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Table of contents Preface One...................................................6 Blackletter Two...................................................8 Oldstyle Three................................................10 Script Four.................................................12 Transitional Five.................................................14 Modern Six..................................................16 Slab Serif Seven................................................18 Sans Serif Eight............................................... 20 Glyphic Nine.................................................22 Display Ten..................................................24 Work Sited

Introduction Knowing how to chose a certain type to use can sometimes be overwhelming. There are many different categories of type out there. Knowing when to use certain kinds of type can also be overwhelming. Breaking Down Type is a simple guide used to teach people how to classify type. This book is designed for anyone who does not know much about type. This guide features type broken down into 9 separate categories. Each section features examples of different forms of type. Each section is different from one another. Knowing the differences between certain categories will help you better understand the simple anatomy of type.

This example is from a west west coast coast rap rap group group called called Cypress Hill. This is a modified example of black letter that has a blended stroke. The ascenders are extended around the title. This title is very similar to a display font.

This example example is is from from a a This clothing company company called called Fuel. Fuel. clothing The characters characters are are bold bold but but The still follow follow the the rules rules of of still blackletter. The The beaks beaks make make blackletter. an arrow giving the characters an arrow giving the characters a Gothic Gothic style style look. look. a



Black Letters forms were based derived from hand-coping styles. It is also the earliest printing types that came from Northern Europe

This This example example is is from from the the Washington Washington Post, Post, which which is is a a well well known known publication. publication. This This is is a a example example of of a a very very traditional traditional style style of of the the blackletter. blackletter. The The first first capital capital character character has has the the very very complicated complicated blackletter blackletter structure structure found found in in the the font font known known as as Old Old English. English.

This This example example was was taken taken from from a a small small bag bag that that had had Extra Extra Buttons Buttons printed printed on on it. it. This This little little bag bag came came with with a a pair pair of of pants. pants. This This is is also also another another more more traditional traditional example example of of the the older older style style of of Blackletter. Blackletter. The The big big d di if ff fe er re en nc ce e w wi it th h t th hi is s example example is is the the more more ornate ornate details. details.


This example was taken from a chicken soup package. The most reconizible feature of this style is the change in the top part of the “O.”

This example is from the cover of a DVD “I Am Legend.” The head line is very basic the only unique feature of the text is the The two capital characters that incloses the title. This creates balance in the headline of the cover.



Oldstyle is derived form the lowercase forms used by the old Italian humanist scholars for book copying. The uppercase letters originate from acient Roman Ruins. This example was taken from the title of a book. The title is engraved in the leather book cover. This font is a very simple example of Oldstyle.

This This example example was was taken taken from from the the DVD DVD cover cover “The “The Protector.” Protector.” This This example example of of Oldstyle Oldstyle is is slightly slightly modified, modified, for for a a more more modern modern time. time. The The serifs serifs stay stay more more traditional. traditional.


This example is taken from a a magazine magazine article. article. The The article features Hollywood hottest directors. This script font is very ornate and whimsical. The characters have a heavy weight. This makes text easier to read.

This example was taken from a cereal box. The characters are designed to appear to have a loose fluid feel. The design of these characters are not based on creating a tight feel. They are designed to be expressive.



Script was originally designed to mimic calligraphy. It is designed to look very ornate and sometimes difficult to read. Scripts fonts are best used short phrases or highlighted text, not for body type. This example is taken from a wedding invitation. Wedding invataions are a common place to find examples of Script. The reason for this is because The characters are very elegant and romantic.

This example was taken from a magazine. The example is a separate headline on the cover of a magazine. The font appears to use Italics. Using this technique can be a clever alternative for using a style of highlighted text.


This example was taken from the cover of a drawing book. The Transitional type used here is bold and bolted.

This This example example was was taken taken from from the the cover cover art art of of a a art art history history book book that that focuses focuses on on drawing. drawing. This This font font is is very very thin. thin. The The stem stem has has little little weight. weight.



Transitional is basically a modified version of Oldstyle. It can be hard to tell the difference between the two. The biggest difference between the two styles is that transitional uses more variations in the thick and thinparts partsof ofthe thecharacters. characters thin This example was taken from the drawing brand Strathmore. You can tell that this is transitional transitional font font because because of the changes throughout the different characters.

