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Blessed William Howard Catholic School

October 2009 Volume 7

Message from the head I would like to welcome our new members of staff to our school - Miss Bennett [Science]; Mrs McEwan [Arts College Leader]; Miss Montali [Science]; Miss Tildsley [Drama] and Miss Ward [MFL]. We are making great strides with the best ever examination results last year. The Year 7 learners to leaders programme is being developed this year. The reduction in the size of tutor groups has been very successful. This has enabled learning conversations with form tutors about academic progress. The Sports Hall will be ready for the new half term. We look forward to celebrating

Mass at Christmas. Work will begin on refurbishing 2 science labs before the end of February. Next financial year sees the possibility of £300 000 from the diocese- earmarked for a new sixth form facility. Visits to assess our progress with the action plan have been very positive. The independent consultant reports strongly suggest a successful outcome when we are re-inspected. We are still awaiting the HMI visit – due 6 to 8 months after our inspection. The next Ofsted inspection will use a new framework. The bar has been raised for schools. Schools that received a

judgement of ‘good’ are now receiving judgements of ‘satisfactory’. At the next inspection it will be important we bear this in mind. I would like to draw attention to the work that has been done by the staff to bring about the changes I have highlighted. They have been involved in a great deal of training, development and curriculum change. They have responded positively and the outcomes are a testament to their hard work and dedication. I am sure you will join me in thanking them for all their efforts. Thank you for your continued support.

Site issues The sports hall is nearing completion. It should be available immediately after half term. To be able to use the sports hall without the worry of rain coming in will be a great relief for the PE department. Parking on the site is increasingly a problem. This is also related to safeguarding of children on the school site. Parents/ carers should not drive their cars onto the school site at the following times – 8.10 to 8.40 a.m. and 3.00 to 3.30 p.m. The gates to the playground and the playing fields will be locked at 9.00 a.m. and unlocked at 3.00 p.m. Any parent/ carer visiting the site should go to reception. Parents/carers should wait for children at the end of the school drive. There was an arrangement for parents/ carers to park at the “Pets for Vets” site. I will enquire whether this facility is still available.

October 2009

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Dates for BWH Family of Primary Schools


PE Dept.


Tutor Buddies


Peer Mentors


Care Plans 4 David Kidney at BWH


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October 2009

Tournament and Festival Dates for the BWH Family of Primary Schools 3rd November Y1/2 Multiskills at St.Anne’s 12th November Y4-6 Cross Country at Shugborough 20th November Y5/6 Sports Hall Athletics at BWH 23rd February Y1/2 Multiskills at St.Austin’s 20th March Y5/6 Netball and Football at BWH 25th May Y5/6 Tag Rugby at BMT 16th June Y3-6 Athletics at Rowley Park June Y1/2 24th Multiskills at St.Anne’s July Y5/6 7th Rounders at St.Austin’s.

Events will also be arranged for Years 3 and 4. We hope BWH pupils will be able to support many of these events as officials and organisers.

of staff who have also joined the club. Will Richards is delivering Tag Rugby for Y9 to Y12 girls and again the pupils involved are thoroughly enjoying the activity and acquiring new skills.

Two coaches are running after school clubs this term at BWH. This has been organised and funded through the Stafford and Stone School Sport Partnership. Lyndsey Meek is doing Cheerleading sessions with Y8 and 9 pupils all participants are very enthusiastic, including the two members

We have been informed that the attempt on the mass participation skipping world record last term was successful. Over 40,000 pupils and staff from Staffordshire and Lincolnshire took part at the same time. Congratulations to all our pupils and staff who are now world record

PE Department News Several sporting fixtures have already taken place this term including Football, Rugby and Netball. Details of results and forthcoming

fixtures are now posted on our school website : www.blessedwilliamh

Volume 7

Tutor Buddies This year saw the biggest response ever to be a Year 7 Tutor Buddy, with 34 of our current Year 11 applying. With such a fantastic response and a change in the number of forms from six to ten, it has meant that two

Year 11’s have been assigned to each year group per day. The Year 11 Tutor Buddies will use their experience as a successful student at Blessed William Howard to support the Year 7 students to settle into their

new academic life at school. A huge congratulations to all the applicants of 2009. Mrs S Kelly Pastoral Tutor KS4

