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No. 89

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December 2008

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2 Blue Water expands in the Middle East As from 1.11., Blue Water is represented with its own office in Doha, Qatar Blue Water Shipping Qatar LLC is located in the Al Asmakh Business Center, just next to Doha Harbour and the Customs Clearance House. The office has a staff of 4, including the old hand, Arne Iversen, at the helm. In addition to the city office, we also have facilities in the main industrial area of Doha, offering warehousing and outside storage options The establishment of the office is a natural consequence of our involvement in the servicing of the oil and energy sector, where Qatar is playing an increasing role in the oil industry. In addition to this service, Blue Water Qatar offers all kinds of sea, air and land transport including project forwarding. Further to this, our ex-

tensive network of offices in all important oil centres in the Middle East, CIS, Singapore, Europe and USA enables us to offer client specific door/ door solutions.

Large Project for CCIC in Madagascar Our good client, CCIC in Dubai, has been awarded the contract for a major project - construction of 450 km pipeline in Madagascar. The pipeline is to carry nickel and cobalt from an inland mine to the seaport of Toamasina, where it will be treated before being shipped to the world markets. The expected annual production is 60,000 tons of nickel and 6000 tons of cobalt. The pipeline will be established through very hostile areas including mountains and jungle, and

will have to bypass around 500 rivers before it reaches its destination, the seaport of Taomasina. Blue Water Dubai was deeply involved in the transportation of the heavy equipment to the island as we had chartered 4 vessels as well as a number of containers, explains Claus Laursen/Blue Water Dubai, who joined CCIC's team in Madagascar to supervise the discharge in Toamasina, which went according to plan.

BLUE WATER SHIPPING QATAR LLC 102, Al Asmakh Business Center P.O. Box 32352 Doha, Qatar Tel: +974 441 1153 Fax: +974 441 1164 E-mail:

Smyril Line and Smyril Blue Water in the North Atlantic

AGIP Project in the Kashagan Oilfield in the Caspian Sea The ultramodern passenger and freight ferry "Norrรถna", built in 2003 with a capacity of 1500 passengers and 130 trailers, was a large investment of approx. DKK 700 million. Such a large investment makes it difficult to create profitability in the North Atlantic service, especially with a tourist season of only 4 months. The shipping line has also encountered serious engine breakdowns followed by periods of repair docking, and has lost money over the last couple of years. As a consequence, new capital of DKK 66 million has been injected into Smyril Line - mainly from the Faroese Home Rule and the public development fund Framtak. Smyril Line is an essential factor in the Faroese infrastructure and constitutes a necessary lifeline to the outside world. For the Faroe Islands, it is a task of national importance and therefore only natural that public funds are injected into the shipping line. The Faroe Islands have always been a core activity for Blue Water, who has invested DKK 20 million in the freight company Smyril Blue Water

and DKK 20 million in Smyril Line. Kurt Skov is also a board member in the shipping line. On 1.4.2005, Blue Water and Smyril Line established the freight company, Smyril Blue Water, with offices in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, and today the company operates 150 trailers on the service between Denmark, the Faroes and Iceland. As part of the restructuring process, vital changes have been made to the sailing schedule. Calls at Norway and Scotland have been cancelled entirely, so that Smyril Line can concentrate exclusively on its core areas - the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Denmark. For many years, the port of call in Denmark was Hanstholm. In future, "Norrรถna" will call at Hanstholm during the three summer months - and for the remaining 9 months, she will call at Esbjerg. This change is due to the difficult conditions in the port of Hanstholm during bad weather, especially arising outside the summer season. The first call at Esbjerg will be on Saturday 31 January 2009.

Blue Water Moscow has since 2006 been involved in a project for AGIP in the Kashagan oilfield (belonging to Kazakhstan). The project, for which Blue Water was responsible for ocean and river towing and transshipment of the project cargo, went according to plan. The engineering part was calculated by Digital Marine and Terra Navtica. Our Moscow project team Vladimir Ovchinnikov and Sergey Vodyanov - arranged transshipment of three de-pressurization skids 700 tons in total - in Mariupol for further transportation through the

Russian river system to the final destination, D-Island, in the Caspian Sea in early September. The skids were fabricated in Ravenna, Italy by order of AGIP and transported to Mariupol on board the heavy-lift vessel "BBC Australia". Here Blue Water Moscow had chartered the barge "Wagenborg-105", for the oncarriage. After a successful 3-day transshipment manoeuvre, fulfilling all rules and regulations to the letter, the "Wagenborg-105" proceeded through the river system.


FSO Project In connection with our FSO project (Floating, Storage, Offloading) - transport of a special tanker from Singapore to Baku, Azerbaijan - Kim Beier of Blue Water Esbjerg has, as part of our project management, followed the transport of one of the modules from Rostov on Don through the Russian river system to Astrakhan. Bjarke Nielsen of Blue Water Singapore followed another module. This part of the transport, involving 2 tug boats - one is pulling and one is pushing the module - requires great experience and expertise of the tug boat crew, as they have to pass through 18 locks on the 1050 kilometre distance. When navigating "half a tanker", with the dimensions of 134 x 16 x 17 metres, there are many considerations to be taken into account on conditions and risks, such as collision, grounding, hanging cables, bridges and not least weather conditions. Kim Beier, HSE responsible for the Blue Water Group, reports: "It was indeed a big challenge and very interesting to participate in the project, for which my primary responsibility was to make sure that the transportation was per-

formed in accordance with Blue Water's safety and quality requirements. It was also very exciting to work together with the tug boat crew and experience the social life on board. The crew's English qualifications were limited to the word YES, so the little Russian phrase book was really of great help. My duties were mainly concentrated on the process of passing through the locks, which might happen anytime of day, dependent on the other river traffic. Several nights, we stood in the biting cold for hours, waiting for the water level to lower and rise inside the locks. I was, however, very impressed with the seamanship of the crew. Many of the locks left only a few inches of space between the walls and the sides of the module. Despite the fact that we had gone over the project several months ahead of the actual start of the process, unexpected incidents will always occur. It is therefore extremely important to be on site to solve the problems that might arise and to gain new experience and become more qualified". This phase of the transport was performed within 15 days, including waiting time, and without any injuries/damages to the crew or cargo.

Safe arrival at Baku. To the right, one half of the hull strip (port side) followed by the accommodation modules and helideck. Next day, the starboard side of the hull strip arrived and completed the project transport. Assembly of the modules will be performed by Keppel/Singmarine before delivery to LukOil in 2009.

Project Transport for Transocean Sedco Forex Transocean in Singapore has entrusted Blue Water with the transport of a Subsea Winch Platform Structure from Zhangzhou, China to Singapore for their Development Driller III Rig, which is being built at Keppel Fels Ltd. The platform - with the dimen-

sions/weight of 12.5 x 13.5 x 7.8 / 50 tons - was built in Zhangzhou in the Fujian province by Huisman Steel Manufacturing Co. Ltd. In Singapore, the platform was loaded on to a material barge and towed to the Keppel Fels wharf. The entire operation went according to plan.

Prosafe Shipment to Congo In August 2008, Blue Water Singapore was entrusted with another big project transport for our Singapore based client, Prosafe Production Services. Prosafe is a major player in the fields of *FPSO & **FDPSO conversions, installation and management as well as accommodation rig management. The shipment consisted of 12,000 cbm of mooring equipment, including specially designed suction piles, weighing up to 120 tons each. From the manufacturer's private wharf at Franklin Offshore in Singapore, the cargo was first loaded on to barges by means of floating cranes, before it was transshipped to the heavy-lift vessel "CEC Century" in the commercial port of Singapore. The shipment was successfully delivered at Pointe Noire in Congo, just in time for the big installation

vessel, which was ready to carry out the installation off the coast of West Africa. Information for laymen: *FPSO - Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading Unit **FDPSO - Floating, Drilling, Production, Storage and Offloading Unit

The "CEC Century" with full cargo on deck bound for Congo

Removal for National Oilwell Varco In connection with removal of steel material from one location in Singapore to another, National Oilwell Varco had asked Blue Water Marine & Energy if it would be possible to involve our Singapore

office. The job, which was very challenging due to the complicated access between the two storage locations and the large dimension of the material, was performed to the client's complete satisfaction.