This This example example was was taken taken from from a a DVD DVD cover. cover. The The overlapoverlapping ping thick thick to to thin thin ratio ratio of of the the stems stems from from the the different different characters characters is is the the most most reconizble reconizble feature feature of of transitional. transitional.


This example is of a graphic design poster featuring the font didone. This is a equal balance of the font. You can see the influences of the oldstyle forms in the individual characters.

This is an example on a the new gatorade bottle. All its individual parts including the brackets all share the same weight.



This style is influenced by Oldstyle letter forms. Its differences are the changes in the weight of characters and the brackets. This This examples examples was was taken taken from from a a magazine magazine article. article. This is a very slick and simple simple form form of of transitional transitional style. style. The The is is not not much much changes changes in in the the characters characters they they all all contain contain brackets. brackets.

This This example example was was taking taking from from the the very very popular popular Time Time magazine. magazine. This This well well known known cover cover font font is is bold bold with with small small bracket bracket serifs. serifs.


This example was taken from a book cover about a well known artist Max Beckmann. As you can see the serifs are very flat. This is the most distinct feature of slab serif.

This This example example was was taken taken from from the the video video game game Resident Resident Evil. Evil. This This font font was was used used for for the the bodytype. bodytype. You You do do not not usually usually see see this this style style used used in in a a large large amount amount of of text text or or body body text. text.



This originally heavy blackened serif does not feature much variation in thickness of the characters. It is bold and very easy to read. Good for headlines. This example is the name of a clothing company that focuses on T-shirts. The style of font has a dancing feel to it. Not all the characters sit on the same baseline. Its a clever way to create motion.

This Example was taken from a a magazine magazine article. article. This This is is a a classic classic example example of of Slab Slab Serif. It bold and gets the point point across. across.


Sans Serif This example was taken from a paper company that also makes printers. The weight of all the characters is the same. This font is very bold and easy to read from far away.

This This example example was was taken taken from from the the DVD DVD cover cover jackass jackass the the movie. movie. This This title title is is all all lowercase. lowercase. Again Again the the weight weight of all the characters is the the same. same.


San Serifs do have serifs, hence the basically is that There are no beaks concept of San serif derived

This example was taken from journey education. This is a company that provides software and computer products at discount prices. This font does features two separate weights, regular and bold.


name san serif. What this means on the characters. The original from William Caslon IV in 1816.

This This example example was was taken taken from from a a company company that that makes makes camouflage. camouflage. This This type type is is slightly slightly more more modern modern to to match match the the theme theme of of this this camouflage camouflage company. company.


This example is from the Avatar movie poster. The characters characters stems stems blend blend suttly into the mushed serifs.

This example is from a graphic design poster. This is a very clean example of the glyphic style. The serifs are very sharp.


Glyphic is modern style that uses elements from other styles. The most distinguishing part of the Glyphic style is the blended serifs.

This example was taken from a poster. This font features a dynamic element. The modified serifs give the characters a more dynamic edge.

This This example example was was taken taken from from a a T-shirt T-shirt promoting promoting graphic graphic Design. Design. The The is is a a custom custom made made font font that that is is being being used used more more and and more. more. All All the the characters characters are are linked linked together. together.


This example was taken form an energy drink called monster. The label features a smaller font. This font has influences from Script and blackletter.

This This example example was was taken taken from from the the cover cover of of a a video video game. game. The The characters characters have have very very sharp sharp ascenders ascenders and and descenders. descenders. This This font font contains contains a a stroke. stroke.


Display fonts custom made fonts that were started 20’s Display fonts areare custom made fonts that were started in in thethe 20’s during a boom in the advertising age. There are no rules during a boom in the advertising age. There are no rules display styles. forfor display styles.

This example is on the cover of a comic book called violator. This style was inspired by a splatter effect. This gives the font strength.

This This example example was was taken taken from from CD CD cover. cover. The The characters characters in in this this font font have have a a strong strong Asian Asian influence. influence.


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Breaking Down Type  

This book was created a educational guide that describes different font families. THIS BOOK IS USED FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY

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