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Hotel Limketkai RP’s 1st USGBC LEED Registered (GOLD) Hotel Building HOTEL Limketkai is the Philippines’ first USGBC LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) registered (Gold) Hotel building. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) consists of a suite of rating systems for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings, homes and neighborhoods. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED is intended to provide building owners and operators a concise framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions. The Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) was established by USGBC to provide a series of exams to allow individuals to become accredited for their knowledge of the LEED rating system. This is recognized through either the LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) or LEED Green Associate (LEED Green Assoc.) designation. GBCI also provides third-party certification for projects pursuing LEED.

Hotel Limketkai - Expected to start operation by the 2nd Quarter of 2013, this 18-storey hotel offers 212 well-appointed business class hotel rooms and suites with world-class amenities and services including an infinity pool, gym, spa, business function rooms and a 700-seat ballroom. Hotel Limketkai will not be the tallest building in Mindanao for long since Limketkai Center has also started foundation work for its 35 storey structure designed for a 5-star hotel beside this 4-star Hotel Limketkai. The Limketkai Mall. - The anchor development of Limketkai Center now has a built-up area of approximately 322,550 sq. meters, including the latest additional spaces at the Green Lane and East Concourse Extension and Annex Building. Average Foot traffic or shoppers-count entering the Limketkai Mall during regular weekdays reached approximately 80,000. This swells to 100,000-115,000 on weekends and holidays. At present, the Limketkai Mall houses more than 475 shops and stores, both in the

middle and high-end range of the market. Among the leading stores are Robinson’s Department Store and Supermarket, Handyman, National Bookstore, Mercury Drug and Watson’s, concept stores of Samsung, Sony, Digital Hub (Apple) and Puma, as well as the stores of the Rustan’s Stores Specialists, Inc., such as Marks & Spencer, Lacoste, 158 Blvd., Charriol, Cache Cache, Gap, etc. The Limketkai Mall’s Rotunda plays host to many business, social and cultural events, shows and exhibits. Bigger events are mostly held in the Limketkai Atrium. The Limketkai Atrium- This cavernous multi-function hall in Limketkai Center is the p r e f e r r e d v e n u e f o r conventions, conferences, exhibits, pageants, concerts and shows, even for grand dinners and receptions. It is so because of its capacity of at least 4,500 seats, including the gallery in the second level. The Atrium is equipped with top-of-the-line audiovisual equipment, especially for concerts and special large gatherings.

The Rosario Strip- Adorned with luscious gardens and follage of trees, this strip of resto-bars, pizza parlors, coffee shops and regional food diners, offers a refreshing place for recreation and repose, closing business deals,entertaining visitors, etc. The Rosario Strip is complementary and interconnected to the new 24/7 Gateway Entertainment Zone in the north side of Limketkai Center via the elevated walkways. The Limketkai Gateway Tower - The 8-storey edifice along the north-side of the Limketkai Center serves as the main gateway to the Limketkai business district from the national highway. It is envisioned to become a financial center to serve the City of Cagayan de Oro and its environs. Hence, it is ideal as office for professionals, banks, financial institutions and other firms. The Limketkai Gateway Tower also houses 24/7 stores of Jollibee and Rose Pharmacy that completes the adjacent 24/7 Gateway Entertainment Zone across the Limketkai Avenue.

Learning the Value of Saving for the Future By Jesus Vicente O. Garcia, EVP and Branch Banking Group Head

Why don’t we teach our kids sound and proper financial management? This might sound like quite a complex and intricate idea to impart to children who are only starting to learn about ABC’s and 1-2-3’s. But simply put, financial management is all about learning how to effectively manage one’s money – learning how to spend and save wisely. And there’s really no appropriate age when this should be taught to our children as they are exposed to money at such an early age. Another academic year has just began and millions of kids are now going back to their respective schools for another year of learning bringing with them their books, writing pads, pencils and pens, and of course, their baon or allowance. Rather than their allowances go to waste with cheap toys and trinkets, not to mention unhealthy food, it would be better if our kids’ extra allowances go to a savings account of their own for their future use. Not only that, this is one way of educating our kids about the value of saving. And I believe it’s never too early to teach kids the value of saving for their future. This is the recent advocacy being undertaken by

the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) entitled “Building for the Future Program for the Filipino Children”. Together with the Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines (BMAP) and DepEd, the BSP is teaching kids as young as grade-schoolers the value and importance of, as they like to say, “Saving for the rainy days”. This is done by incorporating simple financial teachings in their HeKaSi subject. This way, children learn the importance of saving money and it eventually becomes a habit for them. The banking industry is also participating in this advocacy program by coming up with special deposit savings products targeted towards kids from 0-12 years. Several banks, including Philippine Veterans Bank, are now offering these kiddie deposit savings and with the BSP’s approval, account opening rules have been relaxed to further entice kids (and their parents) to go to the bank of their choice and avail of the product. In the case of Veterans Bank, our kiddie savings called “Bulilit Build-Up Savings” requires just P100 to open and maintain the account. When the kiddie account reaches P1,000, it begins to earn interest just like a regular deposit account. There’s also a 12-month

build-up period wherein the Bulilit Build-Up Savings won’t be charged for dormancy or if the account falls below the minimum maintaining balance. Also, our Bulilit Build-Up Savings is a passbook-only account further strengthening the idea of saving on our kids because with a passbook they won’t be able to easily just withdraw money if they were instead issued ATMs. Kids and parents interested in opening a Bulilit Build-Up Savings simply have to visit one of our 60 branches nationwide and bring along the following: - 1x1 ID picture of the child - Identification of the child (birth certificate and/or school ID) The Bulilit Build-Up Savings is targeted towards kids 0 – 12 years. For kids 7 years and below, the account will be In-Trust-For (ITF). So, this early in the school year, encourage your kids to save part of their baon and when they have earned at least a hundred pesos, open a kiddie savings for them. Let’s start teaching them the value of saving this early so they’ll grow up financially responsible.

