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Issue 2 / September 2011


National Marine Park:

The Truly Amazing Natural Island

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Editor’s Talk The light reflects the shade from the surface of the blue ocean, surrounding by many neighbouring islands as metaphor for a group of minor planets. The metaphor of the tenderness combined with additional charm appears as a great reward from heaven “Mu Koh Angthong”. A sleeping cow looks like a dove named as Wua Talab Island, flying to Angthong National Marine Park (The headquarter of AngThong National Marine Park is located on Wua Talab Island)

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Lompraya News

Red Cross Fair at Koh Phangan

Suratthani Provincial Administration held the First Red Cross Fair around pier road edge from 19-25 July, 2011. The staffs from Lomprayah Company were also attended this fair. This fair was held in the first time in the area of Koh Phangan. The fair is popular among local people, visitors and also foreigners because of the great variety of booths participating at this Red Cross Fair. There was also a stage for musical performances everyday.

Event Marketing 2554

The Celebration of the Club Rotary Foundation Committee Pranburi of year 2011-2012 at Swangparpisarn Foundation

Under Water Learning Center at Kao Tao

PTT Exploration and Production Company Limited, the Royal Thai Navy and Suratthani province had joined to run the “Under Water Learning Center� by abandoning a decommissioned craft of the Royal Thai Navy or the Sattakut to be placed on the sea floor at Kho Tao Island, Amphur Phangan, Suratthani province. This event was held for creating awareness in protecting the marine environment and will help reduce coral bleaching situation. It also helps expanding the habitat of marine lives. Others could learn about its history and honor of Sattakut from the Under Water Learning Center exhibition. In addition, this project will increase income and visitors to the people in community and also stimulate tourism.

Cover Story Real experience


National Marine Park: The Truly Amazing Natural Island

We have a dream to visit Angthong National Marine Park which has a group of islands with crystal green clear water in Surat Thani Province as we saw from the information and picture that including Mu Koh Wua Talab island in Koh Angthong Marine National Park. These beautiful islands inspire us to visit there once in our entire life. As we have heard from other visitors that it is not easy way to reach the viewpoint. We had to walk through the rough and crooked way for 500 meters. On some route, there is only a rope to climb up to the highest level. But when we reached the viewpoint, we faced the beautiful panoramic views of the park. And it’s really worth so much. After searching for travel information, we found that we need to stop at Samui first and buy a one-day trip ticket. The price of the one-day trip is 1,500 Baht net including breakfast, lunch, soft drinks and two-way shuttle bus service from Travel Agency. We took a van off from the resort to the Nha Thon Pier and the speed boat leaves once a day at approximately 8.30 a.m. It takes only two hours to Koh Wua Talab, the Headquarter of Marine National Park.

We planned to stay there for a night and we already booked for a reservation. There are no resorts and stores on the national park – only a few national park bungalows available to stay there. The electricity on the island starts at 6.00 p.m. to 11 p.m. After we arrived to the bungalow in the morning, we walked under the coconut tress along the peaceful beach. After we went for a walk along the beach, it’s time to climb up to the viewpoint for 500 meters. The distance is not too far but there is no stairway. There is only a rope to guide us a way and pull ourselves up there through the rough limestone rocks and way. We had walked for 50 meters, we met the first viewpoint – we saw only the sea below and a line of coconut trees. It takes a short climb to the first viewpoint easily. This is just the first viewpoint; we have the desires to reach the top. We continued walking to the second viewpoint for 150 meters. We saw some nearby islands. It’s really amazing. We couldn’t stop walking ahead. We want to find out how beautiful it is.

It takes 350 meters to the third viewpoint. We did not stop to take the photos there because the sky was not clear. We walked through the steep and rough way. We did not give up and continued walking to the last destination. We could reach the top by 30 minutes. It’s exhausting but it’s still worth it. We could see the green lagoon and a marvelous group of islands as we saw from tourism guide brochure. The camera’s shutters were pressed again and again in the same angle. We just want to keep this moment as long as possible. This is really amazing hidden hideaway in Thailand.

On the way down, we stopped at the third viewpoint we saw one group was kayaking on the side. This viewpoint is similar to the top view point. We happily got back to the bungalow and slept without waking. We woke up in the early morning. We saw the beautiful bright white sky outside. It all did not seem like yesterday at all. We decided to climb up to the second viewpoint enough to keep the beautiful scenic photos. Then we went back to walk along the beach again and waited for the speed boat which took us to Lagoon, Mae Koh island. It’s relieving to look at the coconut leaves blowing in the wind and kayak along the coastline.

