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Helena Christensen

Bwatt issue 3 with Dita Von Teese on our cover rocked the world. The worldwide media went absolutley crazy and everybody loved what we did. We had the pleasure to be exposed in the biggest online and printed medias in the world, so I really feel that we are doing something right and slightly different from what is already out there. The world is now watching and listening to us, and with every issue we make, we grow and we spread our wings more than ever. We have obviously filled out a much sought after gap in the world of fashion magazines with our room for multicultural fashion and high potent creativity. And I am loving every step of it. In this issue I got to capture the legendary beauty Helena Christensen for the cover story, with an intimate fashion spread and exclusive interview. She represents a true Bwatt woman, always evolving and she can’t breathe if she’s not living out here fierce creativity. Actually this issue is packed with beautiful creative spirits and we hope these amazing people will inspire you as much as they inspire us. Enjoy ... Best Anja

Boys T-shirt, Henrik Vibskov . Black coat, Henrik Vibskov . Grey wool pants, Henrik Vibskov

Shirt, 1440 . Leggings, Stadium/SOC

Left: Denim jacket, . Cheap Monday . Jeans, Cheap Monday Right: Black sweatshirt poncho, 5 Preview . Leggings, Stadium/ SOC . Leather sneakers, Soulland

Black scarf, Ralph Lauren . Cardigan, Dr. Denim

Scarf, Weekday

Knit sweater, Weekday . Sweatpants, Weekday . Boots, Cheap Monday

Sweater, Cheap Monday . Jeans, Cheap Monday . Sneakers, Soulland

Cardigan, Filippa K

Top left: Jacket, Henrik Vibskov . Top right: Blazer, Henrik Vibskov . Pants, Henrik Vibskov . Leather sneakers, Avvikk . Bottom left: Denim / leather jacket, Ralph Lauren . Jeans, Insight . Bottom right: Cardigan, Henrik Vibskov

Photo: Anja Poulsen. Stylist: Line Givskov. All Boys from


Blouse lace, Rosemunde Fringe scarf, Anne Demeulemeester Hat, Soulland Ring, SteadyRocks

Tell us a bit about where you are right now and what you are working on? Right now I’m in Brooklyn, New York working on finishing my first single “Mais Oui,” I’m so exited to release it very soon. I performed the song for the first time for fashion week ‘14 at Malene Birgers fashion show i Copenhagen, it was such a dreamy experience. The name B Watt Magazine is inspired by our saying: “Be what you want in fashion and life” – what do these words mean to you? I live for experiences and I have chosen never to be afraid of what comes next, that translates in to all aspects of my life, musical and personal. I have never worried of what people think of me, we can’t all be perfect, there is no success without failure. Why Music?, what makes you choose this as your creative outlet and art form? Any other art forms or creative outlets you would like to explore further as well? I’ve experimented with a lot of fields but somehow singing is all I do and want to do all the time, so I figured since I am the type of person that works all the time why not chose the one thing I love the most. I started writing songs when I was a kid, very bad ones but I have always felt the urge to match words with music. With this creative outlet I have also found I am closer to fx. acting that I initially believed … all in good time. With your own words, lead us into the universe within your music… who is the Lovely Liar? Lovely Liar is the imaginary lovechild of Robert Johnson and Nina Simone. What does living in New York mean to you? I moved to New York in 2005 to work on my music, I had no experience or network but I did know at the time that NY was where I belonged, there was something about the nostalgia of the City, how it had lived in my mind through pictures and songs that drew me. New York has raised me in a way, even before I was here and also now that I am. The first progress I had with writing and singing happened here, I was and am so inspired by this place, the energy and history. You are a true performer and artist with a unique look and stage presence, from Who or What do you draw inspiration? I love to perform, I have not always been a good performer, the first show I played in NY was terrible. But I have learned from experience, essentially It’s all about how I feel on stage and now that I feel confident, Im pretty sure it translates. The costumes have come surprisingly natural, I am very visual and have always used clothes as an expression, with the confidence of performing I have also become stronger visually. My inspirations come from all kinds of places, from Harlem to Queens, Westside to Eastside and across the world, I think the keyword is PLAY. You have spent years working as a model, and you naturally and perfectly blend your music within the fashion world and