4 Co-operation with Færch Plast / Logistics Partner for Micro Matic A/S nished products from Micro Matic world's largest manufacturer New Groupage Terminal in Esbjerg The in Kaunas to Micro Matic's worldof draught beer systems, Micro Blue Water has for a number of years been servicing Færch Plast A/S, Holstebro as large-scale supplier of transport to the British and Irish markets. Over the years, the co-operation has developed into more than just transport from A to B, along with the clients' increasing demands to "just in time" deliveries and correct notification with their own order details. We therefore no longer consider ourselves just a standard supplier to Færch Plast A/S, but rather a partner and the last link in the chain to the final consignee, who nowadays expects to get a consistent quality from placement of the order to final receipt and who does not separate the transport as such, but expects to get a Færch Plast product through and through. For this kind of co-operation, it is a must that we as carrier have customised our standard services to the increasing demands of Færch Plast, through IT development and establishment of a buffer store at Blue Water Manchester in England. From this store, we undertake to deliver urgent orders, within 2 to 8 hours from order receipt, throughout the UK. This is just one of many services, contributing to making Færch's clients feel confident when choosing their supplier. Last year, our partnership with Færch expanded further, as their entire stock of finished products, for the British and Irish markets, was transferred to our terminal in Esbjerg. A couple of months later, we became further integrated in respect of IT, as Færch Plast changed systems and chose Movex for their inventory control. The system has

now been integrated at Blue Water's terminals, which store and handle finished products to the British and Irish customers. This has made heavy demands on our software and not least hardware in the form of wireless network at our warehouses and installation of scanners and terminals on our trucks. All these initiatives have made it possible for Færch Plast A/S to check their inventory of products, at the different terminals, and they have also secured standard working procedures. Blue Water's terminals serve as Færch Plast locations, with Blue Water's terminal staff working online with the client's IT system. Our partnership with Færch Plast is focused on environmentally correct transport and storage. We have therefore changed our present UK/ Ireland terminal at Esbjerg Harbour for a new and modern terminal. This terminal, with a capacity of 4000 sqmtrs., is situated on the northern outskirts of Esbjerg, offering more ideal approaches close to the motorway, resulting in less heavy traffic through midtown. In September, we took over the new terminal, renovated it and added a 100-metre loading platform with parking capacity for almost 40 trailers. The terminal is equipped with the latest technology, and all ingoing and outgoing goods are controlled via bar coding, terminals in the trucks and scanners with a capacity of up to 32 clients. In this way, it is possible for the individual storage client to control his stock via his own system, even though the goods may be stored several thousand kilometres from the production site.

Matic A/S, have chosen Blue Water as their new logistics partner. Micro Matic export their products to more than 120 countries and they have production facilities in Beijing/China, Kaunas/Lithuania and Odense/Denmark. Blue Water Lithuania is charged with the task of distributing all fi-

wide dealer network. Blue Water Odense is responsible for the co-ordination of sea and airfreight from Micro Matic in China to Denmark and Lithuania as well as delivery of semiproducts from Micro Matic Odense to Micro Matic in Kaunas.

Visiting Micro Matic in Kaunas - left to right: Jacob Hornegaard and Jonas Ahmed/Blue Water Odense, Jørn Jensen/Micro Matic Odense, Egidijus Petrenas/Blue Water Vilnius, Edita Ambraskiene/Micro Matic Kaunas, Carsten Olsen/Blue Water Herning, Rima Alkovikaite and Arturas Pankevicius/Micro Matic Kaunas and Ronald Hansen and Søren Nielsen/Blue Water Odense.

Heavy Increase in Road Tax (MAUT) in Germany In recent years, the different governments have increased their focus on user charge (road tax) on the European road network. Many European countries have introduced different road tax systems, but the introduction of the German road tax, the so-called MAUT, has in particular resulted in heavy increase of the cost estimate. This autumn, the German government has made serious efforts to introduce a heavy MAUT increase. On 1.11.2008, they accepted a pro-

posed compromise, which, however, still involves a heavy increase in our production costs. Based on official German statistics, showing the distribution of trucks with different EU standard engines, we have calculated the effective increase to be no less than 55.4 %. We are therefore reluctantly compelled to charge our customers for this heavy tax increase. Our new MAUT map is available on: www.

Middle East Project for Louis Poulsen Lighting A/S

New terminal address for groupage UK/IE: Lillebæltsvej 39, 6715 Esbjerg N.

Louis Poulsen Lighting A/S has entrusted Blue Water Copenhagen with the transport of 3800 park/street lamps from Denmark to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The project includes transport of 22 x 40' containers, to be shipped from week 38 to week 49 - 2 containers per week - to King Abdullah University of

Science and Technology, where the lamps will be used in a large-scale project 80 kilometres north of Jeddah. The order is the biggest ever received by Louis Poulsen (the value is DKK 26.7 million) and an urgent assignment as well, so the company is very busy these days.


Soil Analysis of Wind Farm "Sandbank 24" In early 2008, Sandbank Power GmbH & Co. KG requested Hochtief Construction AG over the summer to perform soil analysis of the subsoil, where construction of the wind farm, Sandbank 24, will take place in the North Sea, 60 nautical miles from Esbjerg, west of the island of Sylt in the German sector. The first phase of the project included 55 conical drillings and 10 test drillings 50 metres below the sea floor. The drillings were performed by Hochtief with the jack-up rig "Odin", named after a Norse god, famous for his enormous strengths. "Odin" is built with legs of 60 metres, which makes it possible to operate in up to 45 metres depth of water, and with capacity to accommodate 30 people.

In connection with the test drillings, Blue Water was entrusted with the service job for the jackup rig during the operation. The job included among other things chartering of vessels to supply fresh water, food and spare parts offshore to secure a continuous workflow. Furthermore Blue Water acted as agent for both "Odin" and the escorting vessel "Argus" in connection with their calls at the port of Esbjerg.

Import of American Cars Many boys, young and old, have always dreamed of driving across the USA in a big, old American car. Many have already lived out that dream and want to take a bite of the dream back home. This has resulted in a lot of inquiries for assistance with transport and customs formalities in connection with the import to Denmark, which have involved our deep sea import department and customs experts. Our Copenhagen office has now made a brochure addressing customers interested in old American cars.

Claus Olesen from Kalundborg belongs to another group of customers. On 23.10., he received his new - or rather old - Ford T 1924 model imported from New York. Claus Olsen is a collector of old Ford T models and has already 5 other 1924 models - both open, closed and pickups. His latest purchase should be a rarity as it is, as far as is known, the only fourdoor model in Denmark. The car was bought via Ebay and transport to Denmark was arranged in cooperation between Blue Water's offices in New York and Copenhagen.

A proud Claus Olesen receiving his "new" Ford T model.

Visit from Far East Cargo Line

Agent in Cyprus

In October, Nick Toye and Keith Traylor of Far East Cargo Line (FECL) called on Blue Water Esbjerg. Keith Traylor has just recently taken over the daily responsibility of Far East Cargo Line's administration in England after Nick Toye, who continues as Chairman of the Committee. The purpose of the visit was among other things to give Keith Traylor a profound insight into our many activities. FECL ( is an alliance,

In early September, Blue Water was contacted by SAMSON LOGISTICS, Cyprus, who was looking for an agent in Denmark. Due to reorganisation of the freight market, Samson Logistics was suddenly without a Danish partner, and since Blue Water has never had an official partner in Cyprus, the inquiry met a positive response. Kenneth Sindahl from our deep sea department in Esbjerg paid a visit to Samson Logistics, Nicosia in

Left to right: Nick Toye and Keith Traylor of FECL together with Dan Nissen/BlueWater Esbjerg and Stig Egelund/Blue Water Copenhagen.

