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Children's Therapy Tricycles Spring 2019



What makes our tricycles different from others? Q They have a simple, traditional design but with all the customised support you need - from one of the UK’s leading designers of adaptive technology for children. Q

Clinically focused frame geometry™ - We put an emphasis on posture and child development. Symmetry control - Midline control and better alignment of legs and feet.

Q 5 year frame and fork warranty.

FREE first anniversary trike health check and refit.*

Q Sturdy, stable frame set with low threshold for easy access. Independent rear drive and coaster wheels make cornering safer. Q Meaningful pedalling resistance - to promote physical development and a longer attention span. Q NEW! Quest 88 Carer Control System: 1. Intuitive and reliable rear steer option for parents and carers. 2. Pedalling and Steering opt-out for tired legs and hands. 3. Switch Hub Option - select fixed or free wheel pedalling. 4. Steering Limiter - to prevent sharp turns. Q SAFETY - Fully enclosed chain guard. Optional Wheel discs prevent finger traps! Q Assessments - Only carried out by Quest 88 and Ability Ireland trained staff. (No agents, no sales incentives). Q Quest 88 are members of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association).

Quest 88 tricycles can be separated into 3 parts for storage and transportation.

*Please refer to terms and conditions for more information

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Kitten Tricycle


(2-5 years)

Toddler Trike 12� Wheels

Alloy 5S TAK-GA08

Rocket Ship TAK-GA11 Avoid finger traps! The above spoke protector designs are available for the Kitten tricycle.

Trike shown above includes hip support, single grip handlebars, small afo footplates, alloy 5s spoke protectors and extra rear storage bag.

Find out more about Quest 88 carer control system on page 9.


Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Height (cm)

Inside Leg (cm)

User Weight (kg)






* Inside leg range may be increased with use of crank shorteners

Frame Colours*

* Red - Matt only.

Colt /Carousel Tricycle

Cupcake TAC-GA013

(4-7 years)

Junior Trike 16� Wheels Alloy 5S TAC-GA08

CRUZA TAC-GA07 Avoid finger traps! The above spoke protector designs are available for the Colt/Carousel tricycle.

Find out more about Quest 88 carer control system on page 9.

Trike shown above includes rear steer system, hip support, single grip handlebars, medium footplates, cruza spoke protectors and extra rear storage bag.

Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Height (cm)

Inside Leg (cm)

User Weight (kg)






* Inside leg range may be increased with use of crank shorteners

Colt Frame Colours*

Carousel Frame Colours

* Red - Matt only.

Copyright Š 2018 All Rights Reserved by Quest 88.


8. Re se rv ed by QU ES T8

ig ht s

l Al

R p Co

tŠ gh yri



Panther Tricycle

Tourer TAP-GA03

(7-12 years)

Pre-teen Trike 20� Wheels

Tokyo Girl TAP-GA06 Avoid finger traps! The above spoke protector designs are available for the Panther tricycle.

Trike shown above includes rear steer system, hip support, twin grip handlebars, large afo footplates, tourer spoke protectors and extra rear storage bag.

Find out more about Quest 88 carer control system on page 9.


Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Height (cm)

Inside Leg (cm)

User Weight (kg)






* Inside leg range may be increased with use of crank shorteners

Frame Colours*

* Red - Matt only.

Efficient Pedalling Action - make it meaningful and rewarding Which Gear? Gearing is more complex than you might think and is not simply about ratios, but also involves wheel diameters, crank length and the quality of the wheels. Simply having too grippy or wide a tyre can have a bearing on how easy or hard a tricycle is to pedal. If you make the riders legs too splayed, this too can greatly effect efficiency. Our Product Specialists are trained to identify the most beneficial gearing.

RS GEA _____


We offer an easy gear option for each tricycle which may be suited to children with very low tone or for children who need to be restricted in their speed because of environmental constraints or limited cognitive awareness.

More Resistance = More Strength

If strength and conditioning is a key goal then it is sometimes better to have more resistance, this is when we would recommend a standard gear setup even if, initially, pedalling is more difficult.



Standard Fixed Wheel Hub Historically, Quest 88 Tricycles have been Fixed Wheel Tricycles – This means that as the pedals are turned, the rear drive wheel is turned and visa-versa. This creates added momentum when pedalling and this is beneficial to children with low tone and strength especially for children with Spastic Diplegia. There are other benefits to fixed wheel pedalling such as enabling children to pedal backwards to help with turning in tight spaces. It can also limit speed when selected with the easy gear option. The Fixed Wheel is fantastic for those children who cannot necessarily manage to pedal independently yet can still benefit from passive rotation of their hips, knees and ankles as someone pushes and/or steers the tricycle for them.

Quest 88 Switch Hub TM (Fixed and Freewheel option on the same bike)

Our Switch Hub TM option allows children to progress onto Free Wheel pedalling once they have established better rhythm and/or increased their stamina and strength.

Our new state of the art Switch Hub TM means that you can simply select whether to engage fixed or free pedalling*depending on wh without their legs turning.

The Switch Hub TM is also very useful for tricycles in schools or centres, allowing staff to easily select the best setting for different children. It is the best of both worlds.

Copyright Š 2018 All Rights Reserved by Quest 88.


Steering New! Handlebar fixing options

Quest 88 Gripmits

Quest 88 Tricycles now have two fixing options for handlebars:-

Gripmits are a positive and comfortable way of maintaining grip. They come in a range of sizes and are designed for those who:

Position 1- This is the standard handlebar position which allows steering of the tricycle.

1. 2. 3.

