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where kulture lives Winter/Spring 2014 Advertisement Opportunities

About the mag Built Not Bought is a Magazine featuring mainly pre-60s home-built hot rods, rat rods, and motorcycles. The magazine also features pinup models, build stories, music reviews of bands and musicians related to the kustom kulture scene and event coverage of car shows and other kustom kulture events. We offer both a free online (digital) version of the publication as well as a print-on-demand hard copy, available for purchase. Our publication is based out of Tacoma, Washington, but our staff and other contributors are situated all over the U.S. and Canada. We currently have readers internationally in 8 different countries, and the reader base for this publication is very active in sharing the content we create. Our mission as a publication is to share with our readers what we think are some of the hottest builds, emerging artists, and pinups in the scene. Nothing about our publication is fake, it’s about real people living the kulture lifestyle.

Jonathan DeArman’s ‘55 Ford F100 Photo by: Ken Adkins

About our readers Our primary readership comes from our free digital publication, where we’re currently averaging over 3,000 readers monthly across a range of online distribution platforms. We’re also averaging over 100 total print copies for single copy sales. Our readership may seem small by comparison to some national publications, but it’s very defined. A majority of our readers are active in the car and kulture scene. Our primary audience is situated in the United States with the bulk of our readers coming out of the Northwest and Southeast. Our readers’ average age ranges from 25-44.

78% Male 22% Female

*Data based on 2014 Reader Survey

86% are 35 or older 14% are younger than 35 96% of our audience either builds cars or trucks as a hobby, or has a family member who does. 25% own 1 pre-70s car 66% own 2-10 pre-70s cars 5% own more than 10 pre-70s cars 35% live in the Northeast and Middle America 28% live in the Southeast USA 21% live in the Pacific NW 7% live in the Southwest 9% live in Canada or Abroad 80% of our audience have plans to build a pre-70s car or truck in the future.

PROJECTED GROWTH Our current rate of growth is 16% per month. We anticipate this growth to climb to between 20-30% per month between April and September because of car show season and increased opportunities for marketing the magazine. We currently have plans to increase our marketing push, to include: - Marketing at car shows and events across the U.S. through our staff. - A targeted facebook ads and Google Adwords Campaign in April. - Promotional Giveaways online and at events. - Cross-promotion with other organizations in our niche. We’re currently in cross-promotion with BarterJunkies and Speed, Metal, and Ink. We intend to seek out other organizations willing to cross-promote us. - Promoting our free digital at events through our staff. - Creating new content streams and new channels of distribution, online and in print. -Adding more non-print content, such as podcasts, videos, and web-only images to increase our audience through social shares, and increase traffic to our website.

Advertising opportunities Built Not Bought Magazine has advertising opportunities that stretch across our magazine’s diverse platforms. That means that you have the option of placing a print ad with us, and also getting featured on our website, our facebook page, and in other methods of communication with our audience such as our podcast, or a featured video.

NEW ADvertiser deals If this is your first time advertising with Built Not Bought Magazine, you automatically receive 25% off all ads purchased on your first contract, and you receive one free ad (same size as your largest purchased ad, i.e. 1 free full page ad, if you purchase a full page ad).

Advertising options Full Spread Full Page (Basic, Inside Cover, or Back Cover) Print Ad + Digital Ad on front of Website (with click thru) for 30 days per Ad + Facebook Mention per Ad + Podcast or Video Sponsor 1/2 Page Horizontal 1/4 Page Horizontal Print Ad + Digital Ad on subpage of Website (with click thru) for 30 days per Ad + Facebook Mention per Ad Business Card Print Ad