industry … what does fashion and style mean to you? Modelling is so dear to me, it unites so many of my interests; acting, fashion, costumes, creativity, travel so it is needless to say that I have love it. I am very inspired by all the aspects of the business and without the 16 years of working as I model I don’t think I would have been confident enough to do what I do. With music I just added one more ingredient to the mix and now it feels complete, it has opened the door to so many things I never though were possible. What are your dreams and aspirations for the future? My dream is that Lovely Liar reaches the minds and hearts of as many as possible and hopefully inspires and expands, in a perfect dream I am performing all over the world and involved with exiting projects where I can show and share my love for the arts, fashion, music and people. What parts within your journey of life has been a part of shaping you in to the woman you are today? For me it is mostly whom I’ve met that shapes me; I met a woman called Hollywood at Burning Man in 2011, she inspired the song “Glorious Hollywood” (red. featured in Lukas Graham Documentary) and Mais Oui is about a boy and a trip to London actually … since the best thing about London is Paris – Diana Vreeland :) So I get inspired by characters I meet on trips, I love stories. What is the best ever advise that has been given to you? “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Left: Dress, Vintage Stilettos, Nelly Trend Headpiece, Tatiana’s own Dress, Les Habitudes Scarf, FWSS

Dress, Club Monaco Scarf, Lala Berlin Hat, Tatiana’s own Right Blouse lace, Rosemunde Fringe scarf, Anne Demeulemeester Hat, Soulland Pants, Henrik Vibskov Stilettos, Nelly Trend Ring, SteadyRocks

Headpiece, Tatiana’s own Dress, Vintage

Photo: Simin Erbel; Model: Olga Nazarova

Blouse lace, Rosemunde Fringe scarf, Anne Demeulemeester Hat, Soulland Ring, SteadyRocks

Left: White shirt, Club Monaco Fur denim jacket, Weekday White silver smoking ring, Bjørg Knit sweater, Weekday Sweatpants, Stadium/SOC Coat, Minimarket Shoes, Cheap Monday Cap, Weekday

Slim trousers, Filippa K Suit jacket, Filippa K Orange socks, Henrik Vibskov Black/Gold glitter shoes, Minimarket Chain necklace, Weekday Right: Classic fedora hat, Soulland Chain necklace, Weekday Gold watch, Triwa Black t-shirt, Ralph Lauren

Glasses, Mykita Green coat, Minimarket Right: Black leather shirt: Muubaa Cord dungarees, Monki Green tie, Ralph Lauren

Left: Glasses, Mykita Green coat, Minimarket Right: Black leather shirt: Muubaa Cord dungarees, Monki Green tie, Ralph Lauren

Left: Classic fedora hat, Soulland Chain necklace, Weekday Gold watch, Triwa Black t-shirt, Ralph Lauren Cord dungarees, Monki White shirt, Club Monaco Fur denim jacket, Weekday Pants, Weekday Black sneakers, Nelly Trend White silver smoking ring, Bjørg

Bikini bottom: Gucci Scarf, Showpiece Right: Bikini top: Gucci Sun glasses, Mykita


Tank top, Weekday Sunglasses, Mykita

Headpiece, Tatiana’s own Dress, Vintage

Left: Tank top, Weekday Bikini bottom, Gucci Sunglasses, Mykita Bikini bottom, Gucci Scarf, Monki

