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DEC 2016

Social Diary

Golf & Bootcamp Christmas in Jakarta

Hidden Relics of the Past

Blitar, East Java


For more information or to apply for a place, please contact Mr Patrick Moore, Head of Admissions +62 (21) 745 1670 • •

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“Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies” Bobby Jones

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Grapevine December 2016

“ T’is the season to be jolly… and at BWA it certainly is. ”

The past few months have been full of fun activities for BWA members and their friends and people did not disappoint. They came along to our events with great attitudes, embracing the spirit of enjoyment and participation which ensured the events success. The December Grapevine is full of great photos of new friends and old, having fun on the golf course, shopping heartily at the BWA bazaar and engaging in the topics at the GBCM. Fun times are often hectic too, so see Part 2 of Silke’s article on Self-care. This comes just in time to help you survive the silly season.

We also have some tips from the BWA committee to help you enjoy your Christmas in Jakarta. Our next issue won’t be out until February, but keep an eye out for it. We’ll cover all the BWA Christmas events and let you know what is planned for the BWA for 2017. My best wishes to you all for a happy Christmas and a funfilled New Year, wherever you are.



Cover Photo by Eszter Redmond: St Patrick’s Society “Wishing Tree” at the BWA house, in aid of Rumah Harapan Valencia and Nias Orphans. The Wishing Tree appeal, conducted by St. Patrick’s Society, makes a difference every Christmas by helping to gather much-needed “gifts” for disadvantaged children and orphans, and bring them some of the joy and excitement that our own kids experience. Magazine design: Yustine Alvares Dark Blue International


Grapevine / December 2016


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As I sit writing this article a cute little reindeer message has just popped on my facebook to remind me there’s only 5 Monday’s left until Christmas! Thankfully I am a couple of steps ahead on my Christmas presents as I managed to shop up a storm at the Christmas Bazaar. After much trepidation and uncertainty due to the mass demonstration, the Grand Kemang was a hub of activity. We were thrilled to welcome over 300 shoppers, many with children in tow who were excited to receive their coloured wristbands, a Santa Fe shopping bag and off they went to spend their hard earned pocket money. So thank you for coming along, thank you to our wonderful Sponsors and thank you to everyone for their scrumptious donations for the cake stall. Our wonderful committee and volunteers have worked hard to bring you a traditional Christmas here in Jakarta. The Christmas trees went up, the house was beautifully decorated just in time for our ‘Not Only Christmas Quiz’ which once again was hosted by Karen and Tony Turner. This was closely followed by the Children’s Christmas Party & Santa’s Grotto. The festive feeling was kept alive for the BWA Christmas Masquerade Lunch. This is a long-standing, much loved, fun-filled day, where our members and friends celebrate with a fabulous five course traditional Christmas dinner. Last, but certainly not least will be our “Merry Mingle” GBCM coffee morning on the 6th of December. Please do come along and join us for a feast of Christmas nibbles, mince pies as well as a festive tipple or two. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year, wherever you may be celebrating in the world. Looking forward to seeing you at our Welcome Back coffee morning on Tuesday the 10th of January 2017.


- Grapevine / December 2016


Member News

Lady & Pet Love Center There is no getting around the fact that the cat population in Jakarta is out of control and daily, whilst I am out walking my dog I probably see around 20 in the space of an hour! No exaggeration! Great fun for my dog but it is heartbreaking to watch these cats, often in very poor health, savaging in the trash and bins. And it seems that it is ALWAYS the season for a new batch of kittens isn’t it? I have to steel myself to make sure that I don’t come home clutching a new kitten because “A pet is for life not just for Christmas .. or the next Expat move”.

If you would like to find out more about your pet’s needs or maybe there is a cat in your neighbourhood that you would like to help, please contact Grace on email:

A female cat is pregnant for about 2 months and once she has had her litter she can become pregnant quickly again. Litters can range from 2 to 5 kittens a time. A fertile stray female cat can easily have up to 2 litters in year. Multiply that by the number of years a stray cat can survive on the streets and we can see that this inhumane and public health problem keeps growing in front of our eyes here in Jakarta. So when Pet Love Centre approached BWA to advertise in the GRAPEVINE magazine and I heard from Ibu Hani that the BWA House Cat had had ANOTHER litter .. what a perfect opportunity to bring the 2 together. Grace and her team at Pet Love Centre are advocates of “Trap, Neuter & Return” and on my visit to their premises I saw several of the neighbourhood cats at the Clinic recovering from their operations. Pet Love Centre willingly took on the task to spay our BWA House female cat (newly named “Lady”) and once her last kitten had been found a loving home “Lady” was transported to the clinic and operated on. It can take as little as 30 minutes and recovery time is fast too. Now “Lady” is back at BWA and the bonus for our House Cat is that from now on she will have a much calmer life and be in better health. No more sleepless nights and being the “milk bar” for kittens ad infinitum.

