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May 2013


T DAWN big part of my life

DANIELLE LYNDSAY inspire, dream believe “I’m so grateful to know that people are open to the music I’m making.”

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a decades worth of experience and knowledge

Features 04 C Sharp Commitment to your art

08 Boy Junior Such Focus of thought

09 The Static Dial Restrictions of Commercialism

10 Danielle Lyndsay Inspire, Dream, Believe

16 T Dawn Music Awards Nomination

COVER STORY/interview 12 DuJuan Harris aka Foxx #26 All Exclusive Interview

reviews 14 Weak13 “Go Away”


Good For You

“Life is too short to not hold a grudge”

Lifestyle 06 Five Tips for Playing Live Rehearsed-up and ready to rock out

SPORTS/ENTERTAINMENT 19 DuJuan Harris, aka Foxx #26 Coming up on the radar of the Green Bay Packers

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Having continuously been recognized throughout the music world as a vast movement with an undeniable force we at BWD Radio are now bringing you the best music and individuals within their field in a more easily digestible format; with a dedicated online magazine packed to the rafters with news, reviews, features and phenomenal artists from across the globe.   Synonymous with breaking new ground and talent, our aim isn’t to deliver you an aggregator of articles; more like, the BWD Bible of breaking talent and breath taking bands turning heads and volume dials up to eleven.  In each breaking issue we reveal the winners of the BWD Radio’s Indie Music Featured Artist Competition, a monthly competition where we invite you to Get On The ‘Visual’ Playlist for your chance to become one of the featured BWD Competition Winners. The winners are awarded the opportunity of talent exposure across the globe and throughout the world as part of our aim to prove a good tune isn’t limited to whatever celebrity judge endorsed single is currently riding high in the iTunes download chart. In each issue, we also bring you the newest faces in the world of modeling to watch out for in store windows, on the billboards, and in the high-street, as well as on the catwalks

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Robert Baker, (MaH)

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the promotion to deliver double the impact and even more worldwide exposure to its featured artists. All the freshest new faces and hottest new talent in one magazine, BWD Magazine in conjunction with BWD Radio is committed to setting the standard of what you deserve from a magazine with constant promotion through the BWD network of contacts and promoters. Did someone say BWD Promotions? The BWD Triple Threat Trio! BWD MAGAZINE’S SERVICES:  Being in such a unique position affords us the ability to offer our services at ‘considerably less’ than most others, our network allowing us to expose your talent in all the right places without needless expense or additional ‘secret costs’ less scrupulous companies fill their small print and help fill their bank balances with.

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Covering all aspects of media promotion (from social media sites through to music video promotion) we are able to offer the best when it comes to brand awareness and public recognition of your name or product, without compromising either your impact or finances. For price and space availability inquiries, please contact us via the contact details to the right where we can discuss your specific requirements to ensure maximum exposure:

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humility, commitment to your art is important

Through this journey, I have learnt offering what needs to be said and what people want to say is a great responsibility.”


c sharp s nature first found life, in the warmest of Earth’s lands, it is perhaps poetry that is one of the music’s world most natural and inspiring of voices that should have been found beneath an African sun.

Born in Welkom and raised in Soweto, C Sharp earned his nickname from his grandfather’s observation of how his grandson’s voice was ‘…like pure music.’ A powerful force in the young C Sharp’s life, it was also an indirect presence of his grandfather’s that saw him gain true understanding of the man’s words “whenever you feel discouraged sing a song, it will lift your spirit” as solace and counsel when upset after losing a much treasured present. Church saw him bringing his voice to the people of his faith and encouraged him to grow and become an artist in his own right, winning several singing competitions and further driving him in his musical dreams. A stint as backing vocals to several musicians, honing his ability to sing into a more powerful instrument, helped define it into becom-

4 • BWD Magazine •

ing as enthralling as it is unique.

“Humility, commitment to your art is important.” C Sharp said when asked to sum up his ethos. “God is faithful. The best is yet to come.”

