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December 2013


“Face of Timeless Beauty,

Heart of a True Rocker.”







Breaking All Boundaries



FEATURES 04 NG26 Bombastic Band Breaking All Boundaries

08 Wings of Apollo (WoA) Awesome Artistry, Uncompromising Live Performances

10 Grant Parks A Gift to the World of Musical Appreciators

14 Voyager An Explorative Route of Emotive Musical Mastery

16 Te’Boogie aka De’Vante Hardest Fought Battles Reaps the Greatest Rewards

18 Katie Cole Face of Timeless Beauty, Heart of a True Rocker

22 Kristy Landry Turning Heads and Taming Attentions

COVER STORY 12 Moe Rock Boundlessly Talented Producer and Entrepreneur

LIFESTYLE 06 5 Tips for Christmas Gifts What’s Hot and Budget Alternatives

20 Top 5 of the Best Selling Christmas Singles

ENTERTAINMENT 23 BWD Radio (Sponsor) Your Top Indie Artist’s ‘Global’ 24/7 Non-Stop Music Radio Station - Commercial Free - #1 in Genre Variety, Live Shows and Contest Giveaways!!

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BWD Magazine • • 3

NG26 We believe the dynamic of the band is that we all have


ake two sets of brothers, one gigan-

plaudits alike, drawing favourable comparisons with

tic sound, a list of influences longer

the likes of Stone Sour and Alter Bridge as tracks such

than a long thing indeed, throw in a

as Bring Back The Day and the mighty One More Road

return to the rebel rousing anthems

From Home putting NG26’s head and shoulders above

of a band hell-bent on bringing the world to its heel

any current contemporaries.

under the weight of their words, and allow to simmer

such a broad range

in the melting pot of music that is the Midlands, and

February of 2013 saw the band release their top 5

what you get looks very much like NG26; the bombas-

Amazon Rock Chart number, If We Fall Tonight, and with

of tastes...”

tic band breaking out of the boundaries of their birth

their new EP The Devils Kiss once again stirring up the

and becoming the blinding band of brilliance Britain

attentions and accolades of the media’s press, NG26

has been known to birth.

have delivered another tour-do-force of tracks to act as How-To for other bands to consult when construct-

Comprising of Chris Topley taking lead vocals duty

ing a track to blow the wax from the ears and the

with brother Jon Topley on drums, Rich Shaw on guitar

pretention from the playlist.

and Rob Shaw on bass and backing vocals; NG26 are

Contact Information:

an amalgamation of music as well as family members,

With the momentum the band generates seeing

influences like Aerosmith sitting comfortably beside

demand for them keep not one, not two, but three vid-

Dream Theatre and resulting in a magnificent monster

eos in regular rotation on Kerrang TV, their relentless

of musical merging and reimagining far bigger than

touring schedule barely keeping their fans at abeyance

the ingredients of such a mix could predict.

as they try to feed their insatiable demand for the group, BWD managed to catch up with the group long

Twitter: @ng26band Facebook: mightyNG26

Having announced their arrival in 2009 with their

enough to ask a few questions about the group, their

debut album Open Your Mind these four fellows of furi-

music, the current resurging scene, and the hot potato

Photo Credits: NG26

ously infectious anthemic sounds have heard their call

topic of swimming pools and spot remover…

All Rights Reserved

to arms responded to by audience and media

4 • BWD Magazine •

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - NG26 BWD: Before we begin, welcome; who are NG26..? NG26 are Chris Topley on lead vocal, Jon Topley on drums, Rich Shaw on Lead guitar, and Rob Shaw on that bass. You may have noticed that this is two sets of brothers which gives us a reason to fall out, and make up again quickly! BWD: You currently stand at the forefront of bands enjoying the rock resurgence scene; with the band’s debut album Open Your Mind you’ve shown NG26 are more than just riding the current trend..? We believe the dynamic of the band is that we all have such a broad range of tastes, with each member being able to appreciate what everyone else brings to the mix, giving each other room to do what we love, and also take criticism in a positive light. With tastes from pop to prog, dance to death, jazz and beyond, we play what feels right and it seems to translate to our fans, with them enjoying what we do too.


BWD: With the Midlands being the birthplace of music’s most infamous groups do you feel the responsibility of representing such a musical heritage? The Midlands sure does have a heritage! Sabbath obviously starting it all, also something to aspire to. We brought hard rock to the Americans, they attempt a retaliation, and then the Midlands respond in classic British fashion! It’s our turn again and we hope to be at the forefront of a new wave of exciting music.

THE TABLE.” BWD: With bands such as Oasis showing the world how precarious it can

Company, Exit State, Icon, Mothers Ruin, Voodoo Johnson, and Imperial Circus. I

be when siblings work together in a band how has having two sets of

hope I haven’t missed anyone ha ha! There are also a crop of underappreciated

brothers within the group affected the dynamic of writing music?

“supergroups” who are actually worth a listen: Tremonti, Adrenaline Mob and especially The Winery Dogs.

It’s called brotherly love for a reason! Of course it’s easy to spit the dummy out, but it’s also forgotten within a few minutes and you just carry on. Without

BWD: And finally; what and when can we look forward to hearing and

meaning to sound cheesy, it really is more like one set of four brothers. Bit

seeing from NG26?

like the Osmonds. You’ll be seeing a lot of us live next year. Some surprising, some expected, but BWD: Your music is certainly proving the band to be more than just

as of writing this we are entering the studio preparing new music with at least

another emerging group, marking NG26 out as genuinely being able to

one single just before Christmas, and another early in the New Year. There

match and even possibly surpass the greats of the genre..?

will be frequent new material next year - doing a similar thing to Quo and Killswitch Engage, and taking on a lot of the studio work ourselves to refine

We don’t stand in the current rock scene. If you have to copy what everyone

our own sound, not someone else’s interpretation of it!

else does then you’ll get big (for a couple of months). If you look at the greats such as previously mentioned, as well as Queen, Bowie, Aerosmith etc., they

We would also like to thank you for helping spread the word of NG26!

were all in a position of very little appreciation compared to where they stand tall now. You have to bring something new to the table, and the industry is starting to see that we are in the digital age and they need a big shake up. Bubble-gum pop just isn’t cutting it like it used to! BWD: Aside from yourselves, which bands do you feel are worth keeping an ear out and spot on our playlist for? Not to sound like we’re just mentioning our friends, but there’s a reason these bands are still around, in no particular order, JD and the FDCs, Teenage Casket BWD Magazine • • 5


BEATS HEADPHONES BY DRE We all know the difficulty in hiding the mixed emotions of joy and disappointment at having received a tantalizingly wrapped present of promise, only to tear the wrapping to shreds and discover another Christmas jumper to add to the pile of donations heading for the


clothing bank or pair of socks and tie combo replete with ruby nosed reindeer motif.

The best of the best with a price tag to match, serious music appreciators will be beside themselves with Yuletide Joy come the morning of the Fatman’s visit with these audio extravagances nestling beneath the tree. From over-the-head to in-the-ear, wireless and wired, in

colours to match taste, mood, and with a colour for nearly all genre of music’s (blue for Blues fan, none-more-black for the metallers in the family), there’s an almost

So if the significant others in our lives happen to be on

infinite choice of tune-enhancers available both online and off-the-shelf to choose

the verge of hitting the streets to find just the perfect

from in the Dre released Beats range.

cotton blend mix gift, here’s BWD Magazines 5 Alternative Gifts for you to leave casually displayed about the


house somewhere eye catching and obvious…” Sony knocks out some cracking shells for those looking to add to their enjoyment of sound without booking an appointment with their loan manager, and similarly come in an equally bewildering range of choice- though to avoid confusion we’d recommend going for the MDR RF810RK for those wanting to give the gift of greatness (and they’re wireless, too!).

