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AUGUST 2014 Vol 18

message to venus THE CURRENT

abigail rich


a world... almost


denied of her grace

OVER a decades worth of experience and knowledge


& MsV

Features 04 Abigail Rich The World Almost Denied Of Her Grace

06 Tae Bleezie Heading Off To An Explosive Horizon

10 Silent Jack Charging Their Way Through Dominating Crowds

17 Nikki McKnight aka NIX Tempting Truth Of Lyrical Soliloquy

18 Ventenner Ensnaring A Worldwide Fan Base

COVER STORY 12 Message To Venus Contenders For The Current Kings’ Of Rock Crown

Lifestyle 08 Put It On My Tab An Avenue Of Avarice With 3 Free App’s

14 5 Tips For Turning Your Star Into A RedDwarf A World Of Stages Awaiting Your Musical Brilliance

ENTERTAINMENT 16 All Hands On Deck The DJ Spotlight w/Bella


Buffalo Bites (Monthly Feature)

Over 20 Years’ Experience In The Creative Audio And Music Production World

20 BWD Radio & Ms. V BWD’s Ears And Eyes Of A Worldwide Audience To Ms V Becoming Well-Known As The Go-To Girl

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In a world where a swipe across the virtual shelf has supplanted the casual stroll down the aisle, content driven media has become the golden chalice of promotion; fresh content delivered with the minimum of fuss constantly throughout the day has become the key to ensnaring the public interest, of reaching the plateau of fame and recognition you deserve to be standing upon. Without an audience to listen no-one can hear you talk. Without a pair of eyes to observe no-one notices when you achieve greatness and without a market waiting on pins to learn which direction their latest fascination will be coming from no-one will be holding the banners of congratulations when you finally step up to the limelight. With an empire of insiders working tirelessly away to bring you the biggest, best, and breaking news across the entire landscape of the media BWD Magazine has built a reputation as being one of the leading names in the industry.

Editor In Chief V Keach

When we speak, others listen.

Associate Editor With a worldwide audience of subscribers downloading and learning

J Addams

which name to look out for, which band they should be following, who the next Big Thing is going to be, BWD Magazine speaks to millions of awaiting ears each and every month. With the world as an audience BWD Magazine puts you firmly in the spotlight.

Lead Contributing Writer J Addams

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BWD Magazine- ‘Leading Whilst Others Follow’

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Graphic Artist(s) V Keach, BWD Graphics

Circulation/Sales Officer(s) V Keach/J Addams Cris Law also known as Chris Miller was born in Trenton, New Jersey. Crislaw is the #next2blow with his new single #muchodinero and many more to come. Cris Law loves what he does and will never stop till he reaches his goal, the eyes, mindset, and heart of Cris only see his future being bright. Stay tuned for more from Cris Law. Keep checking out his sites to stay up to date. Youtube.come/crislaw101

BWD Magazine • • 3

The near fatal


ou should never judge a book by

death itself as a front-line medic on the air

its cover, according to the tales

ambulance response team.

of old wives and bibliophiles everywhere, and on the surface

With a bitter irony Abigail was soon to find her-

one could be forgiven for think-

self on the other side of the self-same struggle

ing Texan-born Abigail Rich is the epitome of

for life when in the early part of the first decade

reality that almost

bonhomie; engaging and with a consumptive

the helicopter ambulance she was in crashed,

appeal, her natural beauty and hypnotic enchant-

sending her into a critical condition that took

denied the world

ment belies the near fatal tragedy of the reality

over four hundred stitches, two hundred staples

that almost denied the world of her grace.

and three intensively taught life-saving surger-

tragedy of the

of her grace.“

ies. Merely taking the model at face value Abigail is a stunning exception of Mother Nature working

Despite a doubtful prognosis of survival Abigail

at her best, a beguiling smile and physical pres-

stunned the intensive care physicians tending

ence that drowns out background distraction to

to her when she awoke from her six week coma,

become the center of focused attentions.

beginning the grueling rehabilitation that saw her triumphant first steps from the hospital an

Though for some the chance to sit back and let

incredibly short three months later.

looks be their ticket to success seems an option they are prepared to settle for, but with Abigail

From so many years of dedicated focus on her

her outer beauty runs much, much deeper than

medical career Abigail found herself suddenly

what make-up can disguise.

without an immediate direction to take; certainly, the desire of altruism imbued in her bones

Born with the drive to help others in distress

and ingrained by her former life as a medic was

she turned her well defined hand to the task of

still as strong and determined as ever. Now, hav-

attending to the ill and injured, going from high

ing been forced into a period of incumbency,

school straight into studying as a Paramedic to

she realized she had also been given the gift of

eventually stand on the very edge of life and

reflection, of being able to step back, look up,

4 • BWD Magazine •

“natural beauty & hypnotic enchantment...”

abigail rich and notice what people had always told her of herself were still

for feature films.

held true. Though you may be cautioned about the dangers of judging quality Indeed, if anything the beauty she had always possessed now

of content by mere surface images alone Abigail Rich is ensuring

shone like a radiant explosion of alluring entrapment, the confi-

that, in her own instance at least, the beauty outside is of nothing

dence of overcoming the trials the previous months had befell her

compared to the content within.

a catalyst for the woman within to break out and become the lady of legend to come.

Having just returned from the bright lights of Hollywood and work on the upcoming cinema smash Mall Cop 2 and high fashion shoot

With Fate apparently eaves-dropping that day soon Abigail found

at the British Virgin Islands, you can follow Abigail’s rise to the top

herself presented with a chance, a change, and a challenge many

at the links below.

never thought nor considered she had the strength to achieve.


Now, engaged within the glamorous world of professional modelling Abigail has found herself both desired and in demand, engage-

Contact Information:

ments at fashion shows and as spokes-model seeing her gain international recognition through worldwide publication Glamour Model.