We have for many years enjoyed an excellent co-operation with Actona Company A/S in Holstebro in connection with their import of furniture from Asia among other things. In September, Sophie Kraemmer, Sascha and Jennie Xu - all from Actona Company - went to the Far East, and it was therefore only natural to pay a visit to Blue Water's partner, Cargo Services (China) Ltd. in Shenzhen. Operations Manager Steven Poon of Cargo Services had among other things arranged a small sight seeing tour of the impressive container terminal, YICT in Yantian. Left to right: Sophie Kraemmer, Sascha Xu, Jennie Xu and, at the back, Steven Poon of Cargo Services.

week 40 to discuss a possible cooperation. Both parties have now signed the contract covering not only a cooperation with Blue Water Denmark, but also with Blue Water's offices in the USA, Holland, France, UK, Spain, Dubai, Doha, Singapore and Brazil. Samson Logistics is a professional and proactive company with 30 employees and we have great expectations for the future partnership.

mainly consisting of private and major freight forwarding companies in the Far East and Europe. The main purpose of the alliance is to secure competitive freight purchasing from shipping lines with services to the Far East and to guarantee and maintain a high and uniform service level among its members. Blue Water became a member of the Far East Cargo Line Alliance in 2001 and joined the committee in 2003.


Exhibitions August and September were two hectic months for our exhibition department, starting with transport to ONS - Offshore Northern Seas - in Stavanger, Norway for the majority of the Danish exhibitors. Blue Water was again represented with their own stand at ONS in Stavanger. The exhibition is always a fine opportunity to meet existing as well as potential clients, explains Anne Skov from the O&E department in Esbjerg. Blue Water's exhibition department was extremely busy both before and after the exhibition, arranging transport of approx 20 truck loads to and from ONS. Morten Eskildsen, Lars Jederman Jørgensen, Frank Mouridsen and Anne Skov represented Blue Water at the exhibition. One exhibition followed after another. Next was Husum Wind in Husum, where the Danish Exporters' Association had a collective stand (approx 500 sqmtrs.), where all major windmill manufacturers from Denmark and abroad were represented. Husum Wind is considered the leading exhibition for the wind industry. The Danish Exporters' Association has already booked space - well over 700 sqmtrs. - on the next Husum Wind exhibition, which will take place in 2010. Blue Water will also participate with its own stand. In October, the leading train exhibition - Innotrans - took place in Berlin, and Denmark was represented with a collective stand of approx 200 sqmtrs. At the same time, the world's biggest marine exhibition - SMM - was held in Hamburg, in connection with which the Danish Exporters' Association had rented the entire Hall B1 (approx 2000 sqmtrs), and more than 80 Danish exhibitors were represented including Blue Water. We were also responsible for all logistics in connection with stand material, delivery at the exhibition, storage of empties and packing as well as unpacking of goods for the Danish exhibitors. As usual, we had seconded our competent canteen personnel to make around 8000 open sandwiches during the 4-day exhibition. Everything went smoothly to everybody's complete satisfaction.


World Food Show, Moscow

From ONS - the reception of the Norwegian crown prince, Haakon.

Allan Findalen/HH Consult and Anne Skov/Blue Water Esbjerg.

The mayor of Stavanger and Mogens Tofte Kock/Tofco.

Elena Gadzhieva and Michelle Minto-Le Dreff of Blue Water Brest attended "World Food Show" in Moscow from 23-26 September. It was a good occasion to meet our old clients and to find new ones. Many different kinds of foodstuffs were presented, but as we specialise in chilled and frozen foodstuffs, it was only natural that we concentrated on meat, fish, fruit and vegetables - importers/ exporters - explain the two girls. The food show expands every year and has now reached the number of 1328 exhibitors, which makes it

SIAL, Paris

This year, the SIAL food fair attracted almost 150,000 visitors from all over the world. As usual, we met a lot of our customers and made new interesting contacts as well. We also took the time to make some social arrangements. Our clients for instance got the chance to experience what it is like to be inside a reefer container, when visiting the ICE BAR, where everything is made of ice and the temperature

Husum Wind

The busy sandwich team - SMM

Left to right: Michelle Minto-Le Dreff/Blue Water Brest, Koenraad van den Abbeele/AgroFood and Elena Gadzhieva/Blue Water Brest.

is 15 degrees celsius below zero very appropriate for an exhibition intended for the "reefer people".

Reefer Meeting

The day before SIAL started (midOctober), several key figures from Blue Water's offices around the world, involved in food transport, gathered. Our offices in France, Spain, Holland, Ireland, Brazil, Georgia and Denmark were represented at the meeting.

Husum Wind

difficult to visit each stand.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss new initiatives in respect of IT, marketing and development in general as well as to prepare ourselves for the SIAL exhibition, explains the co-ordinator of food transport in our organisation, Frank Madsen/Blue Water Esbjerg,

Presentation of Honorary Diploma Hermann Vogt of ITEC in Beckum, Germany was presented with His Royal Highness, Prince Henrik's Honorary Diploma at the Danish Embassy in Berlin on 5.9. The diploma was presented for Herman Vogt's long commitment in selling Danish slaughterhouse machinery for various Danish manufacturers, primarily to Germany and Benelux. Herman Vogt, who established his own agency in 1969, has over the years sold Danish slaughterhouse equipment for approx DKK 2 billion and has been working together with Attec in Tandslet, Sydals for many years. Blue Water has numerous times arranged road freight from Denmark to Germany for Vogt and transported

bicycles from Beckum to his holiday destination, Fanø in Denmark. We have always appreciated our good and solid partnership, and we hereby wish to congratulate Hermann Vogt on his well-deserved recognition.

Left to right: the Danish Ambassador, Carsten Søndergaard, Herman Vogt and Ulrich Ritsing, President of the Danish Forwarders' Association.


Visiting Simplot

Visiting Clients in London

Simplot Europe has been a good customer of Blue Water Amsterdam ever since Simplot's headquarters in Boise, Idaho, USA decided to open an office in Europe. Simplot's product range includes various potato products, tropical fruits, guacamole and ready-made appetizers. The company owns huge agricultural farms, growing avocados, potatoes, corn, fruits etc. - all for the retail market. Blue Water arranges transport - by sea and air - of mainly frozen food products from Simplot's plants in Mexico and the USA to the clients in Europe. A few months ago, Blue Water Amsterdam received a visit from their agent, Secure Freight, Mexico. The purpose of the visit was to discuss our present and future co-operation. Secure Freight has, under the supervision of Blue Water Rotterdam, handled a number

In September, Eliane PlouzanéHénault and Fabrice Rolland of Blue Water Brest went to London, where many of the food clients of our French office are based. It was a great pleasure for Eliane to meet, among others, two of her most regular clients; longterm client for more than 20 years, Vestey UK (the former Global Group Ltd.) represented by Charles Scanlan and Steve French, and Interfoods Ltd., dealing with Dairy products, represented by Steven Moussavi. We look forward to continuing and expanding our good co-operation with all the companies met during our stay.

Left to right: Eliane PlouzanéHénault/Blue Water Brest and Janet and Steven Moussavi/Interfoods.

Left to right: Eliane PlouzanéHénault/Blue Water Brest, Charles Scanlan/Vestey UK, Fabrice Rolland/Blue Water Brest and Steve French/Vestey UK.

Left to right: Eliane PlouzanéHénault/Blue Water Brest, Diane Thietz and Barry Gee/Lamex Foods UK, Fabrice Rolland/Blue Water Brest and Eric Oreffice/ Lamex Foods UK.

of shipments (18 tons frozen foodstuffs in total) flown into Amsterdam by KLM. In this connection, Blue Water and Secure Freight seized the opportunity to pay a visit to Simplot Europe in Oss, Holland, where they had a good meeting with Loaf Jorritsma, reports Bob Tisserand of Blue Water Amsterdam.

Bob Tisserand took this photograph at Simplot. Left to right: Olaf Jorritsma/Simplot Europe, Bonnie Chu and Isabella Padilla/Secure Freight.

