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A revolutionary fabric made of recycled plastic bottles

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WE ARE The first high-performance eco-thread in the world Two New York natives, Tim Coombs and Tyson Toussant, founded Return Textiles, which is a developer, manufacturer, license and distributor of conventional and high-performance, ecologically sustainable yarns and fabrics, in 2003. It also happens to be the mother company of Bionic Yarn. Bionic Yarn has gained a continuing presence in the media through its various collaborations with Timberland, Top Shop, Moncler, Keihls, Gap and Cole Haan to name a few. These relationships have blended new environmental innovations with fashion, functionality and purpose. Recently Bionic has received recognition in Wall Street Journal, Forbes, GQ, The New York Times, and many other publications, which have helped to boost consumer recognition of its sustainable benefits.benefits. In 2008 Grammy award winning music producer, songwriter and designer Pharrell Williams became an official investor, spokesman and ambassador for Bionic Yarn. With his 30% equity stake in the company paired with his status, he was able to draw in three customers as soon as he brought on board. Moncler, The GAP and Topshop were the first customers to incorporate Bionic Yarn into their products. Pharrell not only raised awareness of Bionic Yarn but has also continued to push the limits and aesthetics of the brand. 3

We develop and manufacture premium yarns by blending petroleum and natural fibers with recycled plastic bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

It is available in either yarn or fabric form with primary applications in footwear, outerwear, apparel, bags, outdoor equipment, furniture, uniform and art.

We strive to make great products that promote conscientious consumption. Our bond and aesthetics are strengthened by our responsibility to preserve our planet.


An average luggage piece made from Bionic Yarn consists of 18 (1 liter) recycled plastic bottles

An average pair of shoes consists of about 6-7 plastic bottles.


More than 60 Million plastic bottles go from the consumer to landfills each day We are always striving to better the world and use the least amount of plastic in each of our proudcts to ensure not only global responsibility but also sustainability.

An average pair of jeans consists of about 7 bottles depending on the weight and fabric.

An average t-shirt consists of about 4 bottles. The same number of bottles can be applied to hoodies and sweatshirts. 6




Bottle is placed in recycling bin.



Bottle is then chopped into flakes. From there they are melted and extruded into 2� fibers.

Staple fibers are spun together with hightenacity polyester to make the core yarn.



Core yarn is helixed by alternate fibers to make Bionic Yarn.


Fabric i cut and sewn into finished product.

Spools of Bionic Yarn are woven into varying fabrics of all sorts.


1st Generation


2nd Generation

3rd Generation

Spun Yarn

Continuous Filament Yarn

Covered Yarn

The original staple and standard yarn produced from natural fibers.

Polymers like polyester or rayon are extruded into highly durable threads.

Outer fibers impart a wearable hand to elastomeric threads for stretch fabrics.

Bionic Yarn represents a milestone in the history of commercial textile production. Our 4th generation construction is achieved by covering a PETE (recycled plastic) corspun yarn in a helix formation with two surface filament layers in opposite directions. This creates a counterforce on each component thereby binding them together in a similar way a Chinese finger trap works. This

Helix Outer Wrap

creates incredible durability and adds strength.

PET Recycled Sheath High-Tenacity Core

Alternate fibers used in the core and helix include nylon, high-tenacity polyester, lycra and cotton.





APEX 100% synthetic has high resistance to abrassion, high tensile strength and premium quality texture. Bionic Apex is engineered for backpacks,


luggage, technical outerwear, handbags, life jackets, outdoor furniture,


hiking boots and applications.


Nylon 66 or HT Polyester Helix

Recycled Plastic

HT Polyester Core


100% cotton surface

30-40% Faster Drying


Bionic NATURAL enhances the abrassion resistance and tensile strength of traditional cotton fabrics such as denim and khaki by 250-600%. It is best suited for applications requiring a quality cotton feel, drape ability and

Does not absorb moisture

durability. Beneath the Bionic Natural 100% cotton surface, is a synthetic core which does not absorb moisture and dries 30-40% fast than standard cotton. Bionic Natural is engineered for pants, shirts, jackets, footwear, furniture upholestry, art canvas, tavlecloths and similar applications.

Cotton Helix

Recycled Plastic

HT Polyester Core



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Bionic Yarn  

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