6 • BWD Magazine •


era’s eye and the magazines front cover as they step out in the latest Debbie Wingham design from her Black Diamond collection; with 55 diamonds reflecting the flash of the lights, 25 two carat black diamonds on the peplum


As the name in mp3 players, the iPod is at the

and another 25 along the shoulder lines, this $3.5 million dollar dress is cer-

top of the list for your pockets music library,

tainly capable of causing attention and creating an entrance for the wearer.

and rightly so; perfectly crafted and starting at a slender 2 GB storage to a whopping 160 GB,


there is even the option to have a message or missive engraved on the shell for that perfect, personal touch.

From K-Mart to corner stores, Macy’s to one of the enumerate malls crisscrossing the country, never has it been so easy to find a more affordable option of cocktail trestles for less than the cost of a re-enactment of The


Italian Job - sans Craft Services.

With just about everything coming with a memory expansion slot and some

With the measurements of the potential wearer noted and known it’s really

form of mp3 player on-board a memory card or external hard-drive are just

down to where you finally give up staring at what seems like the exact same

the things to fit the bill here. From as little as 32mb in size to over a terabyte,

dress for the umpteenth time that day as yet another bored looking sales

micro-SD to massive external HD, all bases are as easily covered as the single

assistant points out the quality and considerably comparable value the dress

sheet of paper needed to wrap one of these little beauties in. With the bonus

represents, throw your credit card at the till jockey as you run screaming to

of being able to store any kind of file likely to require somewhere to be saved

your car; with dress tightly held beneath your arm and receipt flailing wildly

it’s a far cheaper option than buying endless re-writable discs or an exten-

behind you.

sion to house all your albums and films.




For the mixing maestro there can simply be no other choice than Zulu. Coming in at under fifty dollars and offering more options than some higher priced software the only real concern is


Okay, so it may be a bit of a cop-out but with the launch of the big two’s (Microsoft and Sony) latest gaming console it’s pretty hard to deny how happy anyone would be in unwrapping either of these two monoliths’ come Crimbly morn.

whether the recipient will be able to make full use of its inner workings.

Launch titles that include Need For Speed, Forza 5, and the latest in the

From the simple previewing of a chosen track through headphones through

best-selling Call Of Duty franchise means even your old granny will be up for

to being able to drag-n-drop whole beats into a section, automatic scanning

some console cheer once the turkey has left her immobile on the couch and

and assigning of BPM’s and even switching the tempo around for perfect

the brandy has started to turn her cheeks rosy and tongue blue.

synchronization, Zulu has it all and more besides. Should you tire of turning the virtual world into your own playground they


both offer complete televisual interactivity, meaning swapping from headshots to Home Alone on Netflix is a mere whisper of a word or wave of a

Hit the ‘net and there are more free programs to peruse and prepare as a

hand away.

present than budding musicians, all a click and download away. Of these the most highly rated is Mixx ; also featuring BPM detection and many other


features of paid-for products, Mixx is entirely open-source and is regularly contributed to by fellow mixers and masters of the mic’ with updates and content. Throw in iTunes integration and it could be quite the nice little addi-

The Wii U. Not as powerful or all-round-home-controlling as the other two

tional extra for anyone dropping a ‘pod in the stocking of their musical mate.

of Nintendo’s own offerings is a purely focused gaming machine. Though it doesn’t have a Forza just yet it does have a Mario and his chums in Kart’s, and


nothing brings a gathering of folk together faster than hearing Mario and Co. chatter their way across the screen, tire squeals and seasonal-esque visuals


From the catwalks of Paris to the sidewalk of

lighting up the corner of the front room- although nothing can destroy this

Downtown every woman is an enchantress when

coven of comrades quicker than hearing someone has launched a blue shell

wrapped within this slinky little number, as the

and the finish-line is just in sight.

paparazzi prove time and again with shots of the famous and flamboyant while taking the cam BWD Magazine • • 7


rom Nashville, TN comes the sounds of musical salva-

Though many may try to lay claim in the near future to having been at the

tion in the guise of three musicians, one focused view,

very first unveiling of the bands concerted efforts, of having been amongst

and an infinite pool of talent for fans and fanatics alike

those who first bore witness to Korby’s incredible vocals and guitar mastery

to become thoroughly engulfed in a tsunami of sights

gliding across the lithe bass lines of Graves with Martin performing aural

and sounds. Some may call these men saviours of the

acrobatics on drums, it was to a modest crowd of fifteen that Wings of Apollo

stadium sound whilst others may allude to their awe-

first stepped out and tore down before.

some aural artistry and uncompromising live performances. Having managed to grab the rock genre by the throat and with no protestations for them to

A headlining second appearance to a sold out crowd at the best venue in

let go anytime soon Wings of Apollo are looking to live up to the mantle of

DC showed WoA to be bigger than their surroundings could contain, mov-

these missives and more with their self-titled debut album.

ing the group to spread their wings and two thirds of the band to Nashville, Tennessee.

Appearing in the summer of ’07 as if in answer to the outcries of an audience desperate for a genuinely exciting new band Wings of Apollo (WoA) is the

Packing nothing more than a guitar and resolve to maintain as best they

quintessential rock band in both sound and back story, WoA coming together

could until Martin finished school; the pair took menial jobs and barely

after Jesse Korby (vocals/guitar), Pat Graves (bass), and David Martin (drums)

scraped by, each phone call and enquiry to the movers and shakers of the

met and found a mutual appreciation within their musical influences.

music industry going unacknowledged or outright ignored.

Within four days Wings of Apollo was born, the natural progression from this

After a hellish twelve months, enough was enough. The band didn’t need the

meeting of minds realized after the trio put aside any rivalries based on

industry; it needed them. With $10,000 of donations raised by fans in their

being in other bands and explored the music they each found a passion for.

hometown of Virginia to pay for the recording of the trio’s debut album produced by Mark Williams of Sucker Punch Recording Company, in Bethesda,

Unfortunately, it seemed ninety-six hours of Wings of Apollo was all his-

MD - it was in June 2012 Wings of Apollo emerged from ten straight days in

tory would ever know, college taking Korby and Graves from their Northern

the recording studio with their twelve track debut album.

Virginia stomping ground and the possibility of WoA being anything more than a brief moment of genius that would forever go unrecognized.

Now the band were armed with the proof of their infectious convictions, and ready to replicate their captivating live shows of skill, sound, and sensational

The Fates of Music, however, would not be so easily denied as the three stole

showmanship on your iPod whenever you want. And you will want.

victory from the closing jaws of defeat to embrace the distance as a chance


for each member to focus on their future, dedicate the distance to a determination of the undeniable destiny waiting just on the horizon for the group.

BWD: Before we get into things proper, who are Wings of Apollo..? Entrenching themselves in many avenues of music as shelves in the music store could hold the trio exposed their ears to genres varied and wide, rang-

David: Wings of Apollo is a Nashville-based Rock Band consisting of Jesse Korby

ing from the more traditional blues and 1960’s sounds of rock, to orchestral

(Guitar/Vocals), Pat Graves (Bass), and David Martin (Drums). We released our

and world music in their efforts to expand their understanding and crafting

Debut Album in October of 2012 and are currently writing our sophomore album,

with chords.

“The Universal”.