Fisheries Exhibition in Iceland In early October, a fisheries exhibition, which attracted both new and familiar faces, was held in Reykjavik. Several visitors came from as far away as Canada, UK and Norway, and despite the present situation in Iceland, the atmosphere was good. The fishing industry may be one of the industries, which is less affected by the financial crisis in Iceland as well as in other parts of the world. The visitors showed an immense interest in Smyril Blue Water's ferry service calling at Seydisfjordur. This unique product has indeed opened

new prospects for the manufacturers in the Eastern part of Iceland. Unfortunately, the ferry service with M/F "Norrøna" has been suspended for the rest of the year, but is expected to be resumed early next year. Smyril Blue Water was represented at the exhibition by Sigfinnur Mikaelsson from Seydisfjordur and Bent Rasmussen from Hirtshals and Blue Water was represented by Ole Ulriksen and Søren Svennum from Blue Water Aalborg. Blue Water's agent in Reykjavik, Icetransport, was also present at the exhibition stand.

Visiting Mozambique Blue Water Marine & Energy has for the past 8 months been involved in a project in Mozambique, covering customs clearance and local delivery to the destination in Mozambique. It is Semco Maritime who, in connection with their renovation of three airports, have entrusted Blue Water with the logistic part. Blue Water has for these projects entered into co-operation with the Danish-owned company, MozStar, in Maputo. Mozambique is undergoing considerable developments and a number of large projects will soon be launched - including oil drilling off the coast in the Mozambique Channel. Several large oil companies are already in the planning phase. In October, Frank Mouridsen and Thomas Bek of Blue Water Esbjerg paid a visit to MozStar to discuss the ongoing project as well as future possibilities of co-operation. It was a very interesting visit, and we look forward to working

even closer together with MozStar in future.

Frank Mouridsen and Thomas Bek of Blue Water Esbjerg together with the MozStar staff in Maputo.

Left to right: Frank Mouridsen and Thomas Bek of Blue Water Esbjerg together with Kjeld Moesgaard and Loide Gouveia of MozStar.


Almost 10,000 visitors at Grønlandshavnen Between 8-10,000 visitors dropped in at Grønlandshavnen in Aalborg East in connection with an openhouse arrangement on 11-12 October. Many companies in this large industrial estate participated in the event, where children and adults seized the opportunity to visit Østhavnen (the East Port), which is one of Aalborg's biggest workplaces. Many of the weekend's visitors enjoyed the magnificent view over the port area from a big Gantry crane, 55 metres above the earth. Royal Greenland served free samples of prawns, salmon and halibut, and musk burgers were offered for sale. Siemens Windpower displayed one of their large arms, the size of which really impressed most people. Naturally, Blue Water was also represented - and our blue sweets were very popular. The Naval Home Guard offered guided tours on board the "MHV 907 Hvidsten" while Aalborg Kayak

Club demonstrated the Greenland style of rolling kayaks in the basin. The entire open-house event was spiced with musical entertainment by pianist, Walter Scivoli, from Ilulissat and the Greenland Ikinngutigit Choir. A lot of visitors participated in the treasure hunt. First prize was flight tickets to Greenland for two persons (worth DKK 10,000.-). The companies represented at the openhouse had been requested to ask two questions each regarding their own company. Blue Water's questions were: Which year was Blue Water established in Esbjerg ? How many offices does Blue Water have in Denmark ? Answer: secfifo 11 dna 2791

Germicopa - ”The World Potato Fiesta” On 9.9., Mogens Nielsen of Blue Water Brest was invited by Germicopa to their big party "The World Potato Fiesta" in the beautiful surroundings of "Théâtre du Merveilleux" in Bercy, Paris. More than 400 clients, producers and suppliers of Germicopa from all over the world, were gathered for a nice gala dinner and spectacle - a funny game, where the guests should guess the different potato varieties by looking at the 10 "Miss Potato Girls". The evening was very well-organised by toastmaster Eric Bargy, the President of Germicopa, who was accompanied by the former

Miss Europe, the beautiful Elodie Gossuin. Blue Water's co-operation with Germicopa, the leading potato company in France, goes back to 1992, when our stevedore company, ADS, was established. Blue Water has since been responsible for the chartering and loading of their conventional reefer vessels in the port of Brest. The dinner programme finished with traditional Breton music and dance, and we noticed that our good friends of long standing, Joseph Lallouet and Alex Plougoulm of Germicopa, both mastered this discipline too.

Blue Water places Great Importance on Social Responsibility It is often discussed whether companies should give Christmas presents to their customers and staff or should they rather donate money to charity and humanitarian organisations - to be at peace with their conscience and to send politically correct signals (and maybe score cheap PR points). Blue Water has kept a low profile regarding its contributions - with the exception of the company's and the staff's donation to the victims of the tsunami in 2005. The entire staff of all Blue Water offices in Denmark and abroad supported the fund-raising with a six-figure DKK amount. Through the years, we have also donated money to various organisations, including the Danish Cancer Society, the Danish Red Cross,

the Danish Heart Association, the Children's Cancer Foundation, the Muscular Atrophy Foundation and Danish Handicap Sports. Further to this, we have contributed help through transport of humanitarian aid packages in containers and trucks to the world's hot spots. As a company, we take on social responsibility for our staff as well as for the surrounding society and we will continue to do so! It is, however, a big misunderstanding that the establishment of the Blue Water Foundation in 2007 was a signal to send in applications for travelling scholarships, hospital treatment, charity etc. The Blue Water Foundation is purely intended for business purposes.

"APC 2008 Beach Volleyball Cup" Blue Water Singapore was for the second time invited to take part in the "APC Beach Volleyball Cup" arranged by Asia Project Chartering, which is a partnership between BBC Chartering, Leer and Clipper Elite Chartering, Copenhagen. The event took place at the KM8 Beach Bar on the Sentosa island off Singapore, and more than 100 participants had a good time on the beach. The afternoon's programme also included activities for the children and a barbecue. Blue Water's team ended on a fine third place together with the two top athletes from APC, Mikael Hansen and Rasmus Elgaard.

The bronze team, left to right: Mikael Hansen/APC, Bjarke R. Nielsen/Blue Water Singapore, Rasmus Elgaard/APC and Jason Goh/Blue Water Singapore.

The annual golf day of Blue Water Aberdeen was held at Newmachar Hawkshill Course on 18.9. The lucky winner of the day was Noel Kelly of Champion Technologies, who had a great round. In the picture, Noel is standing at the far right together with (left to right): Stewart Greig/ Blue Water Aberdeen, Mike Leaper/DOF Subsea and Chris Reid/LFF London Fittings & Flaggs.

9 Award of Environment Diploma for the Second Time At the diploma presentation of Miljønetværk Syd (Environment Network South) at restaurant "Den Røde Okse" on 3.11, Blue Water was, for the second time, awarded an environment diploma as recognition and visible proof of the magnificent environmental work the company has performed. Miljønetværk Syd is a voluntary environment and sustainability cooperation between companies and institutions in Billund, Esbjerg, Fanø, Varde and Vejen, with the following objectives: • to link together environment and trade promotion for the benefit of the environment and the competitiveness of the trade and industry. • to create a forum for exchange of ideas and experience and for the introduction of new initiatives and solutions. • to distribute knowledge of the environment and work for a sustainable development of the environment for the benefit of the citizens and companies of the region.

There is an increased focus on the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the global warming and climatic changes. We feel that, through the environment network and the work in connection with our ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification, we are well prepared to meet the future challenges of the transport business.

Blue Water Arena, the Perfect Setting for the Trainee Week in Esbjerg What could be more natural than to gather 36 Blue Water trainees close to the fields of Blue Water Arena. The game had started for our new trainee team. The week's programme was set to give all trainees a comprehensive knowledge of our company culture, targets, activities, expectations and team spirit. IBC Kolding participated with an external presentation of the theoretical part of the education and input regarding customer service. A lecture on the handling of hazardous goods was a new item of the programme. Tuesday evening, Blue Water Arena had donated tickets, to all trainees, to the ice hockey match between Esbjerg and Sønderjyske. Thursday evening was, as usual, a

real get-together evening, dedicated to bowling and pub crawling. Friday was the yellow card day like in any other match - and time to say thank you for the match! Here are some of the comments from our team: "I really liked the input, where we should work in groups. It not only gave us a short break from all the listening, but also a chance to get to know each other and learn what the others are doing in their trainee job". Camilla Søgaard, Accounts Trainee. Comments of René Krone Junager: "The trainee week was indeed a positive experience for me. It was a week, where one could create one's own network and get to know a lot of new colleagues".