Note from the PUBLICATION MANAGER BWM Magazine is finally here, your business magazine. Initially co n ce p t u a lize d ov e r a ca s u a l conversation with the publisher, now the possibility became a reality. This is an avenue for all advertisers, businessmen a n d e n t re p re n e u rs to p u t o n t h e magazine what they can offer to our consumers and the business community alike. I thank the people who are behind the success of this maiden issue. Sure we had some very minor technical setbacks in the whole process of making this mag – who hasn’t? Let’s be real. That’s why I personally thank the people who kept pushing me to move forward. First, I would like to thank the Lord Almighty for giving us unending inspiration to carry out out tasks, thanks also to our Publisher, Mr. Dante Sudaria for entrusting this publication to me, Mr. Allan Mediante, Mr. Nelson Constantino, and Mr. Ruel Pelone whom I consider to be my toughest mentors since my OJT days – now, you are my colleagues, for that alone, it’s truly an honor to work with you. Thank you to the staff and crew of BusinessWeek Mindanao, Mindanao

D a il y , a n d M in d a n a o Sta r B a li ta fo r accepting us into your brood, our experience here is really dynamic and can get pretty rowdy at times but let’s just say – it’s more fun at BWM! I like to thank my good friend and artist Ronald Mastail for painstakingly putting the magazine in its technical and artistic form. To Ms. Angel Azcuna, for gracing my lenses in the sampler mag (which you see on our marketing kit and facebook page) photoshoot and for helping me spread the BWM love to friends and colleagues alike – you’re truly an angel. Special thanks to Mr. Ped Quiamjot of Pryce Plaza for letting us do the shoot at Compadre’s bar. Thank you to my wife, Kris and our little baby Samantha Andrea for keeping me on my feet throughout the tough part of my career, that’s behind me now thanks to the both of you. To my mother, brother and sisters and my siblings-inlaw, my “Patag” family, relatives of the UY Pianco and YAP clans, my friends, clients, advertisers, my students and former students – Daghang Salamat. SHAUN ALEJANDRAE Y. UY Publication Manager

he e t es r u t ri ea ill f her sto p. w i t sue and o endsh s I i st Fr al ugu Festiv olden A Our ay-an ity of G Kag the C from


STAFF Dante Sudaria Publisher Shaun Alejandrae Yap Uy Publication Manager Allan Mediante Editor-in-Chief Nelson Constantino Editorial Consultant Ruel Pelone Online Editor BWM Magazine is published by BusinessWeek Mindanao Advertising and Promotions It is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Region 10 with Certificate No. 00875701, and with Business Permit No. 2010-5698, TIN No. 946-396-807 – Non VAT.


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Musicvision Levels Up Cagayan de Oro City’s quintessential music store moves to the 2nd level, literally and figuratively. The City of Golden Friendship’s original, home-grown record distributor started as the Oro Record Center in 1975 at the Maura So building at the corner of Cruz Taal and Tiano Brothers street. It was basically your mom-and-pop “holein-the-wall” but it was the source of the latest music to a generation stepped in the folk rock revolution sweeping the world in those days. In the days before piracy, people went for the original stuff so 45rpm singles, vinyl 12’ LPs and later cassette tapes were the norm. The music business was booming so Tony and Malou Uy opened their second establishment, the present day Music Vision in 1977. This was followed by Maan Video and Sounds in 1992 as one of the pioneer establishments of Limketkai Mall, the city’s first ever shopping mall. Later, another branch was set up in the Cogon Market opposite the present day National Book Store. This was the heyday of music and

video and the video rentals were the craze as Kagay-anons went gaga over viewing their movies at home with their Betamax and VHS videocassette recorders. MTV gave music a new impetus and the music industry appeared to know no bounds. Alas, the dawn of the digital age also rang the death knell for the omnipotent music industry as video piracy went viral and the pioneer video rental stores like Paras Video, Video II, Ever Video and of course, Maan Video and Sounds saw their market share disappear into pirated movies and music hawked in the city’s sidewalks. The emergence of the internet and the MP3 music player was the coup de grace as people simply opted to download their music into their IPods and simply stopped buying legitimate music CDs and DVDs since the ostensibly illegal alternatives were so cheap and easy to get.

In short order, the Cogon shop was closed, followed shortly by the original Oro Record bar at Cruz Taal-Tiano. The Limketkai branch followed and today only the MusicVision store at R.N. Abejuela street in Divisoria survives. Although Tony and Malou still distribute CDs and DVDs to major stores like Ororama and Gaisano, the MV shop has had to give way to the new family enterprises: Mardy’s Fast Food and now, Wang’s Tea Fuzion, opened just last week. MV is now in the second floor of the same building and is now focused on specializing on hard-to-find music selections that usually can’t be found in the internet or the pirated CDs on the sidewalks. Still, Tony and Malou’s love for music remains and MV continues at a higher plane, in a higher place, till someday a new renaissance or new medium brings it back to the mainstream of legitimate industry.


From the PUBLISHER I am convinced that most of the ideas that have dominated media service in Mindanao have worked against convenient business presentations in the sense that a product or service is marketed through newspapers which can relate only to vague sales pitches. This reality prodded us to come up with a new advertising and marketing venue – the BWM Magazine. No vague sales pitches because we will devote a sufficient space for a clear and sensible explanation as why people should try your products. We will apply the dictum that “Truth in Advertising” is the best way to ensure a healthy business

atmosphere. No half-truths or deceit. Your company’s product or services will be properly explained and its merits assessed and analyzed. Take advantage of BWM services to help spread the message of Mindanao’s economic and environmental benefits within local communities. We, on the other hand, would use every opportunity we can to educate people on the benefits of your products and services. We present BWM Magazine as a tool of motivation for your employees to perform better in achieving the objectives of your company. Through motivation, you will obtain better levels

of performance, productivity, efficiency, creativity, responsibility and commitment on the part of your employees. But the main objective is to infect and offer better service to your customers. A good level of motivation within the company would provide a positive work environment: promoting creativity, new ideas and initiatives. This is only a small portion of what BWM Magazine can do for you. Think of the varied possibilities we can give to your business. Welcome to the club! DANTE M. SUDARIA Publisher

