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The Kiwi I remember back in my freshman year I had the question of what is LTC?! To me LTC was just an overnight trip. Honestly speaking I had no idea what the purpose of LTC was. See, I didn’t realize that Key Club was more than a community service club, more than just a group of kids who did walks and cooked for the homeless together. This was my mindset all the way until LTC, which was in April. Which looking back is pretty upsetting, seeing how I had been a Key Club member since September. It took me only a few 8 months to learn exactly all that Key Club was. As much as I hope it’s not true, I’m sure there are many out there who are as clueless as I was. So what is LTC? What exactly is everyone else talking about? LTC stands for Leadership Training Conference. Key Club is more than a community service club; it is a club which builds the leaders of tomorrow. At LTC Key Clubbers are provided with numerous workshops to help them become better leaders. Workshops like the ones for public speaking, running for an offi cer, improving your club, improving your community and so much more. Simply put, LTC is a learning experience. It is where Key Clubbers gather and are given the best tools and information they need to go back to their communities and clubs and do even more

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What is LTC?! By: Naurin Shaki

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Events, Events, Events & More Events ......................... 2 good. LTC is also shows one Key Club in an entirely different light. During my freshman year, the first LTC I attended I was shocked to see how large Key Club actually was. I was even more shocked when I realized all the people in the same hotel as me, were only a select few members of the Might New York District. So not only were there more Mighty New Yorkers, but there was more Key Clubbers throughout the nation and even the world. LTC shows one how grand Key Club really is. But LTC is not all work and no fun. In fact simply every minute of your LTC weekend is guaranteed fun. Whether it be learning information in workshops or attending dances. Or bidding on a district board member to share a dance with, or running to breakfast with five minutes to spare before the food buffet is closed from having woken up late. Or joining random clubs in hallway dance parties, or even just sitting around with your club unwinding after a long day. LTC is a memorable weekend and if you’re anything like me; it’ll be a life changing one for you. It’s a weekend full of character building, friendship forming, and unforgettable memories.

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Events, Events, Events, & More Events! leadership Fight For Air Climb

Santa’s Little Helper

By: Kevin Chen

By: Connie Liang

It was snowing beautifully that day. But instead of playing in the snow, members of Key Club decided to go volunteer after many weeks of inactivity. The event was called The Fight For Air Climb, and it involved people who would climb 55 flights of stairs to fight against lung cancer. Many die of lung cancer every year, but many try to contribute to the effort to find a cure or fund relief for those affected. Aside from that, it was our duty to make sure everything went smoothly and to make sure everybody was having fun. We cheered on the climbers, distributed water, and cleaned up any waste left behind. In the end, every one of us were glad we helped out, and we enjoyed bonding with each other. People such as Amanda Tam, Roxanne Chu, and Victoria Li, said it was nice to see the enthusiasm the climbers showed. Victoria quoted, "Even though today was the first winter storm of the year, I was surprised by all of the people who came to the event, especially the firefighters who showed their fiery determination when making the climb." Similarly, Irena Chen said, "Even though it was cold outside, I think it was worth the fun, and I made a best friend!" Nonetheless, this event is an example of one of our many accomplishment, and it demonstrates how much of an impact can be made when people band together for a common cause.

On Monday, December 19, our Key Club went to Brooklyn to help out with a party. This party was at a church for families with fathers who are in prison. This event was for families to get together, unite, and share their winter holiday spirits. There were many different kinds of activities set up for the children such as drawing and games. I thought that this event was quite meaningful and very nice. The sound of the harmonica, guitar, and everyone singing resonated throughout the room. The collaboration of the music, the cheerful high-pitched voices of the children, and the smiles created a merry atmosphere. The children who wrote a letter to Santa also received gifts. This was very sweet because it is nice for children to be able to receive presents and be happy. Watching them being so happy made me feel ecstatic inside. It was great seeing those adolescents cheerful and happy because there are children out there that feel lonely on a daily basis, even through the holidays. Other children may also receive a very minimal amount of love. This event was definitely worth going to. It made me realize how being there and helping little children had a positive impact on their holiday spirits and childhood.



character building


Thoughts From Your Fellow Key Clubbers‌

How Elections Shaped Me By: Kevin Chen & Amanda Tam

organizing, distributing, cooking, or dedicating your time to helping others, it is clear that anything we want to do is possible. Yes this article is not entirely about the election, but this is my way of contributing, my way of doing what I wanted to start, but couldn't. Whoever you are, please bear in mind you and the others around you have the ability to team up together to create a better world. It's like doing what the Kiwanis's logo says, "Serving the children of the world.

