet is surrounded by nature; with flowers, trees and miniature waterfalls. Now, Suan Nai Dum is also open as an agro

toruism of Chumphon, which the tourists can get the knowledge while enjoy with the shady surrounding.

For more information.

Telephon : 089-652-0734, 077-611-900-1 www.suannaidum.in.th and suannaidum@yahoo.com

Address: 199 moo7, Takho, Thungtako, Chumphon

Restaurant Guide

Open Hours: Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm


othung Restaurant is the Thai-Chinese seafood restaurant in Krabi. It has been open for about 30 years. The restaurant provide the excellent food with the reasonably price. Here offer many service for various customers, which are Takes Reservations, Walk-Ins Welcome, Take Out, Outdoor Seating and also catering. Location: 36 Khongkha Rd., Paknam, Muang , Krabi, Thailand 81000 Email: Kotung.Restaurant@gmail.com Website: http://www.facebook.com/Kotung.Restaurant

Tel: +6675611522, +66800860808

Real Story

Ko Phi Phi my favourite island


ust after my last travel update (in Phuket), I made my way to Ko Phi Phi

(pronouncedgaw pee-pee; yes, romanisation in Thai is very misleading). I stayed for about a week, and it was by far the best week of my entire Thailand experience!

Phi Phi is a magnet for young (mostly beautiful young Swedish) party seekers, and those with dreams of finding their Beach. In fact, the Leonardi DiCaprio movie The Beach was filmed in an adjacent island. However, coming here to find an unspoilt paradise would leave you disappointed; the island is extremely touristy and chaotic, and quite expensive for Thailand. Although I was immediately struck by how clear the water was when getting off the ferry, I wouldn’t call what I had seen to be the most beautiful destination. I actually did want to just party for a week and I got that and more! Open-access areas on the beach have music and a sandy dancefloor, and there are amazing fire shows; a fire skiprope, fire limbo and fire juggling. Anyone can participate, and most do! I’d love to say how brave I was, but to be honest I only did the fire limbo when it was at the highest level and skipped the rope when the flames were least strong. Quite a few people got burnt! What made this destination such a great party for me was how friendly the other tourists were there. It’s amazing, but even the attitude of other travellers changes between the islands (see below). I had absolutely no problem making some cool new friends; for weeks afterwards I would be

elsewhere in Thailand and would be recognised by someone I had met in Phi Phi (although, I have ways of making myself easily recognisable that those who’ve been out with me know about!) Parties (and seeing so many beautiful Swedish girls) aside, the main reason this island gave me the highest quality experience for this trip was actually because of people I had met online and ended up spending most of my time with there – fellow bloggers and “tweeps” Dan Andrews, Tom, Sean Ogle and his friend Ryan, as well as Baker and his family. They hugely enriched my entire Thailand experience; I had some amazing conversations, learned a lot from them, and finally got to hang out with some other “location independent” workers, which is something we all had in common. Most people I tend to hang out with in my travels usually wouldn’t even know what twitter is, let alone be as active online as my Phi Phi friends are. I made sure that we worked together on my video and I was video interviewed by both Sean and Baker (I’ll link to those videos when they become available). Sean wrote an interesting post about how Phi Phi is where the productive go to die (i.e. getting any work done there is quite hard!) and I’ve been lucky to have been able to spend more time with him in Bangkok in my final weeks. I’ll otherwise be keeping in touch with that group until we meet again !


Ramadan Festival


amadan is the ninth month of Islamic calen dar and also the fasting month which ends with the sugar feast. Between dawn and sunset they should not eat, drink, smoking and sex. In the evenings and at night they eat it. What makes Ramadan special in all months that fasting in this month of the pillars of Islam. In many Islamic countries, but also in the Netherlands, it is normal for this time of family and friendship ties to attract extra. The invite each other, visit and hears this break the fast together. Every year Ramadan comes 10 days forward on the calendar. This is different and every year there are difficult years as years in the summer. These are long days. During Ramadan Muslims eat and drink anything between dawn and sunset. Before dawn, they use a meal ‘Sahoor’ is mentioned and a meal after sunset that “Iftar” is mentioned. For Sahoor are special, very healthy prepared meals. Iftar dinner for the people of North Africa a thick soup “harira” is mentioned. The fast is broken with dates in Arabic and Arabic coffee, tea and olives in Turkey, in India with sweet milk and fruit drinks.

The aim of the Islamic fasting is not to lose weight or cure a disease (through diet). Fasting in Ramadaan because no cause malnutrition, since no reduction in calories is required for breakfast or for ontvasten. Fasting for 13-14 hours per day, 29 or 30 days long, is an ideal way to unhealthy habits such as excessive smoking, eating and drinking coffee to keep. People familiar with the fast learning are self-contained. The annual fasting a Muslim teaching qualities as discipline, endurance, selfrespect and respect of others and the creator. Every day there is a solid victory over passions and desires. People who fast feel good and have a sense of inner calm and peace. Even if you do not lose even one ounce, one feels better after fasting during Ramadan. If the possibility of disease progression by fasting or by not taking the medication was is forbidden for a Muslim to fast. He determines himself whether he fixed. All the days that he can not fast, he gets.