This consistency and constant practice through wanting to sing fed the desire to keep improving and learning just who he was as an artist and musician, a desire that drives him to this very day in his performance and writing. With a guitar as the brush to create the backdrop for him to inspire his passion for accompaniment, C Sharp found his style and delivery mature into something that would become the route through life with which to take his singing aspirations. Being able to touch others with a word is a gift in itself, and the mark of a poet shows in C Sharp’s songs of hope and encouragement, of moral fortitude and an honesty that moves through his songs and adds much to his sound. “Through this journey, I have learnt offering what needs to be said and what people want to say is a great responsibility,” he says, a humbling acknowledgement of the true potential a lone voice can be when used for when reaching out and speaking up for others. Showing the strength with which these words are held in his heart have taken him to rise to the position of being an ambassador for the Africa Peace Festival in Ghana, an event that deals with seeking peace, raising funds for various charities, and bringing education and offering scholarships to the disadvantaged communities in Africa. “Humility, commitment to your art is important.” C Sharp said when asked to sum up his ethos. “God is faithful. The best is yet to come.” As a musician he is inspiring; as a person he is inspirational, and as a man he is C Sharp. Contact Information: Email: Website: Twitter: @Csharpsings Facebook: Csharpsings Photo Credits: C Sharp - All Rights Reserved

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five steps to better promotion

For those to whom money is no object, a promotion campaign means they are free to spend whatever they feel suitable in the outlay/recompense battle of the buyers

budget; no quarter given and even less requested as they batter brows with billboards and backs of buses with their festooning images of the idealized human form draped over and about their latest product.


So inspiration has struck and several months, three bank loans, and a quick trip to the edge of sanity and back later you’re now ready to unleash the beast of brilliance that is your product onto an unsuspecting world.

But it’s no good just throwing it out there and expecting anyone to care two bits for it; people have lives and only a finite amount of time they can devote to things that distract from their own realities of work and

A hefty slab of folding notes opens many doors and even more eyes to the wonder of whatever new product is the

family and paying the bills, so expecting them to take any of the spare time they may suddenly find themselves in credit with to pay attention to your dribbling squawks of distraction is almost as big a battle as the

benefit of such spending, an untapped market just a brand

work involved with getting the thing off the drawing board and in big

new target for them to aim a handful of corporate cash at

cardboard boxes; currently blocking up the downstairs bog.

the spaces designated for advertising and such.

Know your market audience; who are you expecting to buy your product? If you don’t know where your audience is how can you expect

But before you sign on the dotted line and your left kidney

them to throw money in your direction? Chances are there are already

becomes the property of the black-market transplants list in

products out there that will fall into the same general category/genre as

your own efforts of advertising expanse, here are five low-to no-cost tips and tricks of promotion.”

the one your grey mushy stuff sparked into reality, so taking a look at the market for how these are presented will give you a great basis for ideas of building your own world dominating viral campaign. Adverts and the like are usually the simplest, most direct way of affecting interest into a product, and though these can command hefty prices


within the more widespread news-stand publications there is a wealth of online websites and ‘zines attracting eye-balls on a daily basis. Most will be run by people like yourself – individuals in a back-bedroom sweating coffee and stress – and generating content to keep visitors returning is their number one priority above all else.

6 • BWD Magazine •

So have a good look and find which websites and similar have a ‘your product’ feel and start to build a list. Check them daily to see what numbers they attain,

and be a target once again, and for your e-mail to have been unearthed from the mountain of others fighting the spam filters of the inboxes you assault.

how active their output is and, if there are any forums or comment sections, how regularly visitors post. Some sites offer space to advertise on, so if you do decide

re-invest your effort

to lash out a few quid on a fancy side-bar placement or half page spread, check that the site is worthy of your cash. One good website with regular traffic is worth a dozen unread message boards languishing unloved on a Korean server, and weeding out the unused from the useful in your list of potentials is one of the most important steps on the way to buying your first yacht.

contacts & network


If thirty days pass and a ringing endorsement from DJ Fantastic has yet to hit the air, it’s time for a re-mail. Re-draft your initial e-mail to include any new or relevant information that has happened in the past month alongside the key information of what your product is about; interest is everything and anything

you add is another reason for them to get interested in devoting time to your product.


One man is not an island, and though figures show-

If your mate from work has mentioned your product on their blog then include

ing the rise in obesity look set to make that state-

this and a link to their blog in your re-mail. Cross promotion is the word here,

ment null, even a King needs someone to slap him on

the friend’s website being mentioned on another website or similar a chance for

the back when choking on half a ham hock.

them to blog about the event on theirs and with your product being the reason

Your social networking address book is essentially a list of contacts and names of people and compa-

they got the mention, you get spoon-fed another juicy slice of the promotion pie as well.

nies you have some common interest with, and whether its biscuits or bondage

Any flyers or posters placed about the place should be monitored for ruination

these common interests will be enough to start the ball rolling. Asking them

or removal, replacing the tired and tatty ones and any to be considered out of

to mention your new product or post about it in their blog will usually get a

date or containing old information. Even if you’re just swapping one for an exact

resounding thumbs up and a few lines on a webpage from most, and in return

copy a fresh look refreshes interest and attention; like Magpies, people’s gaze

you likewise mention and post about your product being mentioned on their

will be drawn by a bright, clean image, and even those who are familiar with

website and similar.