Pet Love Centre is a comprehensive one stop shop for your pet’s veterinarian needs. Based in Kebayoran Baru they offer scaling and grooming services for cats and dogs & they have a well stocked shop. Heather Powell Grapevine / December 2016



Blitar -

Hidden Relics of the Past East Java

Blitar is a little gem in the far east of Java. A trip to Blitar means falling into history and stumbling upon ancient relics. From Malang, it is an 80 km drive to Blitar revealing weathered stone shrines and alluring temples from the Majapahit Kingdom, which ruled East Java from 1293 to the 1500s. One exquisite structure, the largest ancient Hindu temple in East Java, Candi Panataran can be found just 12 kilometres from the township of Blitar and for something totally different you can arrange a candlelight dinner and enjoy fine wine and 5-star service on the grounds of this beautiful temple. Chances are, you will be the only one there. Candi Panataran is best appreciated in the evening. It is one of the finest temples in East Java and sits on the foothills of Mount Kelud. A magical event takes place, by special arrangement with the Hotel Tugu Sri Lestari, Blitar who can arrange a “Lost Temple Dinner.� It is a unique, romantic dining experiences and it’s worth going to Blitar just for this experience. As the sun was setting, I followed a trail of bamboo torches along a winding pathway through the grounds of the grand candi. In front of the temple, a beautiful candlelit table was laid, with a variety of cutlery and glasses to match the 7-course sumptuous meal. As the wine was poured, a lone flutist played a lilting melodic tune, and I felt slowly transported back in time to another place fringed with romance. As the dark sky drew down on this mystical evening, the temple features fell softly into the night. Shadowed by the tall sculptured faces on the walls, hundreds of flickering candles danced in the dusty light - a romantic setting indeed. Blitar is a quiet town. It is the birthplace of the founder of Indonesia, President Sukarno (1901-1970) and you can visit his childhood house, his tomb, and the Sukarno Museum, which has an intriguing feature, which draws a crowd. At the entrance to the museum, a beautifully framed portrait of Sukarno is on display. This is roped off, and if you stand at the side of the rope and view the painting from this angle, the canvas actually pulsates at the heart level of the 10

Grapevine / December 2016

President. There is no draught or air vent blowing on the painting, and it appears that his heart beats on.

President Sukarno At Rambut Monte, a nearby little town, more mystical powers are at play. A beautiful blue-green lake, surrounded by a forest is not only a lovely picnic spot, but there is also a hidden mossy temple to discover. This temple keeps watch over the beautiful lake where a strange event, takes place. I saw with my own eyes, strange swirlings on the lakebed. However, there did not seem to be anything creating the shifting of sand and the strange movements on the bottom of the lake. It is said to be the home of the Fish Gods, and it is forbidden to swim in the lake. The locals believe that spiritual fish live in the waters. Many people claim to have seen the magic fish, or Fish Gods with skeleton bones and a translucent body swimming in the lake. Rambut means hair, and it is said in legends that the serene natural beauty of this lake and the surrounds resemble the growing hair of the Gods that reside around here. Next on the discovery trail, about halfway between Malang and Blitar, you will find an 11th century Ganesha statue, beautifully preserved, which is sculptured in the standing

Fast Facts Local Guide and historian: Henry Kurniawan Email: Phone: + 62 81223314594

position overlooking the thick jungle and a raging river gorge in Karangkates village. The unusual thing about this relic is it is one of the few standing Ganeshas in Java. Most Ganesha statues assume the sitting pose and no one seems to know why this one is standing. From fish gods to evening romantic temple dining, Blitar reveals many treasures and can easily be done on a three day weekend. Why not go somewhere new and discover the beauty of this lesser know Javanese town and its mystical surrounds. Story by Stephanie Brookes

Photos by David Metcalf David Metcalf operates a Photo Gallery in Ubud, Bali. Photo tours run daily exploring traditional markets, sunrise from a secret location overlooking Mt Agung, village life off the beaten track, lots of camera time, tuition and lunch at a Balinese home with a family. – bookings essential Taksu Photo Gallery. 11a Monkey Forest Rd, Ubud, Bali.