From the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Welcome to BWM Magazine! We are creating a new world for your business. Your partnership with us could help you change culture to benefit your brands, and help you change your brands to benefit consumer culture. BWM is here to challenge the status quo and redefine industry by making an impact on culture, business and products. We’d love to make changes for you, to see the effect of business presentations designed exclusively for your company. BWM does not only do a business “art" for you, but about beauty or reflecting life as it is. With us you can challenge the conventions of culture, the accepted beliefs of our time and clients’ choices. BWM would help you put a spotlight on what makes your product and services special and illuminate their transcendent meaning to make it relevant in today’s rapidly-changing business culture. A lot has changed in the business world. People have become content creators and are the chief content distributors. Media advertising is not

rammed anymore into the readers’ throats, It has to be a tool for interaction and conversation with people, and in the process create a social contract between people and brands. How will consumers experience your brand? BWM is here to make your relationship with consumers become more intimate. Brands have the opportunity and expectation to become intimate with a consumer or a small business entity or even a friend. Because of this, BWM’s expectations for honesty, ideals and meaning are high and represent huge opportunities. BWM will illuminate your Brand to make it more multidimensional, more human. Brands have stood for simple things in the past like making people call all toothpastes as Colgate. But these days people also want to know “why.” It’s not enough to be great at something or to be an expert in your field. The world is buying your bigger mission. This has to pervade and drive your brand’s messaging and actions. We have the medium to present and create your brand in a fundamentally

different way: the way it talks, behaves and thinks and the way to persuade. With BWM, your branding start with strategy. Not the common ads talk but simultaneous demand and opportunity for your brands to communicate their values. We know what we stand for, we know who we are. And we do what we commonly believe is right. BWM will take your consumers into full circle from retail ordering and tracking to recruiting new adherents. And it starts with your brand’s “why” because without it you can’t have a real conversation. Then let us let them know who your brand is and what are the shared values between them and people. We present ways to create action, conversation and conversion that cements people to the brand. Your brand has to know and communicate your story but it has to also be able to tell the consumer’s story. Let BWM Magazine be your storyteller.


Unclutter your



..It is not about how many images or how many words you put into your ad, it’s about what counts...



he best ads are oftentimes the s i m p l e s t o n e s. Brands like the “swoosh”, “the ribbon”, “apple” and other known companies know their brand image. Before we delve into the world of branding we must learn how to overcome clutter in advertising. Let’s say you have a full page newspaper ad in your locality that would probably be an 11x17 inches space – with all that space you begin to imagine what to put into the ad, creating a million images in your head. Then, the layout presents itself – wow! Too many images. It is not about how many images or how many words you put into your ad, it’s about what counts. We read in marketing and advertising books about a USP – Unique Selling Proposition. This is usually the answer to your problems. How do we come up with the USP? Sorry, but this can’t be imagined nor can it be a fruit of a pop-up light bulb above your head. This is a part of researching more about your product. It doesn’t necessarily follow that since you made the product – you already know what it does. We need to know more about our product, its uses – both primary and secondary. Product testing is a must for big companies – as it should be for smaller ones, remember these big companies weren’t handed success on a silver platter. This will also help you improve on your product a lot. USP will help us narrow

down what we need to put into our ads. When you put too many details on your ad, it becomes cluttered and utterly ugly. Sometimes, not researching more about your product can lead to funny ads. Have you ever wondered where these funny ads on the internet come from? About 90% of them came from real advertisements. I can remember an ad I’ve seen on TV, it was about an herbal shampoo – it was a great trend back in the 90’s, where the commercial model is facing away from the camera revealing a naturally shiny hair as promised by the shampoo – the revelation didn’t stop there, the model turns and whoa! It was a GUY! Come on, really?! Guys don’t like shiny long hair – women do. The commercial was funny, I tell you that. I wonder why they don’t advertise now, not to mention I don’t see their product anymore. Maybe this is a case of wrong USP and maybe the creators of the ad just wanted it to be funny. Come to think of it – I can’t remember anything about what the product does – but I do remember the ad because it was funny. Was that a cluttered advertisement? Yes, it was. The clutter is the GUY. I think it would have been effective if it were a female instead of a male model. USP will help you unclutter your ads. Get to know your product better and you’ll never go wrong – you may never run out of ideas how to advertise it, but it only takes a few words to really make it sell.


Junior accountants explore more than punching numbers


by: Shaun Alejandrae Yap Uy

he first ever Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants Short Film Festival (PSFF) kicks off with a red carpet premiere at the Rodelsa Hall, Liceo de Cagayan University, July 7, with the theme “Watch a Film… Feed a Child” as part of the preliminary events to this year’s Accountancy Week celebration. The PSFF’s premiere raised funds, through ticket sales, for the benefit of the pupils of Pedro Roa Elementary School in Calaanan, Cagayan de Oro City. Mr. Edwin M. delos Santos Jr., CPA, who chairs this year’s celebration said “it must have been my hidden passion and love for freedom of expression and art that fuelled my strength in pursuing this momentous film festival…and that absolutely, if not all of us, are film lovers.” The festival features 6 shorts from junior accountants representing different schools in the region. “Twice in a Lifetime” produced by accountancy students of Pilgrim Christian College which tells a story

Local filmmakers Atoy Martinez & Shaun Uy along with Mr. Galeleo Garcia of MARINA and Mindanao Daily News Managing Editor Joe Felicilda deliberate the results of the 1st PICPA Short Film Festival.

of second chances, life, and first love. “Broken Serendipity”, a story about change, acceptance and hope comes from Liceo U accountancy students. “Mortem” produced by COC-PHINMA students explores the differences of cultures in a mix of suspense and crime plotlines. “The Promise” narrates a story about the beauty of life through the eyes of the blind, produced by Lourdes College accountancy students. While “Deceit” has a self-explanatory title, it is the story telling of sibling rivalry in all facets of life, and who really got deceived in the end, this twisty flick is produced by students from Central Mindanao University. “Bb. Cancer” is a standout film from all the entries, produced by Xavier University accountancy students, tells a story of a young lady who lives her life based on her horoscopes. Later, she entertains the thought of finding her soul mate through the signs of the zodiac… and true enough, she does, but will she follow her heart or choose to follow the pages of the horoscopes. A n o n - c o m p e t i n g e n t r y, “Kumakatok”, is produced by PICPA Cagayan de Oro Chapter. Set in the provinces it tells a story of an urban legend of “knockers” who take away people’s souls. The twists of fate in the flick are something to take notice of; we can all note that it is in a Filipino’s nature to tell stories. This year’s celebration of the Accountancy Week is a joint project of three PICPA chapters; Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and Iligan.