the poster will be attracted anew with the simple expedition of swapping the

Your own local press is filled to the gills with ‘local interest’ stories, their very

old one out.

reason-to-be a platform for shouting about the good wills and works of those

Move their placement and postings around to see which areas generate more

living in the neighbourhood thereabouts. Include yourself on that list and add

interest and feedback than others; a decent forum post could do more for your

them to yours.

hit counter than a hundred flyers on the walls of your local mall, as could simply

Radio is a great platform to build up the address book with, an untold number

moving the flyer on the wall a little away from those around it.

springing up online and all needing news and titbits of tattle to fill the void

Set some time aside to ensure your approach is thorough and you should avoid

between songs and self-aggrandising servitude. Collecting a few ‘info@’ emails

wasting more time than necessary in areas that prove to be redundant, your

to go with the usual names and nom-de-plumes can be bulked up somewhat

mantra one of ‘Monitor, Maintain and Re-Mail When Required’.

with a podcast or two, perhaps? At the very least an enquiring email pertaining


to them mentioning the launch of your product will generate a shout-out or reply, which you can then use in your re-post and re-promoting efforts.

follow up



Above all else you must be prepared to wait; overnight success stories are seldom that, with most taking more years than a chicken has teeth; building itself into the corporation cur-

Once you have your infrastructure of information set-

rently being investigated for suspect business

up and a steady stream of insight passing hither and

practices it is today.

yon it’s time to go all Orson Welles and Big Brother

Waving goodbye to any semblance of a social life or normal working hours

the bits and bytes being bandied about. Has that

may feel an unfair sacrifice when the tidal wave on interest turns out to be a

promise of a mention in their next blog post the guy

trickle. Losing heart as well as hair from the stress can be like a blow to the gut,

at the office offered materialized yet? Did the local

especially if you feel your particular investment of effort has stretched you to

rag get your e-mail about the launching of your new single? Has that post you made on that website had any feedback or comments yet?

the very limits of breaking point. One post, one e-mail, a single visitor to the link detailing your amazing new

If it’s been a week since you sent out that first e-mail and no-one has replied,

product is one more person your promoting has reached, one more person on

a polite re-mail enquiring if they received your initial email about your wond-

this Earth who knows; one more person to prove you have started to crack the

iferous product of genius design helps remind the forgetful and returns better

seemingly impenetrable ball of ignorance and idiocy surrounding a world that

results than a half dozen lines questioning why they reneged on their promise

doesn’t yet know about your financially friendly foible.

of a double page spread and the authenticity of their parenthood.

It’s easy to forget but there’s a reason it’s called ‘work’, and though you may not

You shouldn’t assume the worse, however, if after weeks gone by you’ve still to

be punching a clock or serving fries you are still committing your time, energy

be blinded in the bath by the sun’s reflection off a paparazzi’s over familiar lens

and emotions to the treadmill of breaking a daily sweat. Each mistake will be

through the window; a month is a good enough time-frame to work within for

an invaluable lesson towards perfecting your promotions, each success forming

turn-around of content and chance for your news to bubble to top of the melting

a stronger basis to build an even greater platform to stand your business on.

pot. That will allow for any deadlines you may have missed to become refreshed

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first album; the independent release, ‘One Time’. rom the dream of becoming the next Metallica to the reality of making a name for himself in the world, hip-hop

At only nineteen years of age, Boy Junior had showed the world he was

musician and artist Boy Junior would be the first to admit

as serious about his intentions as he was dedicated. Receiving a modest

music is his passion, regardless of the pigeon-holing of

yet enthusiastic reception to his debut release, Boy Junior realized that

genre or style.

whilst many people would be happy at such an initial response and consider it enough, he wanted to go further; reach more people, expand

Born Ricardo Naranjo in Whittier, CA., Boy Junior was gifted with both the

across the globe and into every ear he could reach.

name and musical talent of his father, Ricardo Naranjo, Sr. While watching on as his father took the stage, as trumpet player in the popular local

Such focus of thought has led him to the follow up EP titled ‘Free the

band Archivo Musical; the reception from the crowds and the aura of the

Mind’ with the first single ‘West Coast Love’ released onto YouTube and

musicians created a spark that ignited Boy Junior’s own burning desire

proving to the world what some already knew, when considering where

to become a performer, to see the world through music and be able to

the future of hip-hop lay.

share it with everyone. With the passion to perform and creativity to compose, Boy Junior was

It lays on the West Coast, and in the very capable hands of Boy Junior.

quick to choose an instrument with which to be the performer and musician he started to believe he could be.