Website: Twitter: @GlamModelAbby Facebook: SuperModelAbigailRich

After securing the coveted role of host and Bunny within the Playboy Club Palms Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada the broadcast world and television came calling, appearing in many hit shows and even breaking onto the big screen itself with several invites

Photo Credits: Model Shots Photography - All Rights Reserved

BWD Magazine • • 5


tae bleezie

any artists talk of the struggles they have overcome

Collaborations with local artists and producers such as

to reach the levels they currently deport their mis-

Problum Child, Yung E soon saw Tae’s reputation rise further

sives of indulgent ‘poor-me’s upon; mostly they are

than his contemporaries, time spent pouring over the minu-

of the self-inflicted self-destructive habits kind, or

tiae of music producing software empowering him with the

some perceived trial of effort undertook to get their

full command of skills employed by some of the top producers.

music out there and make the audience aware of their greatness. Battling contests and live shows further strengthened Tae’s name The realities of a stay at the Betty Ford Clinic and latent laziness

on the circuit, and with the growth of his audience it was only

makes easy copy to spin for the headline makers and simple minded

natural the rapper would draw the eye of the industry itself.

alike, ever keen to find the hero of the struggle, the boy done good, the Hercules midst the Haters triumphant in their strife to nail their


colors to their mast and decry all others who doubt their ‘real’-ness.

the world is holding its breath in anticipation for Tae








Bleezie’s first full album debut release Name In Lights. For Dontae Huey - aka the Bronx Bullet of Rap Tae Bleezie - the realities of overcoming obstacles he had no hand in

‘This means the world to me,’ Tae said when informed of his BWD

creating are not only real, but an everyday war fought to

Magazine win, adding confidently…. ‘It’s the year of the crutches!!’

the bitter end that he has so far proven his might against. Currently working on a feature with Swish Maddi alongside finishing Defining himself first and foremost as a Rap/Hip-Hop Artist; this 23

up NIL Dontae Huey is an unbridled force of creativity, Tae Bleezie the

year old Delaware native may find his physical form restricted to

gloriously unapologetic artist we have been waiting so eagerly for.

the assistance of a wheel-chair, but his mental form is a thundering stallion of energies and creativity, churning up the plains of composition with a ceaseless gallop as he heads to an explosive horizon.

Contact Information:

Influenced by the lies of Dr. Dre, Kriss-Kross, and the giant of the


industry himself the Notorious B.I.G. Tae ‘s amorous enthusiasm hit its

Twitter: @2CrutchBleezie

stride once replete with a microphone and music creation software,

Facebook: TaeBleezie

his mother and uncle seeing the potential firing within the young Dontae’s mind and knowing the boy’s future lay within the music world. Photo Credits: Tae Bleezie -All Rights Reserved

6 • BWD Magazine •

buffalo bites monthly feature How the devil are you all? It has been all systems go this month!

Finally our plasterer is making phenomenal progress with making the place look less like a commercial unit and more like a place to be able to record

Taking the keys to our first commercial studio build, designing, gutting, and

music comfortably. With the recent heat wave in the UK we’ve been able

re-building the unit to better accommodate our needs... All in the last 4

to tell how hot the studio will be in relation to outside too, and the news

and a half weeks!

is good so far. Hopefully this means it won’t be too cold in winter either... Always a bonus!

This is what the Live Room looked like!

I had little to no idea what was going on in there before but evidently it

The unit was once part of the Crown brand making nails and tacks, we still

required much writing on walls... We knew we needed to remove a LOT of

have the nail pallet scales in our corridor! (See Pic) but was closed down

junk before we could start any real progress on the build.

in the 90’s. The following tenants of the building had a Mini Moto circuit laid out in here too before the breeze block walls were built! I bet that

The Booth on the right of the first panoramic pic has been removed, fram-

would have been interesting. Shortly after the micro motorbikes left, the

ing and several layers of drywall have been built most of the way around,

unit was split into two and our half was taken over by an ambitious young

and a window fitted between the control room and live room so we can

couple eager to ‘make it’ in music production and song publishing but

have some visual communication between the rooms.

unfortunately it seems they didn’t have the required funds to properly use the place for music. We’re here now though and it’s hard to believe the difference in the unit overall. Outside we have new steps, handrail and seating area, floodlight and security upgrades, inside we have a toilet (yes I find this exciting enough to mention) in its own newly built housing, and with a sink, wow huh?! The control room is also moving along at similar pace to the live room. Stud walls and acoustic boards in place and it’ll be next for plastering. It’s hard to imagine what a difference it makes to the sound of the studio with every week bringing new features and effecting the acoustics in different ways. When we started this studio build we thought we had it all down... Boy, were we wrong! Every step has been a school day so far and

The second panoramic photo is how far we’ve progressed in the last

we’re not even onto acoustic treatment yet! Join me again next month for

month in the live room. Incoming electrics have been replaced to facilitate

more on the build at Crown Works Studio and maybe a bit about the bands

our planned wiring method, dodgy plasterboard has been removed and

I’ve been working with recently. We shall see, until then, Happy Tracking.

replaced with a few layers of sound damping boards and acoustic Rockwool, and all of the new walls have been sealed with all manner of tube based

Buffalo Music Production -


Foel Studio - Credits: Buffalo Bites - All Rights Reserved

7 • BWD Magazine •

put it on my tab With the launching of yet another OS the small screen with a view to which onto the mobile market courtesy of apps from this brave new platform you Nokia and Windows, this month we should have filling your home-screen. shall be taking a dedicated squint at

8 • BWD Magazine •


XBOX SMARTGLASS A simple interface that takes seconds to familiarize yourself with? Gamers everywhere can now take their

Check and check!

badges of honor and avatars of trendy with them wherever they go, accruing

The chance to spam those conspiracy sites with proofs of X-Men

precious points and achievements whilst

like powers and things of any other-worldly nature occurring

standing on the train, kneeling in church,

within our very own life-times and back-yards?

or squatting in the bog. Check cashed and spent! Obviously, with the focus squarely on XBOX or XBOX-One owners here there’s not much to see for those without a Microsoft console

A novelty, mayhap, and one whose appeal is only as long as the list

or three hanging about the man-cave. Connecting to your XBOX or

of friends within your own social circles, the good thing about the

XBOX-One is as simple as tapping the sign in button on the screen

Levitagram app is the quality of the pictures it takes; better than

once launched and waiting for your mobile to connect and sync

standard and laughing in the lens of any stock camera app it cap-

with your console.

tures the sort of clear and fulsome images you rightly expect when capturing the perfect moment, justifies keeping it installed on your

Once all is gravy your options explode before your eyes; do you

mobile long after you’ve been banned from all your friends social

want to check the latest games available for your console and

sites and been investigated by Unsolved Mysteries.

pleasure via the built in store explorer, or are you desperate to shine beneath the glare of the local GameStop to monkey with your


Gamer Score emblazoned across the front of your screen? Maybe you don’t want to fight your way through the Cheeto wrap-

If you’re the sort of person who takes

pers and Coke tins to locate your gaming pad, that mysterious

a packed lunch grocery shopping then

thunk halfway through the last episode of Game Of Thrones you

you may want to stop snacking and start

were catching on Netflix a clear sign your precious pad is now

shaping-up - and even though ‘round’ is a

somewhere amidst the miasma of mess surrounding your ankles

shape it’s not one traditionally associated

and creeping up to your knees?

with a healthy human being.