The Photography Sharing Edition by Shaun Uy & Friends

photo by MATOY ELIPE


et me give you a little retrospect on Cookies & Coffee. This is my column in BusinessWeek Mindanao Newspaper which mostly delves into marketing and advertising insights and anything under the sun. Now, Cookies & Coffee will share with you photography techniques, tips, and tricks along with my friends, to help guide newbies and advanced hobbyists. The featured photographers here are hobbyists and members of the Oro Photographic Society (OPS) as this is one of the thrusts of the group, as a member; it is my duty to share to others what we learn. One way or another, this will help our fellow hobbyists and newbies in photography to fully understand the technicalities and aesthetics of our chosen art form. Also, I want to share to our photos Model: Yssa Nere ISO: 100 Aperture: f/4 Shutter Speed :1/128 White Balance : K4000 Metering Mode: Spot Focal Length: 85mm Camera: EOS 7D PHOTO BY GILBERT GULANG

to the community, especially businessmen and entrepreneurs. Their busy lifestyle and sometimes stressful world could use some LIGHT. There you have it. Now, on with the sharing… Starting out in photography at an early age, I was either asked to photograph a family portrait or just a simple snapshot using the old Kodak Mini Instamatic-, this lead to my passion for photography. Now, do you kids still wonder why the term “Magpa-Kodak” exists? Without Kodak, the world of photography now would be somewhat very dull, as it was George Eastman who popularized photography with “you push the button, we do the rest” as their credo! It’s now the digital age, the simplicity of the instamatics have been replaced with mind-boggling buttons. There is also an on-going debate about to Photoshop or not to Photoshop. We’ll dig deeper photo by COOKIE NOBLE

into that in the coming months. Now, to really get into photography first we need to have the basic tool – and this comes for free, it is called LIGHT. Photography literally translates as Drawing with Light and this is the first basic element in photography. Next you need a camera. Now this is where the confusion comes in – why? Let’s say you bought your new DSLR, let me guess – you opened the box in awe and much to your delight scoured through the plastic and attached the lens and memory card and started shooting right away. Forgot something? The USER’S MANUAL!!! Tip # 1: READ THE USER’S MANUAL this will help you a lot in starting out, so please do. That’s my only tip for this issue. The next ones are from my friends. Let’s start with what we commonly photograph – people. CONTINUED ON PAGE 18

The Aquifer of Agusan Marsh


eoples migration and the fast growing population will expand eastward to as far as the Caraga region in search of farm lands and new communities. The challenge to create more food producing regions in Mindanao to feed millions of Filipinos in the next decade threatens wetlands and waterways with extinction. Forests and swamps found in the heartland of Mindanao could disappear before the end of this century if no new environmental laws and tight regulations are introduced and acted by the government. The Agusan Marsh in Agusan del Sur is a heritage of the past handed down to the Manobo tribes from their ancestors. It is a source of life for the living, home to migratory birds, fish and aquatic creatures. Plants and rare tree species help propagate wildlife and maintain the ecological balance of nature. The vast expanse of marsh covers an area roughly the size of Metro Manila. Agusan Marsh is home to the crocodile species that has produced a world record as

the largest. The sources of water as aquifer to the Agusan Marsh has come from the mountains of Trento and Bunawan, two heavily logged areas in Agusan del Sur slowly losing its luster and relevance to the land of promise. Denuded forests have erased the green patch and scorched mountains glow at night from the slash and burn method of farming prevalent in the area. What has happened to our forests? Realities have uncovered man’s abuse of nature with repeated apprehensions of hundreds of truckloads of fallen trees loaded down public highways into the burgeoning lumber and sawmill yards in the nearby cities of Davao, Butuan and Cagayan de Oro. Logging has been declared illegal in Caraga region. It is the perennial culprit to the yearly flooding in Butuan City and the nearby municipalities underlying the lower delta of the Agusan provinces. Logging and cutting of trees is big business in Mindanao. It is the source of funds to run well-oiled machineries to mount political battles among the known powerful political families in the region.



A century old tree can pitch thousands of pesos in lumber products. It can buy a dozen of M-16s and hundreds of votes for a politician running in an election. Logging goes unabated for as long elections are held every three years. All over Mindanao, no one is safe anymore from the wrath of nature. Communities in Central Mindanao are hit with flooding due to forest denudation. Big cities in Northern Mindanao were almost wipedout by floods from an ordinary typhoon that hit the region last year. What brought the destruction? The barrage of cut logs and tons of eroded soil cascading the rivers. Disasters are no longer an act of God. It has defied science by altering the course of nature causing climate change mitigation in our region. Mindanao was once referred as the last frontier in the Philippines from the Gregorio Zaide written history text books that were circulated in the public schools some forty years ago. That was when trees were according to the poem of Joyce Kilmer?