Henning Ravn of the Plan and Environment Committee of Esbjerg council is presenting the diploma to Blue Water Shipping A/S for the second time.

Blue Water focuses on Competent Management The further education of Blue Water's Manager Group started last spring. The management education consists of modules of basic leadership, and each module is conducted on 2-day residential courses at Esbjerg College or the Conference Centre of Dansk Folkeferie in Middelfart. The modules include: • The Manager and the Manager's Role • Management of Individuals • Management of a Team • Management and Communication, Motivation • Management and Changes Instructor of the modules is Lis

In Poland, a Blue Water team participated in the annual "Sports Picnic" arranged by the Scandianvian/Polish Chamber of Commerce. Our team won one volleyball match and lost three. We believe in the principle that participating is most important!

Rosenkilde/the Finance Sector's Education Centre. 27 managers have finished the modules this year, and 18 will follow in February 2009. The finished modules have been successful, and we have high hopes of the effect of the education. A good manager's training and education never ends - it is an ongoing process, meeting new challenges each day. Therefore we measure on employee satisfaction GPTW (Great Place to Work) in Blue Water, so that we are constantly moving in order to make a good place of work even better.

Introduction Seminar for New Employees This autumn, an introduction seminar was held, for 24 new employees, at Blue Water's headquarters in Esbjerg on 24-25 September. One of the participants, Rikke H. Rasmussen from our Copenhagen office has made the following comments: "A very positive seminar with all-round information about Blue Water's history and activities. The harbour tour was very interesting, giving everyone an insight into the

company's activities. It was also nice to meet colleagues from the other Blue Water offices, and the dinner arrangement at Restaurant Parken was a fine opportunity to talk to everyone". Having made many new contacts and with a lot of useful information, our team of new employees was, after 2 days, ready to return to their own office and function - and with no doubt one or two good Blue Water stories in their luggage.

10 The Project Department in Barcelona has moved Office

Based on transport of windmills, we established a project department - Blue Water Projects - in Barcelona a couple of years ago at the same address as Blue Water Espanã, which is mainly involved in general transport by sea and air. Blue Water Projects has developed in a positive way and has moved address to the harbour district in Barcelona as from 1.9.

Here our project team - Jørn Scharck, Søren Gammelgaard and Aleksandra Kurek - have their base, when they are not out supervising the handling and execution of windmill transports in Spain or elsewhere in Southern Europe.

Blue Water Projects S.L. Calle Y, Tramo II Edificio Crupo Perez y Cia ES-08040 Barcelona Spain Tel.: +34 932 234 752 Fax: +34 932 234 735 e-mail:

Our project team in Barcelona in front of the building housing our new office facilities.

Blue Water Aarhus, who is responsible for our traffic to/from Finland, has paid a visit to our colleagues in Helsinki. Left to right: Ilse Tolmala and Hans Sjöberg / Blue Water Helsinki, Poul Aarre / Blue Water Aarhus, Tarja Saari / Blue Water Helsinki and Henrik Madsen / Blue Water Aarhus.

Blue Water's Sporting Event According to tradition, Blue Water's annual sporting event took place in September. Our Billund office was this year's organiser, with a little help from a number of local associations. In the morning of 13.9., 200 expectant colleagues met in the Hodde-Tistrup Sports Centre, and when we at long last had control of our Copenhagen colleagues, the warm-up session started, followed by the day's sporting activities. As usual, the programme included football, petanque, beach volleyball, badminton, dart and shooting - and in all disciplines, we saw plenty of fierce fighting. As something new, the committee had arranged spinning and aerobics for

those who were interested. The evening's party was held in the genuine Blue Water spirit - lots of good food, music and fun. Well past midnight, the buses headed back to the 11 different destinations, with all the participants, including our very tired Billund colleagues. The event was a great success, not least due to the sporting centre and the local associations, who had worked hard to get everything organised, and we hereby wish to send them all our sincere thanks. Naturally, the many guests in festive mood was the main reason for the successful day, and we already look forward to next year's sporting day.

Unfortunately, Blue Water Holland had chosen Sunday 7 September for their company excursion. The programme of the day included sailing, horse riding, visit to a museum etc., and despite the fact that the sail was cancelled due to bad weather - rainy and windy - it did not spoil the good atmosphere.

According to tradition, the annual fishing expedition, arranged by Blue Water Esbjerg's staff club, took place on 28.9. This year's destination was Nebel Sø (Lake). Here the catch of the day is studied carefully.


Blue Water Brazil 5 years have gone by since the opening of Blue Water's branch in Brazil, and it is pure coincidence that we on the very day of its 5th anniversary moved into new splendid facilities (200 sqmtrs.) in the city of Sao Paulo. Here we have a staff of 10 young highly motivated people, and the core activity is still food transport (chilled/ frozen) from South America to the rest of the world - but we do also deal with other activities, such as dry cargo. The anniversary was celebrated with an excursion to an ecological park - Parque dos Sonhos - 150 kilometres from Sao Paulo. The programme of the day included different activities and challenges - such as tree walking, rappelling, trekking and aqua riding. The dress code for the evening's party was "ridiculous", which really made the festive spirit rise.

From the excursion - left to right: Bruno Cesar Barbi, Fabiana Martins, Mogens Nielsen, Vanessa Batista da Silva, Priscilla Souza and Tiago Henrique Vaini Bitiu. Blue Water Shipping do Brasil Ltda. Rua Cincinato Braga, 340 - 15th Floor, Suite 151 01330-010 S창o Paulo - SP Brazil Tel.: +55 11 2628 5494 Fax: +55 11 2628 3799 E-mail:

These shin guards belong to the EFB Ice Hockey goalkeeper, Fabrice L'Henry, who is also goalkeeper on the French national team.

The new office - left to right: Adriano Venetucci Gouveia, Tiago Henrique Vaini Bitiu, Fabiana Martins, Priscilla Souza, Mio Mekaro, Rachel Alves, Jaliana Dantas Falcin, Vanessa Batista da Silva, Bruno Cesar Barbi and Mogens Nielsen.

New address in Rotterdam, Holland In January, Blue Water Rotterdam will move to new facilities: BLUE WATER INTERNATIONAL A/S For further information please contact: Blue Water Shipping A/S, US Car Team Ventrupparken 8B, DK-2670 Greve Tel: 4366 2566 - Fax: 4366 2562 E-mail: Contact: Laila S. Teilhof / Jesper Lisby

Postal Address:

Visiting Address:

P.O. Box 185 2990 AD Barendrecht Holland

Fennaweg 24 2991 ZA Barendrecht Holland

Tel. +31 (0) 180 611666 Fax +31 (0) 180 619862


Jubilees 30 Years With a village schooling in the South of Jutland as a backdrop, jobs in Den Gamle By (museum in Aarhus), Samson Transport and Con-Way, Svend Erik Ladegaard started his career with UniShip (United Shipping Agencies) on 1.2.1979. Svend Erik started in the freight forwarding department, which at that time was the main activity. The combined feeder and freight forwarding office in Oslo came into existence in 1986 and the real progress of the Norwegian traffic started. Specialised in Norwegian traffic, Svend Erik has always focused on development, black figures on the bottom line and maintaining loyal employees. His qualities of leadership are characterised by great human understanding and he will do everything to support his colleagues. When Unifeeder decided to sell its forwarding activities to Blue Water, Svend Erik led the process. He thrives on challenges and uphill jobs and has a reputation of being a visionary workaholic who loves working at odd hours. In private life, he is an energetic runner, connoisseur of wine and has, according to himself, a comprehensive knowledge and collection of rock music of the sixties.