Tell us a bit about where you are right now and what you are working on. I’m currently working on creating a great new website and yummy new recipes for the Models Do Eat cookbook. It’s so fun and rewarding to pursue my passion for health, food and nutrition with Models Do Eat. The name Bwatt Magazine is inspired by our saying Be what you want in fashion and life what do these words mean to you? To me it means; you are in charge of your life and you decide what your life looks like. Live your dreams! What inspired you to start your blog Models Do Eat, tell us a bit more about the message and inspiration to create it. Models seem to have a bad reputation when it comes to food. The image of the starving model isn’t completely unfounded; it can certainly be a struggle to fin a proper balance between what the industry demands and what the human body can tolerate. Most models are very young when they get into modeling and simply don’t have the knowledge and guidance to meet the requirements of their profession in a healthy sustainable way. Despite sensationalist media stories to the contrary, models do eat. I’ve been modeling for 14 years and can tell you firsthand that the majority of models I’ve met and hung out with don’t starve themselves. Instead they make smart food choices and exercise to stay in shape. I make very healthy choices now, but it wasn’t always so. When I started my modeling career, I was clueless about healthy eating. How I wish I’d known then what I know now. On Models Do Eat, I share my experience and knowledge and hope to inspire my followers to have a better relationship with food, to cook delicious meals and to become healthier and happier overall. Models Do Eat is for everyone that wants to feel and look their best! What are the future aspirations and dream with Models Do Eat, what delights do we have in store for the future? My focus right now is to get the Models Do Eat cookbook published and my dream would be for it to become a best seller You have lived in the US for many years, what is the reason why you choose to live there, what has the US given you personally and in you career? I had been based out of Milan for fours years and traveled the world for modeling gigs and then decided to move back to Holland. I met my amazing husband, in Amsterdam and he noticed at some point that I got bored and asked me what I wanted to do. I knew that for my modeling career NYC was the place to be and when my man told me he was up for the adventure we made the leap! My career got the boost I had envisioned and that gave us the freedom to explore and invest in our dreams. We’re constantly challenged and therefore pushed to be better and innovative. We work hard and play hard, there’s never a dull moment in our life. The US has been a playground for us, it feels like there’s no limitation. You can get what you want if you put your mind to it and work hard for it. And we connected with so many amazing people, we have a whole new family here in the States that make a difference in our life. We feel very blessed. With your many years in the modeling industry, tell us what has this career given you? What have you learned personally and creatively? In retrospect, this career has given me everything I have and made me the person I am today. All experiences have been priceless, I’m grateful for the good and the bad. It has made me stronger, confident and humble. From where do you draw inspiration to create and to live the life you live today? The love between my man and I. We are a great team and support and inspire each other. Even after nine years, we are still crazy about each other. What words of wisdom or inspiration is the most important to you. Give us the ultimate Jill Boost The best you can become is yoursel!


Models Do Eat

Photo: Henrik Hviid; Model: Freja Katrine. Makeupartist: Barbara Regina Gr端bel;

Model: Helena Christensen Photo: Anja Poulsen Styling: Line Givskov Makeup & Hair: Marianne Jensen Retouch: Thanks to: Radisson Blu Royal Hotel;

White shirt, Malene Birger Black collar piece, Malene Birger Hat, Malene Birger Gold jewlerry, Ole Lynggaard

Lace dress, Baum und Pherdgarte Gold Snake Ringge, Ole Lynggaard Gold monocle rings, Maria Black