Horoscope Predictions for the month of

July 2013

By Mr.

Aries: You could be feeling little more emotional than usual.Let your positive desires out,but control the negative ones.If you want to tell someone you love

Rup Krishen Baqaya

them,choose your words with care.Be careful in

Taurus: Things are under control at the work-place. You have energy and a positive mindset. Success is all yours.You may like to spend time all by yourself.

Gemini: You need to get up and about.Take advantage of the strong social trends.Friends will fill you with warmth and happiness.

Cancer: You allow nothing to hold you back.Funds will keep flowing and you will have fun. Health of elders will need care.

Leo: You will continue to work hard without letting up.You will set very high standards for yourself and others.Be tactful so that you do not alienate your coworkers.

Virgo: Relationship issues could distract you from work.Do not be laid back about your work or there may be problems at the workplace.


Scorpio: Your stars are favourable for romance.You may have spiritual inclinations too during

financial matters.

Family ties will be strengthened.Health of

children may need care.Financial matters may need attention.Allow your partners to have their say.

Avoid stress as it could cause health problems.

this time.There may be unexpected demands

on your time and money.

Sagittarius: Communications,contracts and collaborations will be relevant.Unexpected events,accidents and losses could have an adverse impact on your partnerships.

Capricorn: This is a period of intense activity.Short term investments will yield good results.Be honest about your true desires.If you are not straight with yourself,you will never be straight with others.


Pisces: Do not neglect your work.You may get freed from some of the emotional burdens

You are extremely happy as you have both health and wealth in good measure.You will glow with an inner sense of harmony and well being.Personal relationships may need attention.

of the past.Keep financial deals under wraps

if you want to derive maximum benefit from them.


10 Essential Men Accessories



t is not only women who need to accessorize, men also need a bit of sparkle; whether it bronze, silver or in a form of a good leather bag. Today I step into my future husband’s walk-in closet and I will explain to you 10 things I want to see…


Nothing says M.A.N to me than a man with a good quality watch. That big, bold and chunky watch where he will always be aware of time and always makes time for his woman, lol.

Man bags

Ooh, man bags are a great debate across the nation and, for me and I am sure for the rest of the career oriented women, it’s all systems go. The thing about man bags is all in the design that’s all. You must

never have an exaggerated bag, the simpler the

Ties and scarves

design and cut the better. It’s got to be a leather bag, anything else is well….not so manly.

Just as your shoes need to be aligned to your attire,

so does your collection of ties. In our days it is either

those bold bright colors or the deep rich colors, such as your cherry reds with a slight shimmer. Never do shiny please! Unless you are younger than 25, try to stay away from those gawd forsaken pink ties you are not mini mouse or micky mouse either! Simple, sleek scarves go great with both casual and formal wear. Just keep the colors simple and earthy. Your

safest bet is your shades of greys and browns. Printed

scarves will also do you well.


They are the center piece of that crisp white shirt or plain shirt. They may not be all that important to you, but they are a must have.


Apart from that one ring you will wear “till death do you part”, one ring on a man’s hand is enough!


Just like the watch you wear; make an even bolder statement by making sure that the pen that signs all your great deals is also as great as that signature.


Nothing is more exhilarating than having the whiff of a man lingering on a gal after you have parted. There’s something about a man who smells good. It makes him handsome in so many ways. Even if he is in his PJ’s, smelling good is the best aphrodisiac to us dames, so spray on.


A good pair of shades has the same effect on women


as it does on men. Make sure you wear a pair that suits the shape of your face. It’s not swag but rather “stylish handsomeness.”

Designer kicks and shoes are the way, all the way. I know all black men take pride in the shoes they wear. Shoes carry us in and out of all of our lives’ situations so why not make sure they are quality and look as good on you as they do on the shelf.


Keep your p ants up and belt it, hun, and keep in mind that like all other accessories shared above, a belt is also just as important. So look good, smell good and feel absolutely awesome.

Lompraya News

Director TAT, Chumphon Office was interviewed by MCOT Mr.Uthai Varamaskul, Director Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chumphon Office was interviewed by the MCOT’s reporter about the Chumphon tourism. The interview was took at at Thungmakhamnoi pier while the tourists were taking the Koh Prab catamaran.

Lomprayah set up a booth to publicize the tourism

Lomprayah organize a ship launch for the new catamaran

Lomprayah join with TAT to promote the tourism by set up the booth at the Institute of Physical Education Sport Games #38th at Chumphon.

Lomprayah organized the ship launch event for Mae Haad, the new catamaran. The event had the Buddhist ceremony first, and then starts the ship launch and another activity.