8 • BWD Magazine •

BWD: Your biography reads like a legend myth, almost; a chance introduction

guys are great; they’ve got it figured out. Plus, they’re trying to spread a good

through a mutual friend, the group almost being torn apart before it had even

message. Something as simple as a low-budget music video can go viral and

had a chance to grow into the force it is..?

bring your act to a globally-known status. Now, the trick to longevity, respect,

Pat: Jesse and I had played a one-off show during our senior year in high school

and an iconic status is being a high calibre artist. That’s where all the work on

as a ‘Rage Against The Machine’ tribute band for the school’s ‘Battle of the Bands’.

perfecting your craft comes in.

We had found that we meshed really well and had talked about forming our own band. That idea was kind of tossed to the side because of the distance between

BWD: Instead of charging a set price for the album fans can name how much

our colleges. I was going to Virginia Tech and Jesse was at Florida State. During

they pay for the record upon download, even if they choose to pay nothing;

the summer after our freshman year, we had gotten together to jam at my dad’s


house. We were talking about how it would be awesome to be able to jam with

Jesse: First and foremost, this idea was conceived from the belief that our best

a drummer. I looked out the window and saw David walking some dogs. I had

music would only be born from a pure creative process. The biggest obstacle pre-

met him during my senior year of high school when I tried out for the volleyball

venting another golden age of music is that the pursuit of material goals is more

team. He had mentioned at one point that he played drums, so I figured I’d ask

important to the majority of the industry than putting out the best music that can

if he wanted to jam. He lived across the street, so we went over a few minutes

possibly be created. There is not a music fan on the planet who wouldn’t agree

later and set up. After our first jam, we knew we were on to something great, so

with me that this is the way it should be. The trick is convincing the business

we made it official. We were only a band for four days before we had to separate.

minds that we’re not crazy, and that everyone can win with our method. The only

Jesse and I left to our respective schools to begin our sophomore year, and David

way to do that is show the people on the business end that people are getting

was about to start his senior year in high school. We were hundreds of miles

behind it - which creates many opportunities, and the only way to get fans behind

apart. Initially, we saw this as a major obstacle since we wouldn’t be able to

it is put out great music. We’ve worked hard to do both.

practice together. After some time, though, we started using it to our advantage.

David: Offering the album for free completely eliminates any competition with

We focused on getting better at playing our own individual instruments and

other bands and allows anybody, no matter what financial situation they are in,

exploring other interests on our own. We found that when we reconvened during

to give Wings of Apollo a shot. Getting a random person to buy an album from a

our winter break from school that we were able to come together and combine

band they have never heard of is nearly impossible…so why not offer it for free

powers, like the musical version of Captain Planet or something. This process

and let them potentially become a fan for life. Success can then come to you in

continued until we were all out of school and able live together in Nashville.

a lot of different ways.

BWD: Your efforts at getting anyone in the industry to acknowledge the

It also gives the opportunity for the music to be spread around a lot more. Given

group must have caused the group to consider its future as a band?

that there are so many ways to steal music anyways, why not just let them steal

Jesse: I’m not at all concerned with trying to fit a pre-existing paradigm for

it directly from our website! Hahah! Plus, the dedicated fans always come through

how the industry is currently being run. We have been using a new approach by

and pay a lot more than what a normal album would cost, which helps make

offering our album for free, which I think will become a growing trend for other

up for all the people who download it for free. Radiohead did this with their

serious acts because we’ve shown where that can get you in just a year. If you

album, “In Rainbows” back in 2007 and grossed over $5 million in sales, while

make “creating the best music I can possibly make” at the top of your list of priori-

also gaining loads of new fans that would have otherwise probably never given

ties while delivering a live show that’s light years beyond the shallower acts, they

them a chance.

can’t really compete with you. We’re happy to go a new route. There’s an ocean

Pat: I believe that anyone should be able to listen to our music, regardless of

of opportunity out there if you’re willing to go swimming.

their financial situation. The three of us love the music we create together, that we worked so hard on, so why put up any sort of wall that prohibits anyone from

BWD: Your crowd funded debut album proved WoA’s audience weren’t just

hearing it? The main goal of being in a band is to have your music heard, right?

waiting but prepared to invest in the group from even before the word ‘go’…

When people can get it for free, it becomes more enticing for someone to check

Jesse: Fan-funded albums are a great first step, but I don’t think that you can ask

out. Even if someone is unsure about checking it out, they would be far more

your fan base to come out and do that every time - especially in the event that

likely to download it if it was free as opposed to $10. There aren’t very many

a sustainable performing career is built. I think labels are definitely necessary

people out there who would be willing to pay for an album from a band they’ve

because a musician needs to be able to focus solely on their craft if they are to

never heard of before, so at this point, early in our career when we’re still very

reach their highest level. The current business model is evolving, but in the end,

new to people, it’s critical that we get as many people as possible to check us out.

we will always need people who are passionate about doing the behind-the-

Having a price on it could deter future fans, and some of those fans could become

scenes work. That isn’t to say things will appear as they are now in the next few

die-hard “super fans.” Imagine how you would feel if you discovered a band that

years though. I think music fans can expect to see a lot more cross-promotion

had their entire catalogue up for free download on their website…

from major companies that use bands and artists in their promotion. We’ve already seen this from companies like Red Bull and Converse, and I think it’s a

Contact Information:

strategy that will gain a lot of traction soon.


Pat: We’ve done everything by ourselves up to this point—anyone can do it, it just

Twitter: @wingsofapollo

takes a ton of time and work. With avenues like YouTube, you can become massive

Facebook: wingsofapollomusic

on your own. Look at Macklemore and Lewis—completely independent. Those

Photo Credits: Wings Of Apollo - All Rights Reserved BWD Magazine • • 9



producer is more than a body behind a desk of dials; they are

existed. Grant Parks presents his sounds with the confident authority of someone

the link between what musicians imagine and what their

who knows they’re right without any possibility to the contrary ever surfacing in

audiences hear while able to connect and ‘see’ in their minds

his thoughts. Some may see it as arrogance; everyone else sees it as an amazing

eye what the artist perceives. Making ‘flesh’ the fancies born

ability to constantly deliver contemporary creations.

of serifs and stanzas while translating the oft-times as frus-

With the tornado of audience agreement building around his legacy, the

trating and occasionally ‘abstract’ descriptions that resonated around the inside of

industry wasn’t slow in acknowledging what the rest of us already knew; 2008

the composer’s cranium for the rest of us to engage with and enjoy.

bringing Grant Parks his first Producer of the Year Nominations from both Chicago

With the release of ‘Drilling Season Volume 1’ producer, practitioner and per-

Truth Awards and Fake Shore Drive.

fecter of the performers’ projections Grant Parks has revealed not just a mammoth

Collaborations with WC of Westside Connection and Rhymefest, just to name-

twelve track album; set to wipe the floor with the competition, but also a gift to

drop but a few, sit beside calls for him to assist in bringing an end to the violence

the world of musical appreciators.

that besieges his hometown of Chicago’s West Side; his skills called into employ

With appearances from fel-

by KRC-One’s ‘Stop The Violence

low Chi-town artists such as GLC

Organization’, on an album that

and Malik Yusef, Grant Parks’ lat-

features Syleena Johnson, Crucial

est release offers Grammy Award

Conflict, as well as other exciting

Winning Artistry, as well as, his own

artists that are emerging from the

incomparable flourish for free. A

Chicago scene.

single click of the download but-

Working in partnership with

ton’s your only cost to obtaining

Terron Coleman to found CoalMine

his new works, experiencing ravish-

Music saw Grant Parks taking his

ing talent of the man behind the

brand beyond music and into busi-

benevolence of melody, bounty of

ness, his shrewd acumen and for-

beats, and album of art.

ward thinking seeing where the

As a boy Grant Parks found

future lies and staking his claim

himself naturally drawn to musical

on the virgin land of management,

creation by way of piano, sax, and an old MPC 3000 drum machine respectively,

marketing, consultation, and more to ensure the greatest of growth and healthi-

applied his interests into learning and understanding how to command the sound

est harvest.

like a compositional plate spinner, feeding on the information and engorging his

Bringing together the diverse and ranging elements of Hip Hop more usually

early-years yearnings in musical theory. This quickly took him into mastering stu-

associated with Atlanta and LA together with those of Chicago, BWD Magazine

dio engineering as he progressed and developed further from student to master.

leapt at the chance to sit down and talk with Grant Parks about his Drilling Season

Whilst some may consider imitation the most sincere form of flattery, original-

Volume 1 release; while learning how he became so in-demand by the industry,

ity is what every true creator desires. With an audible assurance Grant Parks devel-

whether awards trump the art, and the inspiration behind the albums incredible,

oped some of the most innovative techniques that the industry never even knew

incomparable, sound.