SERVICE The first part of leadership is a ship." That saying was one of the many things our Board member candidates said during the elections. One of the key components of Key Club is leadership because only then can Key Club be efficient and bring about much needed beneficial change. There were dozens of candidates running, each with their strengths, weaknesses, ideas, and motivation. It was nice to hear what others had in mind for Key Club, especially how they plan to improve it. The elections showed how passion encourages one to never give up because even though most of the candidates were not elected into their positions, some tried to run for a position of lower status. I myself had ideas in mind and I thought a lot about how I would operate as Editor. At first, I was a little devastated that I did not win the editor position, but honestly, it's not the end of the world now is it? Key Club is set up such that everybody can contribute in any way. Those with creative minds can join the Scrapbook committee and those who like to write can join the Public Relations committee. Key Club members who want to make a difference in the world are the most important. Whether you are cleaning,


LEADERSHIP JCC Wrap It Up Connie Liang

On December 15, 2011, our Key Club went to the JCC headquarters to help wrap presents for homeless children. It was very crowded and we had to wait outside for a while before being allowed to go inside. The wait was worth it because wrapping presents was very fun. Everyone could only wrap one present because a tremendous amount of people went to the event. The whole first floor was packed with people so some people had to go to different floors. We were rewarded with pizza and water! When we left, we were also given chap-sticks! This event shows that while having fun, you may be helping many people in this world.




On Feb 24 the January Divisional held the LtG elections for our division, division 11 was held at Hunter College High School. I was one of the candidates for this position along with Tina Lee from HSMSE. On the day of the elections I was so terrified; words could not describe how terrified I was about this election. I was literally panicking during the time before the divisional meeting had started. By the time the meeting started I was at the point of fainting, but I tried to carry on and to bring my all to this speech. During my speech I tried to focus my speech on

expressing my feelings toward improving Key Club more so than making it sound complex. I had read that if you are able to take the simplest of things and make people feel as though it had a deep meaning through your feelings, you have succeeded. Before the start of elections I saw how concentrated and determined she seemed while I was the one who was freaking out. After both of our speeches I realized just as nervous Tina was at doing speeches as I was. We decided that may the best person win the election and not allow how we feel affect our performance in Key Club. Truthfully speaking I would not mind allowing Tina to win this election; she has just as much determination and dedication towards Key Club as I do. I’m glad to have Tina as my rival candidate for LtG. She shares the same dedication towards Key Club and making Division 11 even better than it is right now. After the elections I realized how much ideas I want to implement into Division 11. One of them is having a guest speaker from organizations hopefully at every Divisional to talk about their work in their organization. I had also realized the

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR… With the start of the new semester, I think it’s time that we all get our priorities straight. This message is especially for my fellow Juniors in Key Club. I would just like to take the time to say that this year has probably been one of the most exhausting one’s of my life. The workload never seems to end. After completing homework, one has to study for SAT’s, then SAT II’s and maybe even the ACT’s. It seems like it’s just test after test after test with no break. But we’ll all pull through, the juniors and all the underclassmen

who are also working on pulling their averages up. We’ll make it through it together as one big Key Club family, until we can reach the point where our seniors have; until we can reach the joy of being a second term senior. Until then we have each other. We’ll serve as each other’s biggest support. Because Key Club is family and family is always there for one another! 

responsibility that I hold on Division 11, as I am now the “face” of Division 11 and I hope to be the one that helps inspire the new generation of Key Clubbers in running for a higher position. I mean you got nothing to lose if you don’t win the position; I also highly encourage you to go to LTC if you aren’t able to attend this year then please come next year. LTC was one of my main eye openers to Key Club, I was just an ordinary freshman helping out with a few things once and awhile and after LTC it revealed my true potential and made me go beyond the required. I would like to end it with this Hey BxSci Key Club how do you feel? Sincerely, Your next LtG Herman

Congratulations to the Incoming Board! Amanda Tam President-Elect Jaehwi Kwon Vice President-Elect Lawrence Chen Secretary-Elect Roman Mondal Treasurer-Elect Jessica Chan Editor-Elect


Bronx Science Key Club Newsletter: January Edition  
Bronx Science Key Club Newsletter: January Edition  

This is the second Newsletter of the 2011 - 2012 service year. Please read, spread & Enjoy!