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“Learning is our TREASURE to SEEK and SHARE for life.� Wednesday 7th September 2011 Term 3, Week 6


Friday 16th September - the school will be closed on this day WELCOME Already Week 6! A busy term is being had by all. Our students are fully involved in a wide range of activities both inside and outside the classroom. There is also a range of events coming up. We look forward to welcoming Mill Street Kindergarten for their visit on Thursday at 1pm. We are extremely pleased to have close links with all our local kindergartens, and having them visit and mingle with past students is a really neat activity. Next week our students in Years 6-8 journey up to Maraekakaho School for our annual exchange. This is the third year of this event and already our kids have been able to develop some great friendships and engage in some tough sporting competition. The kids will be billeted overnight by families from Maraekakaho. Billet phone numbers will go home tomorrow. This exchange will take place on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th September. HALCOMBE SPORTS EXCHANGE Yesterday students went to Halcombe School on our annual sports exchange. Over 40 kids competed in various sports. South Mak came out on top in both netball games and lost soccer and rugby. We are very proud of the sportsmanship and behaviour once again, of our students.

HALCOMBE EXCHANGE SCORES Netball A Won 15-2 Netball B Won 13-7 Soccer Lost 4-5 Rugby Lost 19-40


What have they been up to? CHARTER SURVEY Your feedback is essential to our school as we build for the future. Please take the time to complete our online survey. This is accessible throughout the school website or by entering this address: If you are unable to access the Internet hard copies are available at the office. FRIENDS OF THE SCHOOL Congratulations to the Friends of the School for putting on a marvellous hot lunch last Friday. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all our students. Further hot lunch ideas are currently being explored. WORLD CUP DAY This Friday is South Mak’s World Cup Day. We are encouraging all kids to come in the colour of their favourite world cup team. The aim of the day is to celebrate the opening day of Rugby World Cup 2011. WHANGANUI COMMUNITY FOUNDATION At this time of year we always write to the Whanganui Community Foundation to thank them for their generous grant. This year funds have been used to provide the YMCA Dance Programme, support the Young Leaders’ Day (in Palmerston North) and also support our school camp to Ohakune and Taupo. PET/CRAFT DAY With the adjustments to the terms to accommodate the Rugby World Cup, Pet and Craft Day are now taking place at the beginning of November. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause most notably the fact that lambs will probably be huge by this time. Staff spent time trying to find an alternative date that would be closer to the usual time of these events, but there wasn’t one! ART WEEK Classes are working towards Art Week. This is a Cluster event that showcases the Visual Arts. All schools in our area are working on pieces that will be displayed in their schools. The general public will be able to view displays in all schools at certain times in the final week of term. South Mak has decided to utilise the staff room and create our very own gallery. Here Room 6 are working on their All Black images.





Sth Mak A




Sth Mak B




Sth Mak C




Sth Mak Kiwi




Hockey IX




Hockey Kakas




Hockey Tuis




Hockey Wekas




Hockey Blue

Won by Default

GENERAL NOTICES SCHOOL HATS School hats are available for purchase from the office at $15. Please be aware that the wearing of school hats becomes compulsory in Term 4. PATHWAYS LEARNING CONVERSATIONS These are due to take place in Term 4. Students have been preparing their Pathways documents all year. These documents are a celebration of your child’s learning. As our kids have more practise at creating these, they will have more ownership over the items that make up their folders. This is already in evidence with our Year 7 and 8. So please look out for this date next term. It will be great to see students sharing their learning with their parents. END OF YEAR REPORT As always you will receive an End Of Year Report in the last week of term. This report will contain information regarding your child’s achievement. The report will have similar information to that received in previous years. We are currently working on how best to report National Standards information to parents. If you would like to see a report format or offer feedback regarding this process please make an appointment to see me at the school office. STUDENTS SHARING LEARNING We have a group of senior students attending a workshop at Terrace End School for beginning teachers. Mrs McDonald and Mrs Rowe are running the workshop. Our kids will be presenting modes of learning through the use of visual imagery. South Mak students have found enormous success in the use of visual images to enhance and develop their creative writing skills. The workshop will also look at how recent initiatives in the junior school have promoted reading, especially the reading of boys. We are extremely proud to have the work of our students and teachers recognised in this way.



Mill Street Kindy Visit

8th September

Assembly: Room 5

9th September

YMCA Dance

13th September

Maraekakaho Exchange

14th September

Maraekakaho Exchange

15th September

Teacher Only Day

16th September

YMCA Dance

20th September

BOARD OF TRUSTEES - Building Projects We have come across delays with our building projects. The BOT is currently working through these. When more information is available the school community will be informed.

Mathex Wanganui

21st September

Assembly: Room 4

23rd September

YMCA Dance

27th September

Year 7/8 Quad

27th September

ROOM 2 WORM FARM Keep an eye out in and around Room 2 for any worms. The focus of Room 2’s inquiry this term is how earthworms can change our environment. Room 2 have brainstormed a whole load of questions to help them with their worm investigations. Great job Room 2.

Year 5/6 Quad

29th September

Wheels’ Day

30th September

Art Week

3rd-7th October

YMCA Dance

4th October

Assembly: Room 6

6th October

End of Term 3

7th October

Sth Mak Newsletter (7/9/2011)  

7th September newsletter.

Sth Mak Newsletter (7/9/2011)  

7th September newsletter.