Contact Information: Email:

Hoping to aspire to the positions of rock giants held by his idols of the

Twitter: @BoyJuniorMusic

time, Boy Junior applied himself to the instrument with a single-minded

Facebook: BoyJuniorMusic

determination, maturing his understanding of song composition and

Photo Credits: Ricardo Naranjo-All Rights Reserved

writing as he began turning ‘practice’ into ‘perfect’. Maybe then, the world of metal would have known him as an entirely different musician right now; if it hadn’t been for a chance listening to some hip-hop during his high school years. That single encounter had such a profound effect on the artist within that it saw him leave behind the rock route of his once favorite bands like Metallica and S.O.A.D., and begin to explore a previously unconsidered yet exciting new scene. As high school progressed, Dre slowly replaced the double kick drum and Eminem replaced Maiden as, armed only with a MacBook and a thirst to

boy junior

turn muse into music, Boy Junior had written, arranged, and released his 8 • BWD Magazine •

the static dial


rom the meeting of friends jamming out a few chords on

explained when chatting with BWD. “The whole point of sharing music is

their instruments to the formidable three piece they have

to connect with people in the way that music moves and brings people

now become, The Static Dial are a three piece indie rock


outfit refusing to be pigeon-holed by such simple terms. Alongside live appearances and adding yet more gig dates to their

Once formed from such unassuming beginnings the band wasted no

calendar, The Static Dial are currently working on their first full album

time in releasing their debut EP in 2011, a three track release produced

release, as well as an accompanying video, proving them to be a band of

by Andy Patalan. Once released, ‘The Static Dial’ quickly gained momen-

their words when they say “…sharing music is what it’s all about in the

tum through their EP’s release, the band springing up everywhere with a

first place.”

flurry of live dates and appearances and even the support from Detroit Radio.

Contact Information: Website:

In 2012, The Static Dial released an extended single with the songs


“Move Along” and “De-Optimisticating”, showing how the band have

Twitter: @StaticDial

expanded on their sound and giving an insight into what fans can expect

Facebook: StaticDial

to emerge from the world of The Static Dial; in the near future.

Photo Credits: The Static Dial-All Rights Reserved

This Detroit born band of brothers show how thoroughly they have absorbed the various cultures and influences the city is known the world over for and created a sound that may show them with their feet in the indie rock sound, but equally displays how their hearts lay in any number of styles and sounds, influences, and interesting side-steps of the familiar and mundane side of music. “We take a lot of pride in making music that really pushes us to dig deep and explore without the restrictions of commercialism”, The Static Dial BWD Magazine • • 9

newest r&b sensation

danielle lyndsay inspire, dream, believe, this is what I live by.....


he belief in our dreams is what inspires the great-

Having taken a bite from the Big Apple, Danielle grew as an

ness in one’s soul to shine and reach for the allur-

artist, her confidence and performance evolving into that of a

ing stars of success. Having felt and understood

true star, a potential legend, and equal to that of the original

this simple notion from an early age has seen

inspirations of her youth. It was this new found drive that saw her

R&B singer Danielle Lyndsay reaching beyond

release ‘The Genesis Ep’ in 2010, featuring the first smash hit of

the limitations of stars and out into the depths of music history.

her career, the single ‘Such A Lady’, gaining instant attention and airplay from all over the globe.

This Washington born and P.G. County raised songstress discovered her passion for

“I’m so grateful to

singing at age four,

know that people are

her world of inspira-

open to what I’m doing

tion awash with such

and the music I’m mak-

talents as Diana Ross

ing.” Danielle revealed

and Whitney Houston.

when informed of her


win. “The last thing






I’m going to do is sit

past includes backing

back and bask in the

vocals on songs with


the legendary Patti

good it may feel,” she





however us,


us where the inher-

“The next steps I make

ited desire to perform

are going to be the

came; but it is through

ones that guarantee

Danielle’s own dedica-

you’ll see me again,

tion and determination that her voice has become the expres-

and that you won’t forget me.”

sively soulful and unique influence it is; in the world of R&B. As 2013 has opened for Danielle with a new single waiting in Constantly in motion, Danielle found New York to be the desti-

the wings for release; in the form of ‘X-Tacy’, it seems Danielle is

nation with which to help hone in on her talent as a dancer; a

determined to follow up on her words and also her music which

desire that has taken her through ballet, jazz, hip-hop and African

if past success is a measure of future fulfillment, it could be quite

dance styles to become as fluid and expressive as the lyrics she

a prophetically titled single indeed.

writes. 10 • BWD Magazine •

I’m so grateful to know that people are open to the music I’m making.”

