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ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE PRODUCTS WITH OUTSTANDING RESULTS! This catalog has the latest product information and plenty of helpful tips for gardening the Nature’s Guide way for perfect lawns and beautiful gardens. Table of Contents: Introduction.............................................................2 Lawn Foods..........................................................3-5 Specialty Plant Foods........................................5-7 Soil Amendments...............................................7-8 Composts............................................................ 8-9 Mulches................................................................... 9


Organic Potting Soils......................................... 10 Natural Product Plant Foods...................... 10-12 Garlic Products.....................................................12 Insect Controls................................................12-13 Fungus Controls...................................................13 Herbicides..............................................................13

THE NATURE’S GUIDE WAY WHY NATURE’S GUIDE? Nature’s Guide was developed by a group of dedicated gardening enthusiasts to produce a line of lawn and garden products that provide superior results without the use of chemicals. Nature’s Guide provides the home gardener, landscaper and farmer natural environmentally safe products. Modern research and technology has been used to develop traditional natural products and formulate new ones using safe natural substances. The Nature’s Guide family of products includes fertilizers, soil amendments, mulches, insect controls, disease controls and weed controls. Each product is based on proven natural ingredients in both traditional and modern combinations for best results. With Nature’s Guide you get the most productive, most attractive and most trouble free landscape and garden.


LAWN FOOD About: Natural Fertilizers

Natural Premium Turf Food 6-1-4

Our fertilizers work with Nature by combining natural organic matter and rich natural nutrition that is converted by beneficial soil microorganisms to elemental plant food. The result is better soil that becomes richer with every application.

About: Natural vs Chemical Nature’s Guide Lawn and Turf foods work on the same principle to renew and reinvigorate soils and lawns. By reducing the use of man-made chemicals, Nature’s Guide makes the landscape safer and healthier for our kids, our pets, and our planet.

• Contains alfalfa slow release organic nitrogen • Rich in Tricontanol - natural growth stimulate • Formulated with seaweed, humate and molasses • Non-burning • Covers up to 4,000 sq ft Item No.: NG100 Pack Size: 40 lb

About: Grass Clippings NEVER REMOVE GRASS CLIPPINGS! Grass clippings should always be allowed to remain on the lawn. They can be unsightly immediately after mowing if the grass is overgrown but soon dry up and disappear. Soil microorganisms stimulated by Nature’s Guide lawn foods quickly break clippings down into a useful compost that provides nutrition and improves soil structure with beneficial organic matter. Use the same approach with fallen leaves in the fall. Mow them don’t rake! Never waste these valuable resources.

Nature’s Guide jumbo bedding plant trays are also available. Item No.: NG602 Pack Size: 50 3

Natural Turf Food 4-3-2 • Contains fast and slow release organic nitrogen • Poultry litter is heat pasteurized • Formulated with seaweed, molasses and humates • Non-burning • Covers up to 4,000 sq ft Item No.: NG101 Pack Size: 40 lb

LAWN FOOD Natural Based Lawn Food 9-2-2 • Contains fast and slow release organic nitrogen sources • Poultry litter based - fortified with urea • Adds organic matter and increases microbial activity • Easy to apply on all turf grasses • Covers up to 4,000 sq ft Item No.: NG119 Pack Size: 40 lb

Natural Fall Fertilizer 3-0-5 • For fall application on all turf grasses • Enhances the root system • Improves the cold and stress tolerance • No added chemicals and free from bio-solids • Adds organic matter to the soil • Non-burning • Covers up to 3,000 sq ft

Dried Molasses 1-0-1 • Air dried molasses to ensure optimum biological activity • High sugar content • Adds organic matter and increases microbial activity • Non-burning • Covers up to 4,000 sq ft Item No.: NG185 Pack Size: 40 lb

Natural Corn Gluten Meal 9-0-0 • Contains slow release nitrogen • 100% pure corn gluten meal • Adds organic matter and increases microbial activity • Non-burning • Covers up to 3,000 sq ft Item No.: NG109 Pack Size: 40 lb

Item No.: NG099 Pack Size: 30 lb


LAWN FOOD & SPECIALTY PLANT FOODS Natural Corn Gluten Meal Spreadable 9-0-0 • Contains slow release nitrogen • 100% pure corn gluten meal • Adds organic matter and increases microbial activity • Easy to apply granule • Covers up to 3,000 sq ft Item No.: NG108 Pack Size: 40 lb

Natural Blooms 4-5-3 • Maximizes buds and blooms • Increases microbial activity • All organic nutrients • Mycorrhizal fungi • 1-2 lb per 100 sq ft Item No.: NG113 Pack Size: 3 lb/6 pk Item No.: NG115 Pack Size: 20 lb