Global News TAT Joins with Global Voluntourism Agencies to Offer “Volunteer Vacations in Thailand” Published : Monday, July 8, 2013 Location : Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has joined hands with well-established and popular voluntourism agencies to promote a variety of volunteer vacations to Thailand.

These include agencies focusing on community development activities, marine/wildlife conservation, animal research & rescue, healthcare volunteer programs,

child development and special needs, English

teaching programs, and cross-cultural training

TAT Invites Trade and Media for Thailand Medical & Wellness FAM Trip 2013 Published : Monday, July 8, 2013 Location : Thailand

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is inviting applications

for a fully-hosted Medical & Wellness Tourism FAM trip to be organized between August 12-17, 2013.

Toronto emerges as a new tourist hotspot Published : Thursday, July 4, 2013 Location : Canada

Toronto has emerged as a new tourist spot. The Edge Walk is a new place of attraction in Toronto.A skydive or a bungee jump adds to the entertainment.“I like to call this one ‘toes over Toronto’,” says the instructor Steve.

10 Tip to Trip




CHEAP BACKPACKING TRIPS Here is a list of some good backpacking tips if you are on a budget. And let’s face it, what college student is not on a budget these days? Just because you are pinching pennies doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun backpacking trip. It does mean being smart, finding ways to cut corners, and having a little extra left over at the end of your trip. With these tips below you will be having a great trip in no time and worry free with your money. Not sure where you are going yet? Check out the New FarePlay and let us help you find cheap flights to top destinations around the world.work assignment you’ll actually enjoy.

Pack light

The key to backpacking is ‘less is more’. Stick to this rule of thumb and you will be all set. Sometimes students love to go overboard and bring six swimsuits and ten pairs of jeans. Well guess what, this is not the way to effectively backpack a place. If you are being boggled down by too much stuff then you will miss out some great opportunities like seeing more things and catching that last minute train. You will also save money with airlines for not paying extra for overweight luggage or checked bags.

Leave valuables at home

There is really no need to bring your favorite ring you got for graduation or those earrings Dad gave you for your birthday. When backpacking the idea is to only have the basics on hand. Keep this in mind; only have things on you that you don’t mind too much to replace. Not to say it isn’t a bummer to have to get new clothing if your bag gets swiped, but it is a whole lot easier than something you will really miss not having.

Let someone know

Often people make the mistake of taking off on a trip and not telling family or friends. Even if you don’t want Mom and Dad breathing down your back, it’s a really good idea to let someone back home have a general idea of where you are going and how long you will be gone. Also have a way of getting in touch with you. The last thing you want is for some emergency on your end or at home and having no means of communication.

Get a hostel with a kitchen

When you are booking a hostel check to see if they have a communal kitchen or complimentary breakfast. Often there is a kitchen available for use with some utensils and cooking items. Making a couple meals at your hostel will save you and your friends a lot of money in the long run.

Buy a train pass

If you know you will be backpacking in one area, such as Northern Europe, Southern Europe, or Asia, then you can pre-purchase a train pass that allows you to travel within certain countries for a set amount of time. This elevates the stress of waiting in long lines at train stations. Plus you will end up saving money because you bought in bulk. Just be sure to.

Be careful of pickpockets and scam artists

Many countries, even the most cosmopolitan, have some form of pickpockets or scam artists. These people are trained to feed on tourists. They know right away that you are not a local and that they can take advantage of you. The best way to save money when backpacking is to keep your money close to you. The fastest way to lose money when traveling is having it stolen.

Buy alcohol at a store

Bars and clubs love charging tourists for drinks. In major cities especially they know when you are coming and where to get you. For instance, around major tourist sites bars will charge more for beers then in other places knowing that you aren’t going to stray too far. If you buy your alcohol at a store then you can pregame at your hostel and buy less drinks when you go out. Many cities also allow public drinking. So check the guide books first for this.

Bring your own snacks

Bringing some energy bars or granola bars with you during the day can help fight off hunger cravings in between meals. Snacks during the day can easily add up to just as much money as a meal. With bars in hand you won’t be spending your money on unnecessary snacks and can save it for other things.

Walk instead of taking a cab

It may feel easier to hop a cab and head to a destination. But don’t do it! Between the mileage cost, tipping, and of course the added secret tourist fee (many cab drivers charge tourists more than locals because they don’t disclose rates) you are looking at a hefty bill. Walking a little extra is good for your body and then environment not to mention your wallet. If something is really out of walking range then take a bus or metro. They tend to run less than $2 in most cities around the world.

Watch your drink cards at clubs

In a lot of European countries clubs require drink cards at the door. Clubs hand them out, you get them punched each time you order a drink, and then when you leave you cash out. There are many instances of drunk club goers getting extra punches and not taking notice so they get charged double. Also if you loose your card, good luck. The fees for a lost card can be astronomical. So just make sure you keep track of your drink card and who is punch them.

Have a safe journey & Keep good health

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