Silver Jubilee On 1.3., Søren Stougaard will be celebrating his silver jubilee with Blue Water Esbjerg. Søren is an out-and-out "harbour man" - and the port of Esbjerg is in particular dear to his heart - and every inch a Blue Water man as well. Søren did actually serve his apprenticeship with another company in the port of Esbjerg before he joined BlueWater on 1.3.1984. In those days, the port of Esbjerg was associated with the red reefer vessels of Lauritzen Reefers, whereas today windmill shipments have taken over and take up a great deal of the port's and Blue Water's time, with Søren and his competent teams of the agency and project departments at the helm - a very busy job which includes many different activities. On the home front, Søren shares his time with his wife, Gitte, especially after she has started playing golf. Gitte and Søren will soon

start a new life together, as they have sold their old house and will move into town.

20 Years Anette Rosenbæk Larsen will be celebrating her 20th anniversary on 28.2. It has been a long journey from Esbjerg, via Odense, to Sealand - first Skovlunde, then Vallensbæk and finally Greve (in Jutland, all 3 Sealand locations are known as Blue Water Copenhagen). After a period of practical training followed by a maternity cover, Anette started her actual apprenticeship in the accounts department in Esbjerg on 1.9.1989. Halfway through her apprenticeship, she was transferred to Funen, due to a demand for accounting assistance at our Odense office. In the meantime, Anette had met her boy friend, who lived in Sealand, and now the train ride became shorter and DSB (Danish Railways) poorer. Later on, things worked out so that Annette got a job with Blue Water Copenhagen - in the beginning, a combined freight forwarding/accounting job. However, during the last 10 years, Anette has been full-time employed in the accounts department, and she is now married to her boyfriend, Søren, and has two lovely children, Amalie and Sebastian. Hanne Bärthel of Blue Water Management, Esbjerg will be celebrating her 20th anniversary with the Blue Water Group on 1.2.09. Hanne forms part of our accounts team in Esbjerg as one half of the day-today management of the department. Hanne's primary function, however, is her job as Accounts Manager of Blue Water International, where the experience from her periods abroad - in Aberdeen, Dublin and Baku has given her a thorough knowledge of the many different duties of such a job. In addition to the accounting side, Hanne is an important lifeline to our offices abroad, as they can always ask her for guidance and direction. Along with being responsible for the economy in Blue Water International, the economy of Blue Water Marine & Energy is also Hanne's domain. On 1.2.1989, Anne Marie (Rie) Torsland/Blue Water Esbjerg was

"headhunted" from The Borden Co. to keep track of document procedures in connection with letters of credit, invoicing and closing of files in our deep sea department. A task she mastered very fast. Over the years, Rie has been involved in various activities - as IT superuser on DSI and IRMA, freight purchaser, forwarder, sales representative etc. Rie is married to Anders, who forms part of Blue Water Marine & Energy's terminal team. They have two wonderful, challenging teenage children, Max aged 17 and Nina aged 14. Another beloved family member, Tøffe, is a big crossbred Labrador (named after a bald-headed football player from Aarhus), who joins Rie on her morning walks. Back in 1989 (1.3), Jutta Damgaard Sørensen joined Blue Water Transport, Esbjerg, which at that time was our own haulage business, operating 55 tractor units when the company was at its peak. Today we no longer have our own trucks, but Jutta has become part of the company that controls the Blue Water Group's 800 logo trailers. Until a couple of years ago, she was in fact able to remember all registration numbers of the entire fleet of trailers. Jutta is known for her great helpfulness, cheerfulness and not least her energetic efforts to meet the agreed deadlines. In private life, Jutta is married to Peter and has two grown-up children, Marianne and Michael. Jutta's leisure pursuits include flower arranging, her house, garden and summer house in Blaavand - and we are sure that her new title as grandma will take up a great deal of her time in the future.

10 Years Fina Garber of Blue Water Baku recalls 10 years back a very shy young man, Rovshan Mamedov, coming into her office to apply for a job. Getting the job (as from 28.10.1998) he has since surpassed all her expectations. First as part of our airfreight team in the airport, then at our office in the city of Baku, where he alongside his job managed to improve his English knowledge by private study and develop his IT talents. In 2004, Rovshan seized the opportunity to improve his skills even

further when a vacancy appeared in Dubai. Here Rovshan has built up our traffic to the CIS and is very popular among our Russian speaking clients as well as among his colleagues, who are impressed by his ability to learn Hindi. This makes it possible for him to catch all important information at the office as well as the gossip. Gerben C. van Giesen will be celebrating his 10th jubilee with Blue Water Rotterdam on 1.1. Before Gerben started his apprenticeship with Blue Water, he was already familiar with the atmosphere of our reefer department from his 6 weeks' work experience there in connection with his studies at the Transport College. Fresh from college, we offered him a job and he has formed part of our Rotterdam team ever since. In the meantime, he has also got a family - a wife and a son. Gerben is an asset to the company, acting as an octopus and always ready to lend a hand. In addition, he has never had a sick day - apart from once, when a swan tried to kiss him as he was riding his bicycle to work one morning. The little incident resulted in a concussion. Back in 1999 (1.2.), John Frandsen started as sales representative with Smyril Line Cargo, Torshavn. The company was transformed into Smyril Blue Water on 1.4.2005, and John is now General Manager of the office in Torshavn. John originally comes from Brøndby, but did his military service on the Faroe Islands in 1973. There he met his wife, Laila, and the family has since increased to include 4 well and strong sons. John received his commercial training at Solar, but is an all-rounder, as he has done many different jobs. John has always been very interested in sport - first as an active sportsman and then through his sons. He has for instance been chairman of the Faroese swimming league and committee member in HB - the biggest Faroese football club. On 1.2.1999, Ole Hermansen of Blue Water Aarhus was employed as Key Account Manager in Unifeeder's freight forwarding department in Aarhus, responsible for sales


Jubilees and customer service in Jutland/ Funen. When Blue Water took over the activity from Unifeeder in 2008 (1.4.), Ole changed field to Norway and "Individual Solutions". With his harmonious character, easy manners and natural approach and interest in IT technology and telecommunication, Ole is a highly appreciated member of the team. Whenever his colleagues need advice and guidance, Ole is always able to find a solution, often accompanied by one of his special cheerful remarks. Henrik Sidding Nielsen of Blue Water Milan will be celebrating his 10th jubilee on 1.3.2009. Henrik served his apprenticeship with Blue Water Odense, in the Germany/ Benelux department and has, both during his apprenticeship and later, contributed to the development of this strong and efficient department. Henrik was later transferred to our partner in Milan, Italy - Armando Vidale - for a 2-year period, where he learned to speak a high standard of Italian and acquired a comprehensive knowledge of Italian culture. Henrik's experience from his stay in Milan made it possible for Blue Water to establish its own office in Busto Arsizio, near Milan, in the autumn of 2006. Since the opening, Henrik has performed the function of General Manager and has also for several years been responsible for the development of Blue Water's Italian activities. Henrik is a typical sports freak, jogging up and down the hills close to his home in Como, and is not the man to refuse a marathon or a 1/2 iron man.

Staff Redeployment Water Aarhus. Lisa was, however, for a short period lent to our Swedish department in Aarhus, when they needed help with booking and invoicing, but is now back in the reception again. Lisa is mainly responsible for the daily booking of suppliers' invoices, but is also attending to the switchboard and is as such filling an octopus function. Seven years ago, Lisa Domino met Henrik Høj, who was a truck driver, and a year later they were married. Lisa added the name Høj to her name, which fitted like a glove (Høj means tall and Lisa is a very tall girl). Henrik had 3 daughters, and about 2 years ago, Lisa and Henrik became parent of twins, Oscar and Sofie, so their home in Galten is always a jolly place. Jason Goh will be celebrating his 10th anniversary with Blue Water Singapore on 1.4.09. Shortly after he joined Blue Water, Jason was appointed General Manager of the Singapore office, and due to his great commitment and efforts, he is today in charge of a staff of 18 at the office and warehouse. Jason is a well-known figure with our many O&E clients in Asia and is working energetically to our motto "Best in Town". In addition to the close local contact, Jason is also an important part in the development of a cooperation across the organisation, and keeps close contact with our offices in Esbjerg, Houston, Aberdeen, Aktau and Baku among others. In future, Jason will spend more time developing the activities in Asia in general, as this is also part of his job description.