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GREETINGS “To BWM, congratulations on your maiden issue! Looking forward to a strong partnership with you!” ~ Charmaine P. Tadlas, Regional Information Officer, DSWD – 10

“Soar high, BWM!” ~ Em-Em Gatuslao

“Congratulations to BWM Magazine on its maiden issue, as our economy become stronger, being informed is one way for businesses to leverage their presence in their community and BWM Magazine will surely deliver for its readers and the business community.” ~Nap Beltran, Social Media Coach, Photoworldmanila

be part in the crafting of this wonderful & brilliant project. It was sort of a no-brainer to say “YES” to the invitation-not just because of Shaun’s talent, but simply because he’s a very good friend and I have confidence with the team-- yet personally I was a bit apprehensive if I could “DO” the task expected of me. None the less, the Mag is launched! I salute the creative minds of my trailblazing friends in conceptualizing BWM ^_ _^. At this day and age, BWM is the necessary prime mover not just in advertising but in propelling the already-rich-and-competitive economy in Mindanao. Kudos to the great team and ovation to the success of BWM!” ~Angelie Azcuna

“Congrats BWM Magazine...Have a great year!” ~D’blends Entertainment

“You’re on your way to great things…Great job, Congratulations to both of you Ron & Shaun, and BWM Magazine!” ~Karen Melgo

“Congratulations to BWM Magazine for your successful maiden issue. Keep it up, more power and more successful issues to release. We are proud of you!”

“Wishing you all the Best for lauching your first ever BWM magazine; hope your effort will lead to inspire many magazine readers Worldwide”...”MABROOK”... ~Engr. Leandro Vergara, State of Qatar

~Virch & Armonie Villegas from Dubai,UAE

“Warm greetings to the publisher and editors of BWM Magazine! This mag will certainly satisfy the increasingly sophisticated taste of readers in the business community of Cagayan de Oro. Congratulations!”

“More power to BWM hope na maabot to dito Davao City”

~Dr. Wewel Sison, President, Oro Photographic Society

~Rudolph Ian Alama, Davao Filmmaker

“Congratulations BusinessWeek Mindanao on your new venture! May this magazine inspire more people. God bless!”

“To BWM Magazine, congratulations and may this journey in bringing the best of Mindanao be a fruitful one! Sail on and best wishes!” ~Owen Jaen

~Christine Cabiasa, MassComm Student, Licean Psyche Editor

“Honor and great privilege is an understatement when I was invited to


“Congratulations to BusinessWeek Mindanao! Best of luck and may each page you publish provide inspiration and information to the ever growing business community in Mindanao and beyond.” ~Remton Siega Zuasola, Cebu Filmmaker/ GAWAD URIAN Best Director

“Congratulations BWM on your maiden issue… Keep on Rollin’ and God bless!” ~Kris Jamelano-Uy and Baby Samantha Andrea J. Uy

“Congratulations and best wishes To BWM on your maiden issue!” - LIMKETKAI CENTER

“ ORORAMA is proud of you! This is another value of success! CONGRATULATIONS” ~Claire

Congratulations to BWM Magazine, to Shaun and partners, You have come a long way, job well done. Conquer the world of truth advertising and you will have great success. ~ Nong Noling, Ate Jeanette and Family, New York, USA

Dr. Julius Ignatius B. Uy Dr. Jonna Marie D. Go Dr. Nikki O. Sanchez and staff of

DR. UY DENTAL CLINIC 024 de Leon St, Iligan City Tel. No. 221 2821

I personally congratulate BusinessWeek Mindanao magazine and all the men and women behind it, and in its remarkable and unique effort in recognizing the leadership of Mindanao businessmen and for promoting business reporting among media practitioners. It is not surprising that the businesses in Mindanao are a force to reckon with and it is just but noteworthy to put to the fore their outstanding contribution to nation-building. May your tribe increase and serve as inspiration to other communities which seek to explore better engagement among various stakeholders. Congratulations. ~Ariel C. Sebellino, PPI executive director

Xavier Ecoville celebrates Balik Tanaw sa Larong Pinoy by: Xyla Mercedita Gualberto

Computer games may have stolen the spotlight from the old school Filipino games. But in Xavier Ecoville, the XUled resettlement site for TS Sendong survivors, the young ones and the young-at-heart are rediscovering the joys of playing Patintero, Sipa Bola, Takyan and other old time favorites. On Saturday, June 30, Xavier Ecoville’s Education cluster headed the opening of Balik Tanaw sa Larong Pinoy. It is a celebration of the Pinoy games,


a way of embracing our identity as Filipinos. The games will run up to July 21. There are 4 teams competing against each other. Under each team are 3 age brackets: 10-12, 1316 and 17-21. The opening day was jumpstarted by a series of Patintero games. The children and the youth are now excited to play the rest of the Larong Pinoy events.

Saving Is Smart

ccording to Tennessee Williams, “you can be young without money but you can’t be old without it. “ That, in a nutshell, best captures the reason why we need to save. Now. The younger we start, the better. And the earlier we make a habit of it, the more secure our future will be. We know how money actually loses value as time goes by. The P100 you had last year no longer amounts to the same value this year. A simple example: the two pieces of candy you used to buy for P1.00 from your friendly sidewalk vendor last year now costs you P1.50. So, you see, price increases for the same quantity of goods you used to buy. Ask any of our School of Business and Management classmates and he or she would proudly explain to you that that is what we call “inflation.” So where does this saving thing

comes into the picture then, you ask. Well, if not for anything else, it always pays to save for the rainy day. Think before you spend, ask yourself if it’s necessary. Do I need it, or do I just fancy it? Do I need to buy it now or should I better wait. And in the meantime save my money. What you save now may ultimately save you then. You never know when an urgent need, or worse an emergency, crops up. Hence, saving is really a desirable habit, one that needs to be encouraged and is actually a very smart idea, inflation notwithstanding. Saving for the future is smart. Plus, the habit of saving teaches you discipline in that you learn to appreciate value. For instance, why buy something expensive when a cheaper alternative serves the same purpose for almost the same quality? Why go for an expensive branded shirt when a simple one is just as comfortable and

