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Volume 1 Issue 2

The making of the scrapbook: “Operation Frugal”


Xida Zou, Immediate Past Scrapbook Chair How would one go about constructing a non-traditional scrapbook with a budget of only $25? All in a week’s work for Key Club extraordinaires. On an ordinary Saturday morning, Immediate Scrapbook Committee Chairs, Cindy and Xida, along with the current editor, Jessica Chan, and committee member Kevin Chen, met up to carry out Operation Frugal: use our $25 budget to find the materials necessary to make the non-traditional scrapbook. For those who are new, every year our Key Club participates in the nontraditional contest at the Leadership Training Conference. A non-traditional scrapbook is a scrapbook that is in any form that is no traditional. This year was our first year participating in both the traditional and non-traditional scrapbook contests. Since the traditional scrapbook was worked on throughout the year, the budget was used up quickly. Before we knew it, there was only $25 left for the non-traditional scrapbook. Whether it was because our lucky stars were aligned or because Editor Jessica knows where the best sales were at, we hit the jackpot. Banzai was having a closing sale and everything discounted at 50% off. When you look at the non-traditional scrapbook, I highly doubt you would have guessed that the bulk of the project is composed of a trash bin and a tea tray, materials that only costed $7 dollars. Operation Frugal does not end there. As one can see from the finished product, there were many miniature buildings, cars, people, and bushes. Guess where some of the cardboard came from? It was literally cut it off a box that was sitting by Quickly’s. This is how Bronx Science Key Clubbers roll. While the non-traditional scrapbook was not recognized at LTC (the judges certainly had a very strange taste in art), it is an amazing piece of work. With pop up cars and people, buildings that fit around the trash bin perfectly, a collage of pictures transitioning from day to night, and topped with a beaver, Key Clubber, and the world, it was worth every hour that was spent; those hours hunting for cheap supplies, sketching out designs in the Flushing library, measuring and cutting cardboard in a corner of Skyview Center, pasting in the school library, painting in Mr. McConnell’s room, or adding the finishing touches in the music room at 7 pm on a school day were well worth it! And as Editor Jessica said of the project, “the word of the day is frugal.”

In this issue! The making of the scrapbook AKA “Operation Frugal”…..…1 Recent Service events...…...2-3 Service Spotlight: Egg Cream and Egg Roll Festival.……….4-5 Service Highlight: NYCCAH Soup Kitchen ...........................6 June ‘12 Member Spotlight.....7 Credits!................………..……..8

UPCOMING EVENTS! June Divisional June 20th

Rockaway Beach Event June 21st

Divisional BBQ June 29th

RECENT AIDS WALK 2012 Christine Lim and Jasmine Quindala, Dedicated Members On May 20, 2012, several Key Clubs throughout New York City made their way to Central Park for the annual AIDS Walk, one of the biggest events and walks of the year with hundreds of participants. Key Clubs from the New York City divisions either volunteered or walked. However, the Bronx Science Key Club helped in both areas. Upon arriving at the Bandshell, the initial meeting place for volunteers, we signed in at the volunteer tent where we received a name tag, a shirt, and a pin. Due to the massive amount of walkers, more volunteers were needed at one of the 200 registration desks, so we were given a different job from the rest of the other Key Clubber. Instead of wearing neon yellow course marshal hats and cheering the walkers on, we registered people for the walk and collected their donations. Signing people in wasn't an easy job. It was a very stressful and arduous task meant for people who weren’t afraid to be assertive when walkers didn't follow the rules. Although we weren't all that ready to be assertive, it was a must. Organization was also a key point which allowed the registration process to flow smoothly. We were luckily put next to a kind woman, Surane, who was more than willing to help us along the way. At our constant pestering, Surane helped us, which made it possible to be able to finish our work. Although it was difficult, we were glad that we were able help out in any way possible. Stanley Fang from Bronx Science Key Club commented, “I find it amazing that so many would come to such a hard event to support a cause that really helps people. It reassures my belief in life”. Upon finishing at the registration tables, we went to the finish line to help cheer on the walkers. The enthusiasm and cheers kept us going and it felt phenomenal to be a part of this.