Contact Information: Email: Website:

“The next steps I make are going to be the ones that guarantee you’ll see me again, and that you won’t forget me.”

Twitter: @D_Lyndsay Facebook: DanielleLyndsay89 Photo Credits: Don Hankins - All Rights Reserved

BWD Magazine • • 11

dujuan harris


loridian DuJuan Harris, aka Foxx, is part of the new breed of footballers making their presence known on the radar of scouts and fans alike, quickly making his mark both on the field and off with his

uncompromising display of talent during a run of appearances with The Green Bay Packers last season. Last month we spoke a little about the man behind the moniker, what made him stand out as a player and the general scuttlebutt that hinted at his name to be the one to watch out for; this season and hopefully with many more to come. This month we were lucky enough to sit down and speak to ‘Foxx’ himself for this outstanding, all-exclusive-interview with DuJuan Harris; to learn a bit more about the man behind the player, what drove him to choose a career in football, the inspirations he drew upon from such an early age while living within the small town of Brooksville, Florida where he was raised and some overall insight behind the soon-to-be-idol of the gridiron…especially, if we have anything to say about it!!!


BWD: How has life changed for you in the past year since your run with

a ‘once in a lifetime’ career field that for anyone; offered the opportu-

the Packers last season?

nity to become a part of, is clearly a blessing.

Foxx: They’re fairly stable, not too great a change to be honest; the

You’re not just competing against the other team in try-outs, you’re

biggest difference is being a bit more secure about the future, seeing

competing against everyone in your team as well. Just to make the

where things are now and where they might go.

squad and be a part of the team, getting out there and being active

BWD: How have you found the changes between college football and

during this period makes me feel truly blessed. I’m very appreciative

going pro (if any)?

of everything.

Foxx: Playing professionally is a much more mental game. You need

BWD: How did it feel to have finished last season as the Packers’ top

to be physically ready, for sure, but it’s just as important to be able to

back, rushing for 257 yards on 62 carries with four scores in six games?

face a line of players knowing they each stand between you and the

Foxx: To have had the opportunity to get on the field and be part of

goal, and to not be intimidated by it. You’ve got to know you can do

the team, doing what needed to be done to bring home the victory…

it and believe you can push through and no-one’s going to stop you.

it was a real accomplishment not many people can realize; like when

It’s more of a man’s game.

I’m on the field, each step I take brings me one step closer to the goal.

BWD: What’s your outlook on the current challenges facing those want-

BWD: What or who would you say your main inspiration in life was or

ing to go pro?

still is?

Foxx: It’s all about control; what you can control and what you can’t,

Foxx: My family, especially my mother.

and being able to focus on that. There’s so much going on behind the

She always worked hard to provide a loving and stable home, working

scenes – coaches, professional organizations, etc. – that it’s easy to get

two jobs to put food on the table and pay the bills. It isn’t easy to see

caught up and lose sight of what’s important to you as a player; which

it as a kid but being raised by a single parent is incredibly hard, having

is delivering 100% each and every game and letting those ‘whose job

to make sacrifices and save what you can where you can whilst still

it is’ to be the ones who lose sleep over everything else.

being there for your kids, and not letting them think their family is any

BWD: What would it mean to you to become part of the Packers 53-man

different from anyone else’s.

roster this season?

If I hadn’t been awarded a full college scholarship, for football, she

Foxx: It’s truly a blessing just to be on the active roster. That in itself

would have done everything she could to get the money to put me

is a privilege and accomplishment. There are so many great players

through college.

out there that just never got their break due to one thing or another,

My other motivation was seeing my future outside the small town I

and being able to stand out and make people take notice and see

grew up in. There’s no opportunities or major chances for people liv-

what you can do is only going to get harder as more and more quality

ing there; no real way of making something

players come through the ranks. You’ve only got one shot at this. It’s

of yourself.

12 • BWD Magazine •

cover story There’s a certain mind-set there where people

Foxx: The best thing is playing the game itself;

seem to lack the confidence to just try and do

I love it. The worst would be not being able to

something, anything, to get out and make some-

play it because someone thinks they have to try

thing of themselves. Lacking self-determination

and put you down or hate on you for wanting

and motivation. It’s like a fog of negativity that

more from life than the level of almost nothing

clouds their minds, judgements, and destroys

they themselves seem happy to stay at.

their motivation until they end up just talking

BWD: If you weren’t where you are now, where do

themselves out of it. No matter how little or big

you think you’d be?

that ‘it’ is.