Natural Rose Food 3-5-3 • Produces beautiful blooms • All natural - contains alfalfa • Mycorrhizal fungi • 1/4 cup per ft of plant height Item No.: NG105 Pack Size: 3 lb/6 pk Item No.: NG107 Pack Size: 20 lb

Natural Tomato & Pepper Food 4-3-2 • Develops healthier veggies • Increases yields • Mycorrhizal fungi • All natural formula Item No.: NG116 Pack Size: 3 lb/6 pk Item No.: NG118 Pack Size: 20 lb

SPECIALTY PLANT FOODS Natural Azalea & Gardenia Food 3-5-2 • A 3-5-2 blend of slow release nitrogen and organic nutrients • Mycorrhizal fungi • Great for rhododendrons Item No.: NG098 Pack Size: 3 lb/6 pk Item No.: NG096 Pack Size: 20 lb

Natural Alfalfa Meal 2-1-1 • Rich in tricontanol - a natural plant growth hormone • A traditional favorite of rose growers • 2-1-1 mixture provides natural, non-burning nitrogen that releases slowly Item No.: NG112 Pack Size: 40 lb

Natural Rock Phosphate 0-3-0 • All natural source of phosphorus • Promotes flower production • Increases fruit and vegetable yields • Non-burning • Contains no super phosphates or acids Item No.: NG278 Pack Size: 20 lb

Natural Earthworm Castings 3-1-2 • Odorless and non-toxic • Improves water retention, aeration, and plant growth • Non-burning • Use alone or mix with soft rock phosphate to boost root development • Add to your pots Item No.: NG260 Pack Size: 4 lb/6 pk Item No.: NG259 Pack Size: 20 lb



Expanded Shale • Increases aeration and the ability to hold water • Increases water, mineral and nutrient uptake • Reduces drought and heat stress • Naturally occurring unaltered oxidized lignite

• Helps loosen soil, hold water and enhance root replacement • Ideal for poorly aerated clay soils • Work into all your pots and beds • Recommended by Texas A&M as an addition to beds and pots Item No.: NG286 Pack Size: 40 lb

Item No.: NG264 Pack Size: 40 lb

Soil Amendments Basic soils are classified by the size of individual mineral particles. Clay is the finest, 1/12, 500th of an inch or smaller than silt, fine sand, and medium sand which is 1/100 to 1/150th of an inch. Nature’s Guide Soil Amendments combine with the existing foundation soil to make it more hospitable to beneficial microorganisms. The porous nature of our soil amendments helps soils retain moisture when it is dry and promote drainage when it is wet. By separating clay particles they facilitate the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen and decrease resistance to tender growing roots. Biologically active Nature’s Guide Composts add vital organic matter and improve drainage, moisture retention, and aeration. As these products continue to break down they release their supply of sugars, starches, proteins, carbohydrates, and organic acids used by living plants and microorganisms for nutrition. When they are fully decomposed the result is humus. A stable organic ash that increases soil microporosity. It is this dark colored humus that is responsible for the color of rich soils. 7

Lava Sand • Pulverized lava rock • Dramatically improves soil structure and moisture retention • Great for heavy clay soils • Work it into your beds or spread on top Item No.: NG190 Pack Size: 40 lb


Texas Green Sand • Naturally occurring ironpotassium silicate with the consistency of sand but 10 times the moisture absorption • Turns yellow plants to green • Safe for children and pets • 10-20 lb per 1,000 sq ft Item No.: NG192 Pack Size: 40 lb

Composts Compost is the stuff of life for the garden. It is made up of decomposed organic matter that has been broken down by worms and fungi and finally by aerobic bacteria.

Mulches Use mulch to suppress weeds, resist washing, hold moisture in the soil and insulate plant roots from temperature extremes. In arid climates and where water restrictions are enforced “mulch” has to be in your vocabulary.

• Blended with expanded shale and green sand to promote growth of beneficial soil organisms • Improves aeration, drainage and moisture retention • Use in all beds, potting mixes and as a top dressing for lawns Item No.: NG280 Pack Size: 40 lb

Organic Cotton Burr Compost 1-0-1 • Consists of fully composted cotton burrs • Ideal general purpose compost/ mulch for amending clay or sandy soils • Can be used in potting mixes and bed preparation • Apply 6”-8” deep Item No.: NG283 Pack Size: 2 cu ft



Mushroom Compost • Totally organic, dark and rich • Contains peat, gypsum, dolomite, cottonseed meal, poultry manure and straw

• Heavy mulch that stays put and resists washing • Reduces soil erosion and increases soil moisture retention

• Weed free and perfect for vegetable and flower gardens, shrubs, trees and top dressing for lawns

• Weight and consistency allow leaves and other debris to be removed without disturbing the mulch layer

Item No.: NG284 Pack Size: 40 lb

Item No.: NG303 Pack Size: 3 cu ft

Cow Manure

Air-O-Matic Cedar Mulch • Earthy aroma - no harsh “manure” smell • Lower nitrogen content • Free of viable weed seeds and pathogens • Can be used on herbs, vegetables and other edibles up to the day of harvest Item No.: NG294 Pack Size: 40 lb