Walking Today for a Better Tomorrow: The Great Strides Walk Yiwen Huang, Dedicated Member

Great Strides: Taking Steps to Cure Cystic Fibrosis is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's, largest national fundraising event. Tens of thousands of co-workers, friends, and family come together each year as one community for one cause to help find a cure for CF. In 2011, nearly $38 million was raised to support vital CF programs. This year they are hoping to raise more money than the previous years. It is sponsored by Miles for Kids in Need, Abbott, Genentech, Gilead, and Novartis. The walk was about 4.1 miles which started in Downtown Manhattan to the glorious Brooklyn Bridge. I volunteered as a route assistant, so I was assigned to Foley Square, which was in Manhattan. I arrived there at approximately 8:30 and checked in with Key Club. It was a beautiful Sunday, so I was already very happy to be helping out with the event. I got my volunteer shirt and other items from the Check-in and within an hour, I got to where I was assigned. I felt nervous at first because I had to cheer for strangers and do many things that were considered to be “awkward” to an average student. However, as the day went on, I saw more smiles on people’s faces which helped me open up. By noon, I was already screaming my lungs out. Some walkers brought their pets while other walkers brought their children even if he or she is a baby. Then I realized this walk does mean a lot to people. They walk because they really care. I hope this walk will happen again next year and I would be glad to help out again. It was an unforgettable experience.



SERVICE EVENTS! Saving the World, One Smoothie at a Time: Earth Day By Dawn Rafal, Dedicated member As a volunteer demonstrated how pedaling the bike powered the blender, allowing people to bike for their own smoothies without using electrical energy, students looked at it in awe. On June 1st, Earth Day came to Bronx Science to inspire the students to make a difference in our everdeteriorating world. A festival was held during all lunch periods with a variety of booths and performances. The celebration included a clothing drive, smoothie making, tie-dying t-shirts, a performance from Urban Dance Club, and many other activities. Most stations were run by volunteer LEAP members or Key Clubbers. As this was my first time volunteering for Earth Day, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was surprised to see how large the celebration was and how many different activities there were. I was assigned to work at the smoothie-making table, and, upon arrival, I was told to chop the bananas and strawberries. At first, the smoothies were not in high demand, but as the period went on, they quickly sold out. It felt good to know that not only was I making people happy by giving them a delicious and refreshing drink for only a dollar, but that the money we raised was going to a good cause. Allowing customers to bike their own smoothies was a solid example of a way to conserve energy and protect the environment while still having fun. More things like this need to be offered so more people can take action to save our planet. Even one smoothie makes a difference if renewable resources are used in the process. Overall, the festival was very fun and something I would definitely want to volunteer for again. Key Clubber Katie Xue summed up Earth Day and her experience of working at the smoothie table by saying, “I’m sad I wasn’t able to see everything happening because the smoothie stand was so busy.” This event is something everyone should volunteer for or at least attend next year.

Challenged Athletes Foundation Gift Bag Stuffing Caroline Fang and Christine Lim, Dedicated members

The Challenged Athletes Foundation is an organization that helps athletes with disabilities to be able to participate in many sports. Though one may have lost a leg, he/she can still be able to swim and run by an amputee leg. However, the equipment and training that helps make this possible costs a lot of money. CAF is hosting an important gala on Wednesday, June, 13, 2012 and to prepare for the gala, many gift bags were stuffed for the wonderful donors. The gift bags included a Nautica Beach towel, a golf towel, a visor from Headsweats, Women’s & Men’s Health Magazine, and a WIND detergent to get rid of sweat stains on clothing. Stuffing the bags was fun and required a lot of organization skills. Each one of us carried many yellow gift bags as we went to each station to put the things in. There were clusters of people everywhere, and it took about three hours. At the end, we had to put the stuffed yellow bags in boxes and count them. Irena Chen from Bronx Science Key Club said, “The gift bag event was really fun, I felt like I was shopping non-stop with all the bags and the cycles over and over again. I would definitely like to go again”. It was an interesting event which supported a good cause as well. At the end of the event, two members from the CAF, Scout and Travis, came and talked to us about the program and their stories. It was very influential and inspirational when they told us how hard they worked to be able to play sports even with only one real leg. This event really emphasized that anything is possible.