Foxx: Back in School, finishing up on degree.

BWD: Why Troy? Was it just due to the Full

BWD: What was your major?

Tuition Scholarship?

Foxx: Criminal Justice. But really, if I wasn’t

Foxx: I actually had the choice of two places. I

playing football here right now, I’d just be play-

could have stayed in Florida and attended FAMU

ing it somewhere else. I would be in a League

(Florida A&M University College) or moved to

somewhere, playing ball, because not only am I

Troy and accepted a place there. Troy provided

self-driven, it’s in my blood….athletics overall.

a better opportunity to put myself out there as

BWD: How do you guys motivate each other dur-

a player with more potential to be spotted and

ing half time, if you are behind on scored points?

noticed. Also, by moving to Troy instead of stay-

Foxx: We focus on just playing the game and

ing where I was, it’s like… I’m showing everyone

everybody going out there and keeping their

from back home that they ‘Can’ escape, they

head in the game by doing their job. We don’t

‘Can’ move out and do something better with

even worry about the score, even when we’re

their lives, and they ‘Can’ become a success at

down; we just stay focused on playing football.

whatever that ‘something’ is.

BWD: For them Real Stressful Games or situa-


tions, how do you handle the pressure?

Is There One Football moment, which

stands out from the others that you will never

Foxx: I get really nervous before a game – most


players do. But then I see pictures of myself

Foxx: Running down the tunnel for the first

accomplishing it from under all that pressure

start of the season’s playoff game at the Miami

and it’s like ‘Yeah, I can do this’. I like it.

Dolphin’s stadium. That was… Just…. ‘Wow!’ That

BWD: And finally, is there anything you’d like to

moment, the moment you’ve always had pic-

say to your fans and fellow Packer-followers out

tured in your mind as a player coming out onto

there; any message or final thoughts?

the field to an announcer shouting your name

Foxx: Yes. Most definitely. I appreciate ‘all’ the

across the stands; of a packed stadium filled

support. I am ‘very’ thankful for all the oppor-

with cheering fans… Just ‘Wow!’ SURREALISTIC.

tunities and support that is given. Everybody

BWD: As an inspiration to others, do you find it

has it within themselves to be the person they

easy to keep giving ‘100%’?

want to be, not the person others think they

Foxx: Definitely. I’m only 24, so I’m able to

should be.

bounce back from injury or a hard game a lot

I have always said I’m not trying to show I’m

quicker than some other players, so to be able

better than anyone; I’m just a kid from a small

to stand on the field and show people the

town who likes to play football. Thank you and I

reality of a boy from a small town standing in

will try to put on a good show for you.

Control what you can control... Don’t worry about the other stuff because it’s going to happen whether you want it to or not.” PlayersRep Sports Managagement Agent, Dave Official Twitter: @Ol_sLy_Foxx Facebook: /pages/DuJuan-Harris-akaFoxx/225380440824264

front of them not as a player but as ‘just a man’ means nothing’s out of their reach; anyone can

And with that our interview was at a conclusion

achieve what they want, you just have to keep

and we were left to reflect on the humility and

the haters out.

human-ness of the man we had just talked to; of

BWD: What are the biggest obstacles you’ve faced

the inspiration he has already become so quickly

so far?

in his career and his drive to continue moving

Foxx: Staying organized and on a routine and

forward to his own designated end-zone. Also, of

trying to keep it. It’s difficult trying to balance

how having already displayed his talent on the

the different aspects of your life when you’re a

field and stunned crowds with his sheer speed and

footballer, so being able to maintain everything

power, the name DuJuan Harris, aka Foxx, would

means keeping a lot of (foot) balls in the air.

look rather good across the back of that Green Bay

BWD: What’s the best and worst thing about train-

Packer’s shirt you own.

ing to be a football player?