Black dress, Malene Birger Neck piece, Mlene Birger

Many things have been said about “Helena Christensen”, how would you describe yourself? She is a very curious lady, someone who is childishly excited by stepping out into the world every day, even though she finds it a little hard to open her eyes in the morning. She very much lives in the moment and tries to focus on all the little details that might normally pass by unnoticed. She loves swimming in the Danish ocean and reading good books. Her family is everything to her and she’s in love with her little man and her big man. When did you fall in love with photography and what are you drawn to with the artform? I began shooting in my late teens but only started enjoying it in my late twenties, and since then I more and more appreciate the beauty of photography. First of all the technical aspect of photography, a miracle really, and it feels that way every time I push the shutter. Secondly, to capture a second of life, one tiny glimmer of emotion, one singular movement, one particular possess. mood or a certain light, that is really quite thrilling and exciting. I so enjoy traveling and I always felt that photos discovering every part of the world, I get very excited about meeting new people taken by female photographers have an and getting behind their minds. You do both very well with a camera in front extra dimension of emotional layers. I don’t purof you, it is both your personal guard and your third eye. posefully set out to achieve that in my photography, but if there’s a hint of both, then that makes me happy. I feel a soft sensitivity in your images, they are very intimate. I get the feeling that I get to look at the world through your eyes, and it looks like you aim to look beyond your subject/person/sto- Tell me about your process as a photographer, what are you looking for with ryline to share the vulnerable within the human. Do you your lens? see yourself as a sensitive woman? perhaps vulnera- I always hope something unexpected will happen that I wasn’t looking for. Sometimes when I’m about to start a job, I just cross my fingers and hope for the ble? in what way? Yeah, I hope I’m both sensitive and vul- best, and usually nothing great happens for a while, then suddenly I can feel myself nerable. They’re beautiful char- hold my breath for longer and I start getting really hot, and that’s when I know there’s something peculiar and interesting happening in front of the lens. I never think of acteristics to my photos being shared with the world, I kinda just shoot for myself. But it’s lovely if someone else likes them, especially the portrait subject. You have lived in New York for many years. Why New York, and what’s the reason why In your life long modeling career you you choose to have your son grow up as a new york city boy? have traveled the world and worked New York just does it for me on every level. The city itself is pulsating, with so many different people from all over puzzling and stimulating. People are such a wonderful mix of ethnicthe world. What has this career given you personally ities, cultures, types and interesting minds. Nature is just on the other side of the walls of the skyscrapers, and there’s not many and creatively? places as beautiful as the New York State countryside. I So much it would be hard to describe. It has instilled my like city kids, I like nature kids, in NY you can curiosity for life. When you travel alone around the world at a grow up in both worlds. very young age, you learn how to handle yourself in a different manner. I speak most of the languages I do because of this job, I know people and places I couldn’t have ever imagined knowing. Sometimes I can’t quite distinguish between my real life or my dreams. I can’t imagine a more accurate way to express it. What moves and inspire you to create and live the life you live today? Everything around me inspires me. Sounds, images, lines, faces, scents, emotions. I tear out The a lot of pages from books and magazines and I take a lot of still shots of movie scenes. Na- effort, ture is incredibly inspiring. I am a sucker for lines cutting through my periphery and also time, work naked trees and branches make me gasp in delight. Little dew drops on the underside of and passion they put into making leaves also get me right up there. But first of all, the love I feel for my son inspires me a difference is deeply infinitely. humbling. I do so little compared to them. The least You are involved with a lot of charity work.What causes move you, and what I can do is support them in would you like to help, aid and change in the world today? their dedication. It’s just something I know I should do, because I want to, because it feels right in my heart, and because it is possible for me to What would you like to leave behind? take part of, very simply. The organizations I support personally, creatively and with your charare made up of people who have dedicated ity work? their entire lives to the causes. Oh I think I will leave behind a huge mess, that my poor relatives will have to deal with while swearing a lot.

Coat, Just Cavalli Swimmsuit, Hanne Bloch

Lace dress, Baum und Pherdgarten

White shirt, Malene Birger Black collar piece, Malene Birger Withe wool pants, Just Cavalli Hat, Malene Birger Gold jewlerry, Ole Lynggaard

Silver dress, Malene Birger White Stilettos, Malene Birger Ankle jewelery, Helena’s own

Photo: Henrik Hviid; Model: Malene Jensen; Unique Models.