Candi Panataran

Grapevine / December 2016


Social Diary BWA

Bahasa Indonesia Language Class

Market Tour

Apa Pasar Bintaro modern? ... a field trip with the BWA Bahasa Indonesia class. Being in Jakarta for a year, I finally thought it is time to get involved with the Indonesian language and booked myself into a 4 week intensive Bahasa course at BWA house. I found myself surrounded by a group of friendly women, some of them had been here for a few years and others just arrived. We met twice a week for 2 hours and I have to admit that it was not easy for me to keep up with homework all the time. However our teacher Ibu Ellsy has done a great job teaching us basic day to day words that we should practice on our last day of the course.

Everybody was quite excited but also pretty nervous to go out into the real world and see how far we got with our new language. We decided on doing a trip to one of the local markets not too far away from Jakarta called Pasar Bintaro modern. As the name gives it away already the market is located in Bintaro near the British school. I have passed it so many times without really noticing what is going on behind those office-like buildings that surround the market. Once we entered the market a whole new experience was awaiting us. It is an indoor market with many aisles of different vendors. You will literally find an aisle for fruit, for vegetables, meat (even pork), seafood and all kinds of eggs. There are also vendors for rice, nuts and household items. Everything looked so fresh, big and juicy and all of us were excited to have found a market like that. Being there with our Bahasa course meant that we had to fulfill some “tasks� and so off we went, trying to communicate to the local vendors with our limited vocabulary. Everyone was very curious, friendly and helpful so that we did end up using all the correct Bahasa words for different kind of veggies and fruits. As it is like an indoor market it is easy to do your shopping even during rainy season. It was a great trip and I surely will put this market on my list for fruit and vegetable shopping.

Rika Oshiro


Grapevine / December 2016


Keeping the Peace... Meditation

To meditate or not is a question I often ask myself- usually when I’m considering an extra half hour in bed- but being in a city like Jakarta (and with a high-stress husband) it’s something I persevere with. I have attempted numerous techniques to calm the mind, and curb the incessant thinking, one of which is the repetition of a mantra. Repeating this kind of spiritual phrase stops one thinking about random stuff, but with the dull, repetitive rhythm there are dangers. Like recently when I came out of a loud shopping centre with a completely different mantra, Rhianna’s “I don´t need no mu-uuu-ney, I just need to feeeeel the beat”- which is probably not the most appropriate affirmation to be chanting if the Law of Attraction has any truth in it. Meditation needn’t be something you do sat in a crosslegged position or that makes your mind go numb, but can be something as simple as noticing the flowers around you (yes they do grow between the smog and dirt!), listening to the birds, or taking a deep breath and watching the air come in and out of that amazing piece of machinery - your body. That means you’ve “become present” and in that moment you weren’t thinking about the dinner, or the kids, or the absolutely ridiculous customer service you’ve just hadyou were just observing your self. The more you practise, the more you can find those “mini moments of peace.” After the summer break and a bit of a telling off from a friend and owner of a crystal shop in Leeds, I endeavoured to be more consistent. She said to forget all other 14

Grapevine / December 2016

techniques and just follow the breath. So I started to sit for a few minutes each morning. I began with 3 minutes, I even set my phone alarm because I couldn’t stand the frustration of not knowing if I’d reached my goal. It also meant I had to push through those feelings of boredom and uncomfortableness, and get to the bell. Even though I felt like I was just sitting and thinking with my eyes closed, I stuck to it, because I had an aim- the minutes. After a week I was up to 5 minutes, and now 3 months later (and after some slacking off) I can do almost 20 minutes, without the alarm. Build up slowly because there is a lot of resistance and “reasons why you can’t sit doing nothing,” just try to laugh at yourself and get to the bell, it will make your journey that little bit more peaceful, even if it is just 3 minutes of your day. Kat Huntley de Suarez

Recommended reading: Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert The Hearts Code - Paul Pearsall Grist For The Mill - Ram Dass Untethered Soul - Micheal Singer A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle

Social Diary BWA

Coffee Morning

The November Great British Coffee Morning at BWA House was in fact a GREAT BIG BRITISH COFFEE MORNING. The entrance was busy with sales for our Christmas events and we had 4 new members sign up to join the Association which is just wonderful as membership continues to grow and stays healthy in an ever changing city. Tea, coffee, sandwiches and cake (beautifully baked by our very own Pak Parmin) were consumed at a remarkable rate. There was a special treat as Renu from Renu’s Tadka served up freshly made masala dosa. Renu brought us up to date with her next cooking classes which are run from her home near BWA House. With more than 60 people in attendance we began to run short on chairs. Nevertheless the decibel level of “ladies who chatter and coffee and lunch and shop and catch up with friends” was comfortable enough for the room and our vendors in the main hall had good traffic throughout. Ibu Hani was selling her own uniquely decorated one off pieces of Dot Painted crockery in aid of the Nias orphans in Bekasi. Wonder Bar Brownies were available for sampling (salted caramel was particularly scrummy). Yayasan Biji Sesawi FLC were selling hand crafted batik Christmas decorations and Pak Sukmo was there with his personalised towels.