Fear not, for a simple swipe sees the screen become an almost

Packing more options to take the grind and misery of routine most

button-less virtual remote control for the console, never more

other apps instill Trainr comes loaded with not just a challenge

requiring you to pay too close attention to where your own per-

more -wherein you are encouraged to push your very limits, break

sonal input device of choice has buggered off to this time and ask-

through the mythical ‘wall’ and attempt to beat your personal best

ing only for your single pinky swipes to be reasonably consistent

high score - but also a surprisingly thorough workout mode. Four

and Cheeto-dust free.

of them, in fact, that takes you through the exercises and focus on things such as cardio, strength, circuit training and endurance.

Type, swipe, tap and tinker away pinning content to your home screen and message those of your friend list most recently pinned

A few minutes spent tapping in your details - height, weight,

until the battery dies and you’re left with the mission of once again

gender, etc - and Trainr is all ready to provide you with your own

lamenting the loss of cable-based controllers and begin anew the

personal workout, all exercises accompanied by an image and

turning upside down of the front-room furnishings and dog bed.

explanation of just how one attempts to ‘feel the burn’ through the various physical motions. Handy, and by far the most useful


feature, as without such detailed instructions it can be all too easy to pull something you weren’t meant to pull or feel the ‘burn’ turn into a ‘snap’.

Be the best self-shot ‘selfie’ maker in your own circle of social friends with this

Record, lose the gut, save your foot and I’ll catch you down the

ingenious little app of Potter-esque pro-

organic aisle, ‘k?

portions. Professional shot snaps? BWD Magazine • • 9


silent jack ike the duo who donned dark glasses and even

dominating crowds with their now-solid sound.

darker suits Silent Jack are on a mission, a quest for the true meaning of what it is to be alive,

With a display of enthusiasm that propels you along, imbues the

to embrace the bold and bombastic and bravely

very real sense that which every second counts the band imbue

unrepentant; where music is to be enjoyed, cel-

every second of their eclectic live set with moments threatening to

ebrated even, as an experience as well as enter-

burst at the very scenes, as memorable as they are mesmerizing.

tainment that speaks sweetness to the senses and satisfies the soul. Throw in a swagger of slick lyrical delivery and an atmosphere of Drawing inspiration from the blues influenced riff-rockers of Guns

the party lasting until the Four Horsemen are cresting the horizon

n’ Roses, Aerosmith, and the Motley-est of Crue’s; Silent Jack bring

and the Birmingham band has earned itself a well-deserved reputa-

an infectious desire to jump

tion as wild-night purveyors

into the melee of hair swing-

of performances hewn from

ing wildly and crowd surf all

the plateau’s of perfection.

the way to the front of the bar, a brace of Jack Daniels


demanded of the barman

reflective of the early eight-

with a cigarette and match

ies L.A. rock scene sees a

to go.

swaggering sound punctu-



ating the air, piercing the Forming as the year ‘09 was

senses, and firing adrenalin

setting on the horizon, guitar-

directly into the synapses

ist Adam Carson and drum-

with a glorious display of

mer brother Scott set the template for what was to become the

lasers and largess, killer riffs and countless lyrics we found impos-

anything but Silent Jack.

sible to resist BWD Magazine took a pair of scissors to our Levis and ourselves to the airport to seek out Silent Jack; to speak and to listen

A trial was briefly endured as the band took shape and molded

and reveal secrets about spilled drinks.

itself into the fighting monster of music it was to become; though they had the passion they were missing the heart. That was quickly resolved, however, once the beating bass of one Mr Dickie Spider

exclusive interview

stepped up to the amp, plugged in, and made his place beneath the bands banner.

BWD: We implore you to be not-so ‘Silent’ Jack and please; introduce The road came calling and the band accepted the charges, charging their way the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and 10 • BWD Magazine •


Hi! We’re Silent Jack and we like to play! If it’s balls out hard rock that you’re

BWD: Clearly the bands reputation precedes Silent Jack, demand and invites

after then we aim to please. We have Dickie Spider on bass, Adam Carson on lead

to perform coming from all corners of the UK making it easier to simply list

guitar, his brother Scott banging the skins, and I’m Rich ‘Stitch’ Mason. I wail and

the places it hasn’t played?

jump around like a mad man. Seems to work so far!

The list of places we’ve not played is a long one, but it’s getting smaller and smaller as time goes on! We try to go on at least one tour a year, if not two or

BWD: Bringing the sumptuous atmosphere of an orgy of aural endeavor

three. The next one is in the booking stage at the moment, but we shall be play-

under the banner of rock, the band have carved a reputation for a wild-night

ing at least four dates around the country at the end of September with The Vigil

of glorious indulgence.

from Bristol, culminating in an all dayer at home in Birmingham (with a fantastic

We try our best! It’s not always the easiest thing to persuade an audience, but,

lineup) that we’ve organized ourselves. I would personally recommend any band

deep down, everyone just wants to have a good time, and that’s what most

out there who hasn’t toured to get on it straight away. The people we have met

of our music is about. What goes better with a nice beer on a night out than

have been fantastic, and we always seem to go down really well. I cannot think of

some rocking tunes and a party atmosphere? We didn’t always sound like this,

a tour that has not gone well musically. We’ve had a few misadventures along the

though. In the beginning, as it is for most bands, we went through various dif-

way, including car crashes in the snow, broken amplifiers and other things, but

ferent lineup changes, and even styles of music. We’ve written songs that would

overall it’s an experience that is well worth it. There’s nothing quite like meeting

sound more at home on a Black Sabbath album than what you can find on our

new people and having them enjoy the music that you’re making.