Position 2- This is a locked steering position and this can be used when a child is tired and doesn’t not want to move their arms or have them moved.


This position is also very useful when behaviour may be an issue and a child begins to resist someone using the rear

Twin Grip Handlebars This is a very useful feature and enables children to move their hands inwards/outwards to control steering whilst maintaining good sitting balance.


Hand size measurement indicator


A (cm)


up to 10







Young Adult




The Gripmits updated design includes an additional strap for the crease of the palm to control sideways movement and a pocket for more positive finger location. You can use these features to achieve the best control for you.




Gripmit features


It’s Gripping Stuff!

Tonally, have limited gripping ability. Have limited fine motor control. Have ‘startle’ reflexes and can spontaneously




Posture Management

- clinically

focused frame geometry.

Four Point Bib Harness

for those who need greater support and restraint whilst riding.


Chest Pad

Leg Harness stops potential sliding and prevents over extension.

Head Support (available in different sizes and formats).

Adjustable Hip Support to assist with the riders symmetrical alignment and posture as well as offering a greater sense of


Thoracic Supports

Hoist Friendly Seat Option Copyright Š 2018 All Rights Reserved by Quest 88.


Carer Control

- several

ways you can interact, protect and encourage young riders.

Carer Control Combi Rod System

With this option, we supply both front and rear connectors with an interchangeable rod.

Front: Pull Rod

Carer Control System:

The pull rod attaches near the handlebars and enables carers to have total control of the speed and direction of the rider whilst maintaining eye contact.

(Giving you piece of mind) Rear: Push Rod

Intuitive and reliable steer options for parents and carers.

The push rod is connected to the rear of the frame and is useful in assisting the rider (or restrain them) whilst the rider is steering for themselves.

Switch Hub™ - select fixed or free wheel pedalling. Carer Rear Steer

Pedalling and Steering opt-out for tired legs and hands. Steering Limiter - to prevent sharp turns. 9

The Rear Steer System is designed for the carer who can assist the rider who needs aid with their steering. With the reassurance of the Rear Steer System, the rider gains confidence and easily adapts to the tricycle. The Rear Steer System can also be used for slowing down the rider.

Anti Finger Trap

All Quest 88 tricycles can be accessorised with wheel discs for extra added safety. Wheel spokes can cause finger trapping.

Foot & Ankle Control Whether it is choosing the right crank length, the positioning of the calf support or a frame design which prevents extreme abduction – Quest 88 believes that correct alignment and foot positioning is key to maintaining an efficient pedalling and achieving good upper body symmetry. It is these details that set our tricycles apart and why a full assessment is crucial to addressing your child’s unique needs.

Standard System


Toe Cage and Bungee Heel Straps

Hase Special Pedals

For children who require less support; bungee heel straps are a great way to ensure a good foot location whilst at the same time give the rider greater feel and independence.

Suitable for the Colt, Carousel and Panther Tricycles, These advanced Hase Special Pedals can be adjusted from a UK 13 Shoe Size to a UK adult 15 1/2. This means that they can be transferred onto future trikes as the child grows.

Quest 88 Standard Footplates and Standard AFO Footplates

Quest 88 has used this style of footplate for over 25 years and it never lets us down; providing positive foot positioning and a sturdy construction. These are available in a range of sizes and are suitable for all Quest 88 Therapy Tricycles.

The foot angle can also be adjusted. Once all adjustments have been made, the straps can be easily fastened and released with one hand. The foot is held comfortably and securely in the best position possible.

Hase Calf Supports

The Hase Calf Support is designed to be used with the Hase Special Pedals. Its unique and ingenious structure provides firm support for the leg but enables the ankle to flex naturally, allowing for a circular pedaling motion.

Quest 88 Standard Calf/ Ankle Supports.

These are used in conjunction with Quest 88 Standard AFO Footplates and control the footankle relationship - to prevent foot drop whilst pedalling. These supports also prove to be a more effective alternative to saddle pommels found on other trikes; controlling adduction/ abduction. They come in a range of stem lengths and cuff widths and fit just below the knee on the tibial tuberosity rather than on the soft tissue on the calf.

Advanced System

This freedom of movement is made possible by an adjustable elastomer spring [see FIG.1]

FIg.1 -Adjustable elastomer spring Quest 88 Footplates and calf supports Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved by Quest 88.


ARE YOU READY FOR A BIGGER ADVENTURE? Introducing the Quest 88 Hub Based in the heart of Shropshire, the Quest 88 HUB is a specialist bike shop and assessment centre which caters for people of all ages abilities. Quest 88 are rehab specialists for leading brands of adaptive cycles including; Hase and ICE. The HUB is situated in the picturesque and histrolical town of Shrewsbury next to the park, which provides plenty of space for you to try new things and give you a taste for new personal and family adventures.

Find out more at:

H U B Showroom and Assessment Centre T: 01743 363512 E:

Quest 88 Hub, 1 St Julian’s Friars, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 1XL /88hub

Quest 88 Limited, Aston Street, Shifnal, Shropshire, TF11 8DW @Quest_88

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Q88 - CT2019 V1

Quest 88 Limited products must only be used under appropriate supervision. Please consult a professional healthcare worker before purchasing or contact Quest88 Limited for more information. The products featured in this catalogue will only function correctly and safely when set up in accordance with the user instructions. Please keep these safe and accessible. Occasionally specifications and colours may change. To avoid disappointment, please contact our sales team for the most recent product information. Quest 88 Limited reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

T: 0 1 9 5 2 4 6 3 0 5 0 E: W:



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