those who have health concerns. Dr. Steve shared details of where the BWA money has been allocated and showed how valuable the contribution of multiple associations and community groups are to the Yaysan at a time of escalating costs for the Carlo Centre. After a brief interlude our second speakers, Stephanie Brookes and David Metcalf, took us on “A Journey around the Archipelago – Indonesia’s Hidden Secrets”. Stephanie’s travel experiences and knowledge of Indonesia is well known to readers of BWA’s Grapevine as she shares her stories of island lives and the people who make up Indonesia. David Metcalf’s vivid and vibrant photographs transported us to holidays and feast days celebrated in this part of Asia. An explosion of colour and beauty compared to Jakarta city life and hours spent in “macet” on Fatmawati. There is never a dull moment at a BWA GBCM. One tip might be to keep your afternoon clear afterwards for a lie down somewhere quiet and then pull out your diary and your mobile to set up a peaceful coffee date with a new friend. If you were one of the attendees in November – THANK YOU FOR COMING AND SUPPORTING BWA! Heather Powell

The main focus of BWA Great British Coffee Mornings are our speakers. To begin, attendees heard an informative and passionate presentation by Dr. Steve Wignall from the HIV Carlo Centre. This Yayasan is supported through BWA’s Social Welfare program and Dr. Steve brought us up to date with statistics on HIV and STDs here in Jakarta and the work that the Carlo Centre does to bring much needed testing and care in a confidential and anonymous way to

We look forward to another friendly GBCM on Tuesday 6 December. Grapevine / December 2016



Grapevine / November 2016

Social Welfare

Social Welfare’s Tish O’Dwyer with students sponsored by BWA through the Goodwill International student sponsorship program.

BWA’s Goodwill International Student Sponsorship My name is Tish O’Dwyer and my project for the BWA Social Welfare is Goodwill International. For those of you who are not familiar with Goodwill l would like to explain about this wonderful project. Goodwill is a global charitable organisation which help very clever students get a university education. Goodwill assist by sourcing sponsors, such as BWA, and identifying eligible, worthy recipient students. In Jakarta, they work with two prestigious universities - the Agricultural Institute in Bogor and University of Indonesia in Depok. Goodwill hold gatherings twice a year, bringing the sponsors and students together. In May we meet our graduating students and the ones who are continuing. The other gathering is in October where we meet our new students. On 22nd of October we met our four new students. We explained what we expect of them so we can be sure our sponsorship is successful, eg. they must attend the gatherings unless they have a valid excuse. It is also an opportunity to get to know them. BWA’s four new students all have different academic goals and come from backgrounds with different needs that result in them needing our financial support. Aliya Salsabila Aliya is studying psychology at the University of Indonesia (UI). She is starting semester 5 and had a GPA of 3.59. The reason she needs help is that her father’s income is less than Rp.5 million a month. Her mother is a housewife. She’s interested in Clinical Psychology and plans to get her master’s in Forensic Psychology in the Netherlands. 17

Grapevine / December 2016

Armaldy Raffiansyah Armaldy is studying Maths & Natural Science at UI. He is starting semester 7 and has a GPA of 3.35. His family are unable to help as his father is ill and can’t work and his mother works in a laundry earning Rp.1.2 m a month. To cover his monthly expenses he teaches students in Senior High School and earns Rp.500,000 a month. Brigitta Maria Wiputri Brigitta was one of the students we selected at the interview. She is studying Computer Science at UI. She will be starting semester 7 and had a GPA of 3.34. Up to now she’s been able to find the tuition fees but circumstances have changed and can no longer manage. Her father sells breakfast food in the morning and has an income at about Rp.5m a month. Her mother is a housewife as she needs to take care of her elder brother who is mentally ill. When she graduates she would like to develop a start-up community. She believes she could create job opportunities. Trisyana Kumiasari Trisyana is studying Human Ecology at the Bogor Agricultural Institute. She will be starting semester 5 and had a GPA of 3.65. She needs help as her father is a Junior High School teacher in Lamping and earns Rp.3.5m a month. Her mother is a housewife. She’s majoring in Communication & Community development and when she graduates she would like to work for UNICEF. Trisyana has a dream to develop communications in rural areas of Indonesia.

