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abby ward is a new graduate in graphic design from the university of lincoln she has a paticular interest in illustration aNd traditional techniques

The kind of design that interests her is patterns, illustrations and painting. She mentioned how she is drawn to cute, quirky and fun outcomes and loves to include puns and sarcasm. She told me how she feels card design incorporates all these things in one, hence why she sways towards that area!

Her main influences are Paperchase, Skinny Dip, Sighh and ohh deer. These brands all follow a similar pattern/ hand-drawn illustration style - she said working for them would be a dream!

She has completed two placements, one at Lello Design, a card and jewellery designers, and one at a branding and marketing agency in Nottingham called RizkMcCay.

She also works freelance for The Symphony Learning Trust (a trust of primary school academies in Leicestershire) and Scalford Primary School. She takes interviews and film footage in the school, and makes promotional materials for them. Abby also mentioned working freelance in the past to produce wedding materials such as menus, seating plans and so on.

Abby believes that listening skills are the most important within the design world. She mentioned how it is imperative to be able to listen to clients and take on feedback, even if you disagree with them. She also discussed how she struggles to set her own deadlines something she needs to practice on throughout her career!

In terms of taking criticism from clients, Abby believes that the client isn’t necessarily always right. She says that criticism from other creatives can often be more useful as they have more knowledge in the area. Abby suggested that when the client isn’t creative, you sometimes need to guide them more than they guide you – however, you should always take their comments on board.

Abby mentioned how she weaned herself off her laptop. She says felt it was restricting her work and deciding all her outcomes, so she chose to move away from digital design and more towards traditional techniques. There is nothing wrong with computer-led design, she says, but it is nice to explore other avenues in order to push your work forward.

Her best tip for an undergraduate was to do what you love. She said "it took until my final year at university to realise that my style is a hand drawn, illustrative approach". She mentioned how you should never be scared to be different to else, as being different can make you stand out!

Abby Ward Creative Report  
Abby Ward Creative Report