! 你好!: Honoring Jewish and Chinese


Egg Cream? Egg Roll? Melissa Lei, Scrapbook Committee Chair

On Sunday June 10th, the Egg Creams and Egg Roll Festival was held at the Museum on Eldridge Street from 12 PM to 4PM. Many Key Clubbers joined me to help out at the various stations offered at the festival. The museum was previously a Jewish synagogue built in a Jewish neighborhood, but it was then replaced by many Chinese inhabitants, thus giving us the neighborhood now known as Chinatown. This festival served to preserve the Jewish tradition that once existed, as well as merging the Chinese culture into the festival to show the assimilation of both cultures in one area. Some stations that we volunteered at during this festival include: the Egg Cream and Egg Roll stand, the face painting tables, the Yarmulke hat stand, the Chinese Tea Ceremony, etc. There were also many performances such as the Chinese Orchestra that used many traditional instruments like the Er Hu, and the Chinese Opera performances. In my case, I helped out at the Egg Cream and Egg Roll food station: the station that served egg rolls. These egg rolls were Kosher and vegetarian, and the egg creams were made on the spot, by adding chocolate syrup, milk and seltzer water. I, along with fellow Key Clubber Lisa Liu, and two students from Stuyvesant High School, all stood at the table serving to many customers that came by. Many who came by asked, “What’s an Egg Cream?” and all 4 of us stood up in unison and said, “A Jewish drink, basically chocolate milk with seltzer water.” We stood there for 4 hours in the blazing hot sun, and we sold a lot of egg rolls and egg creams, which accumulated a lot of money for the Museum at Eldridge Street. However, even though we all ended up really tan, seeing the excited faces of the customers whenever they received their drinks made us really happy, since it was personally made by us. When it was finally over, all Key Clubbers at other stations got back together and took a group photo. At the end of the day, Lisa Liu said, “It was fun, and worth the foot tan!”



Culture @ the Egg Cream and Egg Roll Festival

A Bonding Experience Jasmine Quindala , Dedicated member Despite the small venue (the Museum at Eldridge Street in Chinatown), the Egg Rolls and Cream Festival actually receive thousands of visitors a year. It has been held every year for 11 years and is a celebration of both the Jewish and Chinese cultures that have become part of the neighborhood for the past years. There are many things to do at the festival like eat some egg rolls, drink the egg cream, play pai sho, get your name written down in Hebrew by a rabbi or some other activity that either has to do with the Chinese or Jewish culture. This year, the Bronx High School of Science was privileged enough to be able to be part of this multicultural event. For this event, I was assigned to do Face Painting with a little 10 year old girl named Flora who just happened to have been painting kids’ faces for about 4 years. Flora was accompanied by her dad who just happened to be Bronx Science alumni, Class of ‘86. I found this really interesting and it got to a big conversation about Bronx Science in general and how much it changed. Although face painting seems like a fun job, it’s actually a very arduous task. It was very tiring to continuously paint kids’ faces for hours, making sure they got exactly what they wanted. I was faced with many difficult and different assignments from each kid. However, one specific one stood out to me. It was a little girl asking for a key on her right cheek. It made me really happy because it reminded me why I was there in the first place; Key Club. The event overall was a great experience. According to Christine Lim, “It was fascinating how this event included 2 cultures, blending both the Jewish and Chinese cultures. I was happy to take part in such a big event seeing many kids with their delighted faces as I bonded with my old friends from Stuyvesant.”


Smiling and Bonding @ the Soup Kitchen Connie Liang, Public Relations Committee Chair Amanda Tam, President On Saturday, May 19th, Caldwell Temple AME Zion Church welcomed a hefty number of volunteers to serve meals its guests. Volunteers first learned a little bit of history about the Church and how it has served the Bronx community. Then the volunteers put on aprons, gloves, and highly un-flattering hair nets. Volunteers were encouraged to talk to the guests and were given jobs that ranged from planting in the community garden, setting tables for guests, to serving food.