The way in which these students are selected is twofold. They are interviewed in February by the ladies of various organizations. The ones that reach the criteria are put on a list and sent to sponsors and we select the ones that we find suitable. They are then notified at the end of July. This is a project is so close to my heart.If Goodwill and sponsors did not help these bright students would fall through the cracks and their promising future would not be realised. It is also heartwarming when you see ex Goodwill students sponsoring others. Every year it gets more difficult to find sponsors especially for those who have had private sponsors, as the expatriate sponsors return home and their students here are left with no continuing sponsorship. If you need any more information about this project please contact me, Tish O’Dwyer, through:

Tish O’Dwyer Home town: Dublin Years in Jakarta: In February, 34 years What do you enjoy about BWA Social Welfare: What l enjoy most about being part of BWA Social Welfare is the friendships. Hoping the small contribution we make changes one or two lives. Projects: Goodwill International Favourite thing about the project: Seeing these wonderful clever kids getting a university education against all odds. Favourite Social Welfare memory: I have too many favourite moments to name. Why join Social Welfare: I think people should get involved as it does not take up a lot of your time. There’s a meeting once a month and if possible to visit your project also once a month.

Grapevine / December 2016



CulturEnergy -

Expat Self-Care

Hi, I am Silke Irmscher. I am from Germany, and the founder of Culturenergy. For many years I have lived a cross-cultural life in Indonesia and I know it very well. I am fascinated by other cultures, but I also know about the dark moments of living a life abroad. Since 2012, I have shared my experiences with others: enriched with academic knowledge and professionally prepared by using practice-tested skills.

How to care for yourself as an expat Living an expat life is special. It is exciting but sometimes also exhausting. When living in another country you face different challenges than back home. It could be the foreign culture, the different climate or the unusual immediate environment – there are a few Energy Thieves (as I call them) that drain a lot of your physical, emotional and mental strength. (See Grapevine Nov 2016 for more on “Energy Thieves”.) But abroad you need your energy more than ever. Only if you look after yourself well, can you be there for others: Your family, your team, your big project. That´s why, it is so important to take care of yourself. And to do this consciously! Creating your Expat Self-Care Program The problem is that the conditions expats need for their self-care at home are not available in the foreign country. But you can find new ways of self-care. With them, you might even get to know your guest country better. And who knows, maybe find a new hobby that you will continue with once you’ve returned home…? By creating your personal Expat Self-Care Program you have a strategy. It´s not complex, but simple: Pay attention to keep the balance - balance between activities or techniques that support physical, emotional and mental self-care. Kinesiologists also work at these 3 levels when balancing human energy systems. And BALANCE is the ultimate objective of your Expat SelfCare Program: Keep or re-gain balance between body, soul and mind. Physical self-care When dealing with stress – and every expat does this – your body is the first one that shows signs of energy blockades: tense muscles, increasing number of sicknesses, digestion problems – just to mention a few. 22

Grapevine / December 2016

Workout Give your body the chance to get rid of the tension and workout! Go for regular runs or a bike rides. Join a sports team, no matter if they play your favorite sport or not. Try yoga or tai chi or any other relaxation exercises. Your stress is mostly made by your mind. By doing physical activities you can leave your thinking and be more “in your body”. This reduces tension and not least has an energizing effect on your immune system. Relaxation & sleep The more stress you face, the more your body needs time to regenerate. Relax consciously. Spend time in nature – if possible. Get enough sleep. And if you belong to those who live in a country with a wonderful Spa culture, have regular massages or other treatments. These not only give your body a treat, but also your soul. Food Eat healthy and follow a balanced diet. Drink enough clear water. Water not only washes out poisonous substances but ensures that your brain works well. And no matter if it is healthy or not: Eat your favorite food

if you can get it, because it also feeds your soul. Be careful with eating spicy food: Many, many expats in Asia are diagnosed with damage to digestion organs like stomach and intestine due to the consumption of too spicy food. And yet, your stomach needs so much energy! Be nice to your stomach, it has to work hard, don’t overburden it. Emotional self-care If our emotions are in balance, we feel grounded, strong and able to deal with whatever challenges that come across our expat path. We can control our anger and overcome our fear or sadness. We are able to feel joy and happiness. Sounds wonderful. How to care for your emotions? First, keep your body healthy. Only if you feel relaxed and strong, are you able to produce positive emotions and overcome the negative ones.

end of every day! With every thought, your body releases chemical substances that either poison or strengthen your energy system. Give your mind a break. In a time when zillions of thoughts flood your mind, it is essential to get rid of all that mumbling in your head at least for a while. Meditation is a great way to calm down all that. Meditate, practice stillness regularly. Finally, Self-care needs time. And since you need to take extra care of yourself abroad, you will need more time than usual to give yourself a treat. Don´t have this time? Make it! There is nothing more important than your physical and mental health. Many expats only realize this when it´s too late and they feel exhausted, burned out or sick. Whether your time abroad is exciting or exhausting, make it a fantastic experience! Pay attention to your personal energy level and keep it in balance.