Indigent families to enjoy PhilHealth benefits now By Shaun Uy

About 200,000 Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (Pantawid Pamilya) beneficiaries in Northern Mindanao can now enjoy various benefits of PhilHealth. A budget amounting to P12.028 billion by the national government will subsidize the Health Insurance Premium of Indigent Families enrolled in the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) known as the General Appropriation Act for Fiscal Year 2012 under the Office of the Health Secretary. It will also provide special provisions that cover premium for indigents under the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) The availment of benefit starts fifteen days after publication of the Circular in a newspaper of


general circulation. DWSD Secretary Dinky Soliman said that qualified beneficiaries of the PhilHealth’s Sponsored Program are those identified Pantawid Pamilya household head beneficiaries, their legal spouse as reflected in the NHTS-PR list of DSWD, their children below 21 years old and their parents 60 years old and above. To avail of NHIP benefits, Pantawid Pamilya primary b e n efi c i a r y - m e m b e r - p a t i e n t s need only to present their Pantawid Pamilya ID card. The beneficiaries, including their qualified dependents are entitled to primary care benefits such as consultation, diagnostic services medicines, and inpatient and outpatient care services from health care providers by PhilHealth.

by: Lorelei Louise A. Deloso

pretty? And save the difference. These were but some of the simple lessons and examples that were imparted to kids, aged 7 to 13 year old who are Sendong survivors, in a workshop held last 23rd and 30th June 2012 at the Macasandig Covered Courts. Highlighting the value of saving and managing money carefully, “this activity is made to raise the awareness among the youth the importance of saving and really valuing money” says

project head Nelsene Faye Mayol. In addition, the workshop also aimed at encouraging developing personal leadership and entrepreneurial skills among the more than thirty young kids who attended. Dubbed as “Bahay Pangarap”, the workshop is a project of Xavier University’s School of Business & Management and was spearheaded by its Department of Mission & Social Action in partnership with the Kuya Fish Campaign.

RHEMA INDUSTRIAL SALES We Find Solutions & Guarantee Honest Service

Nilo L. Ampit Store Engineer

Ramon Chavez – Osmeña Streets, Cagayan de Oro City Tel. No.: (088) 857-8214 Fax No.: 714-558 or 231-6263 Email: Mobile Nos:


Professional Emcee and Voice Over Talent

COOKIES & COFFEE from page 10

PHOTO BY JEFF PONCE 1/40sec, f/4.0, ISO 800, Canon EOS 5D mark II (EF 24-105 mm f/4.0L IS USM)

This photo was taken handheld at 6 pm outdoors, using a single off-camera flashgun set-up with an attached beauty-dish, placed 45-degrees to the model’s right and small videolight on the model’s left for fill-light (and auto-focusing). Minor post-processing for skin smoothening, enhancement of the catchlight on the eyes. Light is the soul of an image. So, learning to manipulate light in order to produce the results you had in mind before you capture the image is an integral part to becoming a better photographer. Place your subject against a dynamic background. Expose for the background. Light your subject (you will need a secondary light source, be it on camera flash or off camera flash, strobe or even flashlight, to be fairly strong to balance the exposure of the background). Set your camera. Position yourself to get your desired perspective. Since the Cagayan de Oro City Fiesta is fast approaching, here’s a quick tip for taking street parade shots. In shooting street parades, shoot in continuous mode, bump up the ISO to freeze the action.

PHOTO BY COOKIE NOBLE Model: Bea Iso: 100 Shutter Speed: 1/100 Aperture: f/4 Focal Length: 70mm using 70-200 L series Canon

PHOTOS BY VIC ORENCIA For capturing car light trails at night use long exposure times, meaning use slow shutter speeds. PHOTO BY MATOY ELIPE Nikon D90 ISO: 200 Lens: Nikon 18-200 Shutter Speed: 10sec Aperture: f/16 Location: Rome, Italy

This image was taken in Initao Forest Park, Misamis Oriental at sunset, tips for landscape photographers (3A’s) ATTITUDE... a photographer must have the discipline to be at the scene before the golden hour of sunrise and sunset (not for the lazy). APTITUDE... one must know his camera fully well like the ISO, APERTURE, SHUTTER SPEED, one must also know and use composition tips (leading line, foreground, colors etc.), shoots in Manual Mode, with a tripod, and lowest ISO possible for a very clear picture, a wireless remote would also come in handy. APPARATUS.... this is a must for landscape shots, UWA(ultra wide angle lenses, also filters, ND filters and ND grads) So there you have it, be inspired and see you again next issue for more sharing. Keep on clickin’. PHOTO BY CARLO ROMERO

ART ickle Liceo Folkloric Dance Troupe tours Asia by Shaun Alejandrae Yap Uy


he Liceo Folkloric Dance Troupe has humble beginnings in Cagayan de Oro City, winning competitions like the Kagay-an Festival Street Dancing competitions. One success lead to another making a name for itself as one of the leading cultural dance theatre groups from Southern Philippines. Liceo Folkoric Dance Troupe recently performed as the Philippines representative in the Hue Festival 2012 in Vietnam from April 10 to 14, 2012. The Hue Festival is a biennial international event of culture, arts and tourism hosted by Vietnam where it gathers Vietnamese and foreign art troupes with hopes of promoting economic and cultural exchanges. The Liceo Folkloric Dance Troupe’s p e r fo r m a n ce s in Vi et n a m w e re w e ll applauded by thousands of guests and tourists. On April 16, the Filipino delegates performed in Hanoi much to the delight and excitement of the audience composed of members of the Diplomatic Corps, the Filipino community and Vietnamese people. Liceo Folkoric in its years of performances

and shows have also travelled and performed in dance festivals in Brunei, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. The most meaningful however, is their performance in Hanoi where they raised more than USD 1,600 in cash for the on-going rehabilitation efforts in areas affected by tropical storm “Sendong” from the members of the Filipino Community and friends. Their Vietnam performances were made possible through collaborations with the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organization, the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Filipino Community headed by the Pinoy sa Hanoi officers, and the Philippine Embassy in Hanoi. The Liceo Folkloric’s Korea performances were part of the ASEAN Culture & Tourism Fair 2012 in both Seoul and Yeosu early in June of this year. The exciting cultural fair treated visitors to experience a variety of cultural programs and of course cultural performances – including diverse traditional dances, folk songs, and instrumental music showcased by more than 70 member cultural troupes invited from 10 ASEAN member states.