EP, Snakebite (kinda makes sense since we’re from Birmingham, ‘home of heavy metal’), as well as songs with punk and thrash influences. At the core, though,

BWD: Was the obvious public demand part of the motivation behind releas-

our style has always come back to nice simple hard rock. Something that, to

ing your debut EP Snakebite.?

quote Tommy Chong in Up In Smoke, ‘kinda grabs you by the boo-boo, don’t it?’

Snakebite is something that we really wanted to release. Just as a kind of per-

With our current lineup, everything just seems to have fallen into place, and the

sonal thing, for a sense of achievement, you know? Something that in forty years’

creative juices are flowing thick and fast. We’re actually writing our debut album

time we can show to our grandkids and say ‘this is what I was doing when I was

at the moment, but, for anyone who wants to check out our style, our previous

younger.’ Obviously it all started with the music. I mean, here we had some really

release, Snakebite, is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Youtube, as well

good songs and we’d been playing them live for a while. Every audience seemed

as other less popular websites. If physical media is what people want, then the

to really go for certain live songs, and we just wanted to get them together and

CD can be ordered directly from us. And it’s a very nice looking CD as well, if I

put them to tape (so to speak, it was all done digitally of course). We worked with

do say so myself!

Alex Cooper at Arkham studios, as well as Richard Wood from The Old Smithy, and they both seemed to really understand where we were coming from, and how

BWD: Do you see the current resurgence of rock as a genre and emergence of

we wanted the tracks to sound. The fact that the different tracks on the EP flow

its style on the highstreet as a positive thing for the genre or watering down

so well together is a testament to how well each of them understood our aims.

of the bands/artists and the music itself to cash-in on the latest ‘trend’..?

The listeners seem to appreciate the work too! It’s been over six months since

That’s a very hard question to answer. I would never class rock music as a ‘trend’,

the release, and we’re still getting reviews. The last one came in a few days ago

simply because it’s been around for so long, just in different guises. Bands such

and it was a five star review, and we’ve even had a review printed in Hammer

as Black Sabbath, AC/DC, or Led Zeppelin are just so big that they’re always

World, a Hungarian rock and metal magazine! It’s kinda humbling to realize

somewhere within the public consciousness. This causes problems for newer

there are people all over the world listening to our music. I suppose it makes

bands, though. The days where an A&R man would snap you up just because you

sense because the EP is out on Amazon, iTunes, and they’re owned by multina-

can play a good show, give you an advance to make an album, and then put you

tional corporations, so why wouldn’t people around the world listen? But it’s still

on tour are gone. That’s presuming they ever existed in the first place, because

hard to wrap your head around it all! At the end of the day, we just enjoy playing

only the bands involved know what really went on. Nowadays a band effectively

music, and we’re very happy that people out there enjoy listening to our music.

has to operate as a brand name. You have to market yourself as a product and sell yourself. Every single show is an interview, and the audience are the inter-

BWD: And finally! Which would be worse; Falling out of a limousine at thirty

viewers. They may not realize it but everything you do is being judged by them.

miles an hour... or...Spilling your drink as you rolled along the highway?

If they approve then you’re more likely to get that ‘dream job’ of becoming a rock

Spilling your drink is a heinous crime! However, if you’ve had enough to drink

star. The emergence of rock branding on the high street plays a strange part in

that you’re falling out of a limo, then maybe you don’t need any more! Can’t I just

relation to the public consciousness relating to music. Primark stocks band t

stay in the limo and drink my drink? Why must you be so mean? This is a painful

shirts now, but they will never be the smaller bands, only the massive ones from

way to end an interview! Ha ha!

previous generations. It almost makes it irrelevant, really, because the bands they go for offer an obvious and well-known brand name, and thus an easy sale, but

Contact Information:

they are ignoring the megastars of the future who are out there trying to further their own ‘brand loyalty’.

Website: Twitter: @SilentJackBand

As soon as everything is completely organized, we’ll be updating our website

Facebook: SilentJackBand

and we try to make sure that our Facebook page is always up to date, so any information you might need is as your fingertips (literally!)

Photo Credits: Silent Jack - All Rights Reserved BWD Magazine • • 11


hen the single Universal You exploded from the ether in 2011 and debuted onto the airwaves of the listening world ears pricked up, attentions were turned, and interest began growing with as to where such a unique yet familiar sound had emerged.

Chord compasses were bought out and held out before the enquiring eyes of an audience seeking the source of such sounds to become fans and fanatic about alike, and as those of us patient enough to wait until the painted pointy bit had stopped spinning in time to the tunes our reward was the location of the loquacious lyrics and rocking roll of tempered metal; Puerto Rico was the destination, the source going by the collective of musicians known as Message To Venus. Headed up by John Feliciano on guitar, Edgar Ramos on bass, and JuanMa Font dealing with the drums Message To Venus broke soundand space-barriers with the subsequent releasing of their sophomore EP The Envelope, a cornucopia of some of the best writing and songsmithery to launch from the stable of rock; fusing elements of such influences as Zepplin and Tool, Message To Venus delivered a new plateau of playing and sub-genre of style with their unique melodic heaviness garnering public approval and industry acclaim. Drawing favorable comparisons to the infectious inventiveness of Alice In Chains and Soundgarden; Message To Venus have a much broader, more developed sound of subtleties and nuances to their tracks which

message to venus

encourage repeat plays and quell the sense of over-familiarity when the air is once more rent asunder to the strains of the groups impressive aural attack. With Godsmack and Halestorm leading the charge to heap praise upon the band Message To Venus quickly established themselves as con-

Website: Twitter: @MessageToVenus Facebook: MessageToVenus Photo Credits: Message To Venus - All Rights Reserved

tenders for the crowns of the current Kings of Rock. A quick relocation to the sun soaked shores of Miami, Florida later and the band took the nomination for the Latin Rock Award in the Slam Alternative Rock Category for 2012 with ease. Building on their burgeoning live fan-base Message To Venus appealed to the world of the ‘web to help take them further than before - both physically and metaphorically, their 2013 American tour entirely crowd funded by the bands audience eager to see the group perform in their home towns.


Cover Story

BWD: Ground Control to MESSAGE TO VENUS, hello! Please, introduce yourselves..? Jandre: Hey thanks for having us! I’m Jandre, vox and guitar. Edgar: Edgar Ramos, bass. John: I’m the guitar player. JuanMa: I play the drums.