Socialize – surround yourself with positive people. Spend time with your family. Find friends that have a positive energy. People that make you laugh and feel comfortable, that inspire you in some way and that you feel connected to. Do things that bring you joy – may it be reading a book, cooking or doing arts. Live your passions. Learn something new! Acquire new skills, explore a science or your new culture. For example, by immersing yourself in the place where you are, you can reduce stress twice: You get satisfaction by learning AND delete stressors that were caused by cultural confusion because you gain a deeper understanding about your environment. Mental self-care Your physical and emotional health depends a lot on your thinking. That´s why it is so important to always keep a positive mind. The best way to start thinking positively is to get rid of negative thinking (something that most of the people do 85% !!! of their time). Instead of complaining, regretting, grumbling about circumstances that are not ok, point out things that ARE ok.

Start watching your thoughts. Once you catch yourself thinking negative stuff, try to find positive aspects of the same situation. Do that often. Do that at least once at the Grapevine / December 2016


Social Diary BWA

Keep Calm and Go Shopping. This was definitely the attitude of hundreds of women on Friday 4 November, as Jakarta threatened to implode under one of the largest demonstrations in history. As reports of major road closures, traffic chaos and the potential for violence filled our whatsapp chats, the BWA knew the importance of resilience, maintaining focus and persistence - qualities every successful power shopper could relate to. And with those thoughts in mind, BWA decided to push on with the Christmas Bazaar. With the aim of avoiding traffic mayhem, dedicated shoppers arrived before opening hours to ensure they secured all their Christmas favourites. They were relieved to see a ballroom full of tried and tested offers from 130 of our well known vendors and surprises from some new stalls too. The bazaar was officially opened by BWA Honorary President Rachel Mailk (who left later, fists bursting with bags of goodies). Raffle tickets in aid of BWA Social Welfare projects were whipped up quickly as shoppers knew their chances of going home with a prize were good. Over 300 ladies, many with school children in tow clutching their pocket money, power shopped for Christmas gifts, hand made linen goods and special keepsakes from across the Indonesian archipelago.

Christmas Bazaar


Grapevine / December 2016

Thank you to all the kind cooks who donated baked goods to the BWA Cake Stall, which is an essential stop for refuelling during the shopping mission. Thank you also to the many friends and sponsors of BWA who donated raffle prizes and to our main sponsors Santa Fe and Grand Kemang Hotel.

Social Diary BWA

Golf Day

This is my 6th BWA United in Pink golf day, to honor breast cancer awareness month. In my 6 years, I have lost a good friend and big sponsor of BWA, celebrated with friends who have survived and held dear those who are going through treatment now. Breast cancer is real and early detection is the only way to prevent more suffering. I’d like thank all the participants, volunteers and sponsors who have made this another success event. All proceeds from this golf tournament will go to LOVE PINK to support their breast cancer awareness education programs in Jakarta and around Indonesia. Please visit their website:

“Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies” (Bobby Jones)

I can’t remember a dull moment during a BWA event and October 27th was no exception!! Just ask any of the 72 golfers who attended. Aside from great playing conditions at Matoa, golfers were treated to warm up jazzercise session, donuts for breakfast, healthy carrot muffin & natural musli for mid-morning snack, a great lunch that included chicken shawarmas & baklava. The afternoon program included a shopping area, learning to dance the “BCA Shuffle”, free drinks and wonderful speakers.

Second speaker, founder of Slim Gourment, Jocelyn and sponsor of our mid-morning snack, spoke about the benefits of healthy eating and explained the importance of nutrition and finding balance in your meals. The raffle prizes were many, from hotel and private villas stays, free spa days, free golf days and free meals. During the program, the golfers were also treated to a 10 minute free neck and shoulder massage after golf – pure heaven in the hands of the Spalosophy gals!

LOVEPINK founder, Ibu Samantha Barbara delivered a brilliant speech introducing our selected charity for United in Pink and addressed why early detection is so important. I reprint her final words which included a quote from golfer great, Bobby Jones:

Debbie Minicola

The same way we treat and understand cancer. We get bad breaks . . . good breaks . . . but we have to play the ball where it lies . . . LOVEPINK needs all the good breaks and certainly needs all the help of good shots from all of you. Thank you.