10 • BWD Magazine •

GRANT PARKS BWD: Before we get into things, how – and who- is Grant Parks..?

BWD: You’ve already worked with a number of respected and known

I am one of Chicago’s premier producers; born and raised on Chicago’s

names within the music industry, such as Sadat X of Brand Nubian

Westside. I have been producing for a while now and have also worked

and Naughty by Nature’s Treach and Vinny; were any of those you’ve

with several well-known artists in the industry.

worked with less than conducive to a healthy working relationship? Fortunately, I have worked with several seasoned artists and when we

BWD: Your credentials as a producer extend beyond being just ‘the

are in the studio, we know what we are there to accomplish.

man behind the desk’… Appreciate the compliment. It has taken a lot of dedication over the

BWD: Mixing several elements of style and sound throughout,

years to achieve the success I have had. I continue to work just as hard

Drilling Season Volume 1, is quite a heady listen; what was the

as I did in the beginning so I can reach the next level. I’ve worked with

inspiration behind bringing them together like this?

Grammy Award Winner Songwriters Malik Yusef and Rhymfest, Sadat X

I like to mix it up, make the music melodic with what is current today.

and Grand Puba of Brand Nubian, KRS One, WC of Westside Connection, Pharoahe Monch - just to name a few.

BWD: And finally; with the new album ‘Drilling Season Volume 1’ offering twelve amazing tracks to listen to, which one should listen-

BWD: Your current album ‘Drilling Sessions Volume 1’ features Malik

ers crank up loud and rattle the windows with first?

Yusef and GLC; how did these collaborations come about?

Thanks, well, that’s a hard one cause I like them all! It’s an album you

Malik and GLC are from the crib and have always supported my music.

can listen to from beginning to end. I worked hard on it, making sure it

Joanne, one of my business partners, has worked with Malik on a few

had a good vibe. I’ll let the listeners decide.

projects over the years and we pitched a few tracks to him. We got in the studio and knocked it out. GLC and I have also worked together before so I asked him to be part of this project. BWD: Do you feel such honours as being nominated “Producer of the

Contact Information:

Year” in the Chicago Truth Awards as something that forges you on to being a better producer?

Facebook: coalminemusic

It’s a combination; I actually have my own drive to constantly improve

Twitter: @GrantParksBeats

and push forward, regardless of awards. I strive to make good music and

Twitter: @CoalMineMusic

with that, ‘sometimes’ you are honoured with awards.

Photo Credits: Grant Parks/Coal Mine Music - All Rights Reserved.

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hen you imagine the Mediterranean you see blue skies that stretch on to eternity; clear seas that call invitingly to join the sea-life and crustaceans milling beneath the waves; and night-times filled with memories of new friends, good times, and a soundtrack provided by the

legendary Svengali of sounds, the producer, entertainer, hip-hop station owner and presenter, the boundlessly talented entrepreneur that is Moe Rock. Having captured the crowds and adulations of the Mediterranean; many with an enviable talent of multi-lingual vocals, gifted to the point of being able to sing in both English and Farsi, Moe Rock is more than a Pied Piper-like entertainer of resounding repute, leading the listeners along to a tune of his own captivating confection and boundless imagination. With a reputation that puts demand on his musical attentions, as solid as the beats filling the air, Moe has seen invites to work with some of the


biggest known names within the US; from Grammy Award nominee SkeeLo to the groups such as Dem Franchize Boyz and D4L. Moe also brought his substantial talents to the collaboration table with Multi-Platinum rappers Fabo and Pimpin. Having achieved worldwide syndication as an artist we now see Moe turning up the heat on the business world, launching his own artistfocused and completely commercial free radio station Now HipHop. Ever mindful of the talent awash on the underground scene Now HipHop is


a platform to launch potential superstars into the worldwide audience of the internet, breeching barriers of distance and bridging those with something to say with those wanting to listen.

BWD: Before we get too far into proceedings, hello; if you With the faces of the staff at BWD Magazine fancying a little sun-kissed

would like to introduce yourself..?

attention we reached out for the chance to speak with Moe about his incredible career and current entrepreneurial endeavours; how he came

My name is Moe Rock. I’m a producer, entrepreneur and I am

to stand in the warm shallows of such greatness and know the horizon

involved in various different projects of various different scopes.

was just within reach, with the launching of Now HipHop, and learn not only how difficult it can be to get a return ticket to the Mediterranean

BWD: Entrepreneur, entertainer, musician and producer;

refunded; as interviews can now be conducted over the internet, but how

which is it?

that very thing also offers everyone with the right motivation the chance to be heard and adored…

Well it really just is wherever my heart takes me in any given moment of time. I do what I’m motivated to do and if I’m not motivated to go to the studio and record I simply won’t. I’m

If you haven’t Heard of Moe, You’re Living under a Rock!”

very comfortable and secure with what I was able to accomplish musically thus far in my career and am content with myself, in that regard. At the moment my main motivation is mostly to establish the brand to a strong extent and to help aspiring artists achieve their dreams.

Twitter: @MoeRockOnline Website:

BWD: You recently added another notch to your business belt with the launching of NowHipHop, a 24/7 live and commercial free hip-hop station that interviews up and coming artists.

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Cover Story Thank you for asking about NowHipHop.Com, the station is currently in the beginning stages however it is definitely a long term project and not something we want to just build a temporary buzz around yet something that can fundamentally transform the way that aspiring rappers are promoted in today’s technology based hip-hop world. Imagine if an aspiring artist who is feeling helpless and hopeless has the platform to not only get their music heard, but more importantly be interviewed by professionals and share their story on an international platform. NowHipHop.Com is my long term baby so to speak. I truly believe in it because I sincerely want to help all the aspiring rappers get more promotion so my motivation comes from them. BWD: Do you feel enough is being done to help bring the talent of these artists to a wider audience? Sadly, the state of music today is largely corporate based and it is for this reason why we refuse to have any advertisements or commercials on NowHipHop.Com. We want it to be as far away from corporate pressure and oversight as possible. BWD: Passion for music is something you obviously have, and clearly are prepared to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak… It needs to be said that this is a music BUSINESS and those aspiring artists who are not prepared to invest in their respective careers will deserve what they get; nothing. Obviously there are situations where people simply do not have the financial capacity to do major promotions or marketing but I come across artists who do not want to invest the bare minimum in their career. Handouts will only take you so far, I advise artists to be self-reliant in this business and not beg people for help. Show the money and be a boss about your music. BWD Retort’ - “Amen Brother!!” BWD: And finally; which artist or artists do you think are worth giving a shout out for? I truly wish to give a shout out to all those aspiring artists who are feeling helpless or hopeless. You are the motivation behind NowHipHop.Com. The platform is for you to share your story. I also want to shout you out for being gracious enough to interview me. Thank you. BWD Magazine • • 13