Hearing talk of a full length studio release rumored to surface sometime in 2014 BWD Magazine stepped out the door and strolled up the street to Message To Venus’ base of operations to put some meat-onthe-bones, reason-to-the-rumor, and have us a little chat about all things and theremins.

exclusive interview

BWD: In 2011 you released your debut single Universal You to a staggering response one wouldn’t expect to see being awarded to a new band..? John: Universal You continues to help us reach more rock fans around the world. This is a great feeling! All our music is available on iTunes, Ama-

zon MP3, Spotify and all other digital music stores. For those interested in getting our music in physical format they can do so through our online store:

12 • BWD Magazine •

Jandre: We definitely did not expect to get as many views and radio plays on

BWD: What prompted the geographical shifting of the band from its home of

Universal You, the music video helped a lot and the song was also featured in

Puerto Rico to the heady atmosphere of Miami..?

a movie called “The Witness”. I guess I’m proud to say our music seems to have a fresh sound for some people. Shortly after Universal You we released Change

Jandre: We are relocating to Miami because it is still rich in Latin culture. We

and Stripped, releasing a cover always opens doors for new bands like us. As

can’t go somewhere that has no beach or palm trees. That is what we are. Also,

musicians we go to a lot of local band shows seeing what other bands are do-

some of us have established jobs there. The down side of Miami is how far south

ing so we don’t do the same. We also don’t listen too much to new bands, that’s

it is for touring. The benefit is that we ARE on the mainland.

how so many bands end up sounding the same and having similar riffs. It’s only

Edgar: Don’t take us wrong, we love our island, our people, and our way of living.

natural to them to do so. I try to hear lore bands and bring out old CDs. Our EP

There isn’t a single day I don’t think about my hometown. I miss everything! But

is available on iTunes or at any other digital music store or online music stream-

in order for us to make things happen we have to move out of our comfort zones

ing service.

and really step up our game. That’s why we are here in Florida and we are here

Edgar: All we do is 100% team effort. We love what we do and we do it with

to stay for good.

passion. How we compose is a weird but effective method. We have our own way

John: Moving was not an easy decision. All our family and friends are in Puerto

to think and do what we feel like. So far it has worked amazingly. The fans love

Rico. But we wanted to be located where touring would be much more feasible.

what we do, at the end of the day they are the ones who can judge our creativity. BWD: With the promise of a full length album release in 2014 what else can BWD: Your audience has taken you to their heart with a fervor, your American

we look forward to hearing - and hopefully seeing - of the band..?

tour entirely funded by the pockets of your fans ..? Jandre: The new album is insane! It has a very fresh and dark MESSAGE TO VEJandre: I honestly did not expect to have the first tour completely funded like

NUS. We have taken so long to finish it for financial reasons. But we finally did it.

that. It was overwhelming to see how many people helped out, not only fans but

We are not going to be recording the same type of songs in every album, it’s al-

people I know that want to see success in our musical career. It’s truly a blessing.

ways going to be evolved and different. We are currently working on a campaign

We also worked very hard on getting the Indiegogo campaign spread out, trying

promoting the new album.

to reach our goal. While we were on the road, we felt we were the only band

John: We are super excited for the new album and we are making it available in

that was truly road prepared. The big difference is that we are from the island

a really cool way via Indiegogo, prior to its official release date, with some special

of Puerto Rico. So not being native to the mainland made us more driven to be

limited edition perks.

prepared, not only financially but mentally and physically. Of course not all gigs

Edgar: Our new album is full of surprises; new sound, new vibes and a whole lot

were great, but there was always someone interested in our music and always

of rock! ;)

someone wanting to buy merchandise. That’s awesome! Edgar: The only thing I have to say is our fans rock! They helped us go on tour

BWD: And finally! A theremin is to music what a lion is to human child care,

and supported us on the road! Making new fans and also finally getting to meet

but in an orchestra of ‘min-struments which would make the worse accom-

our existing followers in person was amazing. They are committed to us and for

panying sound;

that we owe them our best.

A kazoo... or... a paper and comb?

John: Definitely our fans are a huge part of MESSAGE TO VENUS! Their support has given us the opportunity to go on tour and play some really cool shows. That

Jandre: LOL! They both make the same hideous sound. We might as well add

connection with our fans makes being in this band even more worthwhile!

fire crackers.

JuanMa: We can’t thank enough all the MESSENGERS around the world!

John: Personally, a cowbell. Enough with the cowbell. Haha!

BWD Magazine • • 13

5 tips for turning your star Into A Red-Dwarf

With the summer here and the air filled with the good, good vibes of a As a part of a group you have other ears to hear any potential hemisphere gearing up and glamming up for some going-out and giving it rough edges that need smoothing, transitions that need polishplenty; there’s a wealth of venues eager for acts, bands, singers and similar ing, middle-eights that could be better placed earlier in the track to draw in the punters, provide the soundtrack to memorable evenings, and to really lift the build up to the chorus and underline the vocal possibly help shift some of their less than popular anti-freezer tasting drinks. passage. So with a world of stages awaiting your musical brilliance lets break it down Equally you could bring in the most expertly crafted track ever to the very foundations, focus on the first few steps you should be readying heard in a fully realized state - drums and everything, like - but your feet for in this month’s 5 Tips as we help you turn your rising star into are placing the decision of whether it gets any further than this a sky-filling red-dwarf.

humble presentation onto the judgment of alter that is your fellow band members. Even the most similar minded music folk will hear something in their minds ear to add to almost any music

Who Are You?

they hear; a little something to flesh out the meat or be the perfect accompanying riff that will lift the whole track and maybe some more drums here and what about a cymbal there and do you


Are you punk or goth, rock or soul? A one-man know anyone who can play the flugelhorn... band or an orchestra of plenty? Do you want to make music with others or are you more con- And so on and so forth.... centrated on getting the noise in your head out there?

Once decided over being part of a group or solo artist it’s time to see where your audience is. First step, decide the overall style of

There are no right or wrong answers, clearly, and it all boils down to your sound. Start to look for groups of a similar vein; these will what you want to do. Sounds simple, and for the most part it is. However, be the people whose fans you are looking at being most recepboth the solo-musician and group-orientated appeal have their plus and tive to your own sound and are therefore the beginning of your minus points. As a solo artist you answer to no-one, are free to craft such musical

soon-to-be burgeoning fan-base.