LOVEPINK founder, Ibu Samantha Barbara


Grapevine / December 2016

Competition Winners: 1st Place Team (•)(•) 2nd Place Team Pink Ambassadors 3rd Place Team Jagorawi Last Place Team Iron Ladies

Skill Prizes: Nearest to the Pin Hole 12 Longest Drive Ladies A Longest Drive Ladies B Longest Drive Ladies C Longest Drive Men

Capt.Mark Scheide, Chris Doering, Reuben Brimage, Shaun Turner Capt. Ron White, Kim Pham, Lina Bunter, Debbie Minicola Capt. Iris Rothenberg, Helmy deKover, Helene Grosse, Hanny Claguena Capt. Christy Yang, Misako Furuhashi, Tania Heliam, Cynthia Vander Pol

Helene Grosse Cathryn Ross Anandara Malisa Booth Edwin Abene

245 mtr 210 mtr 209 mtr 235 mtr

Best Dressed Team Par Tee Ladies Birgitte Berg, Mari Trossing, Lotto Nygust, Josiane Derguini

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Many thanks to our Sponsors


Grapevine / December 2016

Social Diary BWA

In addition to Pink Golf, we collaborated on another Pink event – Boot Camp! Held early in the morning on Sunday 30th October at the Ragunan Zoo, over 100 participated to GET FIT and spread the pink message! The idea was hatched with my trainer, Ron White and along with trainers from Mighty Warriors – Pink Boot Camp was born! The boot camp involved 90 minutes of stretching muscles, interval stations, cardio and a lot of sweating. Spalosophy provided complimentary neck and shoulder massages. They had a nice spot in the shade - it was so relaxing. The boot camp recruits definitely got their money worth. All money raised from this event will also go to LOVE PINK.

Both Pink Events were great!! Thank you to Matoa Golf Course for being such a wonderful golf partner and to Ron White & Mighty Warriors for organizing the Boot Camp trainers, the venue and program. Pats on the back to Iris Rothenberg and Bali Moon for very generously donating the drinks that everyone enjoyed, and to all our wonderful Pink sponsors. Please support them. Without their generosity, we cannot provide the fun required to run an event. Finally many thanks to our golfers, boot camp recruits and volunteers. Without you, we just couldn’t have Pink Days.

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Member News

I love having drinks with friends at our house after Church on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day is then a day for just the family (definitely no staff) with Rod cooking the Turkey on the BBQ. Bliss.

The build up to Xmas is such fun from the vibrant bazaars, to the BWA Ladies themed Masquerade Lunch, Christmas pies and mulled wine at the Merry Mingle, and best of all... Santa arriving in his bajaj at the Kids Xmas Party. Laura Chairwomen

Jackie Social Welfare Coordinator

From the malls, bazaars, lunches and parties, the spirit of the festive season is all around us and helps get everyone into the right mood! Noreen Events Coordinator

The “festive commercial season” begins early in Jakarta so start to stake out M&S for Advent calendars and Xmas cake. Don’t miss Pak Parmin’s mince pies at the “Merry Mingle”. The 2015 event was a lovely end of year celebration with new friends at BWA House. Heather Sponsorship Coordinator


Grapevine / December 2016

I enjoy that the Muslim community also delight in the Christmas atmosphere and traditions and often participate in the fun. Ibu Hani BWA reception

“We, at the BWA wish all our members a very happy Christmas season.” Living in a predominantly Muslim country, where the weather is warm 365 days a year and the landscape vastly different from our home, the Christmas season can sometimes seem a bit surreal. But most of us on the BWA committee have experienced at least one Christmas season here and share with you our favourite moments or suggestions for making your Christmas in Indonesia one to remember…

Indonesians have the most beautiful singing voices.Go hear a church choir at Christmas-you will be swept away as they sing carols with a passion and richness that is incomparable.

