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November 2010

BUILDING APPEAL NEWSLETTER 3 We need your help!! Dear parents/carers, colleagues, students (present and past) and friends of the school.

£9,105 and growing!

architect’s impression of new facility

In my last newsletter I was overwhelmed at the initial response in raising £3,000 in just a couple of weeks. Thanks to so many of you responding to this news, our total pledged funds have now grown to over £9,000. But we want everyone to be a part of making the dream of a brand new sixth form centre a reality and would encourage you, if you have not done so already, to consider making a small monthly donation to this very worthy cause. If you have not seen the previous two campaign newsletters, they can be downloaded from the school website front page where there is a link under ‘latest news’. Here there is information about the project and instructions about how to make a singular or regular donation and gift aid it so that the school also benefits from the tax man. If you do not have access to the internet to do this, please telephone the school and I will forward you a copy. If every member of the school community, past and present, can donate in a small way or on a regular basis then we will both reach our target enabling us to secure the £300,000 Diocesan funding and create a purposeful and attractive resource for future generations of students. I am very grateful to a small fundraising committee who meet monthly to plan new initiatives, one of which we are launching today: Dedicate a brick scheme - Imagine, as a lasting legacy to the school, your name - or the name of a loved one: parent, grandparent associated with the school - being permanently inscribed on a wall of benefactors. Many families have had several children pass through the school and it would be nice to record a family name in this way. Older, past students, may wish to honour the memory of a parent who supported the school in years gone by. I have attached more information relating to this scheme together with an order form. In exchange for a donation of £25.00 we will mount a brick internally in the building with the inscription of your choosing. We would ask that you consider “Your education is your life; guard it well.” (Proverbs 4:13)

gift-aiding this donation if you are a tax payer because this would bring in an additional £7.00 from the Inland Revenue at no additional cost to yourself. Assuming a sale of 500 bricks this scheme could generate over £12,000 additional funding after costs. There would be no limit on the number of bricks you could purchase, each with a separate name on. Please see the attached sheet for more details. Plans are drawn and tendering has been accepted! This is really exciting news because we can now begin to visualise the facility which will replace our dilapidated mobile classrooms. The cost is projected at just over £400,000 making it crucially important for our fundraising to meet its target. Hopefully, if we are successful, we can look to having it in place for the next academic year. If we do not reach our target, we will lose the Diocesan grant and so I encourage everyone to do what they can. From the support that we have already received, we will be randomly selecting one benefactor to lay the foundation stone when work starts. Christmas and other shopping can generate commission for us - Buy purchasing your weekly and Christmas shopping online via a link on the school website, you can generate significant commission for the school. Over 150 retail outlets (including Marks & Spencer, Amazon, Thorntons,, Asda) support this scheme and contribute up to 15% of everything you spend directly to school. Simply click on the link on the school’s website or go directly to now and see how much you could save and raise for our appeal. Other activity The pta is devoting all of its activity this year to the sixth form appeal. In connection with this would you please consider supporting the next two social evenings: 12th November (this Friday) a family quiz evening with prizes for under and over 16 age categories; Friday, 28th January 2011 - a family Barn Dance - information to follow. Refreshments are available at each function. We have calendared in a programme of non-uniform (mufti) days - one per month - up to April 2011, continuing this Friday, 12th November, with the proceeds on this occasion being divided with ‘Children in Need’. We are also planning a school sponsored walk on Cannock Chase for Saturday, 2nd April 2011 and an all day concert at some stage in the future. Many students are coming on board in the planning and organisation of these ideas and this is warmly welcomed and appreciated. Thank you on behalf of everyone associated with the school. I sincerely hope that I will be able to welcome you to the dedication of new facilities at school during this academic year and celebrate a very successful campaign with your support. Yours faithfully,

Nigel Dudley, “Your education is your life; guard it well.” (Proverbs 4:13)

Deputy Headteacher BLESSED WILLIAM HOWARD CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING APPEAL Dedicate a Brick Bricks are available for dedication for a donation of £25.00 each. Any number of bricks can be purchased but each one should have a different dedication. Dedications can be up to two lines long with up to sixteen characters per line (including spaces). Examples might include: J o a n n e L e a v e r

S m i t h 2 0 0 2

J a m e s G r e e n e Y 1 1 s t u d e n t

T a l b o t f a m i l y 1 9 9 5 2 0 0 9 B r i a n S m a r t P a r e n t G o v e r n o r

Each line would be appropriately centred. Spelling would be as supplied. Please complete as required. For more bricks please copy or reprint the form from the school website. The Blessed William Howard PTA is a registered charity no. 1090226 I





brick(s) by donating £25.00 per brick*

cheques payable to Blessed William Howard Association

* Please tick this box if you are a tax payer and you wish your contribution to be giftaided (allowing the school to claim an additional 28 pence for every pound donated). Please make sure that your address details are fully completed below including your full post code. Print clearly the inscription that you would want on each brick:

Name/s (as you would wish to be recorded in any acknowledgement) ____________________________________________________________ Nature of association with the school (eg., parent/past student/friend) ____________________________________________________________ Email address for acknowledgement and updates on the appeal (please write clearly): ____________________________________________________________ Other contact details.



_______________________________________ _______________________________________

“Your education is your life; guard it well.” (Proverbs 4:13)

Post code _______________________ Telephone ________________________ mobile __________________________ Please return to Mr Dudley in a sealed envelope marked ‘BWH building appeal brick scheme’ via the school office with full payment.

“Your education is your life; guard it well.” (Proverbs 4:13)

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