VOYAGER Coming from the antipodean area of Perth, Australia with what is consid-

Having been snapped up and signed to the progressive metal label Sensory

ered to be the band’s most impressive work to date, comes Voyager with

and becoming Europe’s best-kept well known secret within musical circles,

The Meaning Of I, a twelve song exploration of music, the mind, and the

BWD Magazine thought it time to share the secret and sit down with the

magnificence of Daniel Estrin, Simone Dow, Alex Canion, Scott Kay, and

band as they began this new voyage; to ask what inspired them to becom-

Ashley Doodkorte.

ing this uber-force of emotion, whether chart success or credibility is more important overall, and if they’d keep the microphone away from Al Pacino

With an almost elite underground following the band have garnered such

at the Olympics.....

effutious praise and loyalty from those in the know; comparisons with other artists of their calibre and cunning artificer attributes are hard to come by,


but if you can imagine the crystal clarity vocals of A-HA’s Morton Harket, the heaviness of the seismographic Soilwork, and the melodic mastery and entwining expertise of Amorpis, you might go some way to understanding

BWD: Before we get into things proper, welcome; if you would like to intro-

why the band have been rightly hailed as ‘…one of the most original and dar-

duce yourselves..?

ing groups on the planet.’

Hello, my name is Simone and I have been a guitarist in Voyager for 8 years. Daniel our vocalist and keyboardist extraordinaire is the founding and only

Having already trod the same stage as such varied and disparate musicians

original member of the band (back in about 1999!!). Alex our bass thumper

as guitar-god Steve Vai, metallers Nightwish, and the almighty Alestrom,

joined the band back in 2007 as we released uniVerse. Scott, my partner on the

Voyager have built on the sound their 2004 debut album Element V began,

six string joined back in 2011 as we were starting the recording our previous

itself being hailed for its uplifting variety within the release, and taking the

album The Meaning of I and Ashley our skin smasher joined early last year as

darker, more explorative route of emotive musical mastery. With follow-up

our previous drummer Mark started a family. I hope that covers everything!!

album uniVerse in 2007 showing the bands melancholic side, the 2009 release I Am Revolution delivered their fans a much darker, yet much more

BWD: With the accolade of being one of the most original and daring

overwhelming experience overall.

groups on the planet it seems your reputation as creating something more than simply music precedes the band…?

2006 saw Voyager performing to the masses at PowerProg in Europe, and

Well that is truly flattering :) I think the members we have in the band now

with an arms-length of awards and more Album Of The Month awards from

all have a very eclectic mix of influences musically and in general we are all

countries such as Finland, Italy, Romania and Belgium it would be quicker to

very open minded about music. Of course, we all love our metal/heavy music

type the list of countries yet to bestow the band the honour, it was with no

and that is something that will always be a big part of our lives as it is in our

small surprise to see Voyager commanding the stage at the coveted 2011

hearts and veins! However, we do like to listen to everything from dance, trance,

PowerProg USA Festival.

jazz, and blues, pop, name it and we all generally listen to it. Some bands and musicians we all love (just to name a few): Type O Negative,

With mixing and mastering duties handled by Jens Bogren of Opeth and

Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, Opeth, Tesseract, Infected Mushroom, Ozric Tentacles,

Katatonia tailoring duties, Dan Tompkins of Tesseract and DC Cooper of

Devin Townsend, Jaco Pastorius, Guthrie Govan, Steven Wilson, David Maxim

Royal Hunt appearing as guest vocals on the album, illustrator George Grie

Micic, Eric Johnston, Meshell Ndegeocello, Mute Math…and...I could go on. With

returns to lend his touch in bringing the imagery and imagination of The

such a mix it’s easy for us to write music that is quite different to what everyone

Meaning Of I to life on the albums artwork.

else is doing.

14 • BWD Magazine •

BWD: With your first album Element V in 2004 being lauded for its uplifting

can certainly hear some of our influences. In terms of metal, I’d say our biggest

variety revealing the band’s hand as it were as craftsmen rather than a col-

influences are Type O, Soilwork, and Scar Symmetry. That combination of dark,

lective of simply musicians, you’ve followed a more sombre and heavy tone

brooding music with the catchy sensibilities. It’s hard to pick a genre, but if we

within the bands out-put, your latest album The Meaning Of I promising a

had to, we’d say we are melodic/progressive metal.

dark, introspective journey in search of meaning..? I think the vibe of Voyager’s music changed a lot when myself and (our previous

BWD: Penultimate question time! With a chance to open the Olympics with

drummer) Mark Boeijen joined and you can hear that when listening to uniVerse.

a four hour encore at the end, Voyager are bound on a ship to the host

The band definitely became heavier, darker and a bit more feel and groove

nation of Greenland, set-lists ready and thermals packed. Midway across

started making its way into the music. From there it’s been a natural progres-

the sea the Captain of the ship sends a message to the bands room offering

sion to where we are now at with The Meaning of I (TMOI) and album number 5

them an invitation to dine at the Captains table that very evening, alongside

(which we are currently in the middle of recording). Scott and Asha fe are both

the show hosts of the Olympics Al Pacino and Pamela Anderson.

also very much into the groove as well so it was inevitable TMOI was going to turn out the way it did. Our new album is also a natural progression from TMOI.

You’ve accepted the invite, and on the way to dinner you pass Al’s room; it

People will definitely hear the similarities even though it’s quite different again.

sounds like he’s singing, but the voice sounds god-awful and the racket has

We haven’t lost our pop sensibilities, that’s all I will say! hahaha

bought a slew of doors along the corridor to open and people to start complaining about the terrible noise emanating from the stars room.

BWD: Do you feel having such a deep and musically rich landscape of work pushes the band to create even greater works..?

At the dinner, everything went smooth. Just as the waiter is bringing around

Well the writing process has changed a lot and this started back when we were

the thin mints and brandy chasers you overhear a comment from Al Pacino

writing album number 3, I Am The Revolution (IATR). Previously, Danny would

saying to Pamela Anderson that he’d like to join Voyager on stage to belt

come into the rehearsal studio with what we would call the skeleton of tracks, so

out a couple of numbers. Mortified at the thought, you’re quick to make your

basically about 80% of the songs would be finished and we would just add our

excuses and leave before any uncomfortable questions are asked. Being spry

interpretation of how we thought our aorta should be played over said music.

for his age Al leaps to his feet, blocks the bands egress, and asks the ques-

Since IATR, members of the band have had much more input into the writing

tion you had hoped your sudden departure would avoid being asked; can he

and arrangement process to the point where our new album we are tracking

join you on stage for a couple of numbers?

was written practically in the jam room. I’d say it was quite an even split with the writing/arranging bar a couple of tracks. Due to this, I think that’s where

Torn between the likelihood of a worldwide audience turning off the second

the “experimentation” has come in. It’s more that every member has placed

the novelty of seeing Pacino kill both his and the bands career live around

their mark on the tracks so you are hearing a wider variety of influences on our

the world, and saying no to Al Pacino, there is only one question you really


need worry about; what do you do? HAHAHAHAHAHA Wow, what a question. I and Alex are huge Al Pacino fans and

BWD: Your underground status is quickly becoming a thing of legend, almost

seeing as we all have a great sense of humour and fun has always been at the

exclusive to those who prefer to seek out what music fills their playlist

forefront of our live performances....we would definitely say yes and just turn it

rather than rely on the charts or celebrity talent show winners…

into a fun, and hilarious experience for everyone. We’ve already done some pretty

To be honest, none of us are doing this for fame, fortune, groupies and copious

stupid things on stage hahaha

amounts of drugs hahaha we do what we do because we love it and we love hearing from our fans that we’ve made an impact on their lives or our music

BWD: And finally; what does the future hold for Voyager; where do they go

had helped them through tough times. The music industry is tough and fickle

from here?

and if you became a musician with the ambition of being loaded and in the

Well, like I said before we are currently smack bang in the middle of recording

charts, you’ve chosen the wrong career path! What we would really love is to

our 5th album, with the aim to have it released in the first half of 2014. On top

have the opportunity and assistance to be able to tour more so we could play to

of this we are hoping to do touring, touring, touring everywhere and anywhere

more people and meet all of our fans. We’re not interested in being “one minute

that will have us! We will be supporting Orphaned Land on their first Aussie tour

wonders” in the charts and then you never hear of us again. We want to do this

in March, and we encourage our fans to keep their eyes peeled to our Facebook,

for as long as we can continue to.

