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5 Ways An Auto Sun Shade Offers Protection Against The Hot Summer Sunlight High temperatures and glaring sun during the peak summer season can quickly overheat the inside of your automobile when out running regular errands, or while sitting on long work days, a lengthy trip to the beach or in an airport parking lot. In addition to dashboard warping and faded upholstery, super-heated interiors can pose serious health risks to people and pets, and damage to sensitive electronic equipment. Since your dash windshield bears the impact of the summer sun's blazing rays, using an effective sun shade can help to reduce the effects of the hottest summer days. 1. Designs That Are Layered Reflective To make a uniquely impenetrable air cushion barrier, modern shades use a revolutionary layered design that combines sheets of reflective Mylar film with an air-cushioned core. Up to 99.5% of damaging UV rays and as much as 80% of the solar energy from direct sunlight can be blocked by a single effective windshield shade. Sun shades will keep the interior of your car up to 40 degrees cooler--providing welcome respite from searing temperatures depending on particular fit and design. 2. The Advantage Of Custom Fits Universal sun visors are offered, however this variety does not typically provide adequate coverage and can be awkward to use. In addition to improved cushioned designs, modern sun visor shoppers will be able to find online retailers that can offer a custom fit for your car's particular make and model. Your shade will be cut with computer precision to your vehicle's windshield contour--including any required clearance for built in electronic devices and features. To ensure a perfect fit, many online stores that offer custom cut shades allow you to simply enter your car's manufacturer and model information. 3. Safeguard Yourself Your car interior can reach around 120째 Fahrenheit during the most intensive periods of summer heat, and specifically in warmer climates. In addition to being extremely uncomfortable, such high temperatures could make steering wheels, seats, door panels, dashes, shifter knobs and seat belts burning to the touch. Employing an effective, rapid set-up windshield shade can help you and your family get back on the road in comfort more quickly--and your automobile's air conditioning system will not have to work as hard to get temperatures normal again. Protection against long term wear and tear on your automobile and an improvement in your overall fuel efficiency will be realized. 4. Maintaining Interiors High temperatures and intensely focused UV light may cause excessive premature deterioration of your car's interior. Upholstery and leather interiors can quickly become faded and cracked, on top

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5 Ways An Auto Sun Shade Offers Protection Against The Hot Summer Sunlight of the warping of dashboards, without some form of protection against the sun. Windshield shades can help to maintain the car's interior and retain its overall resale value. 5. Theft Prevention and Electronics Protection Sensitive electronic components, including sound system equipment and also gadgets that get left behind, may also be protected with windshield shades. You can easily protect your auto's contents from the prying eyes of thieves as well as damaging direct sunlight through the combination of windshield shades and window tinting or curtain-style shades. Function, Convenience, and Style There are also other factors to look at beyond a lightweight design; these include sleek metallic finishes, non-abrasive bindings, UV resistant materials, and easy-storage bags that make portability convenient. From maintaining your auto's pristine interior and protecting belongings against potential thieves to keeping comfortable and cool during the hottest summer months, a protective windshield sun shade makes a smart investment for any hot-weather driver. With a Dodge sunshade in position while parked, you'll encounter a sustained cooler temperature within your vehicle. For more information on Color Car Shade, see their web site at

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5 Ways An Auto Sun Shade Offers Protection Against The Hot Summer Sunlight