For those who buy the one-day trip ticket, they can enjoy snorkeling, swimming and kayaking with a lot of fishes and coral reefs. All riders need to learn kayaking basic guidance. After we spent a couple hours walking around Wua Talab island, we went back to bungalow and took our luggage and took a long-tail boat to the cruise which had buffet lunch on board. It takes 15 minutes and then we arrived on Mae Koh Island where the inner salt lake and amazing emerald salt water is located.

On the way we walked to the top of the cliff, we could see the emerald lagoon surrounding by complicated tress. We reached the lake by climbing the ladders after 20-minute walk. It’s easy to climb up and down by taking stairs. Reached after climbing, it’s vivid green seawater and surrounded by steep cliffs. We spent a while taking photos of the emerald green water of the hidden lagoon. We could see sandy beaches in the south and the east of the island. These lakes are in blue-green color because of the salts and minerals in them. It looks very clear. This is one of the most amazing sights in Thailand.

Thank you very much for the excellent information from: www.paiduaykan.com Thank you very much for beautiful photos from: Pheeraphong Hathayawat

Agency PR

Full of Life with

a n a p o s i r i S a t n o o B Khun Don’t let others order you to do or don’t do something. If you assure that you could do that, let do that challenge on your way without hesitation that not affect other minds and people.

Following in his mother’s footstep lets “Mr.Boonta Sirisopana” or also called “Khun Kluay” be a successful man. We could follow his thought “Changing your thoughts can change your life” which can help us for the better change in our life. Now Khun Kluay works at Thai Airways as an aircraft engineer and the entrepreneur of construction company, interior design company, cosmetic retailing business and also a Managing Director of Saingam Beach Resort in Chumporn Province. He just deserves this position for a couple months. Everyone might misunderstand about his age with his fully entrepreneurial success. He is only a 29 yearold businessman. “I have two younger siblings with one younger sister and one younger brother. My siblings are both doctors not the engineer as

me. My younger sister is studying the Dentistry degree in the fifth year and my youngest brother is studying the Medical degree in the fourth year. “For me, I graduated a Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering from King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok with First Class Honor and a Master Degree of Business Administration from National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA). During my senior year, I had a company with my friends.

We could expand to 5 brunches in a year. I could learn from this business that there is nothing we cannot do and our expectation may not always come true (he laughed). Then I decided to invest in Construction Company and Interior Design Company. And I’m so lucky that I got a great support from a respectful person in investing cosmetic retailing business during my Master Degree. Now I’m managing hotel and resort business at Sai Ngam Beach Resort”, he said.

My Promise “When I studied at Taweetapisek Secondary School, I sometimes abandoned the study and skipped the class. Someday I saw other students got the rewards from their good grades. One moment can change me. Then I told my mother that I would stand at that point. This ambition could change my life”, he added. “All my experiences and my success are mostly thanks to my lovely mother. She gives me useful direction, knowledge and meaningful help. She taught me how to live my life, routine, working, studying or even my thinking. Thinking is the most important factor to do everything. And my mom always said that ‘If you don’t have anything not belong to you, you must do it right now with your efforts.”

“Others always ask me about my achievement, free time and other questions. Because I have been a very hard worker who is committed to do my best at whatever task was assigned or was necessary to get the jobs done quickly, efficiently and with quality. I always said that everything depends on our soul and spiritual aspiration. Someone usually get tired of working. But if we choose the appropriate and pleasant job, we can enjoy with it happily. We just open our mind and integrate it into our life. That can make us meet the loving reality that we seek. And the most important is the apparent goal, it lets me know what I am doing, doing for what and doing for whom. We will have a way more fun”, he recommended. “About my out of office hour, I’m a lucky man that I always sleep sp deep. I practice meditation which can allow me to fall into deep sleep that refreshing my mental and physical performances. For example, after completed doing fulltime at Thai Airways, I’m fully the entrepreneur on the side thing outside my day job hours. This can make me comfortably handle all of them. Besides, I could learn and experience the different points of view from my staffs to fulfill their will.”