Advertising opTIONS Full Spread 1 Ad 2-3 Ads 4-6 Ads 6-10 Ads 10+ Ads

$300 $275 $250 $225 $200

Full Page - Inside Cover or Back Cover 1 Ad 2-3 Ads 4-6 Ads 6-10 Ads 10+ Ads

$200 $190 $180 $170 $150

Full Page 1 Ad 2-3 Ads 4-6 Ads 6-10 Ads 10+ Ads

$150 $140 $130 $120 $100

1/2 Page Horizontal 1 Ad 2-3 Ads 4-6 Ads 6-10 Ads 10+ Ads

$80 $75 $70 $65 $60

1/4 Page Vertical 1 Ad 2-3 Ads 4-6 Ads 6-10 Ads 10+ Ads

$60 $55 $50 $45 $40

Business Card Size 1 Ad 2-3 Ads 4-6 Ads 6-10 Ads 10+ Ads

$40 $35 $30 $25 $20


Full Spread Ad (2 Full Pages) & Full Page Ad Size

1/2 Page Horizontal

Business Card Size

1/4 Page Vertical

Advertising SPECS Full Page 8.5” x 11” (Trim size of the Ad is 8.25” x 10.75” The safe zone for content is within the area that is 7.75” x 10.25” Bleeds are: Top: 0.125”, Bottom: 0.125”, Outside: 0.25”) See Page 2 for picture explanations of the trim size and safe zone. 1/2 Page (Horizontal Only) 8.5” x 5.5” (Trim size of the Ad is 8.25” x 5.375”) The safe zone for content is within 7.75” x 4.875” 1/4 Page 4.25” x 5.5” (Trim size of the Ad is 4.125” x 5.375”) *contact us at for further specs. Business Card 4.25” x 3.25” *contact us at for further specs. SPECS: ALL ADS ARE FULL COLOR & CMYK. Images must be 300 dpi or greater. Please send ads as either PDF, TIF, PNG, or JPG. ALL Ads are pre-paid unless Managing Editor approved for an invoice. Pre-paid ad payments must be received with ad copy by the issue deadline you wish to advertise in. We will not accept late payments or late copy. Payment for ads can be made through paypal by visiting: advertising/ All new advertisers must also fill out an Ad Contract. This is our agreement to do business with you and also acts as written proof that we agree to print your advertisement. This ad contract is also available at: 8.5” x 11” (Trim size of the Ad is 8.25” x 10.75” The safe zone for content is within the area that is 7.75”

Don’t have an ad or don’t know how to design one? No problem! Our design team can work with you to create an ad if you have an idea of what you want.

Build Your Dream

From Rat Rod to Full Custom RogerFerris@att .net


MILD To Wild paint

Restorations to full custom


www.showcarspecialist .com

We charge $50 to design an ad. You own all the rights to the ad and can use it wherever you like. You will also receive a JPG of the file and an InDesign File, as well as files of any graphics used in PNG or JPG format.

Ad Sizing Guide ***Note: Make sure that nothing important is close to the trim line, but that the ad color(s) or graphic(s) extends beyond this line. If you do not extend the Ad to the 8.5” x 11” edge of the file you’re working in, the printer will leave a white line on the outside edge of the page.


CORRECT Trim Line Safe Zone Bleeds (Make sure to continue ad color/graphic ALL THE WAY to the edge of the PDF) PDF

Ad RUN DATES AND DEADLINES Ad Run Dates Apr 1 2014 May 1 2014 Jun 1 2014 Jul 1 2014 Aug 1 2014 Sep 1 2014 Oct 1 2014 Nov 1 2014 Dec 1 2014

Ad Deadlines Mar 15 Apr 15 May 15 Jun 15 Jul 15 Aug 15 Sep 15 Oct 15 Nov 15

All Ad Contracts, Payments, & Ad Designs must be received by deadline in order for us to run the ad.

AD DESIGN TIPS To Track your ad (in order to see how effective your ads are with us) you can do a couple different things: 1. Place a QR code on the Ad that links to your website landing page. Enable Google Analytics on your website landing page (Google Analytics is free to use and pretty easy to set up). When readers scan the QR code you can see (from your Google Analytics dashboard) if they are visiting your site based on the number of visitors you receive from the unique QR Code used. 2. Another, easier method, is that you can have a special code on the ad (it can be a word, or a series of letters and/or numbers). Customers can use this code when ordering from you or doing other activities on your website or offline with your business or organization. 3. You can also set up a unique URL on your website (which acts as a separate landing page for this specific advertising campaign). 4. If you’re a contact based business, you can ask how customers heard about you. 5. Another option, which acts as more of an incentive for readers to participate in tracking is to offer a small discount in the form of a coupon which can be redeemed with your business. Ad Design Tips - Don’t place DARK text on a DARK background, similarly avoid placing LIGHT text on a LIGHT background. -Use Fonts 10 pt and above and keep important content away from the outside edges. -Try to keep file sizes as small as possible. Larger file sizes may present problems when we go to upload to our printer. We will contact you if this is ever an issue. -Clarity is King, Shorter more succint ads are better than lengthy ads. -Highlight the Benefits of your product or service. -Make sure all graphics are high resolution (300dpi or greater). The best way to check the dpi is to: Using Windows: Right Click on the Image> Properties> Details Using Mac: Open the Image in Image Preview and press Command + I. Depending on the image type it will list dpi. If you have trouble with this you can find the dpi using Photoshop or the less expensive photoshop elements (or some other graphics manipulation software you have for ad designing). If you’re still unsure. The best way to test this is by creating your ad as a PDF. Once you create a PDF, view it, and see if it’s pixelated or fuzzy. If so, then it will probably have these same problems in print as well. -Include a CLEAR CALL TO ACTION! -A majority of our readers (90%+) read us in digital format so placing a small link to your landing page (and even embedding a hyperlink in your ad) will help them find your business even faster.

Built Not Bought Magazine Media Kit 2014  

Winter/Spring 2014 Advertising Opportunities