ART ickle

KULTURASINGKO: Celebrating Five Years of Culture and Arts Excellence Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts’ 5th Cultural Season


t was in 2007 when the XU administration created an assistantship to the president for culture and the arts. Father Noel Bava (popularly known as Bro Weng) handled the position for 1 year. In 2008, I took the position as Director of XUCulture and Arts Office. I believe that in the past XU had already numerous culture and arts programs through their Museo de Oro, RIMCU, Dulaang Atenista, Telon, XU Dance Society and XU Glee Club. It is just in 2008 when the administration c o n s o l i d a t e d X U ’s culture and arts promotion and other efforts. In 2009, the office was renamed as Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts (XCCA) with Museo de Oro as an outstanding program and department along with other culture and ar ts prog rams. In 2010, the student performing arts organizations:

by Hobart Savior XU Cultural Dance Troupe, Dulaang Atenista and XU Glee Club became XU - XCCA resident companies, and they compose the Performing Arts Companies department of XCCA together with The Xavier Stage, XCCA Artists’ Center and Xavier Philharmonia. Thus, the office has become bigger than it started in 2007-2008. The Xavier Center for Culture and the Arts is responsible for creating, managing, strategizing and implementing culture and arts programs (Filipino and Foreign; Classical and Contemporary as part of XU’s social outreach and formation framework. It is administered by the Research and Social Outreach cluster for its capacity on establishing programs in contribution to national development through protection, promotion and preservation of culture and heritage. It has its coordination process with Office of Mission and Ministry for its formative capacity in equipping each of XU constituent with cultural education for appreciation, love of country and sense of pride. With these, the center aims for holistic human development through culture and the arts. And the center provides cultural and artistic avenues, so every XU student is given a holistic academic experience. XCCA also commits to join the bandwagon of cultural promotions through the performing arts complementary with other institutions and universities in the Philippines. It hopes to gain sustainable eminence on the culture and arts landscapes. It also forges partnerships, linkages and

collaborations with local counterparts, patrons, national and international funding institutions and agencies. The center has been a consistent grantee of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts and Instituto Cervantes. It has also partnered with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Metrobank Foundation, Philippine Arts Awards, SM City Cagayan de Oro and many others. The center has also institutionalized its programs such as Artekultura: inter-art genre, practice presentation and lecture series; YAMUG: Mindanao Folk Literature Expo; Sulat Dula- a playwriting workshop in Mindanao; CINEMAGIS- Digital Short Film Festival in Northern Mindanao and PANAGHUGPONG- Xavier Arts Festival. For 5 school years now, the center celebrates 5 years of culture and the arts initiatives for its constituents and the community. The years season is titled Kultura Singko Celebrating Five Years of Culture and Arts Excellence. On its fifth year is our fervent wish to continue honing and nurturing the artistic potentials and talents of our constituents: students, Administration, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and the community. We continue to promote the strong sense of being Filipino coupled with values and Ignatian Spirituality. Lastly, we thank Xavier University administration and its academic community, our patrons and benefactors, partner institutions and our friends (that includes BWM Magazine) in the arts who continue to give us inspiration and good faith.


by: The Picky Buyer

Advertising basics and your right to choose Advertising is probably the most misunderstood and underused word in local business scenes. Here in our beloved city of Cagayan de Oro, big companies –especially those that have a nationwide backing, advertise intensively. What about the smaller ones? I see a couple of ads here and there about small businesses, some go once a week, some once a month, others are occasional and a whole bunch that are satisfied with the streamers and tarpaulin posters on their stores. While some – just a signage on their stores. All have advantages and disadvantages. First let’s take into consideration, I’ve asked some small businesses that probably make a total sale of 25-50 thousand pesos a month why they don’t advertise and just be satisfied with their signage and a few posters inside the store. I got quick answers – no budget, limited budget. Ouch. Browsing through an advertising website – to be exact, I stumbled upon a quote that read “Advertising is totally unnecessary. Unless you hope to make money.”-Jef I. Richards. Yes, that business is making money. I still think


though that it can make MORE money if they will advertise and make their visibility reach a bit farther. Second, I noticed some of the placements of ads I see on the streets are awkward and out of place. Just like these recruitment businesses and those “EARN PHP 8,000/Month” posters I often see in the electric posts, I’m afraid those aren’t real businesses – to me it lacks credibility. If I was looking for a job – I’d check out the classifieds not some electric post, but that’s just me. Next, TV vs. Radio vs. Newspaper/Print advertising. Whew! This is a tough one. This is probably where the “Advertising: you’re right to choose” slogan comes in. I’m just going to use it this way for now. You get to choose from different media, all have advantages and disadvantages. It’s a matter of choosing the right media for you. Really, it is. On the issue of budget, print and radio would most likely be your best friends. TV on the other is a bit more expensive and has a shorter messaging time. But TV has a wider audience base – and probably the most effective of the three categories, so one

thing to consider is proximity. If you have a local business whose target market is within city limits alone, opt for your local or community newspapers or magazines because they are tailor-made for that. If your clients and prospective clients go beyond city borders – TV would still probably kill you on budget, hold that thought for the coming years when your business starts booming and making more money. For now, go place your ads in a newspaper with a wider distribution network or a radio station that has a bit farther reach. Those who believe in advertising and the potential it brings to their business never went wrong. Look at successful businesses still advertising to this very day, they still advertise even if they make billions of dollars a day – well, let’s just say advertising is what got them their first billion in the first place, so why stop. I’d rather buy something I’ve seen in an ad than go inside a store not know what it sells, but that’s just me.

For Advertising & Subscription please call 74-53-80 | 857-8447 or 09273373917 | 09225384939 email:


A 20x40 feet billboard is big, but it doesn’t mean you fill it with a hundred words; your average motorist can only comprehend seven.


In the radio airwaves a 30 second commercial is already long enough to deliver your pitch, so keep it short and simple.


You need space, AD space that is, unless you don’t want to make money for your business.