Fashion Designer Handknitted Dare-devil Crochet Bikinis


Old school craft in modern swimwear Advocate for Animal Rights and Eco Friendly Living “Peace, Love

and Bikinis”-documentary Ashley Paige Creator

“Bikini or Bust” reality star Fierce unique Runway Style fashion Lover Fighter

BWATT loves

Ashley Paige Model: Veronica

Photo: Michael Falgreen

My kind of


Photo : Anja Poulsen Makeup : Louise Polano Hair : Malene Kirkegaard Stylist : Gabi Humnicki

Photo : Mambu Bayoh Fashion styling : Naila Ruechel Hair : Eve Whittington Make up by Margina Dennis for Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Model : Adesuwa@One Special thanks to Leila at Jack Studios

Cropped graffiti jacket and skirt by CRES. E DIM., ring by I Still Love You NYC.

Michael Kors fur jacket, CRES. E DIM. leather pants, Dr. Martens boots. Ring by I Still Love You NYC.

Coat by Nautica. Wool shorts by It’s Ok My Dear. Cross earrings and necklace by I Still Love You NYC. Rings on left hand by Elizabeth Knight. Rings on right hand by I Still Love You NYC. Sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell (JC Play)

Sheer blouse by It’s Ok My Dear. Metallic leather skirt by Family Affairs. Coat by Nautica. Rubber necklace by WXYZ Jewelry.

Jacket by Viva Aviva, skirt by Chanel. Boots by Dr. Marten. All bracelets (both hands) and necklace by WXYZ Jewelry. Rings by I Still Love You NYC. Python ba

ag by Michael Kors.


Photo: Eddie Chacon;

First of all, 30 years into your career, tell us where you are today, and what you are working on right now? Right now I’m working on a solo show at the fabien Castanier gallery in Los Angeles its called Metallic Tissue... I am painting on cans that I have saved from my murals over the last year or so. The pieces themselves are my DNA, my thumbprint, or metallic tissue so to speak... Why do you think there is a need or desire to express oneself so loudly and boldly with Graffiti? What good in your mind does it do (on the streets, to culture and society)? Well that’s a good question. I think its a generation thing. Its the younger generation saying hey we have something to say. They are making social commentaries on society. But a lot of the time we get lost in the act of writing our names bigger and better. Like an obsession. I think the better question is, part two,...Now that you have our attention what do you have to say? When we as graffiti writers write our names a million times and people say, “ok now I see you, What do you have to say?” That’s when you have to make a decision to progress as an artist. For example I tend to be a color filed painter. I want my large outdoor murals to evoke emotion with pure color. It took me on an artistic journey of thousands of miles to eventually deconstruct all my letters and come up with murals of pure color, no imagery or letters.

Did you have a dream or desire to have graffiti recognized as an art form? was it something that you were working towards? Yes 100%...When I was younger I went through a stage of not saying the word Graffiti. I thought it had a negative connotation. As I got more secure with myself and the art form. It is what it is. Graffiti art, good and bad. take it or leave it, that’s your decision. We have to accept that there are good apples and bad apples in the world. Everyone needs to be judged as individuals not profiled. How did it feel to finally have it recognized, and have your first gallery show, what did it change for you? It was bitter sweet! When I did the Museum Of Contemporary Arts in Los Angeles. I was super stoked, but I also had a lot of drama with the city. The city attorney went on a crusade to harass and prosecute a hand full of artists mainly our crew MSK. I had detectives following me around, texting me, emailing me, calling me etc. It’s probably not a good idea to go into details but they were on a mission... It did however make me stand up and be heard. I did various interviews and campaigned about ending the Mural Moratorium. I think the whole thing back fired on certain city officials. It was as if they a woke the sleeping giant which was the graffiti guys that were now adults and had power and influence ...I also thought it was funny that it took Jeffrey Deitch