Amanda’s Story At my first soup kitchen, I met some amazing people such as volunteers who were giving up their Saturday to feed hungry people and others were guests themselves. Even though I was a complete stranger to them, they thanked me for my service and encouraged me to try my best in life. When it was my turn to eat the tasty home-made marinated beef, I plopped down next to an old man who seemed lonely. However, once I started talking to him, he seemed like an extremely lively person. He gave me a history lesson about the civil rights movement and told me about his education. He even let me take a picture with him. But what touched me the most when conversing with him was that he gave me some books to read; books that he talked about in our conversation. He actually went home, picked them up, and brought them back. This was my first soup kitchen and it exceeded the fantasy in my head of people leaving happy and full. At first, I was there to serve people, to know that I a good deed. Then I realized that I could learn so much from the guests there. The Church has done an amazing thing by feeding hungry people and teaching volunteers that every single person matters in the world.

Connie’s story I have always wanted to volunteer at a soup kitchen, but this experience was way above my expectations. It was amazing how many hungry people there are in each community. We all felt extremely happy as we observed the guests eating so happily. I also met different people and acquired valuable knowledge on the world outside of what I am accustomed to. An old man kept on telling me that I was beautiful and at first, I just thanked him because I was very busy so I couldn’t really devote my full attention to him. However, he kept on talking to me and he had caught my attention at the word “suicide”. He told me that I resembled his daughter who had committed suicide. He told me that he would never commit suicide and that he will live “forever”, but what really moved me was that he said all those sad things while smiling ever so brightly. I really respect him because he didn’t give up on life, and smiles while he continues living his life. I also met another man named Houston. When he first talked to me, he asked me about doing community service and volunteering. He also asked me what my goal was for my future and I told him that I would like to go into the medical field. He told me how he was once someone who did bad things and has a criminal record, therefore making it hard to find a job. However, now he is a truck driver who delivers things all throughout the United States. I reminded him that as long as he realized his own mistakes, and changed, that’s all that matters. From this experience, I learned that you can always volunteer to help the community, but what makes something extremely meaningful is when you learn from the people and reach out to talk to others. I really learned that trivial things like a smile can make someone’s day and can impact other people and make them happy.



MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: June 2012 In a club as large as our own, it is important to recognize those who are dedicated, and those who go above and beyond the call and role of a member. That is why it is vital we recognize a familiar face in the crowd during various Key Club meetings and events. For the Month of JUNE 2012:


Dedicated member since 2009 Immediate Past President (2011-2012)

Victoria has been there to encourage me to try new things, and there to support my endeavors. Good leaders inspire people to do more – Kevin Chen, Dedicated Member

Dedicated member since 2009 Immediate Past Treasurer (2011-2012)

Whether by being an amazing key clubber or by being an amazing friend, Michelle have always done her duty and so much more for Key Club. She was always there, and willing to help when needed. -- Roman Mondal, Treasurer

Victoria and Michelle have been great leaders in the past year for key club. They have a way of projecting their ideas to the audience and I hope that they will achieve greater things in the future. Good luck Victoria and Michelle! – Irena Chen, Fundraising Committee Chair

Victoria is such an amazing leader and Key Clubber that she was up on the Senior Awards Ceremony hogging every possible award for leadership and service. Words cannot fully capture the passion Victoria has for the club and the ideals it stands for. –Xida Zou, Immediate Past Scrapbook Chair

Michelle is one of the most dedicated Key Clubbers I've ever met. I remember she was up late one night cramming for exams but she had promised to write me a rec and kept it. Despite having the responsibility of being President of another club, she was a great Treasurer and still remains a very active Key Clubber. – Xida Zou, Immediate Past Scrapbook Chair


CREDITS! The Newsletter Staff! Jessica Chan, Editor Connie Liang, Public Relations Committee Chair Qing Lin, Public Relations Committee Chair Valued Contributors: Irena Chen, Kevin Chen, Yiwen Huang, Christine Lim, Melissa Lei, Roman Mondal, Jasmine Quindala, Dawn Rafal, Amanda Tam, Katie Xue, Xida Zou

A Note to Contributors: Thank you so much for submitting to the newsletter. Please admire your work if it is published in this newsletter! If it does not appear in this issue, do not think I did not appreciate your work! All other articles have been submitted to the divisional or district newsletter. It has gone on, so look out for when those are released!

To our lovely readers: Thank you for taking your time to read! Much appreciation from the staff. ď Š




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