10 years ago, we welcomed Lisa Domino Høj to our reception at Blue

New Address in Norway

New Address in China

Postal Address: Blue Water Shipping AS PB 65 Alnabru 0614 Oslo Norge

Blue Water Shipping China A/S Qingdao Office Room. 27B, Hua Pu Building No. 68, Hong Kong Mid –Road Qingdao 266071 People’s Republic of China

Visiting Address: Verkseier Furulundsvei 5 0668 Oslo Norge The terminal address remains unchanged until further notice.

Tel: +86 532 85970531 Fax: + 86 532 85970532 E-mail:

As from 1.9., Kanan Zeynally of Blue Water Aberdeen is appointed Business Development Manager responsible for the oil activities in the Caspian region. Due to hectic activity, Jesper Øraker of Blue Water Copenhagen is for the time being stationed in Billund. Arne Iversen of Blue Water Qingdao has divided his efforts between China and Qatar over the summer, in order to get our office in Doha started. In future, Arne will have his permanent base in Esbjerg, Denmark, but will be paying regular visits to both offices. On 13.10., Jesper Heinze moved from Blue Water Copenhagen to our agent, Bohemia Cargo, in the Czech Republic, where he will be responsible for the transport from Færch Plast's new factory to European destinations. The longterm plan is to transfer Jesper to Blue Water Manchester. Lasse Petersen from Blue Water New York has moved south to Fort Lauderdale as from 20.10.

After New Year, Michelle Afonso will move from New York to Blue Water's office in Los Angeles. As from November, Lars Jedermann Jørgensen of the O&E department in Esbjerg was transferred to Blue Water Houston. Haulier Aksel Johansen had decided to end his long working career on 1.11.2008. He will now enjoy his future life, as an early pensioner, together with his family in their country house close to Glamsbjerg. Since the early nineties, Aksel has been permanently involved with Blue Water, Odense as local distribution haulier and has been a fantastic "ambassador" for our company in the daily contact with our customers. Blue Water has taken over Aksel's van, which in future will be manned by our own local driver Carsten Lunau Hansen. At the same time, Brian Illum Hansen exchanges his warehouse job with a job as driver of Blue Water's courier van. We hereby wish Aksel all the best for the future and thank him for an excellent long-term partnership.

Left to right: Carsten Lunau Hansen and Aksel Johansen.

New Employees Aalborg Michal Czarnecki - 22 years - is employed as administrative assistant at our terminal as from 6.10. Michal served his apprenticeship as a forwarder in his home country, Poland, and has worked as such until he moved to Denmark.

25-year-old Jesper Mikkelsen joined our terminal team on 3.11. In his previous career, Jesper has worked for Color Print and as a self-employed haulier in Kurérgruppen Nordjylland.


New Employees Billund As from 1.11., we have taken on 29-yearold freight forwarder, Lars Jacobsen, to take over the responsibility for the daily operation of the export department. Lars comes from a position of logistics manager of Epoka, Pandrup. Lars received his training at TNT Express in Kolding and has also been employed with Bendix Shipping, Taulov. Esbjerg On 1.9. a new stevedore foreman - 28-yearold Christian Ørskov - joined our team. Christian has for the past 6 years been involved in workshop and sales for Peter Harbo A/S. Christian was originally trained as a plumber, but is also a qualified sales and marketing consultant. After a short detour to Arovit, we are pleased to welcome Martin Hebsgaard back with Blue Water Transport as from 1.10. Martin will be involved in reefer transport to Southern Europe. As from 20.11, 3 new colleagues have joined our UK/Ireland groupage terminal: 45-year-old Finn Callesen is employed as foreman. He was previously employed with Leman for 10 years - the last year as deputy foreman. 47-year-old Torben Jensen is employed as terminal assistant. For the last 3 1/2 years, Torben has been working as a truck driver and before that he was employed with IAT and Birkebæk Møbler, Bramming.

42-year-old Brian Grandt has joined our team as terminal assistant. Brian has previously worked for JB Spær and Esbjerg Træindustri.

Lars Søvsø Jensen - 42 years old - started as freight forwarder in our airfreight department on 1.11. Lars served his apprenticeship with Dan Transport in Tirstrup Airport and has also been employed with DanTransport and DFDS Transport in Billund. Lars' most recent job was as Airfreight Manager of PR Shipping, Esbjerg.

On 4.11., Marc Nielsen - 22 years old joined our groupage terminal team on Lillebæltsvej. Marc comes from a similar job with Holger Christiansen A/S and is originally a qualified building technician.

As from 17.11., 59-year-old Jacob Nielsen forms part of our warehouse team. Jacob is in fact an old acquaintance of Blue Water as he, years back, was our very first warehouseman. Jacob has been a self-employed haulier for many years and was most recently employed at Seelen's warehouse but now the circle is closed.

28-year-old Helle Mejrup joined our finance department on 1.12. Helle's previous jobs include Revision 88 and Betonelement A/S, and she has an all-round accounting background and experience in debtor administration and accounting for two minor companies.

23-year-old Johannes Josefsen who just recently graduated in computer science - started as assistant in our IT department on 1.12.

The 33-year-old freight forwarder, Chris Bundesen, joined our airfreight department on 1.9. Chris used to work in the sea and airfreight department of STS.

Camilla Lundgaard Hansen - 24 years old - is employed as accounts assistant as from 1.12. Camilla - who has been working as a temp in the accounts department since last summer - comes from a similar job at an estate agent's office in Aarhus.

36-year-old Lotte Malberg is employed as sales and HR secretary. Lotte's previous fields of activity include internal and external sales - the last 5 years with Tropica.

We were pleased to welcome 32-year-old Michael Rud back in our project department on 18.11, which will no doubt benefit by his experience. Michael was previously part of the project team for a short period before he decided to seek new challenges at Vestas Offshore, Esbjerg. 21-year-old Joakim Jensen is employed in our project department as from 1.1.09. Joakim comes from Nakskov, where he just recently completed his apprenticeship, involved in ship's agency and stevedoring. Joakim is therefore familiar with shipping and handling of windmills which will be part of his daily duties at Blue Water. Copenhagen

21-year-old June Andreassen forms part of our warehouse team since 1.7. June comes from a similar job with DHL.


Elo Eriksen 31 years old - started at our warehouse on 1.8. Elo's previous employments include Hørkram and a temporary job with Proffice.

After a period of temporary employment, 31-year-old Mark Krabbenhøft became permanently employed at our warehouse on 1.11. Bremen

The 36-yearold freight forwarder, Sandra Tietgen, is employed to deal with sea freight import as from 1.10. Sandra has 20 years of forwarding experience from her previous jobs with Emil Ipsen GmbH and Sture Verkehrs GmbH.


John Daniel 41 years old - is appointed assistant general manager of our newly established office as from 1.10. John comes from India, but has for the past 10 years been working in the Middle East - for Maersk Logistics in Dubai and the last 5 years for Damco in Doha. Shareef Khaja - 33 years old joined our new office as operations supervisor as from 8.10. Shareef, who is also from India, has 6 years of forwarding experience from Doha and his strong point is that he speaks and reads Arabic.