calling it an art form to get all the society sheep to recognize it as an art form... What is and has been your driving force to create, to paint... You have pushed the boundaries artistically, legal/illegally, been in danger on risky spots... what made you keep going? what gave you the courage to push the limits? I remember seeing a slogan that said a company that will never know completion. it was stamped in cement above the doors of a building. I believe it was the Good Year building. I knew right then I would push further and farther. As much as I could I adopted that mentality that everything was just a step to never ending journey. I also look atlife as a big wild ride andif you set an end goal the ride will be over. I never want it to end. In your mind, do you think that a part of the power and magic in graffiti is in the risk you take, would it be the same if it was legal? Everybody is different. I don’t believe it has to be illegal to begraffiti anymore, however it had to be for me. I felt it was a part of me, down to my name. What is the message in your work, gallery and mainly on the streets, when you go in and beautify a building? Its all different. My Beautifully destroyed pieces are meant to evoke emotion with color, no letters etc.. and my graffiti on the streets is to get up and flex with letter skills, and galleries are places with no boundaries , where you can ad elements to your graffiti and work in different mediums creating an environment rather than creating and changing an existing environment.. What message would you like to leave with the youth of today (i know you are spending time educating and inspiring the city kids)? This question is very easy... never let anyone or anything come between you and your dreams! Tell us about the Third Rail Journey, from idea, to process, and now to have it sold on... what was that journey like for you? That was a great time. I was selling T shirts because not a lot of people could afford art at that time. I was in a unique situation because I had collectors buying pieces for 10,000.00 which at that time was a lot of money!!! I knew I couldn’t charge less for my art work so I decided to print shirts and sell those. I printed them on top of a pinball machine in my studio. I would load up a back pack and head down to Melrose and slang them. I ran into a Japanese distributor and he bought about 33,000 dollars worth of clothing. but he wanted Hoodys and caps etc. I lied and said no problem. I went downtown to find some help I stumbled into a job designing Warner Brothers jackets in trade for samples etc...It took me about a year to deliver and produce a line, and then I figured it out. We were off an running we were doing over a million by our 3rd year and that was big back then … Third Rail peaked at 15 million. I sold the company to Kelsie Grammer and eventually I acquired the company back. I partnered up with my Canadian distributor and Third Rail was in business for about 16 years. I got out in about 2006... I am in discussions with my old partners about bring the line back currently. I can honestly say Third Rail was ahead of its time. I am constantly appreciative and humbled when I hear people say how influential the line was to a lot of taste makers today so to speak … What dream within your field of work have you nor yet lived out? What dreams are there in store for the future? I have so many its hard to say. I’d like to get up on the 8 “modern” wonders of the world. ...The statue of Liberty, Great Wall of China, leaning tower of Pisa, etc etc...I want to hit them all. Some of them I don’t want to paint on, but I’d like to project something on them and or figure out another way to alter them with out ruining them. I just think its the ultimate getting up challenge! Where would be the ultimate spot (anywhere in the world), to place a Risk Piece / murial? The unreal dream spot? if any? On the moon for sure, but if were talking about some place more easily accessible I would pick the Hollywood sign, Seen beat me to it, but I’}m kind of infatuated with doing it some day.


lars love

Cardigan, Henrik Vibskov Coat, Henrik Vibskov Hat, Vintage Gold rings, Lars’ own

.age is

no limitation.

Cardigan, Henrik Vibskov Coat, Henrik Vibskov Jeans, Weekday Shoes, Soulland Hat, Vintage

Wool shirt, Soulland Wool pants, Soulland

Sweatshirt, Cheap Monday

Suit Jacket, Filippa K Suit pants, Filippa K Shirt, Filippa K Gold rings, Lars´ own

Cardigan, Henrik Vibskov Coat, Henrik Vibskov Jeans, Weekday Shoes, Soulland Hat, Vintage

Words of Wisdom to the new generation: Forget about what other people think. Do not let yourself be seduced by state, media or gods. Accept that you are not going to get paid, by just being alive. Believe in your ideas. It is okay to be you.

land , Soul and t r i h s Wool ants, Soull p Wool oulland ,S s Shoe

Cardigan, Filippa K Hat, Vintage Gold rings, Lars’ own

to live

lovingly together as human

beings, even

selvom if the world

can seem cruel

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Bwatt#4 issue  

Fashion, Art, Life, Style, Joy

Bwatt#4 issue  

Fashion, Art, Life, Style, Joy