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cutting to the meat of the issue go away brings thickness to the bone

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Like a surgeon with a scalpel and three and a half minutes to spare, Weak13’s ability of taking everything worth pursuing in the genres of punk, grunge, metal and rock, trimming away the bloat and excess from each until only the most toned of musical muscle remains, before unleashing them back into the wilds of the buying public, is never more exemplified than in the guise of their latest single Go Away. Cutting to the meat of the issue without frippery, favour or indulgent over-playing, Go Away brings thickness to the bone by way of driving riffs and an undeniably addictive chorus. I could talk of the tight interplay between guitars and drums in Go Away that manage to grab you and keep you held a hairs breath away, up-close and very personal throughout; of vocals I could speak why we should be quietly thankful that front man Nick Townsend didn’t choose to move into rallying armies to invade your home, and high-schools for targets to take down as a career, such is the power and magnetism in their delivery; I could even speak of the sublime calming and raising of the atmosphere by way of expertly restrained song writing that shows off Weak13’s level of understanding with the best way to keep the listeners finger hovering over the repeat button, whilst never being arrogant in its execution or unduly expectant. Instead I’ll just say that with Go Away Weak 13 stand as testament to why eschewing the popular front of over produced ‘X-County’ has talent style questionable hits in music and ‘Me Too-ism’ is a task best left to those not just with the integrity to command such creativity, but with the heart to follow it through and the ability to deliver it with passion and unquestionable talent. * *Neither Weak13 nor MadasHell will be held responsible for your iPod’s existential crisis over just how ‘different’ and ‘unique’ it may make you amongst your peers when the very act of owning one instantly makes you one of the homogenized sheeple you were ‘sticking it to’ when queuing to pay for it in the Apple store. Contact Information: Twitter: @Weak13 Facebook: Weak13FanPage Email:

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nominated “best alternative artist”



alifornia is known for its sun-kissed days and heat filled

ed to come to the fore; after the tragic passing of her father, T Dawn found the

nights, and providing the perfect soundtrack to some of the

music alone was no longer enough to quell the artist within, and it was with

more memorable evenings of your life comes T Dawn, a self-

a new found dedication to her music that T Dawn began putting words to her

styled alternative pop/rock artist with the talent to match her

music, a voice to the chords.

prodigious talent. Exploring new genres and a myriad of styles she began bringing her new

A somewhat precocious child prodigy, T Dawn found herself drawn to music

found sound to the stage before captivated audiences, the self-penned song

at an early age, her parents feeding her thirst for musical creativity as she

“Mental Breakdown” showing not just her talent as a musician but also as a

explored the various instruments awaiting for her talent to shine out from.

writer and indeed, a lyrical poet.

Music flowed from her fingers no matter which instrument she played, be it

Her performances quickly garnered her many fans, her voice a hypnotic mix of

six strings or drum skin or woodwind or brass, as the exuberance of youth took

soulful desire, and sensual temptation to match the fluid complexity she dis-

her seeking out the sound hidden within whatever instrument fell upon her

played on the piano. Little wonder these appearances saw her taken from the

hungry gaze. T Dawn finally found her muse fully realized when the tempta-

club-stage and under shining spotlight, performing at the prestigious Caesar’s

tion of the grand piano at her

Palace in Las Vegas.

church proved too much a desire for her youthful wonderment to

“Indies music is a big part of my


life,” she notes when discussing her win with BWD. “Being

Having finally plucked up the

featured in an Indies worldwide

courage to sit behind the keys it

magazine such as BWD is an

was as the first notes rang out,


in the empty church hall, and echoed with the sound of her

With her recent Indie Music

soul in the air; that her passions

Channel Nomination, as well

for the arts were truly focused

as the Winner of “Best Female

and sure.

Alternative Artist” showing her childhood infatuation was more

Eager to learn she quickly showed

than a passing curio, T Dawn will

it wasn’t a passing infatuation

no doubt grasp the opportunity

with this new landscape to explore, her musical gift flourished as she became

of her signing to the label “Music Powered Games” to further establish her

more a musician than a child enjoying the thrill of a new vista beneath her

career as she reaches new audiences, fans and appreciators of real talent.

hands, a serious exponent of the music world. Years of dedicated practice and thirst to learn more saw T Dawn’s performance

Contact Information: Website:

become an equal to her playing, her compositions and creativity almost end-


less as she shone before captivated audiences and amazed those curious to

Twitter: @StaticDial

see this pianist impresario perform. Though it wasn’t until she grew that the full scope of her musicianship decid16 • BWD Magazine •

Facebook: StaticDial Photo Credits: The Static Dial-All Rights Reserved

the ‘hard rock’ arising Indies music is a big part of my life,” she notes when discussing her win with BWD. “Being featured in an Indies Worldwide Magazine, such as BWD, is an honour.”