Twitter, and Official Website etc., for further updates as they come! :)

BWD: As your name implies, Voyager is more than simply a band making

Contact Information:

music – it’s a creative offering listeners an opportunity to explore musical landscapes and even their own minds and thoughts; it’s difficult to think of a contemporary or similar in the same field as the band..?

Website: Twitter: @Voyagerau

We’ve never tried to sound like anyone else, or written songs thinking “this is

Facebook: voyageraustralia

a soilwork song”. It’s definitely whatever comes natural to us. It’s never been

Photo Credits: Voyager - All Rights Reserved

forced. In saying this, whilst I agree we sound quite different to other bands, you

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he hardest fought battles always reap the greatest

A slew of scholarship offers followed as Te’Boogie entered his senior years

rewards; to struggle through the mire and come out on

at school and it was ultimately the highly regarded prep-school Hargrave

top is what most consider an everyday reality. Whereas

Military Academy Te’Boogie chose to attend and finish his schooling, his

for some it’s simply creating a buzz or finding the ‘right

progression into the ranks of football superstars looking as solid as it was

time, right place’ for their moment to shine, there are

moving apace.

those for whom the struggle is more than a simple ‘time + geography = opportunity’ math puzzle.

However, barely two months into the season, tragedy struck the artist on a personal level with the sad passing of his own influential motivator, his

Born in the middle of the vicious ’91 crack epidemic of Washington, DC,

grandmother, Mary E. Speight.

Te’Boogie – aka De’Vante Speight – knows more than most how difficult a battle it can be to make the profit column in his own ledger of life read a

No longer compelled to become the next star on the field Te’Boogie turned

positive figure.

his emotions into avenues of potential, embraced the poetic side he’d shown as a child and began to develop the voice that would be unveiled to

Surrounded by the constant temptation of vice and indulgence, destined to

the world as the hip-hop artist Te’Boogie.

bring down the unwary and easily swayed, it was after growing up against this backdrop of negativ-

Through his work with the

ity and dead-end lifestyle

non-profit organization BAP

choices Te’Boogie made

(Bless All People), founded by

himself a promise; to

high school friend and Eagles

become more than those

Corner Back - Roc Carmichael,

around him had chosen as


a life-style choice. In turn,

became involving and invig-

become a figure to those

orating music; able to raise

looking for the beacon of

the crowd to their feet and

positivity and motivation

command the audiences with

to help overcome and

insightful lyrics, thought pro-

conquer any personal or

voking social commentary,

public demons; of which,

and undisputed mastery of

they could set their own

weaving music and words into

standards to.

statements of truth. Hyperbole




turned to hype which in turn Now at the age of 22 and seeing his light shining brightest of all, Te’Boogie

became hysteria surrounding the young musician and his music. However,

is the breakout star of DC’s forgettable history of vice and viciously decreas-

Te’Boogie hasn’t let the adulation inflate his ego.

ing circles of self-destruction. As one of the most exciting hip-hop stars to appear in recent years, Te’Boogie’s November 2013 release Black Roses has

“When my Manager ‘Money Maker’ hit me up and told me we won I was instantly

seen him grow from an aspiring young poet into an artist of integrity, depth,

ecstatic,” the humbled Te’Boogie said when talking to ‘BWD Magazine’ about

and peerless attributes within the field of music.

being recognized as an instant future-hit maker and nominated by our audience. “I’m happy for my team ‘LaFamilia’ and thankful to BWD for giving

At a time when up to fifty percent of the young black community around

me this chance.”

him were either flushing their life away through drugs, a career in crime or time in jail, Te’Boogie saw the field of sports as a safe haven for keeping

Contact Information:

him away from succumbing to the ease with which others were choosing to tread; the darker, perceived easier path through life.

Website: Twitter: @TheRealTeBoogie

Choosing a direction to dedicate his step Te’Boogie turned to focusing on

Facebook: therealteboogie

the talents imbued through his own natural athleticism, his reputation as a

Photo Credits: @OneLoveSSinc- All Rights Reserved

figure on the field to follow surpassing his own circle of friends and associates while gaining him the attentions of fellow sports fans and athletes across the DMV area.


I’m happy for my team ‘LaFamilia’ and thankful to BWD for giving me this chance.”

Te’Boogie BWD Magazine • • 17


ith the face of a timeless beauty and the heart of a

taken to heart by the heads of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s own

true rocker there’s none to compare when caught up in

BBC2 radio station, play listing the song and moving BBC2 Producer Phil

the engaging, extravagant, extra-ordinary excess of pure

MacGarvey to say ‘It’s a great song’, and also that he was ‘looking forward to

emotion and enjoyment that is the Auzzie turned L.A.-ian

hearing more.’

Katie Cole.

Since such time Australia has staked their claim of pride on her shoulders,

With a style that shows considerable substance Katie broke into the music

awarding Katie the MusicOz Song Writing Award, the ASCAP Plus Award in

world via the songwriter route of penning the hits made famous by the likes

both 2010 and 2011, as well as the Artists in Music Awards in 2012.

of Gloria Gaynor, 2 Fabiola, and Ultrasun. Taking the impetus of the true per-

Not to be out-done, it seems, New York is championing the singer’s

former within Katie embarked on a tour across her homeland, building on

corner too, Movado awarding her not just the Movado Future Legend Award

her reputation and gaining recognition as the true voice behind the song; a

but also the honour of a full page spread in world famous and well-read

powerful, genuine, intoxicatingly addictive voice that lifted the words and

publication the New York Times. Along with her song Gravity featuring in

mirrored her skill at stringing words into timeless classics backing up her

the Movado Bold watch campaign that took her into the homes across

mesmerizing stage presence.

the continent through NBC, ABC, BRAVO, Comedy Central and more, Katie’s

After a list of names within the industry on her personal blog the singer-

music has found its audience across the entire stretch of the globe; from

songwriter would love to work with caught the attentions of one of those

London to Nashville, Australia to Arkansas, the call for Katie Cole’s creativity

said names listed - a certain record producer by the name of Howard Willing,

sees her growing in demand as both a performer and role-model for other

whose previous notables included genre refuters Smashing Pumpkins, Sheryl

female artists.

Crow, OK GO - and a flurry of

With regular appear-

activity that saw her crossing





the Atlantic several times, the

Witzend, The Roxy and

Land of Oz quickly became the

The Mint, Katie has

lights of Los Angeles as Katie,

just come off the road

two suitcases, a guitar and her

after touring across the

laptop became permanent resi-

USA with the group

dents of California.