“Now I’m the entrepreneur of Construction Company, Interior Design Company, cosmetic retailing business and also tourism business. And now I keep focusing on tourism business because Thailand has many natural resources and attractive places. We should use these precious resources carefully and wisely at all time as well as no effects on environmental surroundings.” “Five years ago I lived at Pak Chong of Nakhon Ratchasima Province but it already sold out now. I think there are many business types. I don’t stick to things with what I have got and I’m great at developing land. I develop the land with its full potential and make profit on those projects. I think that the developing land is an easy and efficient way to make the profit, sell that land and buy a new property.” “I think hotel industry may seem like a simple business and short-term business. We can gain only its room rates and service. Last two months, I have taken over Saingam Beach Resort for a couple months. I look forward as my long-term business. It is 35 rai close to the beach. It’s absolutely quiet beach in a peaceful place. It surrounded by many trees. At first sight, I’m really surprised with a big banyan tree or Ton Sai. This tree is well over 100 years old. It has grown in sand closed to the beach. We should adapt ourselves to the nature like our resort’s slogan ‘A peaceful rest in touch with nature’, he explained.

Tourism Perspective “I think that Thailand has many attractions. It depends on how we can develop them without environmental damages. I’m a natural born lover and rarely cut down any trees. I always think that money could not buy everything we want. Let’s think how long it takes to grow a tree if we chop the tree down without awareness. Maybe we will run out of trees which are worth to us. Instead of chopping them down, we can use them as a selling point like my resort name.”

“Another problem that needs to be solved is language, communication and service. Mostly Thais are weak in speaking and listening foreign languages. This makes tourists feel uneasy and comfortable to communicate with us. We should avoid miscommunication as much as we could. About service and facilities, we should provide information on facilities available for those disabled tourists or special needs. For example, we should provide the cable car for the elderly and disabled person in some inconvenient places.�

Free Time “In my free time I like to go for a walk at SuanSon Pradipat (Hua-Hin). It is my family memorial place where my parents met together there for their first time. And I like to have a good meal and hang around Bangkok. Moreover my favorite place is Phu Kra Dueng where everyone is equal in everything. Because the only way to reach the top of mountain is to walk up there. We have to walk up even for rich and powerful man. No need to show off because it doesn’t matter how rich or how important you are”, he commented. “Sometimes I go to the temple with my friends. I always have occasion to make the merit. This keeps my mind peaceful and gets things done succeed with caution.” “My clothing style is freestyle clothes but formal. Because I don’t know who would sit beside me in some big events. The personality is more important than good looks. I choose appropriate clothes for various situations”, he told. “I’m a sincere, simple and direct man. Sometimes I think that too much when U had a talk with someone like he implied me or not. I don’t really like those big formal ceremonies. But I salute and honor them if I take part. I work hard for everything but make time for my family, friends and also myself as well”, he expressed. Khun Boonta Sirisopana

Tip to Trip

t u o b a e r o m w o n Let’s k ! ! k a y Ka

Kayaks first were created by arctic inhabitants or formerly known now as Eskimo or the Intuits for thousand years ago. They used kayaks for hunting and fishing during summer months. So the word “Kayak” literally means “hunter boat”. They made from the driftwood and animal skin which depending on physical measurement of rider. The paddler should wear properly to the kayak. And the animal skins were worn by rider to prevent water spill. People always get confused about the difference between Kayak and Canoe. It’s easy to say that Kayak has typically paddle with double-bladed paddle and the rider sit by the legs straight out in front of him .But canoe has paddles with a single bladed paddle and the rider sit on a raised seat like sitting on a chair.

Now there are two types of kayak: first ‘Sit in Top’ is the traditional type of kayaks. The rider usually sits inside on the bottom hull of the kayak. It provides a waterproof skirt as a covering that prevents water from entering. Another type of kayak is ‘Sit on Top’ is a newer breed of kayaks. This type allows the riders sit on them rather than in them. Both styles of kayaks are useful but it depends on the rider which one will suit the rider better.

The beginners need to know and understand about kayaking basics. - First, Sitting in the kayak: the riders should learn the correct position for controlling -balances way when sit in the kayak. - Second, Holding the paddle: the right hand is the control hand. The rider should use a right-handed feature in order to control the angle of the blade. And another hand should grasp the paddle loosely. Or it’s easy to remember that ‘the right hand tight, the left hand loose’. - Last, Paddling a Kayak by using the smallest amount of energy: Your wrist has to be straight during the hole stroke and the paddle has to find its own through the water. The upper hand must move in a horizontal line in front of the rider during the stroke. The paddle has to cut its way up through the water in the end of the stroke – then the rider doesn’t spend energy lifting unnecessary water.

References: http://www.kayak-arace.com/paddling.html http://www.buzzle.com/articles/kayaking