I’ve Seen You Somewhere Before

imperatives as you jolly well please and fancy. However, with no-one else involved within the crafting process there is no-one to notice any glaring miss-steps or uneven sounding samples that can get so easily lost in the mix when one becomes ensconced in the minutiae of music-making.

14 • BWD Magazine •


Once ready to step foot beneath the dazzling light of ‘spot’ and play your glory for the masses it’s time to let them know!

Set up a social web dedicated to your music or band, and give them

upon your own fan base is as clear as the opportunity itself.

their own account. Link your own social sites to these (of course) to help share and such the posts that appear on your groups/solo-

Try and deal with whoever is in charge of putting on the acts direct

artist sites.

and build up a rapport; when contacting for a gig remind them of when you appeared there before and how successful you felt it

Don’t just stick to a simple re-post and hope every single person

was. Ego-stroke a little, yes, but not to the point of begging.

in your friends list will see your update midst the layer upon layer of invites and Farmville requests clogging up their timelines; get

Include their hashtag or handle in any posts on your social sites,

personal and pointed and spend some time directly posting onto

and make sure to post your next event at their venue with enough

their timelines and sharing onto their streams.

time to increase promoting of the gig. Sticking something up on Facebook the day before it’s happening is as much use as saying

It may take time and seem a chore once cramp sets in and it seems

‘look out’ just as the tram is about to hit you. It’s too late for those

like the chair and your lower half have fused into a weird chairman

with plans to change them and similarly too late for any websites

mutation even Xavier would shrug at but persevere; it’s far better

or radio stations you have sent details of the gig to (which you

to have a room full of people to hear you perform than a thousand

should have done, in case you were wondering) enough time to

‘maybe’s filling up your inbox.

include it in their own news feeds. Two weeks before the set date is fine, enough time to post and

I Go There All The Time

share and send emails everywhere. As the date gets nearer you can ‘remind’ your audience and such without it feeling too annoying, whilst also maintaining the news’s freshness.


The simplest of all steps is about to be taken here, so get ready and buckle up tight;

Don’t I Know You?

Get up and go out.

Go to local gigs and see the crowds around you; meet those strange people you used to refer to as ‘strangers’ but should now consider ‘future fans’. We’re not talking about shilling your music to every ear

Lastly, getting yourself seen is as easy as


someone holding up their mobile phone and tapping the record button on screen.

in the joint until the doorman introduces you to the alleys out the

With everyone and their grandmother own-

back. Simple engagement in conversation with others is all we’re

ing at least half a dozen devices capable of recording live footage

after here. Introduce yourself, start up some conversations, make a

you have a multi-angled recording of every gig you play, a wealth

connection with the people around you like you do in every other

of footage to piece together the gig in its entirety or craft a video

situation in life from school to work, relationships to Laser Quest.

to accompany your next single release.

Get seen and get known; people introduce others to people they

Friends can become cameramen with a free ticket to the gig and

know, so the natural progression through the ranks of faces and

maybe the promise of a free-drink or six; your audience can turn

figures as you shimmy and shift through scene will flow with far

into a many-eyed monster of unblinking power, a line or two that

more ease than an irritating ‘oinker who talks about nothing but

says ‘. ..encourage our fans to record the gig on their mobiles, send

how brilliant their band is.

it to our email...’ generating not just a dozen or more views with which to cut the primmest slices of action from, but also an interaction between musician and audience that encourages the con-

Can You Get Me On The Guestlist?


nection your fans have with your music and increases the people sharing the musician/band who put out a track with a video they had a hand in making.

Get to know the venues that accommodate your sound and build a list of who deals

Upload and share and repeat steps two and four, promote and be

with putting on the acts.

proud and like those who do similar. Build and increase, rinse and repeat; the effort may be large but so too are the rewards, and

See which other bands/acts have played there before and see if you venture a support/opening slot with a

nothing comes close to the feeling of watching a fireworks display you spent all that time setting up.

few. As they will have a similar style it should follow their audience will have a taste for the music you produce, so a chance to build BWD Magazine • • 15

all hands on deck B

eing number one for breaking new artists and

dad two years ago to cancer. The loss of my dad created a gap

exposing your ears (and eyes) to some of the

in my life. Unless you have lost your mom or dad, you will not

hottest talents on the underground scene BWD

fully understand what I went through. My dad and I always loved

Magazine is fortunate enough to be at the very

music - he enjoyed playing tunes - then I moved on from there

cutting edge of discovering up and coming

playing every style I could, and attempting to mix all. Then a

names and soon-to-be-knowns within the world of music.

friend of mine who was a DJ himself introduced to me to virtual DJ, and from there I was hooked. I purchased the equipment I

With the current rise of stylistic DJ’s breaking beats and satisfying

needed, and took it from there!

crowds throughout the many heaving night-clubs and venues of the globe BWD Magazine is taking the unique step of affording

I am now signed to McCloy DJ Agency/Promotions, and am really

these artists a platform to speak for themselves upon; introduce

enjoying my time. Although I have not DJ-ed live in public just yet,

both themselves and their music to the world en masse so you-

I am known through my weekly show every Thursday from 8-10

too can lay claim to

on ukpressurelive, and I’m

being ahead of the

really loving the feedback

curve and right there

from people during and

at the beginning when

after my shows.

the listening public discover the artist that’s

I am so honored to be

been filling your ears

given this space in BWD

and iPod.

magazine and I want to

So without further

thank the owners from


the bottom of my heart. Looking forward to get-


ting myself into the great

DJ Bella!

wide open but until then,

Hi my name is DJ BELLA, I have been a DJ for little over a year, so

practice, practice, and even more practice. Live for the music and love life!!

I am very new to the whole DJ scene. You may ask or wonder what inspired me to start DJ-ing or wanting to become one; the answer

Contact Information

is I have always loved music, every type from house to dance, most genres in fact. I was even known to dance, even when there was no music playing. My inspiration for becoming a DJ was a sad one, the loss of my

Website: Twitter: @DJ_BELLA_ Photo Credits: DJ Bella - All Rights Reserved

dj spotlight w/bella 16 • BWD Magazine •


nix s the old saying goes; ‘if you want to enjoy work

interest of Trina (‘Da Baddest Bitch’) who invited Nix to open for her

then make your hobby your job’.

in April of 2012.