Pinktober, released her

Defining her sound – a ful-

new single, and with the

some mix of flavours from

promise of a full album

diverse inspirational musicians

to come in February

like Colbie Caillat, Fleetwood

2014 – titled Lay It All

Mac, and even Tom Petty – Katie

Down featuring guests

Cole firmly sits beneath her own

from Kris Kristofferson

musical crown of Americana meets British Pop, and counts artists such as Jimi

and Instant People - BWD Magazine grabbed a few moments of Katie’s time

Hendrix, British group The Rolling Stones, and the sublime Maria Callas as

before preparations for the album and the planning for her 2014 NAMM

inspirations behind her own exclusive style.

Expo and Sundance FilmFest appearances took all her attentions to ask how

With her 2011 release, the Lost Inside A Moment EP - bringing her to the attentions of the world with the title track single Katie found herself being

18 • BWD Magazine •

things are going, how she’s finding the world she now calls home, and if she thinks ‘that’s what it’s all about’…


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW BWD: Hello and welcome, if you would like to introduce yourself..?

my first big wow moment happened when I moved to Los Angeles because one

Hello, my name is Katie Cole. I’m an Australian singer-songwriter and touring

of favourite Record Producers, Howard Willing wanted to work with me...deliber-

artist based out of Los Angeles now. I also do a lot of regular trips to Nashville

ately! He’s worked with everyone from Sheryl Crow to Smashing Pumpkins. Huge

too! I watch too many sci-fi shows! I’m a cat person and I like to laugh. I describe

stuff and a massive honour to work with someone with such a vast wealth of

my music style as folk/rock with flavours of country and pop. Right now, I have

knowledge and experience. It changed my life. Howard Willing brought in some

a new single out in USA called “(We Started a) Fire”.

heavy weight musicians for my new record and Kris Kristofferson is singing on one of my new album tracks too. Yep. Thanks to the new recordings and the

BWD: Your recent tour with Pinktober has just ended; how did it go? Any

domino effect, I’ve played some big festivals like SxSW and Sundance, won some

incidents you’d care to share?

awards including one from Movado Watches that came with a national TV ad

Yeah. I play a lot of live shows at the Hard Rock Cafe here in Hollywood and they

campaign using my song. I got to tour with Glen Campbell and sang on his last

brought “Pinktober” to my attention which is breast cancer awareness month. I

record too. That was another BIG thing. Also the UK broadcasts my music on BBC

jumped at the chance to be part of this tour and my band ended up performing

Radio 2. A lot of amazing things have happened since I moved to the USA. Also

in Denver, Phoenix, Vegas, San Fran and Seattle. My favourite gig on that tour

a lot of amazing hamburgers. Yes, I said that.

was definitely Denver. We also played an amazing house concert where around 50 people came to watch us play. I love intimate shows and making new fans

BWD: A tour only just ended, a new single igniting the charts and with an

and friends. The best tour moments were probably eating Voodoo doughnuts in

album to follow in February of 2014… Where do you find the time?

Portland and ending up at a karaoke bar on the last night in Seattle. Nobody

I think I’ll always be artistic. It’s just the way I see the world down to seeing

sang anything but we still ended up there. Haha. The guys in my band are

somebody walking a dog on the street and I’ll give the dog a name and back

awesome but we all made each other crazy by the end as there was sooo much

story. I’m imaginative in equally useful and useless ways. But I definitely credit

driving. Also some point twizzlers and muscle milk become a meal (umm

my work ethic to my Mum. She worked really hard to support me and my sister

more than once).

then developed MS (Multiple Sclerosis) over 10 years ago. But she’s still a fighter. As for me, living in another country makes me extra aware of the time I have and

BWD: Your rise into the spotlight is one obviously very much welcomed by

the money I spend. Yes, I’m still a shoe-aholic but I’m a bit more careful about

music lovers the world over. What have been some of the highlights of your

how mobile I am. That way I can up and move if I need to...go tour whenever I

career so far?

need to...etc. I think many artists, no matter how much we call ourselves control

I don’t even know where to start. Hmm I used to write songs for European and

freaks or perfectionists when it comes to our “art”, we all have a semi-transient

American dance artists including Gloria Gaynor when I was still in Oz. But really,

nature. Continued on Page 21 BWD Magazine • • 19

TOP 5 - BEST SELLING Christmas Singles In keeping with the season and holidays to come we thought we’d take our Top

4: Do They Know It’s Christmas – Band Aid

Five into the Christmas single’s territory; to find out which of the many, many

Released in 1984 as a charity single released on November 29th 1984 to raise

releases have managed to transcend ‘holiday chart single release’ and become

funds and awareness of the famine and suffering in Ethiopia the original Midge

bona fide iconic holiday hum-along’s blasting out the mall speakers as we charge

Ure (of the group Ultravox) song is perhaps best associated with Boomtown Rats

from shop to shop in pursuit of that perfect holiday gift…

frontman and co-collaborator, Sir Bob Geldof. Gathering together the biggest and most well-known singers and musicians of the day Band Aid was the name of the

1: White Christmas – Bing Crosby

collective group of stars giving their voices to the singles lyrics.

Selling over 50 million copies worldwide, since its release, it is perhaps no surprise that the smoothest of crooners cover of the traditional Christmas song

Recorded and released within just four days the song instantly hit the top spot of

smashed its way into the number one spot.

the charts with sales of over a million copies in the first week alone, and stayed there for a further five weeks, dominating the number one slot and remaining

Written by Irving Berlin mystery surrounds when this festively comforting song

the highest selling single in the UK charts history for a staggering thirteen years

was actually penned; some say it was penned during 1940 in sunny La Quinta,

with over twelve million copies sold.

California during his stay at the La Quinta hotel. Others claim it was written during the writer’s vacation at the Arizona Baltimore.

Dealing with the very real horrors of the plight in the third world through song, the singles uplifting sound and positive air conveys a message of hope and belief

Whichever account you believe, no-one can deny the composer summed the

in the future to come, ultimately selling over twelve million copies it has gone

whole thing up best when he modestly told his secretary ‘I just wrote the best

on to become more than just a charity release, standing shoulder to shoulder

song that anybody’s ever written!’

on the track listing of many more traditional Old Worlds seasonal compilations.

2: Silent Night – Bing Crosby

5: Christmas Don’t Be Late – The Chipmunks

Taking the second spot on the list is another re-imagining of a timeless classic

When the years end came and the fight for the number one spot on the Billboard

from the singer affectionately called The Old Groaner.

Hot 100 Pop Singles charts began no-one could have predicted three fictional ferrets and their clueless owner would be riding high in the list, much less taking

With lyrics written by Joseph Mohr and music composed by Frank Xaver Gruber

pride of place in the numero uno slot.

this 1818 yuletide tune has racked up over 30 million sales during its tenure. Covered by many and frequently released on compilation albums the Bing

Composed by Ross Bagdasarian Sr. (more commonly known as chipmunk-man Mr

Crosby iteration remains a mainstay for anyone intent on bringing the magic of

David Seville) in the year 1958 it was originally released with the writer himself

the season to their proceedings; for some quiet contemplative reflection with

taking vocal duties, affecting a high pitched, chipmunk-esque voice to become

family and loved ones, the joining of hands and introspective thoughts as we

Alvin, Simon and Theodore – the Chipmunks.

remember the good times and think fondly of the warm childhood memories from Christmas’ past.

Selling four and a half million copies within seven weeks the single originally appeared on American Bandstands Rate-A-Record show, and achieved the honor-

3: Rudolph The Red nosed Reindeer – Gene Autry

ific of receiving the lowest score possible.