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Good For You Life Is Too Short To Not Hold A Grudge As supermarket giants help Simon Cowell in his quest to thoroughly

iPod, vocalist Mike Vallely’s delivery an inspired choice with his

homogenise the music market with re-hashed hits from reality show

uniquely honest style and captivating sound capturing that ethe-

contestant winners, it seems only Disney is able to compete for shelf

real notion of punk’s voice with a disarming yet devastating effect.

space with their tirade of formulaic hair-styles parading around a stage to a ‘tweenage’ audience eager to buy their ticket on board the

The album reminds you of what music is meant to be about, each

latest Gravy Train of Glee, spoons for shovelling down all the rhetoric

song a fully realized track but containing only the essential elements

and merchandise poised in the clammy hand not clutching money.

of the song. Think of it like an exclusive restaurant; the food is served with the barest of garnish but is cut from the leanest quality meat.

The choice between one new release and another is often noth-

It isn’t an easy listen for those raised on chart trends and Hollywood

ing more than an even more androgynous looking figurehead on

hipsters, or for anyone who curses missing out on the birth of

the front cover; auto-tune ensures perfection each time, and over-

punk in the eighties, they could do well to take a couple of

production maintains that bland feel of a lifeless voice phoning it

days off work when they pick up a copy of “Life Is Too Short To

in between appearances in ‘Tween Monthly’ and the ‘Disney Awards’.

Not Hold A Grudge” to properly word that thank you e-mail to Gregg and Mike (and with all due respect, if you thought ‘Green

Which is why you will not find seminal punk band Black Flag’s founder

Day’ at the mention of punk then you’d better book a week off).

and guitarist Greg Ginn’s new band “Good For You” and their debut album ‘Life Is Too Short To Not Hold A Grudge’ forcing that Glee Compilation

Not just a debut release but a much needed reminder of why

album into the Buy One; Get One Free’s release, anytime soon.

music is considered to be the food of love, and the cautions of too much gravy, Good For You’s debut album “Life Is Too Short To Not

Nor should you expect its raw power and incredibly brutal hon-

Hold A Grudge” was released on February 26th via SST Records.

esty to be considered as worthy of a much wider audience than those in charge of what goes on the shelves would expect it


to be worth. Indeed, were it to be measured against an entire

Carl Schultz

store’s worth of ear filler there’d be questions of scales being

rigged in the bands favour, judges paid off, and officials hushed up.

And with good reason, too, as Good For You’s first album strips everything away years of worshipping false – Idols has built up as cancerous deposits of auto-tuned ‘cut-n-paste’ pop, presents you with songs that expose the raw welts of life and opinions of someone unafraid of another’s judgement like the mighty Black Flag themselves. An obvious influence being founder of both bands, Gregg has taken the intensity and delivery of the true punk ethos straight from the hands of its forefathers and bought it directly into your

music review 18 • BWD Magazine •

dujuan harris #26 green





Ask any true American to name

with talent within the world of

ris still carries ‘the heart of

an inspirational figure and you

football, coming up on the ra-

a true American’, with his hu-

would probably hear the names

dar of the Green Bay Packers

mility and humbleness at hav-

Wa s h i n g t o n , M a r s h a l l o r Ro o -

and looking to be a future star

ing achieved so much already;


within the team, having shown


But don’t be surprised if pretty

his talent to finish the

Pa c k-

already consider him to be a

soon the name ‘DuJuan Harris’ is

ers’ top back, rushing for 257

hero of the American Dream.

mentioned in the same breath

yards on 62 carries and claim-


ing four scores in six games.















2013’s issue release; where we Although







S t a n d i n g o u t o n t h e f i e l d b y,

continue to support and share


i r o n i c a l l y, b e i n g s h o r t e r t h a n

an up close and personal inter-



the average player Harris man-

view, with DuJuan Harris, aka


ages to combine the power of

Foxx; when BWD Magazine was

tion, pretty soon the rest of

Goliath within his five seven

able to catch up with Harris, in

the States and the world itself


F l o r i d a , d u r i n g s e a s o n b r e a k .”

w i l l h a v e a n e w m a n t l e o f ex-

sheer size alone, whereas Har-

cellence to look towards when

ris uses his unassuming form

r e c a l l i n g g r e a t n e s s i n h i s t o r y.

to his strengths, quickly and









quite often conclusively corDuJuan

recting any foolish enough to

Harris, aka Foxx, has quickly

stand in his way on the field.

made both a name and repu-


tation for himself as a player

unquestionable abilities, Har-







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V i s i t w w w . T w i t t e r. c o m / O l _ s L y _ F o x x o r w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / p a g e s / D u J u a n - H a r r i s - a k a - F o x x / 2 2 5 3 8 0 4 4 0 8 2 4 2 6 4

BWD Magazine - May 2013  
BWD Magazine - May 2013  

Green Bay Packers Running Back DuJuan Harris - Floridian DuJuan Harris, aka Foxx, is part of the new breed of footballers making their prese...