Creative isn’t necessarily effective – unless done correctly. Should you design your Ads on your own, at least read an advertising book first.


Taking photos for advertising materials is a no brainer – leave it to the professionals.

For inquiries and reservations, please call: PRYCE PLAZA Tel. Nos. : 08822-726464 / 722791 to 92 / 726685 to 86 088-8583131 / 8583111 Fax No. : 08822-726687 Email : Website :

Building a brighter futuretoday A. Improving Access to Quality Education

SPI had been supporting programs that enable children to improve their academic performance. Since 2008, SPI together with the Synergeia Foundation and the Department of Education had been running a Reading Program in Villanueva, Misamis Oriental. In so short a time, the program saw dramatic improvements in the learning performance of school children. The outcomes include a significant drop in the rate of nonreaders from 30% to 1.9%; 4 out of 10 students can already read at their appropriate level; advanced readers increased from 9.59% to 39.5%, improved performance in the National Achievement Test (NAT) - 82.47% in grammar and 72.11% in Reading which are higher than 65% Philippine average. Because of this encouraging performance, SPI has expanded the program beginning 2011 to include all the public schools in the neighbouring host town of Tagoloan in Misamis Oriental. SPI had also partnered with the ABS-CBN Foundation in the Educational TV (ETV) Project wherein schools are provided with multi-media equipment and educational video that enhanced teaching-learning effectiveness particularly in science and mathematics. Outcomes include increased students performance in the NAT from 55.51% to 77.19%; improved teachers teaching performance (teachers can deliver in 20 minutes the concepts that they usually teach in two days) and improved school achievements in regional and provincial competitions (i.e. Regional Science Quiz Bee Champion, provincial champion on journalism contest; 2nd Place – Math and Science Olympiad). Through SPI’s Alternative Learning System (ALS) Project, 132 school drop-outs have been mainstreamed in the formal education system. Of these graduates, 30 have been sponsored as a scholar in the SPI’s Project SKILLS (Strengthening Knowledge in Life Long Skills) where they finished technical and vocational courses and obtained an NC2 eligibility in the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) accreditation. Other projects supported include the provision of chairs in all public schools where 1:1 ratio between students-chair have been achieved, promoting interests in science and energy through the annual energy quiz for high schools, science fairs, youth camps, school clean-up through employee volunteering, etc.

B. Improving Community Health & Sanitation

SPI together with its host local government has implemented the Villanueva Potable Water System Project where 9 out of 11 villages (or more than 80% of the population) in the municipality have access now to safe drinking water. In communities where water is scarce, SPI together with its partners in Xavier University Sustainable Sanitation Center has installed 32 waterless toilets using the Urine Diversion and Dehydrating Technology (UDDT) where SPI’s coal ash is used as alternate material in human waste dehydration. The project has effectively addressed the concern of rural sanitation. SPI also supports local health centers by providing dental and medical equipment including sponsorship to a socialized medical insurance for the poorest-of-thepoor.

In line with its philosophy of business with social responsibility and keeping with its commitment to corporate citizenship, STEAG State Power Inc (SPI) undertakes human development programs that help uplift the social and economic conditions of the people and communities where it operates. As it values its relationship with its host communities, SPI continues to conduct responsible business practices at the same time engage the people in the communities in addressing concerns on education, health, jobs generation, and environmental protection.

C. Enhancing Enterprise and Promoting Jobs Generation

SPI has established the Dayawan Handmade Paper Project wherein local women are engaged in the manufacture of handcrafted paper products using cogon grass as raw material. These novelties are then marketed locally and abroad and have provided additional income to the families of 16 women engaged in the project. SPI’s Villa-Kusina Project involving another group of local women have evolved from a small kitchenette activity during SPI’s power plant construction into a multi-purpose cooperative now engaged as ancillary service provider in the upkeep of SPI’s Mindanao Power Plant. Both projects have assured long-term jobs benefitting at least 40 families in the area.

D. Rural Electrification

About 16 villages have been connected to the Mindanao Grid through the Rural Electrification Project implemented by the Department of Energy and funded out of the shares of SPI’s electricity sales. Some 68 villages more are scheduled for energization in 2012 thereby bringing a total of 84 villages up for energization. This project supports the Philippine government’s Rural Electrification Program.

E. Environmental Protection

SPI in partnership with local government and non-government entities continue to manage a 2,200 hectare forest development and urban forestry projects in various communities in Cagayan de Oro City and Misamis Oriental. At the rate it’s being implemented, SPI is growing an average of 130 trees daily. SPI also continue to support and maintain a 1.4 hectare mangrove rehabilitation project in Villanueva. As part of its support to the local waste management program, SPI together with its host municipal government has implemented the Philippine’s 1st Firebrick Making Project utilizing industrial wastes. The bricks and hallow blocks are currently being used as alternative construction materials that brought down significantly the cost of building houses. The project has also created steady jobs to local residents in the area. These are some of the programs and projects undertaken by SPI together with its partners in government and the private sector, as an expression of its concern for the communities and the people where it does business.

DPWH-10 RD Barroso witnesses dredging of

Cagayan de Oro River


fter Cagayan de Oro was devastated by typhoon Sendong on December 16 last year, rivers became shallow, which now needs dredging to prevent another disaster and to save lives and properties. Last June 28, the dredging of Cagayan de Oro River has started with DPWH-10 Regional Director Evelyn Barroso witnessing it. The dredging works started at the mouth of the Cagayan de Oro River, along barangay Bonbon and move towards the upstream portion of the river. The dredging operation is undertaken by the Administration with initial available funding of P610,000.00.

The DPWH regional office will directly supervise the project in coordination with the Cagayan de Oro City First District Engineering Office. Spoil/containment area of materials is at Barangay Bonbon thru a Barangay Resolution approved by Barangay Captain Allan Mabalacad. Permit from Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) is already at hand while the Environmental Clearance from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 10 is already on process. Even as the office is waiting for the approval of the DENR Environmental Clearance, the dredging equipment was already positioned since the accessories were already in place.

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BWM Magazine Maiden Issue  

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