Peer Mentors Congratulations to all of the Year 8 students who have trained to become Peer Mentors. The group give up lots of their own free time to communicate a strong anti-bullying m e s s a ge w i th i n school and raise awareness around issues such as cyber

bullying. Plans are currently under way to open a drop in session at lunch times for other students as well as lots of activities to mark National AntiBullying Week. The Peer Mentors hope to achieve the recognition of receiving the Diana,

Princess of Wales Anti-Bullying Award in the future and are making big steps towards this prestigious honour. Maggie Keeley Pastoral Tutor KS 3

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October 2009

Care Plans Any child who is taking medication in school, has allergies, diabetes, asthma etc all must have a care plan. Without an up to date care plan we

cannot keep medication in school. Care plan forms can be obtained from the main office or the pastoral office.

S h o u ld p ar e n t s require further advice they can contact Caroline Forrest, School Nurse

David Kidney MP goes back to school at Blessed William Howard! Why Vote? Y7 Citizenship Days On Thursday 10 and Friday 11 September David Kidney, MP visited Blessed William Howard’s new intake of Year 7 pupils. The pupils had two days of C i t i z e n s h i p activities (when they weren’t being tested!) and experienced what it’s like to be a campaigning MP. Mr Kidney was kept busy by visiting all ten tutor groups in one day and was asked a wide range of questions about his life as an MP. They also learnt a b o u t t h e

importance of Parliament and the work that it does and how laws are made. They then created their own political parties complete with names, logos, rosettes and manifesto policies which they then presented to their new tutor groups.

t w o f o r m representatives per tutor group, twenty in total across the whole year group. Pupils will be voting for their Year Representatives in assembly soon – watch this space for the winners!

A Clinton, Curriculum Leader for History & The days culminated Citizenship in the election of

Volume 7

Music Department News Extra curricular lunchtime music rehearsals are for all students currently learning to play a musical instrument. Monday : 1.30 p.m. in M2 Concert Band Wednesday : 1.30 p.m. in M2 Orchestra Friday : 1.30 p.m. in M2 Jazz Band Two choirs; the Junior Choir and the Senior Choir meet weekly. There is no audition! Just come along to M1 at 1.30 p.m. and enjoy singing. Thursday : 1.30 p.m. in M1 Junior Choir Friday : 1.30 p.m. in M1 Senior Choir We welcome two new peripatetic instrumental staff. Mr Salt replaces Mr Rowley as our acoustic guitar specialist and Mr Heywood replaces Mr Harper as our percussion specialist.

Last term many pupils took external music exams. Here we celebrate some of their successes. The following pupils did extremely well in just two terms of lunchtime teaching. They achieved a Pass at Grade 5 level in Theory : Jonathan Stacey, Dominic Jinks, Alec Ovens, Ciaran Hayes, Alicia Stanway, Jack Wild,Tom Hatton, Charlotte Morris, Charlotte Rhodes, Hannako Icchi J o ne s , Danie l le Nunan.

The following students took an exam on their clarinets: Iona Davidson-Merit –Grade 2; Eloise Ratheram-PassGrade 3; Mary Palmer-Merit-Grade 3; Christopher VazMerit-Grade 4.

The following student took an exam on either Bass Guitar or Electric Guitar: Tharandeep Bhandal -Pass-Grade 1. Alistair Baker gained a Grade 1 Merit in Classical Guitar. The following students took an exam in Singing: Abigail VenablesMerit-Grade 1; Hannah GamstonMe r it- G r ad e 3; Sophie JonesDistinction-Grade 1; Stephanie GoldingDistinction-Grade 4; Francesca OxleyDistinction-Grade 4; Rachel NorburyMe r it- G r ad e 5; Eleanor CarterMerit-Grade 5; Hannah HurleyDistinction-Grade 4; Catherine GascoyneMe r it- G r ad e 3; Emily Baker-MeritGrade 1.

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October 2009

Music Department News Continued …. The following students took an exam in the Cello: Caitlin HowardMe r it- G r ad e 2; Sophie Gordon-PassGrade 2; Eleanor Gaffney-Pass-Grade 2; John Woods-Pass -Grade 3. Dina Grinstead gained a Grade 1 Merit in the Keyboard. Alicia Stanway gained a DistinctionGrade 3 for Keyboard. Ruta Labutyte gained a Distinction on the Violin. Tom Godwin gained a Grade 1 Distinction on the Drum Kit.