Explore other lands. Last year we took a five day cruise from Singapore to Malaysia and Thailand and it was fab. If you do stay in Jakarta then treat yourself and loved ones to an ‘all inclusive’ brunch. Helen General Secretary

When the kids were younger and susceptible to TV advertising I loved that they decided in October what they wanted from Santa and unlike at home with the constant adverts, this stayed the same till Christmas! Louise Newcomers’ Coordinator

Claire Grapevine Editor

We spent our first Christmas in Indonesia travelling to Banda Aceh for the 10th year commemoration of the Tsunami - a powerful way to remind us of the importance of family, health and life. This year we will be in Jakarta, singing “in a bleak midwinter…” as the sweat trickles, eating mince pies and admiring our lifetime of Christmas decorations on a local bamboo tree. And maybe we will swim - it’s still such a treat to be able to swim outside on Christmas Day! Rachel Honorary President

The big shopping malls go to town with decorating their central atriums with trees and usually have carol singers too. I love the ice rinks that suddenly pop up in the centre of the malls Jacquie Newcomers’ Coordinator

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Guiding Your Child’s First Steps Toward Life-Long Love Of Learning


utor Time has been a leading Early Childhood Education Center in Indonesia for more than 20 years. Our curriculum created by early childhood education specialists in the USA, meeting each child’s developmental needs from 6 months to 6 years old.

Tutor Time Centers: JAKARTA: Kemang, Ph: 7179 3139 l Pondok Indah, Ph: 7279 8185 l Kelapa Gading, Ph: 4587 7312, 4584 2795 Pluit, Ph: 669 2513 l Intercon, Ph: 586 8544 l Gading Serpong, Ph: 2222 2235 BANDUNG: (022) 250 0031 l SURABAYA: (031) 731 6736. WORLDWIDE : Hong Kong, USA l,

Notice Board Bali private villa in the ricefields

Saturday night FEVER A child with fever….at the weekend. It is a very common scenario. What to do when you are in Jakarta (or anywhere else)? A fever is a high temperature. As a general rule, in children a temperature of over 37.5C (99.5F) is a fever. It can be extremely worrying if your child has a high temperature. However, it’s very common and often clears up by itself without treatment. This article is written to give you an idea about the causes and how to manage fever.

Villa Damee, Ubud is a splendid place to chill out and recharge the batteries. A private 3-bed, 3-bath, beautifully designed luxury villa set in the ricefields located in an ancient Balinese village and only 4.5 kms out of Ubud. This beautiful villa comes complete with a villa cook, AC and wi-fi. Breakfast included. The villa has a huge pool, free complimentary village tour and guided walk to the beautiful pristine river adjoining the villa with hidden temples in the rocks.


What causes a high temperature? Most fevers are caused by infections or other illnesses. The high body temperature makes it more difficult for the bacteria and viruses that cause infections to survive. Common causes of fevers include: • upper respiratory tract infections • flu • ear infections • tonsillitis • kidney or urinary tract infections • common childhood illnesses, such as chickenpox • dengue • Your child’s temperature can also be raised after vaccinations, or if they overheat because of clothing or room without AC. When to seek urgent medical advice Contact your doctor (GP, Good Practice) urgently if your child: • is under three months old and has a temperature of 38C (101F) or above • is between three and six months old and has a temperature of 39C (102F) or above You should also see your doctor (GP) if your child has other signs of being unwell, such as persistent vomiting, loss of appetite, floppiness or drowsiness. If your child seems to be otherwise well – for example, if they’re playing, active and attentive – it’s unlikely they’re seriously ill. Treating a fever If your child has a fever, it’s important to push fluids and to provide plenty of cool water to drink. Babies should be given plenty of liquids, such as breast milk or formula. Even if your child isn’t thirsty, try to get them to drink little and often. Sponging your child with cool water isn’t recommended anymore to reduce a fever. Antipyretics (medication to reduce the temperature) Children’s paracetamol or ibuprofen work as antipyretics, which help to reduce fever, as well as being painkillers. You can’t give them both at the same time, but if one doesn’t work, you may want to try the other later. Antipyretics aren’t always necessary. If your child isn’t distressed by the fever or underlying illness, there’s no need to use antipyretics to reduce a fever.

A Home in Cilandak, South Jakarta for 30 paraplegics of both sexes and any religion. Wisma Cheshire is part of the British worldwide Leonard Cheshire Disability organisation. VOLUNTEERS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED to help with Woodwork, Handicrafts, stock taking and admin. It need take no more than a few hours of your time each week and is rewarding and interesting work. Please contact: Petty Elliott 0816 922 099

More serious illnesses Sometimes a high temperature in children is associated with more serious illnesses and symptoms, such as: • • • •

breathlessness vomiting rash seizures

Possible serious bacterial illnesses include: • • •

meningitis – infection of the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord pneumonia – inflammation of the lung tissue, usually caused by an infection It’s important to remember that potentially serious causes of fever are relatively rare.

If you have any concerns it is best to contact your doctor. Good Practice Clinic is happy to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us. Tel 021 7183140 Our website is:

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