Such is the lesson currently being taught by shin-

Momentum gathering apace and with her chart trembling track

ing star of the emcee world, Nikki McKnight aka

Motivation spinning heads and setting tongues wagging Nix burst

the none-better Nix.

into the UK Internet Charts Top 10 with a bullet, the hype no mere hyperole as it went on to become the most tweeted song on music

Trading lines and lyrics battling on the streets of Columbus Nix

platform Spotify.

honed her quick fire verbiage and lyrical linking of lexicon to a fine point, first learning from then destroying the competition and

‘I’m so honored to be this month’s featured artist.’ Nikki said when

established artists of her home town of Columbus, Georgia.

we spoke. ‘It’s always a great feeling...I put so much of my heart, soul, effort, and time in. I am extremely grateful to BWD Radio and BWD

Garnishing open salvos and quick-fire comebacks with a layer

Magazine for all of their continuous support and help.’

of reality familiar to her audience Nix developed herself into an artist unafraid to expose the experiences endured, became a rap-

With her upcoming mixtape The McKnight Files set to underline

ping reflection on a world that isn’t always as clear-cut a life as

this female emcee’s mastery of hitting bulls-eyes with each beat

the media wishes to depict, highlighting the many gray areas of

and bringing more of her tempting truth of lyrical soliloquy Nix is

existence that hide between the headlines and exposing them

the chick who will own your playlist.

without favor. Encouraged by the response and urged to pursue further, the artist

Contact Information:

Nix was born; powerfully unyielding in missive and emotionally charged in delivery it was with the 2002 single release Who Am I


the world as a whole became Nix’s audience, the single firing up

Twitter: @706nix

the genre like a spark in a gas tank and confirming her song-craft

Facebook: 706nix


Instagram: 706nix

Subsequent releases with mixtape The Wake Up and following album No Beat Iz Safe drew further praise and attentions from both listeners and industry figures alike, with her 2012 performance at

Photo Credits: - All Rights Reserved.

the SCMC Maybach Music Seminar to a packed house drawing the BWD Magazine • • 17



reaking ground in more ways than one Ventenner

of Ventenner as more than a musician with merit; taking a more

is an earth-fracking phenomena of seismic sounds

guitar based direction, the released exposed the listening world

and unsettling good music.

to a further shaking of the shoulders, brushing away the cobwebs

Formed as a one-man project in 2007 Ventenner’s

of conformity so many musicians had heaped upon their shoulders

first tremors were felt after London musician Charlie

and shattered any notions of Ventenner being a one-trick out-fit.

Dawe became disheartened by the music currently clogging up the

Forging a path through grunge and electronica, doom and industri-

airwaves, saw a void within the noise for an alternative, electronic

al, This Is Reason built bridges between genres as Ventenner found

experience to enlighten and enrapture an equally dissatisfied

its audience within the entire scope of the musical spectrum. With

musical market.

each new ear came a new fan, the tsunami of fervor surrounding

Time spent ascribing his own individual approach to the old

the sound growing beyond the limits of a single man.

adage of building a better mousetrap resulted in the Ventenner’s

Thus it was that when Ventenner hit the road and took its seismic

debut release album Dead

shake-down on tour


Charlie was accom-

So powerful were the tracks

panied by a brace of

lining up to form the album

musicians, each track

their tremors were felt by

brought to life on

not just an audience eager

stage before baying

to become absorbed within

crowds, the legacy

their darkly aggressive mis-

of largess that was

sives of musical electronica

Ventenner’s sound a

but also the fledgling Sonic

mushroom cloud fill-

Fire Records label.

ing the skies.

Once on firmer ground the

Now a fully replete

label were quick to sign


Dawe and his sensation-


creation Ventenner to their

album ready to be


four is


roster, holding the honor of being the first name to align itself to

unleashed upon the world, cementing the groups place in the

the label.

minds of the music many and confirming their legitimacy as a fully

With the 2010 remix album Oblivion Revisited - featuring col-

forged group of intimidating talent.

laborations with exceptional dark folk luminary Jordan Reyne and ‘We Have A Ghost’ - Ventenner rocked the ground beneath the

Already familiar with the feeling of the floor shifting beneath our

very industry itself, this debut release already garnering attention

feet after indulging of several pints too many of falling down juice

and accolades from established musicians as well as ensnaring a

at the Christmas office party BWD Magazine put its unflustered foot

worldwide fan base.

forward to the door-step of Ventenner to find out about the group, how the new line-up has changed the sound, and whether Scarface

With This Is Reason dropping in 2012 the album marked the creator 18 • BWD Magazine •

was right.

but then we took them to the studio and Luke’s drums changed it a little, then

exclusive interview

things start to shift. So they change a bit more. We actually went back and rerecorded Ben playing bass on a few tracks months later as we liked his versions

BWD: To the group we say welcome; please; introduce yourselves..?

better. Then you’ve got Fuzz our producer, who has its own way of getting the

Hi, thanks for having us. Ventenner is Charlie Dawe on vocals, Jonno Lloyd lead

best out of the songs and throwing in suggestions. Plus we were recording on a

guitarist, Ben Martin on bass and Luke Jacobs on drums.

little isolated island covered in decaying prewar buildings. Things crept in. The songs grew a lot over the year it took to finish them.

BWD: From an initial one-man approach to a fully fleshed out group, why change what was a devastatingly winning formula..?

BWD: As a musician it must feel particularly freeing to be able to choose

I think it was time for Ventenner to grow and I wanted it to be better than it

which direction to take the music in, not be constrained by the ‘rules’ of a

was, I’m happy to admit that. I have a certain skill set when it comes to writ-

specific genre ..?

ing and recording, but I didn’t want to back myself into a corner by everything

I never saw Ventenner sitting in one place forever, it just happened to start out

being a certain way. Bringing other people into the mix allowed it to breathe

a certain way. Now it’s somewhere else. I always wanted to have a platform to

new air. I am very proud of those first two albums, what they were for me and

do whatever I want creatively. Everything from metal to ambient and all things

the response they got, but I knew there was a higher benchmark to be set. I

in between, no rules. Some songs have electronic beats, some don’t. I think after

wanted to write with someone else, I was bored of being stuck in my own mind

this record is out we will have established that we have no rules to follow and

and my own studio.

we’re not in any one genre. Oddly enough though, bands are both celebrated and hated for this in equal measure, when they move on from an initial sound.

