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ABSTRACT I selected this topic because people in Turkey do not really know about fencing. However it is one of the common sport in abroad. The aim of this booklet is inform people who do not really know this sport and let them be aware of it.


WEAPONS Dueling went into sharp decline after World War I. After World War II, dueling went out of use in Europe except for very rare exceptions. Training for duels, once fashionable for males of aristocratic backgrounds (although fencing masters such as Hope suggest that many people considered themselves trained from taking only one or two lessons), all but disappeared, along with the classes themselves. Fencing continued as a sport, with tournaments and championships. However, the need to actually prepare for a duel with 3

Fencing BRIEF HISTORY Fencing is Fencing, one of five which is also known as olym- sports which pic fencing to have been featured at every distinguish it from historical one of the modfencing,[1] is an ern Olympic activity using Games, the bladed weap- other four being Athletons. It is usually practised ics, Cycling, with the help of Swimming, a sword or mi- and Gymnastics. The sport ni-blade. of fencing is divided into three weapons: Foil, Sabre and 4 4

FENCING IN OLYMPICS The rules of When Spain modern fencing became the originated from leading powFrance , where er of Europe, the first known the Spanish arbook on fenc- mies carried ing, Treatise on fencing abroad Arms, was writ- and particuten by Diego de larly into the Valera between south of Italy, 1458 and 1471, one of the main shortly before battlefields bedueling came tween both nations. under official ban by the Catholic Monarchs. 5


educational information about fencing

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