New Employees Another Indian, 33-year-old Gilna Viju, is appointed customs service manager as from 12.10. Gilja was previously employed with National Shipping, Doha for 6 years. Dubai

37-year-old Reuben Alexander joined our airfreight department as airfreight manager on 5.10. Reuben used to work for Paxton, EFreight and Dubai Cargo Village. As from 19.10., we have taken on 48-year-old John Millward as business development manager. John is from England, but has worked in the Middle East for many years - first in Saudi Arabia and in recent years in Dubai for Oman Transport, ADSO and Logistics Solutions. Helsinki Tarja Saari 43 years old - joined our team on 2.6. Tarja has been in the freight forwarding business since 1989, employed with Huolintakeskus, BDN Cargo Transport, DFDS and since 2000 with Kauko Group. In all these jobs, she has been involved in road transport - both export and import to/from Finland. Today, Tarja's main responsibility is import from Denmark. 56-year-old Ilse Carita Tolmala is employed as from 2.6. to assist with dispatch of trailers to Denmark and export/ import to/from Norway and Sweden. Ilse is an old hand, as she has been in the business since 1983 - with Huolintakeskus, NTS and since 2002 with Kaugo Group, where she was primarily involved in export and import to/ from Sweden and Norway.

53-year-old Hans Rafael Sjøberg forms part of the team since 18.8., involved in trailer traffic to/from Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. Hasse was a truck driver for 30 years before he got a job "behind the desk" with Niin Express in Turku, where he for 5 years was dealing with silo transport to Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. Ipswich Michael Bond - 32 years old started as truck driver on 28.7. Michael used to work for H.C. Wilson and Felxstowe Port Moscow 42-year-old Sergey Abramow is engaged as truck driver since 14.7. Sergey used to work for Mosavtolegtrans and Danish company Olsen. Nuuk Jacob Poulsen - 46 years old - is employed as terminal assistant/driver since 22.7. Jacob's previous employments include 11 years with a firm of furniture removers in Nuuk. Oslo At the takeover of Gran Spedisjon on 1.7., the following staff were transferred to Blue Water Oslo: Knut-Erik Gran - 62 years old - established Gran Spedisjon in 1978 (1.3.) and has been in charge of the daily operation ever since - which is more than 30 years - and will remain in charge in the new constellation. Knut-Erik started in the freight forwarding business in 1965 and was employed with Fred Olsen Spedisjon for 13 years before he became self-employed.

Liv-Mette Gran - 59 years old - was a skilled social educator before she, in 1967, became involved in accounting and office work in general. Since 1998, she has been a permanent part of Gran Spedisjon - the recent 10 years, responsible for economy, accounting, staff and administration. 37-year-old Else Hemmer Magnussen joined the team 6 years ago and has gathered all-round experience in customs clearance, freight forwarding, sea and airfreight and domestic and international distribution. Else has previously worked at the Tollpost AS terminal for one year and 3 years as logistics assistant with Systemair AS. Anne Watne - 46 years old - became permanently employed in 2007 after a period of temporary employment. Anne's field of activity includes freight forwarding, traffic, customs clearance, invoice control etc. She was previously employed with DHL Danzas Air & Ocean for 5 years, taking care of administration and accounting. On 1.5., Henrik Munthe-Dahl - 45 years old - became permanently employed as freight forwarder and customs expert after a period of temporary employment. Henrik has been working as a customs broker since 1988 - with Ecotrans AS, ASG AS, Tollpost Globe AS and the recent 6 years with DHL AS. Patrick Saut - 35 years old - joined the team on 17.6. Patrick has specialised in economy and IT, but has for the past 3 years been responsible for distribution at FRS Norway AS. In addition, he has gathered experience from his 3-year period as branch manager with the same company. Today, Patrick's main responsibility is IT, but he is also involved in freight forwarding.

As from 1.9., 39-year-old Jan Olav Edvardsen is employed as freight forwarder in the Denmark import department. Jan Olav has since 1998 been involved in similar activities - the recent 4 years with Cargo Partner. Tove Ragnhild Saua - 56 years old - joined the customs department on 1.9. Tove has 20 years of customs experience from her previous jobs with Arne Thorsen Transport, Skien and Primaflor A/S, Oslo among others. Sao Paulo 18-year-old Bruno Cesar Barbi started as trainee on 3.7.


Emma Siew Li Wai - 27 years old - is employed as accounts and administration assistant as from 20.10. Emma's recent employment involved similar duties. 27-year-old Fajar Bin Razali joined our logistics department as logistics assistant on 20.10. Fajar has previously worked as a stacker and lifting supervisor. Torshavn Hallur Danielsen - 35 years old - started as salesman in the import department on 18.8. Hallur has previously worked as logistics co-ordinator for the fish exporter, Farex. Vilnius On 25.8., 22-year-old Egidijus Balzaris started as trainee.


Birthday List January Zahir Rzayev, Baku - 50 years old 1.1. Finn B. Jensen, Padborg - 60 years old 10.1. Thomas Vestergaard, Aalborg - 30 years old 14.1. Lars Kristiansen, Esbjerg - 30 years old 17.1. Simon Le Beniory, Aarhus - 40 years old 31.1.

Hanstholm - 40 years old 10.2. Sam Jai Moses, Dubai - 40 years old 13.2. Tina Imer Jensen, Aalborg - 30 years old 16.2. Lasse Nørgaard Wolff, Esbjerg - 30 years old 20.2. Martin Terndrup Nielsen, Odense - 30 years old 27.2.

February Alex Nordtorp Olesen, Esbjerg - 40 years old Michelle Minto-Le Dreff, Brest - 40 years old Peter G. Larsen,

March Klaus Bindesbøll Petersen, Esbjerg - 30 years old 4.3. Nicki Frandsen, Copenhagen - 30 years old 9.3. Sonya Byfield, Aberdeen - 40 years old 14.3.

1.2. 5.2.

Kirsten Davidsen, Esbjerg - 50 years old 17.3. Björn E. Jensen, Gothenburg 40 years old 23.3. April Martin Hebsgaard, Esbjerg - 30 years old 1.4. John Lauridsen, Esbjerg - 50 years old 2.4. Robert Farrar, Manchester - 60 years old 10.4. Suresh Kumar, Dubai - 50 years old 17.4. Rene Bonde Jensen, Copenhagen - 40 years old 20.4. Florens Van Tiggelen, Rotterdam 30 years old 22.4.


Births On 0.8., Kevin Robb, Operations Manager in Aberdeen, and his wife increased their family with a baby girl, Erin, weighing 3 kgs.. On 25.8., it was the Logistics Co-ordinator in Aberdeen, Scott Brand's turn to become a father as his wife gave birth to a little girl, Hayden Marissa weighing 3.7 kgs.

Mary Ann Anical of Blue Water Dubai was married to her fiancé, Gerry B. Afable, in Manilla, the Philippines on 8.4.

On 4.9., Steffan Ploog of Blue Water Odense became a father of a fine healthy boy (2.950 kgs/52 cm). Malene Ehmsen from our airfreight department in Esbjerg married Jesper in the Church of Ho on 6.9. Their two children, Ditte and Victor, were bridesmaid and bridesman.

Sebastian von der Wehl from our Norwegian department in Aarhus married Maria Saabye in Skødstrup Church on 28.6. The wedding festivities were held at an restaurant in Ugelbølle with a view over Kalø Bay. Next morning, the happy couple left for their honeymoon in Alaska and Hawaii. Puvlished by: Blue Water Trafikhavnskaj 11 DK-6701 Esbjerg Tel.: +45 79 13 41 44 Fax +45 79 13 46 77

Editors: Gyrithe Skov: Jørn Bøllund, Kurt Skov Published in: 8.600 copies E-mail:

Dorte Fogtman from the accounts department in Esbjerg got married in Brede Church in Bredebro on 6.9. The name of the lucky groom is Thomas Jordt, and they have now both taken the family name Fogtman Jordt

On 30.9., Jan Ekholm of Blue Water Gothenburg and his wife, Sara, became parents of a little girl, Cornelia (3.190 kgs/51 cm).

Saturday 30.9, Simon Appel from our Swedish department in Aarhus entered into matrimony with his girlfriend, Marianne, at the town hall in Silkeborg. Naturally, their little son, Mads, took part in the big event. Lay-out: Claus Simony

Print: Jørn Thomsen A/S

News Dec 2008 UK  
News Dec 2008 UK  

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