Native Hardwood Mulch

• Made with only fragrant 100% natural cedar • Reduces weed growth • Unlike other mulches, repels insects Item No.: NG301 Pack Size: 3 cu ft

POTTING SOILS & NATURAL PRODUCT PLANT FOODS Organic Potting Soil • Enriched with compost and soft rock phosphate • Proves water retention • Allows water to drain thoroughly after application • For indoor and outdoor plants Item No.: NG322 Pack Size: 40 qt

Liquid Seaweed Plant Food 0.1-0-1 • 100% pure seaweed • Contains 24 trace elements • Apply as a drench or foliar spray • 2 oz per gallon of water Item No.: NG123 Pack Size: 1 qt/12 pk Item No.: NG124 Pack Size: 1 gal/4 pk

Liquid Fish Plant Food 5-1-1 • Organic Nitrogen 5-1-1 • Contains trace elements • Apply as a drench or foliar spray • 2 oz per gallon of water Item No.: NG126 Pack Size: 1 qt/12 pk Item No.: NG127 Pack Size: 1 gal/4 pk

Liquid Fish & Seaweed Plant Food 3-1-1 • Blend of Norwegian seaweed and Atlantic fish • 100% pure seaweed • Organic nitrogen • Apply as a drench or foliar spray Item No.: NG129 Pack Size: 1 qt/12 pk Item No.: NG130 Pack Size: 1 gal/4 pk



Compost Tea • Use as a spray or drench • Contains trace elements • Increases microbial activity in the soil

• Contains trace elements, sugar and carbon • Increases microbial activity in the soil • Derived from all natural compost • Apply as a drench or foliar spray • Beneficial for all plants • Enhances organic program

Item No.: NG180 Pack Size: 1 qt/12 pk Item No.: NG182 Pack Size: 1 gal/4 pk

Item No.: NG120 Pack Size: 1 gal/4 pk

Root Stimulator 0.1-0-1


Garrett Juice

• Blend of seaweed and agrispon • Stimulates root development • Reduces transplant shock • Use with all plantings • 2 oz per gallon of water

• Blend of seaweed, molasses and compost tea • Ideal for all plants and vegetables • Developed by Howard Garrett • 2 oz per gallon of water

Item No.: NG132 Pack Size: 1 qt/12 pk Item No.: NG133 Pack Size: 1 gal/4 pk

Item No.: NG135 Pack Size: 1 qt/12 pk Item No.: NG136 Pack Size: 1 gal/4 pk


Insect Control “Kid, Pet, and Planet Friendly” is our guide for insect control. All of our insect control products are safe to use around kids and pets. While we firmly believe that healthy well maintained soils and plants are a natural deterrent to noxious insects there are times when you have to have a little help. Do it safely with Nature’s Guide.

• All natural insect repellent and fungicide • Repels mosquitoes for hours • Aids in the prevention and control of fungus Ready-To-Spray Item No.: NG666 Pack Size: 1 qt/12 pk

Diatomaceous Earth Feed Grade • Purest form of Diatomaceous Earth • Commonly used as an additive to animal feeds keeping them from caking Item No.: NG337 Pack Size: 12 oz/6 pk Item No.: NG338 Pack Size: 10 lb Item No.: NG342 Pack Size: 50 lb

Diatomaceous Earth • 100% organic insect control • Controls roaches, fleas and ants • Safe inside and outside Item No.: NG339 Pack Size: 12 oz/6 pk Item No.: NG341 Pack Size: 2 lb/4 pk Item No.: NG343 Pack Size: 10 lb Item No.: NG344 Pack Size: 50 lb



Fungicide with Horticultural Grade Corn Meal • Contains live Nematodes • Safe, effective control of over 230 soil borne insects including fire ants and fleas • Does not affect pets, children or common garden vegetables such as tomatoes • Treat your lawn in the spring and fall in order to control most pests

• All natural fungicide • Stimulates microorganisms that feed on pathogens • Aids in the control of rhizoctinia, pythium, fusarium and more • Use on all grass surfaces Item No.: NG104 Pack Size: 30 lb

Green Label - 1/4 acre Item No.: NG06 Pack Size: 1 Purple Label - 1/2 acre Item No.: NG08 Pack Size: 1

Mound Drench

20% Vinegar • All natural formula • Use as a soil drench on infested areas • Molasses, Compost Tea and Orange Oil • 4-6 oz per gallon of water Item No.: NG373 Pack Size: 1 gal/4 pk


• All natural formula • Non-selective control of undesired vegetation • Fast acting • Most effective in warm temperatures • Ready-to-use, no mixing Item No.: NG526 Pack Size: 1 gal/4 pk


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