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3 Tips  for  Local  Optimization By  Bryan  Wisotsky   February  2,  2013

Now more  than   ever  your  business’   local  presence  is   important.  Yes,  you   need  organic   rankings  to  be   found  online  ―   otherwise  SEO   wouldn’t  really   matter  ―  but  ranking  in  Google  +  Local  and  showing  up   in  business  directories  also  drives  leads. Here  are  three  tips  to  improve  your  local  optimization: 1)  Register  your  business  with  local  business  directories   such  as  Yelp,  Foursquare,  CitySearch,  and  Yahoo  Local.   If  you  aren’t  sure  where  you’re  registered,  sites  such  as  will  do  a  free  scan  and  show  you  where  your   completed  listings  exist. 2)  Optimize  your  local  business  listings.  Make  sure  to   include  your  website  and  links  to  social  sites  such  as   Twitter  and  Facebook  where  possible.  Make  sure  to  use  

the same  phone  number  and  address  format  ―  Suite   100  or  #100  ―  for  consistency. 3)  On  directory  sites  that  allow  reviews,  ask  customers   that  have  used  your  service  or  product  to  leave  a   positive  feedback.  Make  sure  they  don’t  leave  reviews   from  your  business  PC  or  at  your  location  as  your  IP   address  is  tracked  and  the  review  may  be  flagged.  Also,   users  which  have  done  previous  reviews  may  have  a   better  chance  of  success  than  first-­‐time  users   depending  on  the  business.  

3 Tips for Local Optimization  
3 Tips for Local Optimization  

Now more than ever your business’ local presence is important. Yes, you need organic rankings to be found online ― otherwise SEO wouldn’t re...