First coming to life in 1939 in a booklet written by Robert L. May the tale of a horse-cousin with a hat stand on its head may not seem pertinent to the story

Several re-releases throughout the years and a re-entry into the Billboard Top

of Santa and Co. at first glance, but beneath the obtuse description lays a tale

100 at number 70 during December 2007 shows not only does the season bring

of fairy tale fancy and winter wonderland wonderment to swell the heart and

us joy in the form of decorations and presents, of spending time in the company

warm the soul.

of family and loved ones as we reminisce over memories and forge new ones for the future, but also it might be an idea to cut down a bit on the old egg-nog

After success as a short story it was May’s brother in law, Johnny Marks, who took the diminutive ‘deers deeds and adapted them into song, breaking the top spot of the Billboard pop singles charts when released Christmas 1949. Selling two and a half million copies back when a single was the size of a dinner plate the song has managed to remain the highest selling single for a staggering thirty years, and its twenty five million seller record met the big hair and spandex of the decade of excess known as the eighties.

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before shopping for your Seasonal Soundtrack.

KATIE COLE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW CONT’D You sort of have to get along with different personalities and be able to sleep in

“People tend to want artists to do the same thing, and it is incumbent upon art-

a car or wherever (although I’m terrible at that). I strongly believe that I have to

ists to do something that the audience doesn’t want -- yet. I’ll tell you this. I won’t

be the hardest working person on my team and inspire others to join in. I don’t

follow an artist who will be led by his audience. Because I don’t want to have to

expect anything for nothing and I don’t think it’s reasonable to think people will

follow an artist that I have to lead”. I absolutely agree.

do your job for you. I mean, nobody is more passionate about my songs than me. So it’s up to me to hustle and make sure things get done. Unfortunately, there’s

BWD: Coming from almost the opposite end of the Earth in Australia to the

no throwing televisions off hotel balconies...its eating salads and soccer in gas

beating heart of music in the City of Angels; could you imagine being where

stations to stay fit on the road.

you are now in your career if you hadn’t took the chance and made the leap to L.A.?

BWD: Your first single - Lost Inside a Moment from the LOST INSIDE A MO-

Nope. I do travel between Los Angeles and Nashville. I really think Nashville is

MENT EP release of 2011 – didn’t just shatter the notion of female sing-

fast being the new hub for music. It’s very collaborative and inclusive in nature.

er-songwriters only releasing ballads or similar but also the demand for a

I love that and have some great friends out there. I miss my family and friends

genuine hard rocking woman wasn’t there or was too small an audience to

back in Melbourne, but yeah, I think I needed to move to make this career what


it is and regret nothing so far!!

I don’t know about that. Love songs are universal. Around 90% of songs are about love and relationships in some way. To me, I believe artists should do what

BWD: And finally, finish this sentence; ‘It’s not what you do or the way that

inspires them. Not what they think the market wants...or what a record company

you do it; it’s.......“

says they want. I’m sure I’m hated for saying that as it’s pretty idealistic. I don’t

learning how to close the bag of potato chips and hide them at the back of the

really care though. I think it is one thing to be relevant, but for the most part

cupboard because you’ll never find them there ten minutes later”.

each artist has to be true to what serves them and what best represents them. I mean, these days the cost of making a record or a video is pretty high..and marketing and distributing to radio is even higher. Why make something unless you

Contact Information:

absolutely believe in it?? I think there is room for everything and everyone. And there’s always room for a great song, no matter what genre it is. I follow great songs, always have. When I made the L.I.A.M. EP some people said they liked this


song or that one...some said it was too pop, too country or not country enough.

Twitter: @katiecolemusic

I just made what I believed in and let it speak for itself. BBC Radio 2 seemed to think it was ok. They play-listed to their national song list, 2 of my songs from that EP and played another 3 songs including my last single “I Can’t Wait” from

Facebook: katiecoleofficial Photo Credits: Katie Cole- All Rights Reserved.

the upcoming new record. Sure, I’m happy when I find out other people like my work, but honestly, it’s really none of my business what other people think of me or music. I read a great interview with T Bone Burnett recently and he said this BWD Magazine • • 21


Kristy Landry is an enchantress of an artist, someone for whom the passion in their soul is naturally projected through their voice, capable of turning heads and taming the attentions of those lucky enough to be caught within her charms. A Lowell, Massachusetts native, this songstress’ influences span the decades, stretching as far back as the inception of Motown, through the diversity of the decades and all the way up to the modern day artists she will soon be included in the same breath as. Born the child to a master vocalist and musician in the guise of her father Leo Kristy was taken to the shores of musical oceans from a young age, encouraged to explore the shallows of sound and girting waves of emotional expression until the allure drew her in, submerged herself beneath the oceans of influence and began exploring its depths and seeking the horizon. More than just a Pop or R&B artist already drawing comparisons akin to a modern-day Diana Ross in soulful voice, her charisma exudes a healthy attitude for embracing life, her smile as contagious to those who see it as her music is captivating of the audiences swirling in time to the music before her. With the heartfelt motivation to ‘Make Mama Proud’ driving each performance to be better than the last has seen Kristy already begin to show up on the music industry radar; with appearances on Fox News and being invited to perform at The Hard Rock Café, Boston it is perhaps best they’d be advised to sign her up and lock her in before a rival record label surely does. As her first release Let Go and Love single; produced by DJ T Lee of Keep It Real Recording and Productions (KIRRP) starts causing waves and drenching playlists, it’s with her usual easeful charm Kristy is riding the crest of attention and interest as she continues to work on new material, promising to turn the gentle waves of intrigue into a chart storming tsunami.

Contact Information: Website: www. Twitter: @k2theLala Facebook: klalandry Photo Credits: Kristy Landry - All Rights Reserved

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BWD RECORDS, LLC INDEPENDENT MUSIC LABEL OF THE SOUTH Continuing to set the standard for others to follow

Owing to their unique position within the world of

BWD Radio has extended its vast reach in the me-

music BWD were able to snap up and sign Flori-

dia with the launch of its own record label, BWD

da based rapper 5 M.I.C-Z to their label, an artist

Records, LLC ‘The Independent Music Label of the

that brings with himself a level of credibility that


owes everything to musical talent and dedication and nothing to a cynical self-styled back-story and

Taking over a decade’s worth of industry knowledge

whose first release on the label – ‘Head Turna’ – has

and experience BWD Records, LLC - ‘The Indepen-

firmly established the label as serious competition

dent Music Label Of The South’ - is the culmination

to the established status quo.

of BWD’s vast expertise in the field of music and artist promotion; not content with simply waiting

Continuing to set the standard for others to follow

to see what single or artist reaches number one

BWD Radio has proven again the need to change

BWD Radio took their position of being known

and adapt in this never static landscape of media

globally as the leaders in discovering new indie

and music is key to continued growth and success.

acts and on the 26th of October 2012 launched

Pushing where others are content to stagnate is

their own record label, BWD Records. Dedicated to

the secret behind where BWD Radio currently find

finding the best as-yet unknown talent out there

themselves today, and with the launch of their own

BWD doesn’t limit itself to one specific genre; rath-

label in BWD Records it gives you some idea of just

er it extends its horizons to include all genres such

how far BWD Radio are aiming to go.

as rock, metal, hip hop and dance amongst others. A smorgasbord of scintillating new acts are present-

“Don’t just MAKE a Difference, BE the Difference.”

ed under the BWD mantle, representing the best of the best and most unique in their field, such as you

– BWD Records, LLC

have come to expect from one of the industry’s top

‘The Independent Music Label of the South’

media professionals.

Vi s i t w w w. B W D R e c o r d s . c o m o r w w w. Fa c e b o o k . c o m / B W D R e c o r d s . l l c

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BWD Magazine - December 2013  
BWD Magazine - December 2013  

Having captured the crowds and adulations of the Mediterranean; many with an enviable talent of multi-lingual vocals, gifted to the point of...