The following students took an exam on the Trumpet:

Tony Bailey-Grade 2 -Pass; Joseph Widgery–Grade 2 Merit; David BennettGrade 2—Merit; Jo- Dates for your seph Revell-Grade 5. diary: 4 November : Jazz Frederick Essex Band to perform at passed his Grade 4 Blessed Mother on the Cornet. Teresa’s Primary School Joseph Rhodes passed his Grade 4 4 November : on the French Horn S t a f f o r d s h i r e with merit. Performing Arts Staff perform music Jack Wild passed to the Year 7 pupils. his Trombone Grade 4 with merit. 3 December: School Advent Concert at The following stu- 7.15 p.m. Tickets dents took an exam will be on sale later on the flute: in the term. Alice Kelly-PassGrade 2; Sophie 15 December : Withers-Pass-Grade Junior Choir sing 2; Sarah Lewis-Pass- carols at Katherine Grade 5; Sophie House Hospice. Byrne-Pass-Grade 2. If any student has gained any examination results in music that are not mentioned please see Mrs Helliker.

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October 2009

£5000 Budget Catches Pupils’ Imaginations in the 2009 School Council Elections! In the first week of term all pupils in Years 7 to 11 had the opportunity to vote in elections for their School Council Form Representatives. Pupils were led through the process by their new tutors as part of the Getting Started programme. Each

tutor group discussed the role of a Form Representative and the qualities needed to be an effective school councillor, as well as how this year’s school council budget may be best spent. Afterwards they voted by ballot paper to decide who

Year 7 Albert Toth, Sophie Johnson, Jonathan Dodkins, Elisha Dosanjh, Kathryn Thickett, Megan Garnett, Bethan Wedgwood, Hannah Pr ince, Be th any O utr am , Sine ad Davies, Mollie Taylor, Jaik Turner, Dominic Shaw, Emily Hancock, Carly R o bins o n, Emm a Mills, Max Lorenz, Abbie Meddings, Hannah Robinson, Charlotte Wilcox.

Riley, Paul Prince, Sam Adderley, Evie Humphries, Alice Kelly, Faith Glennon, Ingrid Schwartz, Sophie Hartland, Jos Porter, Jordan Mears, Chanelle Stevenson, Luke A nd e r s o n, Greg Oxley, William Toner -Driscoll, Megan Cartwright, Harvey Platt-Folkes, Roisin Warner.

Year 9 Eloise Baxendale, Joseph Powell, Josh Edensor, Danielle Year 8 Nunan, Chloe Sant, Millie McMahon, Elliott Glennon, Tanisha D u n n , John Wood, Lucia Sammy Edge, Katie F r a n c i s , Lee

their representatives would be and the results are below! Year Representatives will be elected shortly using the same process, but as a whole year group (three per year group). A Clinton

Haywood, Evangaline Andrews, Daniel Brown, Joe Rhodes, Connor Dartford, Callum Lennon, Amy Sloggett, Deborah Ornelas, Emilia DeSilva, Jack Burgess, Liam Blackley. Year 10 Callum George, Joe Edginton Foy, Freddie Essex, Chloe Robinson, Dina Grinsted, Emily Nott, Charlie Adamson, Melissa Furey, Eloise Lowe, Leonie Riddler, A r l ie J o h ns o n, Rich ard Booth, Laurence Smith,

Volume 7

Chelsey Williams, Stephanie Golding, Bridie Clews, Emma Bickerton, Pheobe Smart, Carl Willett, Benito Narcisi.

Year 11 Hope Carter, Vikki Wills, Julie Francis, Dan McMillan, Oliver Caveney, Natasha Nunan, Jordan

Donkin, Ciaran Hayes, Morgan Dennis, Tom Lewis, Briannie Boden, Hollie Walker.