Luke and I have been in previous projects together in the past and we’ve made

However, we’re not making music to cater to a certain group’s needs. If you love

records before. Jonno I actually saw in his previous band. His guitar playing blew

the new album and don’t like the first, that’s fine. If you only want music with

me away, his whole stage presence and approach. I was trying to get them on

a pounding electronic beat, that’s fine too, but we’re probably not the band for

to the same label as me at the time, so one night I called him up to see what

you. Ventenner was an idea, a place it would inhabit in the musical realm, and

he thought about it, and he explained he wasn’t with the band anymore and

that’s exactly what it is doing.

suddenly a light bulb appeared above my head. I suggested coming over for a couple of beers and to check out the new demos I had been working on, and to

BWD: A new album, a new-look to the Ventenner name, even possibly a new

listen to some of his demos AND that was that, as they say.

sound as well; what else do you have up your sleeve for us..? Well ‘Distorture’ is definitely going to be a new direction, and it’s opening up

Ben came in later, after we’d finished recording the album and started rehears-

new possibilities to who we can tour with and what we can do. Our first single

ing. Jonno was certain we needed to be a four piece and him and Ben went way

‘Six Blood’ will be out August 4th, ahead of the album release on September 1st.

back. It was interesting to me as they’d come from a very live music background,

There’ll be some videos too. The biggest change for me is the live set up. Playing

where as I had been in dark rooms staring at computer screens and pressing

songs from the new album as a four piece and an entirely different approach

buttons for years, rarely playing live. Ben came down for the first rehearsal and

to how we do things onstage has been a cool challenge. We’ll be doing a lot

he knew every song already. I couldn’t believe it. It was very cool to be outside

of shows through the end of 2014 and the beginning of next year, kicking off

of my comfort zone of what I had always known Ventenner to be, it was this

at Electrowerkz on September 6th. To me a new album is not just a CD, it’s a

totally new thing.

whole new stage for the band, and this comes across in the artwork used, the merchandise, the remixes, everything. There’s also a couple of artists I’d like to

BWD: With a reputation for delivering markedly differing sounds between

collaborate with too, maybe something will come of that this year. We’re very

albums what genre-splicing beauty awaits our ears on the upcoming album

active online and with social media, and we interact with fans constantly so if

release of‘Distorture..?

anyone wants to find out more about shows or to check out the music follow us

This is a big departure again, in sound and style. There’s so many influences

on Facebook or hop over to our website.

surrounding a musician that can change the variables between albums. The biggest change is that the electronic element is a lot less in this album. I love

BWD: And finally! Which is more important...Reputation...OR...Money?

electronica, but I’ve done that. It’ll probably always be in there in one form or

Once you’ve lost your credibility you can never get it back. Money’s easy anyway.

another, but it’s time to bring something else to the table. This album is such

It comes, it goes, and you get more. Artistic integrity is everything.

a melting point, track by track, going from some of the heaviest most brutal stuff I’ve ever recorded, to dark ethereal trip hop, and there’s some instrumental moments in there. The guitars are really the driving force behind this record’s

Contact Information

sound, and the vocals are covering a much bigger spectrum. There’s a lot more structure and arrangement in there too. Tempo changes, huge beat downs, proggy moments, we cover a lot of ground.

Website: Twitter: @Ventenner Facebook: Ventenner

A big factor on this record was that these songs were written by me and Jonno,

Photo Credits: Ventenner - All Rights Reserved

BWD Magazine • • 19


rom the sunny shores of a Floridian sky to the

underground and across a global stage.

ears and eyes of a worldwide audience BWD has grown from an acorn of an idea into an oak

Not only affording the world of music a genuine outlet to purvey

tree of industry-might, its roots deep within the

it’s unbridled talents BWD Radio also promotes and inspires the

strata of social sites and online promotions, its

musicians it unveils, the multi-faceted nature of BWD incorporat-

branches far-reaching and bearing fruitfulness aplenty.

ing all avenues of generating awareness and recognition to the talents it reveals, encouraging the growth of their fan-base and

Starting out developing websites Ms. Keach aka Ms. V proved her-

helping propel them onto the iPods and bedroom walls of a global

self more guru than mere graphic designer, her final works forging


a reputation of being the go-to girl for all things attention grabbing and intuitive.

With the recent successful launch of the BWD Radio app the audience all artists are looking to find are as close as they have ever

Quickly she began laying the foundations for what would become

been, right on the other side of millions of touch-screens and

her own empire, reputation growing with each engagement and

monitors, smart-phones and tablets all bearing the app’s visage

the horizon of possibilities expanding even further than first

across their surface.

dreamed. Now a major player in the world of radio and media, the leader in Whilst making some of the connections that would see BWD

the field of generating buzz around the artists it plays on its non-

become a leader in its field murmurings and mutterings regarding

stop, commercial free station, and proudly wearing the banner of

the state of the music business came filtering through the wire.

being The Home Of The Indie Artists BWD founder Ms. V has proven

Listening to the sounds of discontent chattering in the background

you don’t need a thousand lawyers fighting over who gets the

it became clear that, for all the talented individuals with credible

best parking spot in front of offices to forge a dominant empire

worth vying for the attentions of a label or promoter, those in the

of multi-faceted out-lets; as the late great British entertainer Roy

Industry were more concerned with how profitable a bottom-line

Castle once said ‘Dedication’s all you need’.

they could wring from their talents than the merits and music of the people themselves. An avid appreciator of new and classic music Veralyn saw a gap

Contact Information:

in the market for someone with the knowledge and nous, connections and cunning, and - of course - the dedication to provide


a credible alternative to those as-yet unsigned greats of music, a

Twitter: @BWDRadio_

platform for them to launch themselves into the airwaves and soar

Facebook: BWDRadio

into the charts.

Instagram: BWDPromotions

With each passing year BWD has grown in both experience and influence, the listening world turning up the dial to be the first to hear the latest unsigned extravagances of talent bursting from the 20 • BWD Magazine •

Photo Credits: BWD Graphics - All Rights Reserved.

Profile for BWD Magazine

BWD Magazine - August 2014  

When the single Universal You exploded from the ether in 2011 and debuted onto the airwaves of the listening world ears pricked up, attentio...

BWD Magazine - August 2014  

When the single Universal You exploded from the ether in 2011 and debuted onto the airwaves of the listening world ears pricked up, attentio...