Press Release from Blessed William Howard Catholic High School—Stafford School Appeals for Gardeners to join Big Dig

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October 2009

Press Release from Blessed William Howard Catholic High School—Stafford School Appeals for Gardeners to join Big Dig—Continued …. A group of parents, governors, staff and c o m m u n i t y volunteers gathered at school over two weekends in October to take part in the Big Dig; we were also joined by local councillor, Ivan Jennings and David Kidney MP. Our volunteers worked hard to tidy up and re-establish the existing memorial garden and reclaim an area of land to plant as a woodland area and encourage a wildlife habitat. The garden project is sponsored by Stafford and Stone’s Community Learning Partnership and will provide a community garden for school and the local area. A curriculum project is also planned with

Year 7 students, who will design a garden, creating raised flower beds and a vegetable garden. Year 11 students are also going to be involved as part of their Youth Award Programme. We hope to celebrate the success of the garden with a community garden party next summer. The project will in time contribute to the School’s Eco Status.

Our intention is to create an intergenerational project where our young people will learn f r o m t h e experiences and expertise of others. We hope that everyone will have a real pride in the environment.

Already, we have received support from Perkins Engines, Amerton Garden Centre and Wyevale Garden Centre at Wolsey Bridge. We do need the additional support of parents and grandparents to be able to maintain the garden throughout the year and we would love to hear from you if you are able give an hour of your time either at weekends or during the week. A BIG THANK TOU TO ALL WHO HAVE SUPPORTED THIS PROJECT ALREADY! For further information please contact Mrs Mc Cau le y at Blessed William Howard on 01785 244236.

Volume 7

The School Library We are pleased to announce the opening of our school library after its refurbishment; the library has been transformed into a wonderful independent learning area. All of the refurbishments, the colour schemes, carpets and furniture have

been chosen by the school council. We will be having an official opening in December when a famous author will be doing the official ribbon cutting ceremony (something which are pupils have been very keen to ensure)

We hope that all students will support the library and use it to support their earning. Please look out for additional information about the Official Opening and Book Events which we will be holding.

Wanted – Budding Politicians to Compete for TV Opportunity! Ever wanted to ask politicians your questions - now’s your chance! For the first time this year, Blessed William Howard pupils will have the chance to enter the BBC’s Schools Question Time competition. Winning schools will have the chance to appear on a televised school’s version of the show with David Dimbleby. The competition involves submitting questions that pupils would like to see put to a ‘dream panel’ of experts and then

inviting local people to become part of the initial panel. If schools reach the regional final, they have a chance to film this version of Question Time and perhaps even gain a place on the national programme and appear on the BBC programme. Key Stage 4 & 5 pupils – don’t know what to do at lunchtime? Ever wanted to be a politician? Want to ask difficult questions of the people that matter? J o in o ur BBC School’s Question

Time panel – every Thursday lunchtime in B1 at 1:30pm. Parents / Carers – do you know anyone who we could invite to become a member of our local panel? Would you consider being part of our entry? Do you have access to any of the big decision makers in our locality – education, health, council, business etc? If so, then we would love to hear from you! Please contact Mrs Clinton via the Main Office. A Clinton

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Volume 7

PTA News Every picture tells a story. A local photographer has offered us a fantastic opportunity, which we will run as a fund raising event, and which will enable you to have a selection of photographs taken. The sessions will take place at The Moat House in Acton Trussell on Sunday 29th November, 2009. The photographs are taken against a white background, so feel free to wear jeans and co-ordinating tops for a modern, casual look. If you wish to take a closer look, then please go to and click on portraits or click on click to view your photographs online, then click on portraits then click on smile then enter the password OX13DR Prints may be purchased at £10.00 for a 7” x 5”, £15.00 for an 8” x 6” and just £20.00 for the 10” x 8” size. Larger framed prints, and a CD option are also available. If you are interested, please complete the form below and return with your £10.00 fee, via the school. We will confirm your day and time in writing. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………... Please book me a place for a Portrait sitting on Sunday 29th November 2009 ……………………………………………………………………am/pm preferred Name………………………………………………………Tel…………………….. Child’s name/class…………………………………………………………………. Please find enclosed £10.00 to secure my session 200 Club Please consider joining the PTA 200 club. For just £12 per year you’ll get a number entered into each month’s draw. Half of the money raised goes back in prizes, the rest goes towards PTA funds for pupil items which wouldn’t otherwise be available. It’s an easy way to support the PTA. Further Information: Please see BWH PTA website:

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